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Price history for Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine for the Home Bar with Push-Button Simplicity and an Easy to Clean Design (55300)
Latest updates:
  • £353.34 - July 12, 2024
  • £362.96 - July 5, 2024
  • £418.87 - May 31, 2024
Since: May 31, 2024
  • Highest Price: £418.87 - May 31, 2024
  • Lowest Price: £353.34 - July 12, 2024
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Bartesian Cocktail Maker 55300 Price History


Current Price £353.34 July 12, 2024
Highest Price £418.87 May 31, 2024
Lowest Price £353.34 July 12, 2024
Since May 31, 2024

Last price changes

£353.34 July 12, 2024
£362.96 July 5, 2024
£418.87 May 31, 2024

Bartesian Cocktail Maker 55300 Description

Cocktail Craftsmanship Easier than Ever Before

Are you looking for an easier solution to craft up delicious cocktails without the complexity of a full bar setup? With the Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine, all you need to do is pop in a capsule, press a button, and voilà! You’ll get to enjoy the fresh flavors of premium quality cocktails within minutes.

Premium Quality Cocktails From the Comfort of Home

Using thealthiest and freshest ingredients, the Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine lets you create smooth drinks tailored to your taste, without the need to buy expensive spirits. The machine comes with 4 options of professional-grade cocktail mixes – Margarita, Whiskey Sour, Long Island Iced Tea, and Cosmopolitan – all made with 5 premium glass bottles.

Create Delicious Customized Cocktails at Home

The Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine gives you the freedom to make tailored customized cocktails anytime you want with the capsules and 5 premium glass bottles. The capsules contain all-natural ingredients in just the right quantities so you don’t need to worry about measuring and pouring. Once inserted, the Bartesian automatically creates the perfect mixture for your favorite cocktails.

Get Your Party Started With Bartesian

The Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine makes hosting a party simple, with its innovative and modern design. For convenience and a hands-free approach, the 5 included premium glass bottles come with RFID technology, meaning that the machine Auto-Recognizes which bottle it is and precisely measures the drink ingredient to make sure each cocktail is perfectly poised.

• Comes with 4 professional-grade cocktail mixes – Margarita, Whiskey Sour, Long Island Iced Tea, and Cosmopolitan
• Easy and convenient – just insert a capsule and press a button
• Automatically creates the perfect mixture of all-natural ingredients
• 5 included premium glass bottles come with RFID technology
• Tailor your cocktails to your taste
• Modern, chic design that is perfect for parties

Bartesian Cocktail Maker 55300 Specification

Package Dimensions

15 x 13.8 x 9.6 inches

Item Weight

16.17 pounds

Date First Available

September 13, 2022

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Bartesian Cocktail Maker 55300 Reviews (7)

7 reviews

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Smedsters

    UPDATE: 1/08/2020
    It seems my second round with the Bartesian has been a home run. My replacement unit, unlike the first, did not come scratched or buffed even though it was packaged in the exact same box as the original. Quality control with Sunbeam, the Bartesian manufacturer listed on the outer shipping box, might be an issue as I have read other reviews and viewed photos of similar scratches and buff marks on the plastic of their machine. For the money spent, this should not be an issue.

    1. The Bartesian provides a stupidly simple way to enhance your adult beverage drinking enjoyment with an assortment of capsules for drinks you might not otherwise have the patience, desire or knowledge on how to make.
    2. Capsules are easy to insert and use… just make sure to have a glass already beneath the dispenser since some of the capsule liquid will most likely spill out a bit before the machine begins to make your beverage.
    3. Great customization options of alcohol dispensed ranging from a virgin “mocktail” to 2 ounces of alcohol “strong”.
    4. Machine reads the capsule barcode quickly, like instantly quick… MOST of the time. See CONS for an explanation.
    5. The glass containers are simple to fill with alcohol of your choice and insert into the machine. Just be sure to insert the lid on correctly otherwise you’ll have the same lack of dispensing experience I did with my first machine… part user error, part lack of clear instructions provided by Bartesian.
    6. Easy to remove and clean rubber spill tray.
    7. Small footprint and doesn’t require a lot of space.
    8. Metal handle to open and close the lid… although welcome, it seems a bit out of place with all of the plastic the machine is made out of. I would love to see all metal “Pro” units become available with future generations.
    9. Easy to use touchscreen with responsive interface.
    10. Drink capsules, although none included with the machine, come nicely packaged and protected in a box. See my CONS with the packaging below.

    1. Although capsule barcodes are mostly all scanned without error, there is on occasion a capsule that does not scan when the lid is closed. What typically occurs is that you insert the capsule and close the lid. Some liquid then drips since the capsule is now punctured. The machine does nothing since it doesn’t detect/scan the capsule. You open the lid and then close it again expecting it to scan. Nope… more liquid lost and no capsule detected. This can occur several times until the foil containing the barcode on the top of the capsule is flattened with your fingers and the machine is able to scan it. As a result, I’ve learned to run my finger over the barcode to make sure it’s flat and scannable by the machine. Since I’ve started doing this, I’ve averted any additional issues.
    2. Seemingly inexpensive, painted plastic that all too easily can scratch and buff given the high retail price.
    3. Some drinks require the rum glass canister to be installed versus the gin canister. Swapping these ALWAYS results in some spillage of liquid as you remove one canister from the base and insert another. If you take care while making the swap, you can easily minimize the mess.
    4. Unless you previously made a capsule or have some knowledge of what glassware should be used with each beverage, the machine will not tell you what to use until AFTER you have inserted a capsule and closed the lid. If you have not already placed a glass under the dispenser, you’ll have some of the capsule spill into the rubber spill tray once the lid is closed and capsule punctured. To be honest, it’s a waste of the capsule if you don’t have glassware already placed and just one more thing to have to clean as a build-up of spilled alcohol and capsule liquid will dry and become sticky on the rubber spill try.
    5. The touchscreen graphics are basic… I mean VERY basic. The graphics could have been programmed by a 6 year old on an iPad. Ok, the graphics would have looked better if they were programmed by a 6 year old on an iPad! I suppose Bartesian didn’t really need to make fancy graphics for their inaugural machine but for the cost of it and the day and age of technology I would have expected far more… maybe something like an animated pictured of the beverage being made along with it’s progress or a video even of the beverage. Instead, we have a simple progress bar that if you look hard enough, you can count the pixels used to create the graphic on the low cost screen!
    6. The machine is not smart enough on its own, without human interaction, to know if you have inserted the correct alcohol container into the correct position. The 4 slots on the base are as follows: Rum/Gin, Vodka, Tequila and Whisky. Depending on capsule inserted, the machine will pump liquid from the correct container. When a Rum or Gin based capsule is inserted, the machine prompts you to confirm if you have either the required Rum or Gin. This is a perfect opportunity for the lids to potentially house RFID sensors or some other tech for the machine to auto detect the proper container.
    7. The water container is integrated into the machine and not one of the glass containers. It’s a bit awkward that the water is filled in a gray painted plastic container and not a clear one, making it easier to view the water level. In future generations, I would like to see Bartesian replace the painted plastic for either a glass container or clear plastic one and potentially include a filter.
    8. Not a bartender and would like to know what alcohol will be mixed with each capsule? Don’t expect to find it on the packaging… anywhere! It would be a great addition to mention which of the 5 alcohols each capsule makes for those times you haven’t memorized each drink and have decided you’re in more of a vodka mood than a gin one. While we’re at it, go ahead and add the glassware type i.e. lowball, highball, etc. to the packaging since the machine is not going to tell you until it’s too late.

    I know I’m being picky here with these cons but hey… Bartesian has a great first generation machine and can do so much more to refine it! Once you learn the machine though, it’s a pleasure to use and a ton of fun especially given the growing variety of capsules becoming available.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW: 11/30/2019
    I was excited to receive the Bartesian to enjoy with my family during the holiday. I received the Bartesian well packaged and double boxed, perfectly protected from any potential damage. Since the Bartesian doesn’t include a sample pack of capsules, I ordered a couple of the variety packs from Amazon to test the machine out. I unpacked the machine and everything was simple to assemble. To my surprise, the machine is made of all plastic, a disappointment for the price. It definitely looks to be made of a heavier material in the photos. The front of my machine also had a buff mark on the plastic not caused by packaging but probably due to manufacturing prior to being shipped. I would love to see future options become available to order the Bartesian in cast metal which would look much better in a residential bar setting and not a large hunk of gray plastic.

    Upon first testing the machine, I was disappointed with its performance, I won’t spend a lot of time blaming Bartesian for this since I finally determined I had assembled the glass liquor lids on backwards which was causing the liquor to not dispense when inserted into the machine. Sadly, the instruction manual does not very clearly depict the proper direction for inserting the glass bottle caps to ensure they dispense liquid. It took me so long to figure this out that I had actually already decided that I was going to return it due to being defective. Once I figured this out, the machine worked as it was designed and the drinks tasted fine.

    Speaking of the drinks, I ordered the Bartesian variety pack not once, twice or three times BUT four times from Amazon and never received the correct package of capsules. I’ve since given up on trying to order these as it seems Amazon is having a problem with correctly labeling the Bartesian capsules. If I could be guaranteed to receive the variety pack, I’d gladly update my review since I’d love to try the additional drinks offered.

    Swapping the glass bottles of liquor can prove to be a bit messy since some liquid WILL fall from the lids… this is especially true when exchanging the gin for the vodka depending on the type of drink you’re making. On the flip side, being able to select the brand of liquor you prefer in your drinks is a great advantage of this machine. You are in complete control of your liquor selection.

    All in all, this machine will be great for those that love the convenience and style of a K-cup coffee maker to dispense adult beverages, either for a party of one or a party of many more. I’d love to see the availability of drink cartridges expand as the pallet will likely grow tired of the many juice and sugar-ladened mixes.

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  2. S L Linfitt-Paget

    I like the total flexibility of the Bartesian. Everyone can have something different their favourite without filling up the refrigerator with bottles of mixes juice and ingredients or something new and exciting. Not a big deal to come home and have a pineapple margarita. 1 little capsule, tequila and my Bartesian. Or a Rum Breeze, or a Mai Tai or an Old Fashion whatever you mood. You control the alcohol levels. Flavours are excellent, no artificial weird tastes. Love it. Would differently recommend it.

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  3. Lee’s Playlist

    Have been waiting for ages for Bartesian to be available in the UK, and as soon as I saw it launched I ordered one… I’m flipping over the moon! Drinks are fantastic and taste as if made by a bartender.. in the comfort of my home! Just hoping Amazon can bring to full cocktail range from the US, as not keen to get my friends to mail some over! None the less, glad standard drinks are available on Amazon UK.

    We totally recommend.. especially if you’re not a fan of crowded pubs.. Cheers!

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  4. Cassandra

    I have spent a small fortune, but I was determined to find the best of the best. Here is a breakdown of my favorite drinks pods (for reference my favorite non-Bartesian drinks are: Long Island, Whiskey Sour, Rum Punch, Margarita).
    FYI – Some of these drinks are not yet available on Amazon, but can be purchased on Bartesians’s website (Price is the same as Amazon, but shipping is not as fast as Amazon Prime – takes between 5- 7 days).

    UPDATE November 2021 – Holiday Collection 2021
    Bartesian hit it out of the park with this one (much better than last year). From best to least…
    Mistletoe Margarita – this is Christmas in a cup. It tastes like cranberry with hints of spice – nutmeg and cinnamon. It tastes more like a delicious spiced wine than a marg, but I’m not mad about that. This is what the rhubarb spiced shrub SHOULD taste like. Needs to be a year-round drink. Made on strong..always.

    Yuletide Hurricane – Also needs to be a year round drink. It tastes like topical Hawaiian punch (for adults). Lots of orange flavor – if you don’t like orange or citrus then this is not the drink for you. It has edible glitter which makes this drink visually beautiful. VERY SWEET – made on strong always to balance the sweet. Love!

    Espresso martini – I’m surprised I like this as much as I do, even more than the spiced coffee. It tastes like the best coffee you’ve ever had – with hints of vanilla. This is made with vodka, rather than tequila like the spiced coffee. It’s absolutely delicious. I would not order this on the reg, but it’s a perfect seasonal drink (like egg nog).

    Spiced Old Fashioned – this was in last years collection – disappointed it was included. It’s not bad, but you really have to like drinks that are basically just whiskey. Like last year, I add a good bit of apple cider, which makes it taste similar to the apple pie, so I don’t waste the pods. Wouldn’t want it again, but it’s in the collection again..whomp whomp.

    UPDATE October 2021: Blackberry Margarita: Delicious! This margarita tastes like you muddled fresh blackberries for the drink. It’s not overly sweet (not as sweet as the passion fruit), but fruity and refreshing. I like this one on regular. I tried on strong and it wasn’t sweet enough.

    Apple Pie: I love that Bartesian made this a year round drink instead of seasonal. This drink is incredibly balanced and not overly sweet like most apple-cider type cocktails. It’s perfectly sweet, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and touch of lemon. I use Wordford Reserve Whiskey which compliments the drink nicely with hints of orange. Delish!

    UPDATE August 2021:
    Passion Fruit Margarita: Another great drink from Bart – very similar to the Mango, but I actually like the Passion Fruit even more. The Passion Fruit has a more complex flavor – sweet, tart and tangy, while the Mango is mostly sweet notes, but has more hints of a classic lime margarita. I prefer this one on strong (way too sweet on regular). Already reordered the 32 pod count – it goes fast!

    UPDATE: May 2021 Releases:
    Rum Runner: The vodka seems unnecessary in this drink – even on the light it’s too overpowering. I make it on ‘mocktail’ and then add coconut rum myself to make it edible. Defeats the purpose of the machine, but it’s the only way this drink doesn’t take like medicine. This drink was a hug disappointment for me, and I will not be purchasing again.

    Mango Margarita – the mango is a bit overpowering, so I like this one on strong and wow is it good. You still get hints of a classic margarita taste from the lime, but be prepared to give Bartesian all of your money because this is delicious! Medium drink output and I’ve already put in an order for 32 pods because this one goes fast!

    UPDATE: February 2021 Releases:
    Amaretto Sour – Sweet, and delicious but emphasis on the SWEET (and where’s the sour??). If you love Disaronno (or amaretto), then you will love this drink, but the level of sweetness is not for everyone. I wish it was a bit more balanced like the Whiskey Sour. I use Woodford reserve whiskey instead of vodka and add a big squeeze of fresh lime juice and its still insanely sweet. I would likely not order again.

    Screwdriver – Very sour. I wish this one was a bit more balanced as well, and had a tad but more sweetness. Go grab some OJ and make this yourself, but it is nice to have on hand for guests. I would not buy again.

    UPDATE: Holiday 2020 Collection. I was looking forward to new flavors (the Apple Pie is incredible), but disappointed to see the rest of the collection is basically recycled drinks that I don’t really care for.

    Apple Pie – This a showstopper and Bartesian needs to sell this pod individually and all year round. This drink is incredibly balanced and not overly sweet like most apple-cider type cocktails. It’s perfectly sweet, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and touch of lemon. I use Wordford Reserve Whiskey which compliments the drink nicely with hints of orange. Delish!

    Spiced Old Fashioned – I like the spices in this beverage, but I find Old Fashions to be too strong. I added apple cider and lots of ice, and it actually made this taste similar to the Apple Pie cocktail. Winning!!

    Clausmopolitain – A regular cosmo with glitter. Yawn…. (but the color is stunning!)

    Spiced Coffee – Disappointed this was in the collection instead of bringing something new to table. I do not like the Spiced Coffee, so I saved them for a friend that likes this drink with a splash of Bailey’s

    UPDATE Oct 2020: Witch’s Heart – Great for Halloween, but I will be drinking all year round. Such a delicious and complex tasting drink. You get sweetness from the white grape and berries, and a bit of tart from the apple and lemon. I’ve never had edible glitter before, but it makes this drink magical. You’re friends will be impressed. Only negative there is an odd ‘cough-syrupy’ after taste. It doesn’t bother me, but this drink is not for everyone. It makes a small drink output.

    UPDATE: July 2020 New Releases
    1. Mai Thai – “Bermuda, Jamaica, Ooooo I wanna take ya…”. Tropical, pineapp-ly, coconut and almond goodness. This tastes exactly like a drink you would get at the beach. Delicious and my absolute favorite of the new releases but the drink output is absolutely pitiful – a few sips and it’s gone. You would need to make 2-3 pods for a full drink.

    2. Ginger Peach Iced Tea – Summery and refreshing. I do find the ginger to be a bit overpowering, so I add a dash of Peach Schnapps to provide more of that peach flavor I’m looking for. This is a substantial drink! It fills my 16 ounce glass on regular. This drink sneaks up on you since you can’t taste the alcohol.

    3. Lemon Drop – Taste exactly like the first legal drink you had on your 21st birthday. Super sweet and tart, so I prefer to make this as a shot. The strong setting makes 4-5 shots. A real crowd pleaser – ‘Who wants a lemon drop?’…and the crowd goes wild!

    3. Aviation – Tastes like pomegranate and maraschino cherries. The drink is a gorgeous purple color – you would think that doesn’t matter but the color is mesmerizing. I switch bottles and use vodka because I am not a fan of gin. Produces a small – medium drink output.

    4. Northside – A surprising favorite. Lemon and lime flavored drink without being overly sweet. Super refreshing summer vodka drink. Produces a small – medium drink output.

    5. Rhubarb Spice Shrub – Overpowering vinegary taste. At first, this drink reminded me of a delicious spiced wine I have during the holidays with such a great depth of flavor. The aftertaste is straight vinegar…why?! This drink was definitely designed by a hipster. $14 in the trash for what could have been an amazing cocktail.

    UPDATE: After a few family gatherings, the unanimous favorites are Rum Breeze, Sex on the Beach, Margarita, Long Island, and Whiskey Sour.

    1.) Rum Breeze – My absolute favorite!! Fruity, refreshing, but dangerous. It doesn’t taste ‘strong’ (even on the strong setting), but this sure does sneak up on you!). This drink has a strong coconut flavor, with hints of strawberry. I go through these pods like water. YUM!! This pod makes a substantial drink.

    2.) Sex on the Beach- Another fruity but dangerous favorite. I primarily taste cranberry, peach and pineapple in this one. This pod makes a substantial drink.

    3.) Whiskey Sour – Delicious but strong. Perfect on the regular setting. Hints of sours and vanilla. Tiny drink output – a few sips and it’s gone (may be for the best since this is a strong drink).

    4.) Long Island – My favorite bar drink, but not my favorite Bartesian drink (I think because it doesn’t have enough ‘cola’ flavor for me), but it’s still delicious. Regular setting is PLENTY strong with this one. Makes a small-medium drink – need 2 pods for a full glass.

    5.) Margarita – This drink is perfect. Not overly sweet or generic tasting like alot of the grocery store mixers. Decent drink output.

    6.) Cosmopolotan – Lime and Cranberry flavors. A bit tart for me, but pretty good. Decent drink output.

    7.) Paper plane – It reminds me of a whiskey sour I had at a restaurant. Tastes of citrus, sour, herbal and bitter. Unusual but pretty good. It’s like a sour patch kid for adults. This drink is not for everyone. All of my guest have said it tastes like medicine, but I like it (but the herbal notes can be a bit overpowering). Decent drink output.

    8.) Uptown Rocks – Strong Peach taste – good, but I wish there were other prominent flavors. I actually prefer this with vodka than gin (I just switch the bottles). Makes a decent sized drink.

    9.) Old Fashioned – All I can taste is whiskey, but a hint of citrus does make it smoother. Not my favorite, but I’m not a fan of this drink anyway. Makes a tiny drink, but sounds about right for this one.

    10.) Spiced Coffee- Pretty good. Hints of spice – cinnamon and nutmeg. I would have to be in the mood for this one because I’m not a fan of spiked coffee. I would not buy again. Although a friend of mine loves it with a splash of Bailey’s. Makes a decent size drink.

    11.) Sazerac – This drink is slightly sweet and has subtle hints of licorice. All I could taste is whiskey when I made this drink using a regular strength. The flavor comes thorough much better on light, but I’m just not a fan of this one. Small drink output.

    12.) Mint Julip – Tastes like toothpaste. If you’re a fan of mint, or Mojito-like drinks then this one is for you. Decent drink output, but threw it away.

    13.) Negroni – And finally, my least favorite pod, and one I will definitely never buy again, the Negroni! This drink has a strong herbal flavor. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it tastes like eating a pine tree. Also very bitter. Definitely not for me. Small drink output, but it’s for the best – nasty!

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  5. Dario

    Ottimo prodotto
    Peccato per le cialde
    Troppo costose a causa delle spese di spedizione

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  6. Murphy

    My husband loved his gift, but sadly the whiskey bottle started leaking. I could work with that. What I couldn’t work with was a dead machine. The next time I went to use it the only thing it did was
    pierce the pod. Oh yeah,
    before that it sprayed out of the nozzle sideways. I figured I fixed that by cleaning it but I’ll never know. Amazon accepted my request to return, they now have my machine and my money. Hopefully I’ll get one or the other back sooner rather than later. The price went up $100 since Father’s Day. If I do get a refund I’ll most likely replace it with the Bev, it’s still more than I paid originally but less than what I’ll pay if I re-order the same one.
    After chatting about my return I was told to wait 30 days. If I no refund contact CS. Hopefully the price doesn’t go up, the other machine is $30 more than it was last week.

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  7. Poleth Aguayo Uvilla

    Realmente funcionó a la perfección y es una excelente opción para dar unos drinks a tus invitados

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