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Current Price £189.00 June 17, 2024
Highest Price £189.00 January 3, 2024
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Beats Fit Pro Description

Crystal Clear Audio For Every Occasion

Beats Fit Pro – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds offer a revolutionary listening experience on the go. Perfect for tunes and podcasts alike, you won’t miss a beat with these state-of-the-art earbuds. Their advanced noise-canceling technology provides ultralight comfort for extended listening times while keeping the sound crisp and clear. With built-in dual mics and Crystal Clear Noise Cancellation, you won’t miss a thing. Easy to use features give you control over sound levels and communication with ease, giving you access to your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

Designed For Comfort & Durability

Constructed from high-grade materials, these earbuds are designed to last. Slim and sleek, the Beats Fit Pro – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds are made to fit comfortably in your ears while providing superior sound quality. Plus, the included carrying case provides safe storage when you can’t listen to them and makes it easy to keep them close at all times.

All-Day Enjoyment And Power

Tune in to your favorite music without worrying about running out of battery life. With up to 8-hour battery life and Quick Charge technology, you can keep on listening to your favorite music and podcasts for longer. Plus, its IPX5 water-resistant design lets you enjoy music even while you take a quick shower.

Effortless Handsfree Calling

Beats Fit Pro – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds feature highly sensitive mics for crystal clear audio conversations. With just a touch, you can answer incoming calls without having to reach for your phone or laptop. By putting convenience as their priority, these earbuds make it easier and faster to communicate with friends and family.

Stay Connected

Beats Fit Pro – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds let you stay connected to your music no matter where you are. With low distortion and acoustic clarity, you can connect wirelessly from up to 30 feet away without any interference. Plus, the automatic play/pause feature ensures your music starts playing as soon as you put on your earbuds, and stops as soon as you take them off.


  • Crystal Clear Audio For Every Occasion
  • Highly Sensitive Mics
  • Advanced Noise-cancelling Technology
  • Up To 8 Hours Battery Life
  • Quick Charge Technology
  • IPX5 Water Resistance
  • Low Distortion & Acoustic Clarity
  • Easy-to-use Features
  • Sleek and Slim Design
  • Automatic Play/Pause Feature
  • Wireless Connectivity From Up To 30 Feet Away

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7 reviews

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Carrie Fleming

    I’m obsessed with these. The sound is great. They don’t fall out when I run. The transparency mode makes it so that you can hear traffic behind you while you’re still hearing your tunes, it’s bizarre! Noise cancelling mode is so wonderful to use at work so I can block out coworkers. I haven’t had any issues with the mic either. The only thing that annoys me is that even though they’re secure in my ear, I feel like they’re falling out so I go to adjust them, then I hit the multifunctional button and hang up or pause. The battery lasts forever, the case charges them but I think maybe once a week or 2 I will charge them.
    You won’t regret this purchase.

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  2. Bob McClintock

    I have a pair of Beats Fit Pro in white, and they perform flawlessly. They get a perfect in-ear seal and the sound is superb.
    I also have a set of the Kim Kardashian skin tone buds and they are unsatisfactory in several levels. For some reason it is harder to get a good fit. The main problem is recharging. They never charge to 100% and sometimes one or both don’t charge at all. They are meticulously cleaned after use, but sometimes it take some fiddling to get a charge going. Several times I have had to do a full reset. I believe that in the rush to get this particular model to market quality control suffered. I haven’t used either pair for about 10 days and this revealed another issue, which is what prompted me to write this review. The white buds and case were still at 100% whereas the Kardashians were at 89% and 81%.
    I rankles that one set is perfect in every way and the other is beset with issues.

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  3. Ramona Strange

    I ordered these, hoping they would work for me. But alas, with my small ears, they did not work. The small earbud tip was good, and got a decent fit, but the wing tip is huge, barely could be bent to ‘fit’ in my ear, and caused painful pressure after less than an hour. (if the wing tip was removeable, or also able to change for size, these would be perfect. But it is not.)

    the sound quality it stunning, and the ANC is amazing. When I put them in, I was sitting next to a noisy air conditioner, and because the design senses when they’re in your ear – even though I wasn’t ‘listening’ to anything – they immediately cut the noise. I was sitting in a silent room. Crazy cool. And shocking how well it works. I tested the other sound settings, the ‘transparent’, which yes, could listen to music and also hear everything going on around me; as well as the basic ‘off’, which was between the two and a good choice for some situations.

    So, I was super sad to return these due to fit. Highly recommend. Seamless instant pairing for iphone. Simple settings found under the bluetooth connection for them (a dedicated app, [or setting] would be nicer & easier to locate)

    The one drawback is the face of the earbud is a ‘button’. so anytime you try to adjust how the earbud is sitting in your ear (like because it’s not fitting right) you press the button. Turning music on/off, or whatever you have the button etc. to control. And at least you can change what it operates.

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  4. BZS

    I’ve had my eyes on these, the original Bose Quiet Comforts, and the 2nd generation of the Airpods Pro. I was able to get them on sale for a good deal on Amazon, so I thought I’d take a chance on them. Worst comes to worst I just return them. So here is my honest review after an afternoon of using them…

    As a preface: I am a longtime owner of Powerbeats Pro (the ones that fit around your ear). While I loved the battery life, the design of the charging case leads to a ton of charging issues and thus ability to use them. The headphones get loose when you’re not using them if you don’t precisely place them right, so when you go to use them they may not have a charge. I never liked the loop around your ears headphones either as it would give the back of my ear a rash/irritate my skin for some reason (may just be me, so keep that in mind).

    1. I’ve seen a lot of people saying the wing tip that helps secure the bud in your ears irritates theirs. This was a major concern for me when I first opened them. I spent a couple of hours wearing them, and even while working out, I felt no discomfort. Based on some other reviews, I’d say the shape/what your ear looks like matters. Mine feel fine though, so no complaints there. I work out a ton, so I’ll be curious to see how they hold up.
    2. I noticed a ton of ANC debates in reviews for these, but there are debates regarding the ANC capabilities of other headphones (ex. Bose Quiet Comforts, which Bose is deemed the king of ANC). It is all relative, in my opinion. I used to have a pair of Airpod pros, and in my opinion, the ANC is just as good. I think it depends on what you can reference, but I have 0 complaints in the ANC on the Beats Fit Pro.
    3. An area I do agree with others on is the case… This thing is TINY. Way more than I thought, which is nice given you can really take them anywhere. The problem is the material, like others point out. It feels like plastic and is so slippery it feels like you could easily let it slip out of your hands. So be careful there I’d say.
    4. As Beats, ahem Apple, transition from USB to USB-C, a major let down is the fact you HAVE to be able to charge the Beats Fit Pro with a USB-C charger block, a Macbook, etc. So if you are thinking about getting these, buy one in advance or when you purchase them. They case charges super fast though, which is nice.
    5. I really like the look of these ear buds when compared to others. I never liked the look of Airpods, and the Bose Quiet comforts have always looked a little weird. Low profile and just overall look nice.

    Overall review: I’m pretty satisfied with the Beats Fit Pro. The fact I got them on sale from $200 to $150 is an absolute bonus as well. The ANC is good (does what I need/want), 6 hours of charge, with 15 minute fast charging if you for some reason need it, and overall look makes me pretty happy. I’ll be curious to see how I feel overtime of course, but as of right now, I’d recommend them if you’re looking for some ear buds. I’d say keep in mind how the winged tip has irritated other’s ears as that may depend on your overall shape of your ear.

    Overall grade: B+ (Only because of the case material, how easy it is to drop it, and the mandatory USB-C charging)

    Edit: Be careful buying from Amazon. Your headphones can clearly not be new despite saying you are buying them new. My warranty, when I bought them in the beginning of May, only runs till the end of October 2023. If you buy any Apple product, I believe, you get a full year limited warranty. They look new, but you don’t get them in the typical plastic wrap Apple headphones come in. What you get for buying them at a good price though, so assuming I have no issues, this should be okay. Still satisfied none the less!

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  5. Christian B

    Update: I think my ears have gotten used to these buds and they don’t hurt as much after about 2-3 weeks of somewhat daily use. Still, there’s some discomfort after a while. So I guess it isn’t a big deal and I hope it stays that way even after I stop using the buds for a while.

    Original full review:

    My Galaxy Buds+ are starting to retire after 2 years of use and they’re hard to find for sale new and on a good deal. So might as well buy something new so I tried the Beats Fit Pro. This is a long post. This review is more for me (and Apple if they read this) but I still hope someone can find this helpful. There is a summary below.

    Sound Quality:
    -The BASS on this one definitely SLAPS and I love it! There’s a night and day difference from my Galaxy Buds+ with these on the bass. Using the song ‘We will rock you’ by Queen for comparison, you can really hear the thump of the floor/ground come through with the Beats Fit Pro. On the Buds+, it feels more like a sound effect than actual thumping feet.

    However, the tuning is dark and a bit muffled. I have to turn it a notch up on volume level. Furthermore, some detail is lost because of this and where it is outshined by the Buds+ which isn’t surprising because the Beats Fit Pro has a single dynamic drive, and the Buds+ has two (2) drivers, and they may be both balanced armatures (tends to have good detail/texture, but lackluster bass). It may be due to the physical characteristics of the drivers in both of these earbuds/drivers themselves and/or how they are tuned. Because of this the Beats Fit Pro are favored for excited, fun, bassy and beaty songs (e.g. Pop, Hip-hop, Rock, etc.), though it may be fatiguing after a while of listening. You might have to fiddle with the equalizer if you want it to sound the way you want it on other genres, but for average joes such as myself (with an occasional fits of OCD, lol), it’s fine as is. Definitely get this for the bass.

    Build quality:
    -Can’t say much about Apple products since it’s still a reputable brand even if I have gripes about them. You may not like the features/design but you can bet they’ve been thought out (somehow, at least) and quality is good. The earbuds themselves are great quality. Can’t say the same for the case as many YouTube reviews have pointed out. It’s still well built except the flimsy hinge which gives this cheap feel. On the other hand, the magnets feel secured but the lack of wireless charging is a turn-off (what’s next, Apple, it’s another $30 option for the 2nd Gen to get wireless charging? Oh please).

    The case is also a stain magnet. My case is already starting to discolor after a week even with careful use. I keep it in a sunglass cloth bag. I might even buy a case for the case if I decide to keep these.

    -I like the multifunction physical buttons but I can’t say I love them over touch controls. In my opinion, you can’t really compare both but there’s definitely a use-case for each. Physical buttons avoids accidental input from a slight touch. This is great for overhead workouts/movements. You can also operate even when wearing gloves that are not touchscreen-capable. On the other hand, you really have to be intentional as it require a bit of finesse of the fingers/hands to operate. To put it another way, it can be harder to operate if not using the fingers/hands for example sometimes I don’t want to touch my earbuds because my hands are dirty from touching something gross/dirty. With touch controls, I can use other parts of my arm/shoulder with bare skin to operate it. You can still operate the buttons without using your fingers but you might have to put more pressure than usual just to press the button which may hurt, not to mention the awkwardness. I don’t think one should worry of the in-ear pressure when operating the buttons normally by hand because it doesn’t take much pressure to press and the buttons are aligned to the wall cavity of the ear rather than the ear canal.
    -It’s hard to set the exact volume level using the multifunction button because the volume change is so fast on the Beats and there’s no audio cue, especially if you only want to change it a single notch. So you’ll have to be on perfect timing (good luck with that) to get to the level you want. For reference, the Galaxy Buds+ does it buy gradually change the volume one level every second and there’s an audible cue as it happens. This allows you to fine tune to the level you want without the fuss of having the perfect timing. As a result, I don’t use this feature on the Beats, which is a big let down for me because I tend to use this feature a lot. This would be the second biggest reason to return these if ever. This can be fixed by a firmware update, potentially. But after using the buds after a while, I realized the use case for holding the button is more suited for toggling noise cancelling and transparency mode. Would still be great to have the feature from Samsung to turn on transparency mode when you speak.
    -One major con is that my right ear hurt after an hour of use. When I put it on straight from the box, I barely felt anything and was very glad as it was a big concern for me as I had the same issue with the AirPods Pro 2 before, and which I had to return for that reason. That’s when I used their ear fit test in the app, which suggested I size up on ear tips (biggest). I have to agree with the test result because when I used the Mediums, I can barely tell a difference with and without the noise cancelling. The sound was also a lot better with the Large size. Also, you will get a more secure fit with the wing tips with the right size tips. Maybe I’ll get used to it over time and I’m gonna use it as much as possible and if I don’t get used to it before my return window closes, I’m gonna have to send it back. I suggest people with this same issue do the same.

    Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode:
    -Obviously it’s not on par with Sony’s or Bose’s but I’m happy enough and I think it’s actually really good. It does a great job at blocking people’s voices, great for office or café settings. And when music is on, you won’t hear noise at all. It’s more to augment your listening experience than anything. There was even one time I was working inside a van and I left the engine running for a good couple of hours and I forgot about it was running until I was looking for van’s keys. Also on my daily walks in the city, the sound of the passing cars is reduced to a negligible hiss. So I imagine this would be great for commuting/flights.
    -Transparency mode doesn’t sound very natural and it can become disorienting at times. It replicates close to if not the actual volume/loudness of external sounds. It’s good enough as I don’t really see a need for this feature as it’s more of a convenience feature so you don’t have to take them off. If you want to hear your surroundings then you shouldn’t have anything in your ear in the first place.

    Other (negative) comments:
    -It seems to toggle between transparency mode and noise cancelling all of a sudden. Happens quite a few times. It happens more commonly when I paused my media, then resume playing after a few moments. On other times I don’t even touch anything at all. Also one time when I removed and put back the right earbud, the music resumed playing on it but the button wouldn’t work. It worked again when I put both sides back on. So weird.
    -I have concerns with connectivity with non-Apple devices. Any weird/bad thing that occurs I tend to think of this reason. For example if there’s a cut out in connection (not very often, but it happens) even though my phone is in my hand or computer is in front of me, or the case I mentioned above, etc. Also, the automatic connection to paired devices (especially the last one) is erratic, and might I say, device-picky at times (again, I don’t have anything Apple). It connects automatically to my PC but not on my Galaxy phone.

    Pros and Cons Summary:
    Notable Pros:
    -Physical buttons (also a con, see below) avoid accidental input especially when doing overhead workouts as opposed to capacitive touch on other earbuds. The buttons have a satisfying and reassuring click.
    -Nicely secured magnetic case. I don’t see the buds going anywhere even if you shake it vigorously. You have to be very deliberate for this to come out of the buds. It might be the best one on the market on this aspect.

    -Hurts the ears (major, big con). Masochists rejoice! Not me. And this is the only reason I’m still on the fence on keeping these buds.
    -No way to turn off input/presses on earbuds unlike on Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. While the physical buttons avoid accidental input, a press blocker would be beneficial when lying on your side on the bed with a pillow as sometimes the buttons are pressed as the earbuds stick out a bit. I know this is mostly marketed for active people more than for people lying on their beds, but come on.
    -Physical buttons require a bit of finesse of the fingers/hands themselves to operate. To put it another way, it can be harder to operate if not using the fingers/hands for example sometimes I don’t want to touch my earbuds because my hands are dirty from touching chicken meat and I also work in a dirty-ish industry and I use these on the job for calls and music (especially mine are the white ones).
    -The lack of wireless charging for the price is appalling even when on sale.
    -No adjustment on transparency mode.
    -Case doesn’t feel very premium because of the flimsy hinge (minor con).

    In closing:
    It’s sad to think that some features are not available on non-Apple devices. Seriously this petty “exclusivity” is so childish and greedy. I’m not on Apple’s ecosystem so if I buy any of their products to use and if there’s anything weird or bad going on I tend to suspect this discrepancy in brand. You think it’s genius because it may want people to consider buying more of your products to make the most of them, but it’s actually not. It’s a massive turn off. It’s outright silly, divisive, and not very inclusive in technology age we are in now.

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  6. Jeff Gomske

    I work in radio. I’ve done it for 30+ years and one of the curses/blessings of working with audio is I have grown to understand intimately what really good audio sounds like. I have used countless number of headphones and earbuds (and there 𝙄𝙎 a difference between the two) and there are a few names which stand above the rest, and I’m not going to get into a debate because so-called, ‘Audiophiles’ will claim they know better (Which begs the question, how does one actually 𝙗𝙚𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 an Audiophile in the first place? Is there a course you can take, or does one simply give themselves that title? But I digress…) when Beats first hit the scene, they were unquestionably an astonishing waste of money. Their audio quality was maybe a shade above average at best. But, that didn’t stop millions of people from buying them at outrageous prices. Well, the uncontested King of over-priced products (apple) got wind of this and did a takeover of their products and an interesting thing happened: their quality got BETTER.

    Did they become as good as most “professional” headphones out there…? Probably not. However, their earbuds did become notably better. I feel it necessary to point out that while Beats headphones were nowhere as good as many claimed, their earbuds from the beginning seemed to be pretty good from the get-go. Their unique “hook” style which wrapped around your ear for a secure fit (you either love this style or not – but you cannot argue that they did not fit and stay in place better than almost any other brand out there). Some of their other wired earbuds were still decent as well, if not priced at the upper end of what most people were willing to pay, but at least the earbuds could be counted on to give you an above average experience.

    Apple buys them out and reorganizes the entire company. Suddenly they are no longer all over the place like they used to be. Famous people were no longer wearing them everywhere you looked. Then apple releases their Beats branded earbuds, the Powerbeats Pro. Love them or hate them, they made an impact.
    They were also equipped with apple tech like their H1 chip which made them instantly compatible with iPhones (a pretty smart move, actually) and the audio was excellent, especially for working out. Then they release the Beats Fit Pro.

    A radically different design. But – a welcome one, especially for someone who loved the Powerbeats great audio quality, but not the hook design. Again, it’s hard to please everyone when it comes to something that fits inside your ears that have so many different possible sizes and an almost infinite number of differences from one person to the next…like the apple airpods, one size fit 𝙢𝙤𝙨𝙩…and if you were one of the people they did not fit, well you were kind of SOL. At least with the Fit Pro they opened up better fitting to a much larger segment than the airpods and with the included wing-tip design, they immediately caught the eye of many athletes who need earbuds which stay put while sometimes being fairly aggressive in their workouts. If you were not a fan of the Powerbeats hook style, the Fit Pro’s must have looked like a gift from On High.

    FIrst off, they really DO sound great. Good bass without going too deep. Music NEEDS good bass, but if it thumps too hard, it will ruin audio in more ways than I can describe here. Mids and Highs were also both pretty crisp and not overly isolated. The blend just works. Whoever tuned the Fit Pro should be commended for doing such a great job.

    ANC was…disappointing. To be fair, to get great ANC into such a tiny device really IS a challenge and oftentimes going all-in on this feature usually means you sacrifice audio quality. In this case, Beats chose to put more into the audio than into the ANC. I had a difficult time even recognizing that it was even turned on at all. Maybe my pair simply isn’t doing it’s job. However, the OnePlus buds Z2 has ANC that is actually pretty good and still has really impressive audio as well, so I’m not exactly sure why the Fit Pro’s is so difficult to even tell if ANC is on or off, but I can only review what I have and that seems to be the case with my particular pair.

    The wing-tip design really works well – for me at least. They provide a pretty good fit and they stay put incredibly well. My biggest problem with earbuds is exactly that. Either they’ll fit well, or almost not at all. It doesn’t seem to fall anywhere in between. My OnePlus buds Z2 sound great, but I constantly find myself adjusting them in my ears – which honestly is annoying. The Fit Pro’s (at least in my case) I set them in, twist to secure the wing-tip and they just stay put. This is going to be subjective since everyone is slightly different, so keep in mind my experience with how they fit in my ear may not mirror your own.

    You can do a little customizing with the app. I do have an iPhone but I primarily use an android, so I downloaded the app and you can to a bit of customizing, however, not as much as I would have liked to have seen given what these earbuds are capable of. I believe the iPhone integration has quite a bit more options than the android counterpart. This seems to be more the norm these days as apple and Samsung work hard to reward you for buying products that are more in line with their products than the competition. I wish they’d both put an end to this childish bickering and open up all their products that can be used on other platforms to include all the options that they would have if you paired it with an iPhone or a Samsung. Either you want your customers to get the best bang for their buck or not.

    I like the physical buttons the Fit Pro uses. You’ll know by touch that you’ve pressed it instead of simply the “touch” controls which in my experience can be hit or miss. When they work great, it’s awesome. But do they all work perfectly every time? Of course not. With buttons, they seem to work pretty much 100% of the time and that’s something I appreciate.

    No wireless charging. At this point, especially for the cost, that really is something they should have included. Is it a deal breaker? For some it very well could be. It wasn’t for me, but I love wireless charging and think every pair of wireless earbuds over $100 really ought to include it. I know earbuds that cost under $40 that do, so to not include it here seems to be almost an insult. They use USB-C charging which IS convenient however. Beats claims they have fast charging however, in fact they call it “Fast Fuel” where just 5 minutes of charging will net you an hour of listening…I haven’t been able to check this, but I CAN state that they do seem to charge pretty quick, so that may negate some of the disappointment of not having wireless ability, but necessarily so.

    The case is pretty nice, too. It is quite a bit smaller than the case for the Powerbeats, but still larger than what you get with the airpods. I honestly didn’t mind the size at all, so this one is also going to be pretty subjective.

    For the most part, these are the first apple made earbuds that I can recommend even if you own an android device. The audio is stellar and they seem to hold a charge for about an average length of time for earbuds of this size. I rarely listen for more than about an hour, maybe 2 at the most, so I’m not the guy to look for with advice on listening at length (unless it’s for headphones, then I can make a LOT of recommendations). Honestly, I’m happy with mine. Are they perfect? No. But are they worth it? I sure think so.


    I purchased some memory foam eartips…not sure that this was a wise decision. Not because they don’t work or fit well, but because they are slightly larger, it means fitting them back into the charging case either they won’t charge or they’ll be problematic to fit properly. Now, in all fairness, this wasn’t an issue with the smallest foam eartips, but the medium and larger ones did not like to fit back into the case. They also did not really make any noticeable difference is audio quality, so I switched back to the original tips they came with. Lesson learned.

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  7. Ren

    The buds paired instantly right out of the box. The sound is as good as expected from beats. I’ve only had them for less than a week but have worn them for a minimum of a few hours each time. I personally don’t have any issues with them hurting my ears so far. They sit really well, and don’t feel like they’d pop out during intense activity unless you wear a headband that could brush against your ears. The Kim K colours are great. I do see what some people have mentioned about the flimsiness of the lid. I’m just going to purchase a case cover with a clasp closure that will hopefully help. The bass sounds good, not muffled. The app is pretty simple. It would be great if they implement more customization features. There are only presets available, but it doesn’t bother me. I do agree that the transparency/ambient mode isn’t great, sounds would have to be pretty loud for it to come through. The buds can easily pair to multiple devices, unlike other product brands. Overall, I’m pretty happy with them. I think they are worth the retail price, so far.

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