Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

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Current Price £199.00 July 17, 2024
Highest Price £199.00 May 22, 2024
Lowest Price £199.00 May 22, 2024
Since May 22, 2024

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£199.00 May 22, 2024

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Description

All Day Comfort and Wear

Are you searching for comfort with unparalleled sound? Look no further than the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II. These earbuds have been engineered to fit comfortably in your ears all day, while delivering truly outstanding noise cancelling capabilities. With a lightweight, secure fit, you can take your music and calls with you throughout the day, wherever you go.

The World’s Best Noise Cancellation

Discover the world’s best noise cancelling with the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II. These earbuds use the latest technology to provide unmatched noise cancellation in a tiny package. Specially designed microphones work to actively block background noise, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your music, audiobooks, or podcasts. Bose also provides adjustable levels of noise cancellation so you can adjust the sound to fit your environment.

Outstanding Audio Quality

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II provide some of the best audio quality available. Enjoy your music with crystal-clear clarity and stellar performance. These earbuds use a unique acoustic design which was engineered to deliver loud, rich audio experiences with dramatic clarity and compressed bass. Music lovers will appreciate the combination of custom-made audio drivers which delivers rich, extended bass performance that is sure to please.

Convenient and Easy To Use

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II provide effortless convenience that you won’t find with other earbuds. Enjoy up to 20 hours of call and play time with wireless Bluetooth connection that you can count on. A convenient “Find My Buds” feature is included in the Bose Music app, allowing you to pinpoint the last known location of your earbuds. Effortless touch controls let you easily switch between music playback and calls.

– Lightweight and secure fit for all day wear
– Active noise cancelling adjustable to fit environment
– Unparalleled audio quality and extended bass
– Up to 20 hours of Call and playtime
– “Find My Buds” feature pinpoints location when lost
– Touch controls switch between music playback and calls

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Specification

Product Dimensions

2.34 x 1.05 x 2.61 inches

Item Weight

9 Grams

Item model number



3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 7, 2022

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Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Reviews (7)

7 reviews

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Farokh

    What can I say about it. It’s wonderful, nice to wear, sound is so good , no words to explain, you have to own it and hear it. Ya i love it. Its not my first Bose product.

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  2. Romildo Brito

    O fone da Bose é o melhor entre todos que já usei (Sennheiser, Technics, Jabra, e JBL)

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  3. Marco Petrovic

    Great earbuds! Using it on a Android phone the sound is clear and loud, the fit is perfect and it is just a awesome experience..

    Compared to AirPods Pro 2 on iphone and they are quite the same i would say that these sit better in the ear and actually look better according to me?

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  4. Sean Lee

    Stable connection with gadgets (my things are Fujitsu laptop and iphone mini).
    The previous blutooth wireless earset was zebra 85t, which is also quite good product. But when I approach some electronic things, for example bus card terminal or some passengers’ unknown possession, connection was disturbed within about 1m radius.
    Sony’s most recent eatset also has great quality, but was bit uncomfortable due to the heavy weight.
    Hope battery last long.

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  5. Wes

    These headphones are without a doubt the best headphones I have purchased so far in my entire life. I say thus far, because I know that technology is able to continue to become greater and greater as we advance through time, but as of 2023 these headphones are so packed with technology that they meet every need that I could want out of headphones, and additionally have some extra really cool perks.

    I want to talk first about the number one need that I wanted these headphones to meet. They claimed that they had 100% noise canceling and I can confirm that that is absolutely correct. Closing out the loud outside world is something that is real true need of mine. I live in a major city, and everything is so loud that I can barely concentrate. I can’t go to the grocery store, out to eat, for a walk down the road, or sometimes even sit in my own home without having some sort of overpowering noise that I don’t want to hear.

    So here’s how these headphones work noise canceling-wise. I’ll give you two scenarios.
    Scenario one, I have had a hard day and had to talk to people all day. I’m hungry, tired, don’t want to talk to anyone or hear anyone’s voices. I go to my favorite fish restaurant because I’m too tired to cook but I know that I’m going to need some peace and quiet when I get there. I place my food order, then sit down at my table in a very noisy environment with lots of peoples conversations going in the background. Relaxation is just about to begin. I take out my Bose headphones, I insert one into my ear, and then immediately I hear this sound that sounds like a lightsaber. That’s the Microphones in the headphones testing the ear seal to make sure sound doesn’t get into the headphones. I insert the second headphone into my other ear, and hear another lightsaber like sound. For about two more second I can still hear peoples voices and then all of the sudden I hear a “beep” and everyone’s voices fade away! The noise cancelling has kicked in, and it’s time for me to enjoy my dinner with some relaxing peaceful music. I’m now sitting in the middle of a restaurant and I can only hear my music and no one’s voices at all. Sometimes I’ll turn my music off in the middle of the restaurant, and I’ll watch funny Instagram videos in the headphones. Usually after a 20 minute meal and some funny videos, I’m so relaxed and happy even after a hard day’s work, that I’m ready to go home and go to sleep.

    Scenario two. I live next to a very busy major street. I can hear lots of road noise, exhaust, loud stereos, and many other kinds of noises. I like to take walks and relax. It’s not very relaxing walking when I have to hear a lot of these noises. I insert my bose headphones , and all of the road noises fade away. All I can hear once again is my music. I have to make sure that I stay on the sidewalk when walking, because these headphones cancel out noise so well that if I try to walk on the road, I’ll likely get hit by a car because I will not hear the cars driving near me.

    So that being said, the main thing I love about these is the noise canceling. I mentioned that there were couple cool extra things about these that I wanted to tell you about. I do like the amount of bass that these headphones are able to produce. It’s way more than I expected. Additionally the clarity on these headphones is so good that I can can barely describe it in words. There is a treble mode, and a bass mode within the app so I can choose between these two modes and intensify the kind of clarity and or bass that I’d like.

    The charging case is a medium to small size. It fits well then my pants pocket and doesn’t get in the way when I’m in the gym. That’s one other thing that I wanted to make sure I told you about, is that these are the perfect headphones for the gym. I’ve seen several other people in the gym with them on, and now I know why. They don’t move around in my ears at all! I work out very intensely, and if headphones were going to move around then they would move around on me. They stay exactly where I put them even though I’m sweating on them non-stop for over an hour each day.

    I love everything about these headphones. My only regret is that I let the price of these scare me away for so long, and I didn’t order them soon enough.

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  6. Chris

    Man, I thought I’d found the perfect earbuds and am so bummed I have to return these. A little background: I’ve been using v1 of the Airpods Pro for about 2.5 years. One of them flaked out last week so I began searching for a replacement. While I’m well within the Apple universe (MacBook Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, iPad Pro, etc) I also use Windows quite a bit. In my search I read dozens of reviews on earbuds, and the vast majority of them almost presumptively point Apple users to the Airpods Pro 2. I get it, in theory everything syncs up and works better. But there were things I didn’t like about the Airpods Pro 1 (ANC was mediocre, and particularly bad on a plane; sound quality was meh). So I was actually eager to step outside the Apple box and try something a little more universal. I narrowed my search down to two, and ended up purchasing both the Bose QC II as well as the Airpods Pro 2, with the intent of doing my own use case testing and returning one.

    Upon receiving and trying both, it took me less than 30 minutes to decide which to keep: The Bose QC II.
    The ANC on the Airpods 2 was very, very good, but the Bose QC II just took it a couple notches better. As I travel on airplanes quite a bit the ANC was very important to me, and like I said my experience with the original Airpods was lacking.

    Additionally, after playing a few of my favorite songs with each unit, the Airpods Pro 2 sounded good, but the Bose QC II again came out on top. I’m not an audiophile, but the sound was just richer, with more depth; I heard certain notes in a different way than I ever had with the Airpods.

    It was at this point that I decided to send the Airpods back, which I did the following day, ready to begin my new and better audio life with the Bose QC II. Everything started out in a state of bliss. Working out of a home office, I could no longer hear my wife working through her accounting problems via Zoom calls in the other room. (FWIW, I also didn’t hear her when she came up behind me and asked if I wanted something for lunch). I received a call, and though I fumbled a bit with the controls the first time the call quality was fine, and they seemed to be able to hear me OK.

    However, the first chink in the armor came just this evening when I tried connecting the Bose QC II to my Windows system in preparation for a call I have tomorrow. Connection via Bluetooth was simple and straightforward. I then went to a news site that I knew had videos and listened. For some reason the sound kept clicking in and out. I thought it might be the connection with the site, so opened Spotify and played a couple of songs. Same issue. I then went to the Bose app on my iPhone, which said it was having trouble connecting, even though it was in fact connected to the PC (albeit a little glitchy).

    At the end of the day, this last experience seems consistent with so many of the other reviews that I read up here (thank you), and I just don’t want to be dealing with this again and again (and especially not after I’m past the return window!). I have no interest in going through a tech support call with Bose or them sending a new pair. For $300 plus tax I shouldn’t have to, and these should work more seamlessly. So I’m returning, and I’m not sure what I’m going to replace them with.

    A few other observations:

    – The controls for pausing, skipping forward, moving back, volume control, etc. work and are intuitive, however a few times I inadvertently paused music when I was just trying to adjust the earpod. This wasn’t the deal killer; I figured in time I’d get used to the sensitivity and figure it out. But it was a little annoying and perhaps some sensitivity adjustments, or more of a haptic-type feel would work better.

    – The earbuds themselves fit great out of the box. I didn’t even try the other sizes. They were very comfortable.

    – I liked how each time I put the earpods in it told me how much battery was left in each.

    – The charging case is slightly larger than the Airpods case, but still very pocketable. I could care less that it doesn’t support wireless charging, just not a big deal to me. The magnet holding the earpods in also seemed a little stronger than Apple’s case, which I really liked because anytime I accidentally dropped the Apple case the earpods would fall out and slide all over the place (wood floors).

    In summary, again I really, really wanted these to work out. I was so impressed with the ANC and sound quality, and liked how the bass and treble could be adjusted in the Bose app. It’s just a shame that it had these connection glitches with my computer system. To be clear, I’ve read that Bose customer support is good and fair, but again if I have to call customer support to just to properly use a pair of $300 earbuds then something is wrong.

    So before returning I decided to try one more time with connecting to computer. I shut down all devices (iPad, etc) that were near the computer, to reduce any potential interference. This resolved the issue with the sound breaking out and the earbuds worked fine.

    I then shut down the computer and reconnected them to the iPhone. All good. However, when I rebooted the computer I somehow lost the connection with the iPhone, and what I was listening to stopped playing. I then looked at the Bose app and it was somewhere in no man’s land, searching for a connection with the earbuds. Only a reboot of the phone got the app out of this mode, and allowed me to reconnect.

    So… this takes me back to my original point: These are among THE MOST EXPENSIVE earbuds on the market right now. I’m the consumer and it’s not my job, nor interest, to troubleshoot problems and jump through hoops to figure out what’s going on. That should have happened at in the Bose QC department, but from my brief experience combined with all the reviews I’ve read, it seems like something slipped past them.

    Thank you and God bless.

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  7. benj

    excellent produit

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