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Chef iQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer Description

Ultimate Home Grilling & Cooking Tool

The Chef IQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer is the ultimate tool for home cooking and grilling. It takes the guesswork out of cooking and ensures that you never overcook or undercook any food item again. The thermometer is equipped with advanced technology that tracks the cooking process and helps turn any home cook into an expert! It has built-in modes that are designed to help you get the perfect level of doneness, whether it’s medium rare, medium, or well done.

The Benefits of Smart Technology

The Chef IQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer utilizes smart technology like a Bluetooth connection and a temperature probe to make sure that your food is cooked to perfection. With a connected smartphone app, you will get alerts to your phone when your food reaches the desired temperature. You can also customize the temperature settings, including target ranges and texture selections, to let you know exactly when it’s ready to eat.

User-Friendly & Convenient

For convenience and ease of use, the Chef IQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer is user-friendly and easy to set up. All you need to do is insert up to 4 probes into different meat types, connect the thermometer to your smartphone with the app, and let the thermometer do its magic. Now you can monitor the cooking process without having to constantly check on the meat, as the app will keep you updated and in control.

Features & Benefits

The Chef IQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer is packed with features and benefits to make your home grilling and cooking an easier and more enjoyable experience. Here are just some of them:

– Easy-to-read LCD screen
– Up to 4 temperature probes for precise temperatures
– Bluetooth-enabled for wireless temperature monitoring
– Preset temperature settings for different levels of doneness
– High-quality beeps and LED alerts when food is ready
– Connects with the Chef IQ app for more detailed control
– Compact and lightweight design
– Water-resistant for safe and mess-free cooking

Chef iQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer Specification



Special Feature

Built-In Speaker, Waterproof, App Companion, High Accuracy, Programmable



Age Range Description


Included Components

User Guide

Specification Met


Display Type


Connectivity Technology


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Power Source

Battery Powered

Model Name

Chef iQ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer, Unlimited Range, Bluetooth & WiFi Enabled, Digital Cooking Thermometer with Ultra-Thin Probe for Remote Monitoring of BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Air Fryer, Stove

Number of Batteries

2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item Length

8.2 Inches

Upper Temperature Rating

572 Degrees Fahrenheit

Response Time

1 seconds



Lower Temperature Rating

32 Degrees Fahrenheit


Hub + Probe # 1

Water Resistance Level


Item Weight

2.16 pounds



Item model number



2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 11, 2022

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4.9 out of 5
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  1. Zen

    The little voice and the app together would make a potentially blind friendly product. Easy to use and lots of preprogrammed cooking instructions including temperature and cooking time.

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  2. BigDan

    Very fast shipping,sturdy,excellent quality.very precise,was within 1 deg of my sous-vide and weber thermometer and thermopro pen. The reading is precise. quickly connects to bluetooth without any issues. Reads through the oven,reads from outside 25 feet away. Can’t hook up wifi through 5G home wifi service must be 2.4G. Can hook up wifi to my cellphone as a hub and works flawless but uses cell power and cell usage in doing so.

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  3. Chris C.

    Two features that are missing are the ability to set alerts for the ambient temp and total current cook time. If I am cooking on my offset an alert for when the ambient temp drops below a certain threshold so that I know I need to add another split to the fire would be helpful. Also showing the total cook time would be helpful. I know I can go to cooking history and view the current cook, but why have to go to history to see the current cook? Just a lot of extra clicking around that is not necessary. I believe these features could be introduced in an app update since the data is already in the app. This would make this thermometer the best overall with its wifi connectivity that a lot of other probes do not have, but these key features do exist on other non-wifi thermometers.

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  4. brian greben

    this product is awesome better institution would be handy but not to hard to figureout then sit back and cook with ease every time

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  5. FlsPtr

    You can see the temperature from anywhere, comes in a great box and and have a wonderful charger station. Great quality. Not your average cheap sensor. Also app is very good

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  6. gea tan ringuet

    Pour le bbq, j’adore le principe blue tooth. Pas de fil. Fonctionne bien. Lors de la 1iere utilisation, l’apprentissage d’utilisation avec le cellulaire à demandé un certain temps mais maintenant, c OK.

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  7. Techie

    I bought this to be able to monitor food cooking on my BBQ. Little did I know that the app basically is a computer that tracks cooking and has recipes and does much more.
    You enter all the necessary info and the app calculates everything for you and talks to you with a speaker built into the case, so it’s virtually impossible to screw up.
    For example, I BBQ’d some pork chops last night.
    You setup a cool on the app- choose what you’re cooking- poultry, meat, seafood, vegetables, plant based.
    So I chose meat. Then you’re promoted as to whether your meat is beef, pork, lamb, or veal.
    I chose pork. Then I’m asked the type of pork- chops, roast, belly, ribs, burger, sausage or sausage burger.
    I selected chops. Then I’m prompted as to whether they’re loin chops, rib chops or shoulder chops. I choose rib chops and I’m asked their thickness from 0.5-2 inches.
    I select 1”, then I’m asked the cooking method- grill, stovetop, oven, smoker or air fryer.
    I chose grill.
    Then it asks how you want them done- medium (145) medium well (150) or we’ll done (160).
    After entering that the app tells me to remove from heat at 155 to reach 160 target temp. Tells me the total estimated cook time will be 40 mins, which is 15 mins preheat, 20 mins cook time and 5 min resting time.
    I then insert the probe into the meat and put it on the grill. The app shows an arc on the screen with actual internal temp and bbq temp. And it has a marker where you should flip the meat and alerts you when it’s time to remove from heat. It also gives you an alert that it will soon be time to flip the meat and when it’s close to being done. So you get both visual and audio cues.
    When you’ve removed it from heat it automatically goes into a stopwatch timer for the resting period.

    It makes your cooking bulletproof. WAY BETTER than I expected. I love this thing!!. Bought an additional probe so that I can separately monitor two different items for cooking to different doneness, or for cooking two different meats at the same time.

    My only complaint is minor. There is no on/off for the probes. They charge automatically when in the case. But only one can charge at a time. You can store 3
    Probes in the case at a time, but only one charges. So if you plan to use more than one probe and haven’t used it in awhile, allow 10-15 minutes to charge up the probe that hasn’t been charging.

    But other than that, the Chef IQ thermometer is AWESOME.
    You enter those parameters individually for each probe in advance when you setup a cook. And the app remembers what and when you’ve cooked something, so you can just use a ‘repeat’ previous cook if you’ve had great results that you want to replicate in the future.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    The probe. More on that in a moment.

    What else did I like?
    The app is comprehensive and easy to use for both beginner and advanced cooks; the connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi allows automatic updating (if needed) for both the firmware and software; and the voice reminder is helpful, especially if I‘m not paying attention to my phone.

    What about the probe?
    It’s smaller and thinner than most competitor probes. As a result, I can easily slide it into thick slabs of meat AND thin fillets, etc. The competitor probes are longer and fatter. They do well in big, thick, slabs of meat. But my family likes thin fillets too, like those found with fish and chicken. So when I used a competitor’s probe I had to return the product – it did not work well in the thin or short pieces of meat because the sensor was exposed outside the meat. The probe was just too long or too thick for the meat.
    I also used my Thermopen probe to confirm the temperature on the Chef iQ probe. The two probes matched or were close +/- a couple of degrees.

    So far I’ve cooked a variety of meats – from thin Brazilian fish fillets to chicken breasts to pork chops – all to family acclaim. So thank you to the Chef iQ team that engineered all the parts to this product, you’ve made me a better cook!

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