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ecozy Portable Ice Maker Description

Ideal Cold Refreshment whether Indoors or Outdoors:

This ECOZY countertop ice maker can provide you and your family with a generous output of 45lbs of ice per day, making it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. It’s compact size allows it to fit in small spaces and can be perfect for your office, business, family gathering or for keeping your drinks cool when your entertaining. With an impressive set of powerful features and the capacity to make up to 24 ice cubes in only 13 minutes, this ice maker can help you to stay cool during hot days or to make fun cocktails and drinks for special occasions. Enjoy cold refreshments anytime and anywhere you go with this eco-friendly and energy-efficient countertop ice maker.

Eco-friendly Design & Maintenance:

This countertop ice maker is energy-efficient and consumes just 160 watts of power with its intelligent and innovative refrigeration system. It is also equipped with low noise insulation which ensures a quiet operation when running. The anti-bacterial shell ensures high hygienic standards are met and it is easy to maintain with an inbuilt self-cleaning program. Furthermore, the ice machine is made from BPA-free and food-grade ABS material, giving you peace of mind that your health and safety is taken care of.

Easy to Operate with Intuitive Digital Display:

The ECOZY countertop ice maker is designed to be user-friendly with an easily navigable control panel and intuitive digital display. You can easily adjust the settings, select the type of ice, and keep an eye on the ice storage level. It’s bright LED display shows the current time, and indicates when the ice container is full or the water levels are too low. It also has multiple in-built safety features that will keep the machine from accidentally overfilling or overflowing.

Generous Ice Capacity & Versatile Application:

This countertop ice maker has a generous capacity to store up to 2.2 pounds of ice at a time. The unit comes with two different size cube ice moulds (6*7mm & 9*9mm) and can also make snowflake ice cubes, providing you with a large variety of ice shapes and sizes for whatever your preference. With the high ice output of 45lbs per day, this ice maker also provides you with a suitable choice for home, office or commercial application.

Features & Benefits:

  • 45lbs daily output of ice cubes in just 13 minutes.
  • Fits comfortably on the kitchen or office countertop.
  • Energy-efficient with a low noise level.
  • Compact but full of power with innovative refrigeration system.
  • Low maintenance with self-cleaning and anti-bacterial shell.
  • Intuitive digital display, easy to operate and navigate.
  • Offers ice cubes of two different sizes and snowflake cubes.
  • Low investment, water leakages and overheating protection.
  • Long-term usage with BPA-free and food-grade ABS material.
  • Innovative design and sturdy construction.

ecozy Portable Ice Maker Specification

Product Dimensions

25.04 Pounds, 9.92 x 14.6 x 14.17 inches

Date First Available

April 30, 2023



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  1. Linda K.

    I l❤️ve this ice maker! It churns out ice at an astronomical rate! Annnd, it doesn’t take up much space. My cats prefer iced water, and I was having a difficult time keeping up – not any longer! I’m glad I invested in this model…it does an excellent job of making, and keeping, ice. Several times I missed an ice ‘dump’ today and the ice remained intact. What melts is recycled. 😊 This is some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I can be quite picky and I (as well as my cats) don’t have any reservations recommending this fantastic little ‘work horse’ of a machine. ❤️

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  2. ParkerReno

    I do not have an icemaker in my refrigerator so this ice maker comes in handy. I use it at my office building, especially during events. It takes a bit longer than 13 minutes to make 24 cubes, but it works well. I have seen other ice makers that were not as expensive; however, this one was marked down $30. The price is decent.

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  3. Lisa D.

    This ice maker from Ecozy has saved me a world of hot headed hurt while waiting on a new main ice maker. My husband uses ice all the time and our main ice maker went kablooey right as the weather started to get hot. The pending delivery date is midsummer. Boo hoo! Thank goodness for this one.

    The Ecozy ice maker makes nice sized cubes of ice – a little over an inch square – that basically come out of it in sheets. My husband likes this because he can just grab a sheet and throw it in his large insulated mug. I break them up which is a bit of a pain but not a deal breaker.

    We have not had a shortage of ice since having this thing. So far it easily makes way more ice than we need. I am baffled that the design of this ice maker has as little insulation as it does. If you don’t use the ice, the ice in the bottom melts and the machine reuses that water to make more ice. I guess I’m just as baffled by this one as by our main ice maker. It was (is) a built in and did the same thing (except the water drained out and it used new water every time).

    I have used the “clean” function on this ice maker a couple of times and it works well. I use it when I notice the water in the bottom is starting to look cloudy or … iffy in some way. Run a cleaning cycle, drain the water, and everything is back to looking as good as new.

    I really like how simple this machine is. I have another small ice maker which I use at my shop and it is a bit of a pain (the ice size/time/cleaning isn’t as straightforward) AND it wants me to operate it with an app. I refuse. This Ecozy ice maker has no app and is easy to understand, directions or no. Overall this is a great little ice maker.

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  4. BarkerBrothers

    The stainless steel housing not only gives the ice maker a sleek and modern look but also enhances its durability. It is built to withstand regular use and is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it a long-lasting addition to your kitchen or entertainment area. One of the standout features of this countertop ice maker is its ability to produce up to 45 pounds of ice per day. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply want a steady supply of ice for everyday use, this ice maker has you covered. In just 13 minutes, it can produce a batch of 24 ice cubes, ensuring that you never run out of ice when you need it most. The only downside is that the capacity is small, so if you are trying to produce mass ice for a party, you have to unload the ice into a larger container in the freezer to keep the ice going. Other than that its one of the fastest machines I’ve gotten. The ice also is clearer than most other brands. That’s a plus for sure!

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  5. Tamiko Jordan

    Ice is something I love to have but hemmed and hawed on whether to get a machine or not. Is it really necessary?

    After using this one, I am sold. Might be hard-pressed to part with it lol

    First, it’s really easy to use. The instructions are clear and concise. I cleaned it first as directed, then filled it with filtered water as per the instructions. So far, so good. Playing with the size of the cubes took a little experimenting on what size is best but I ended up settling on 5 and 6. The cubes just end up thicker which is what I like. Note: they also stick together but I store them in one of the included ice bags, then smack them to break them up. Easy!

    It’s kind of fun to watch the little cubes being made. All the water cycles around and around, so I wasn’t worried about draining issues or dripping. I love that I can adjust the temp too. I found it was easiest to fill the reservoir by taking out the black topper so I could see the fill line.

    After cleaning, there is a little drain plug on the bottom of the unit. Make sure to have it over a sink or a big bucket. It’s a little hard to find the plug but I can see why they put it on the bottom. Not something that gets used often.

    I can’t say enough good things about this machine. It works exactly as expected, it’s efficient (yes, the cubes really do get made in 15-20 mins) and it doesn’t take up as much counter space as I thought it might. The model is relatively slim and maybe a tad bigger than a bread machine.

    Love it. It’s great, great, great!

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  6. ParkerReno

    This icemaker is fast. It really only takes 13 minutes for each batch to pop out. The reservoir is large so it can go for hours without a refill. I bought it to make large batches of ice before going to the beach each weekend. It will also come in handy prepping for hurricanes. The only downfall is that the cubes do not break apart when they fall into the bucket. You have to break them apart manually.

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  7. VAW

    The good
    – The cord design makes this easy to plug in without sticking out
    – Makes ice relatively quick
    – Automatically stops when full
    – Comes with a scoop (useful for grabbing it but also breaking it up)
    – Seems to also be compatible with bottles on top (haven’t tried that)

    The not so good
    – You almost always need to break up the ice that comes out
    – Rarely full cubes (have a bit of an ident)
    – Lots of melting
    – Lid doesn’t seem well insulated – gives you a good view of what’s happening, but probably lets the ice melt quicker
    – Difficult to remove film on the stainless steel parts

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  8. Linda K.

    Dented at manufacturing plant, boxes were not damaged. RETURNED

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