EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card, 1440p/4K HDR

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EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card, 1440p/4K HDR Price History


Current Price £116.10 July 17, 2024
Highest Price £116.10 July 3, 2024
Lowest Price £116.10 July 3, 2024
Since July 3, 2024

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£116.10 July 3, 2024

EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card, 1440p/4K HDR Description

Flawless Video Quality

At the heart of the EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card lies the incredible efficiency of its all-new EVGA XR1 decode chip. This processor is powerful enough to decode multiple streams of video, produce 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) content and deliver brisk 1440p resolution gameplay to your viewers. The card also boasts an astonishing 6-core GPU and 32GB of GDDR6 superfast RAM, giving you the potential to record at higher frame rates with buttery smooth playback. Whether you’re streaming on Twitch, or capturing your best gaming moments, you can create flawless videos with the EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card.

Low Latency & Game Capture

The EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card takes streaming to the next level. By providing fast pass-through technology, you can broadcast video with extremely low latency. This feature ensures that both your viewers and subscribers remain engaged with your content, making it perfect for Twitch streamers at all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this card will be invaluable for your streaming success. The card also features full game capture capabilities, enabling you to capture up to 4K resolution video for all platforms and game types.

Flexible Output & Easy Setup

The EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card offers a wealth of additional features. With a flexible range of output options, you can easily send recorded and captured video directly to a connected recording device or into a PC DVR. The card also features dedicated ports for low-bandwidth streaming over Ethernet and HDMI. Finally, the card offers an intuitive setup experience, meaning you can be streaming within minutes.


The EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card is an advanced piece of technology, and as such packs in many essential features. With 4K HDR pass-through support, an all-new EVGA XR1 decode chip, 32GB DDR6 of RAM, and a 6-core GPU, this card is a powerful partner for any Twitch streamer. Its advanced broadcasting technology offers low latency streaming, full game capture and flexible output options, enabling you to produce the highest level of streaming content with ease.


• All-new EVGA XR1 decode chip
• 6-core GPU
• 4K HDR Pass-through Support
• Low latency streaming
• Full game capture
• Flexible output options
• Easy setup process

EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card, 1440p/4K HDR Specification



Item model number


Item Weight

‎5.6 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎8.35 x 4.88 x 4.37 inches



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎January 11, 2022

EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card, 1440p/4K HDR Videos

EVGA XR1 Pro Capture Card, 1440p/4K HDR Reviews (10)

10 reviews

4.6 out of 5
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  1. CEO of Play Games Not Companies

    You definitely have to be careful, there are so many issues with it working with other softwares outside of OBS.
    I like OBS it’s free and sometimes more complicated to use. I’d rather use Xsplit or Mirillis Action, but neither of them works properly with this card.
    Sad I have a subscription with Xsplit for the next 3 years and this card doesn’t produce like it’s supposed to…the captures with OBS on the other hand are absolutely amazing! No issue at all…

    Note: Update the Driver Manually and other software like Mirillis Action, Bandicam, etc won’t acknowledge any signal higher than 720p.

    Also, the only other issue is it gets super hot, and no way to turn off the LED lights. But great nonetheless, I’m capturing PS4 Pro and Xbox Series X games in 4K and that makes me happy.

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  2. Henry

    As stated in the title of this review, I have found this capture card to be extremely easy to setup and use quickly with the instructions provided. Me personally, I bought this capture card to record gameplay on my PS4 and also watch normal gameplay on a TV while the recording goes through OBS studio. Going onto the setup with OBS, it was very easy to setup just by adding a scene and a source and selecting the capture card and changing the resolution a bit. Overall, this capture card was definetly worth the price and gave me results that exceeded my expectations. Also, I would provide a photo, but for some reason Amazon didn’t let that happen so just refer to the product photos.

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  3. Brittany H.

    For a budget capture card it definitely gets the job done and is great. However. (And I am unsure if it is just me or others) when you disconnect the card from your PC..it isn’t happy about it and you have to reupload the drivers for it to work again on OBS. So if you are Gunna move it around a lot. Perhaps find a different card. Or look for a solution as I am still not able to find one. But over all still recommend this as it has been working great otherwise

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  4. Javier Fernández

    No quería comprar a de el gato hd60x por el precio así que me decidí por esta ya que también te permite jugar a 120 fps mientras transmito a 60 sin problemas y aparte llegó mucho antes de lo esperado

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  5. Forrest

    Got it for Switch… works great. I’m not a frame/resolution junkie but it feels like I got what I paid for relative to other models on the market. Took a minute to figure out OBS inputs/outputs and arrange sound properly but EVGA XR1 Lite all the way for a first timer looking to drop under ~$80.

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  6. Judith

    A very simple capture card which requires only plugging in a HDMI source, and then connecting via USB to PC. Setup in OBS is relatively simple, and zero latency – perfect for streaming a game to PC so that you can play in real-time while reading chat feeds in a neighbouring window.

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  7. Rachel McKinnon

    Bought it to stream my Switch on Twitch and it was plug and play and super easy to use. Great quality at a modest price point.

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  8. Miguel Agustin Vargas Padilla

    Buen producto aún cuando algunos cables no son de muy buena calidad, y para el audio de grupo o chat no resulta muy funcional.

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  9. James

    The media could not be loaded.

     I needed a capture device for streaming meetings to remote participants from a multi-room setup with an internal RF feed. At some point, the building will be updated to use HDMI throughout, but right now the feed goes into a composite-to-HDMI scaler for the modern side of the setup, and I wanted to use this HDMI source for streaming so everything would still work the same after the eventual upgrade.

    The XR1 lite seemed to be up to the task:
    – The UVC support means it is plug-and-play on recent operating systems and should continue to be supported going forward. I used it on MacOS Monterey and Windows 10, and the video and audio inputs were automatically recognized on both systems.
    – USB3 allows for lossless 1080p capture. The picture quality doesn’t suffer from compression artifacts, and I didn’t notice any dropped frames.
    – HDMI passthrough allows it to be part of a larger setup without needing a splitter.
    – It was relatively cheap. There are of course cheaper capture devices, but there are trade-offs in video quality.

    I tested the device at home with great success. However, when used in its final location, the captured audio was completely glitchy and impossible to understand. I tried everything I could think of but came to the conclusion that the XR1 lite (firmware 09.0e.80) just can’t handle the audio stream from the converter in use (GefenTV GTV-COMPSVID-2-HDMIS v6.04). I recorded a quick video with a Nintendo Wii hooked up to the converter to demonstrate the audio issue.

    Apart from this apparent audio incompatibility, it can be hard to troubleshoot what’s happening if the plug-and-play nature of the device fails you. There is a status light that changes color / flashes, but once when I was using the passthrough, there was no capture and the light was simply off until I unplugged the output’s HDMI cable, and everything worked when I plugged the cable back in. The fix was simple, but it’s possible this wouldn’t be completely no-fuss as part of a streaming setup.

    In short, the majority of people looking at this device are probably interested in streaming from a gaming console or PC, and if that’s you, I think this is a good choice that will capture high-quality video. If you’re like me and need to handle an arbitrary content source, it’s probably fine in most situations, but be aware that you might hit an incompatibility like I did.

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  10. Rrezz

    Easy to setup and worked perfectly fine as it should. Quality is good for both audio and visuals.

    When playing through OBS preview screen there’s no noticeable delay it’s just like playing through the monitor directly.

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