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Dynamic and Efficient Ice Maker:

The Freezimer Ice Makers Countertop is a dynamic and efficient ice maker that is perfect for meeting your commercial or home ice needs. With a 33Lbs/24 hour ice rate, it is powerful enough to keep up with most applications. This ice maker has a unique design that is both stylish and modern, making it a great addition to any kitchen or outdoor bar. Its smart touch controls and LED display allow you to personalize the settings, and the one-touch cleaning function takes the hassle out of maintenance and keeps the appliance hygienic, sealed, and fresh. By providing up to 33Lbs of ice in a day, this countertop ice maker ensures that you never run out of ice for your next summer party.

Highly Durable Design:

The Freezimer Ice Makers Countertop is constructed of sturdy stainless steel that was engineered to last for years. The interior components are made of BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic, and the ice maker can support up to 33Lbs of cubed or crushed ice production per day. Its energy-efficient design ensures you won’t find a large electric bill at the end of the month, and the efficient tsunami-pump ensures that the ice maker requires minimal maintenance and upkeep over time.

Portable and Easy To Use:

The Freezimer Ice Makers Countertop is both portable and easy to use. It has a convenient side-loading door that makes accessing and storing the ice easy. The LCD display also shows a counter indicating the estimated amount of ice remaining. This ice maker can make soft and hard ice cubes, making it ideal for both cocktails and cooling drinks. With the touch panel buttons, you can regulate the production of ice and the size of the cubes, making it a very versatile appliance.

World-Class Features:

This countertop ice maker from Freezimer has a range of world-class features that makes it the perfect choice for any home or commercial kitchen. With its enhanced sensing technology, the ice maker produces ice cubes quickly and efficiently. To help maintain the quality and freshness of the ice, the ice maker comes with a self-cleaning pump. The water level sensor also makes sure your ice cubes are filled to the brim.

– Dynamic and Efficient 33Lbs/24 Hours Ice Rate
– High-Grade Stainless Steel Exterior
– Smart Touch Controls and LED Display
– BPA-free and FDA-approved Plastic Interior Components
– One-Touch Cleaning Function
– Energy Efficient Design
– Tsunami-Pump Ensures Low Maintenance
– Side-Loading Door
– LCD Display and Counter
– Soft/Hard Ice Cube Options
– Enhanced Sensing Technology
– Self-Cleaning Pump
– Water Level Sensor Ensures Full Ice Cubes

Freezimer Ice Makers Specification

Product Dimensions

27.5 Pounds, 9 x 15.3 x 16.5 inches

Date First Available

August 11, 2022



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  1. Scott Pensivy

    The ice machine we had went down and got in contact with customer service. They were fast and efficient about getting us a new machine to replace took about a week. Would recommend to get this ice machine it works great! Makes ice fairly quickly, good asset.

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  2. Bill

    I purchased this ice maker because the one in my 18cu ft fridge died. The cost of fixing or replacing it far exceeded the cost of this device. This ice maker pumps out ice every 7 minutes. It’s simple to use. You have a choice of large or small dome shaped ice. I prefer large. Not too noisy. I check my supply of ice daily and make a fresh batch as needed. If you had this running continuously, you’d have plenty of ice for a busy family. If you have a separate freezer, you could make plenty in advance of holiday parties. I’m pleased with this purchase thus far.

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  3. sherrie anderson

    It make enough ice for a family of 3 to last for a week. Easy to use and Easy to clean

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  4. ropha

    I bought this ice cube maker so I can make room in my freezer by eliminating 5trays. I’ve gotten into a routine where I set this up and check on it 1-2 hrs later. I typically empty the bin after 1hr and have a good supply after 2. I find we use more of these cubes since they’re not as dense as what the trays make. I’m looking forward to my 1st social party where I can keep this out and guests can grab what they need. For the price, it’s a good deal. If you’re looking for more dense cubes, ability to make more than 9 each cycle or more selection from LG or sm, spend more $$$ to meet your needs. If I had a bigger household (>2) this machine might meet my needs or I’d need to leave it out and working more often. Right now I make ice every 5 days. As weather warms up, it may be every 3.

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  5. chabu

    I used this on vacation in a quaint beach resort that did not have commercial ice makers on the premises. I used gallon drinking water bottles to generate about 9 lbs of ice every 3 hours. Worked non stop. No issues. Real work horse. Saved plenty of time for the beach instead of hunting down bags of ice at $10 a bag. Highly encourage the purchase of this one.

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  6. RCole

    We learned that until you use about a gallon of water does the machine get to its peak performance. Variety of size of cubes is okay but small size not worth it melt away adding water. The unit is quiet compared to other units. Time to make cubes depends on either room temperature water or chilled water by about 4 min per batch. Easy to use and counter space is not that big, about as big as as tall coffee machine. I recommend using distilled to keep unit running clean and gives clear ice. We have a nice distiller so every other batch used for ice. We clean weekly with a light vinegar rinse with clean setting. We unplug once a week for 24 hrs after cleaning to allow system to dry out and compressor to rest and build up to melt on lines.

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  7. Lisa Wester

    I like this one so far let sit up when you 1st open out of box 24hr clean I have the ice maker cleaner I love the it is self cleaning so far no residues like with the fridg brand which I thought would be good but it is not self cleaning always had to clean it due to the residues. Only issues it is a bigger tank can hold a gallon of water I only use bottled water on small or large ice 🧊 it uses the water quickly or maybe I’m just eating that much ice other than I love it oh much more quiet than the other brand to!

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  8. Rachel

    Great machine. My only complaint is when you freeze the ice, the ice sticks together. I would still reorder. When I live, we have a well. With this ice machine I can use filtered water.

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