Frigidaire EFIC103 AMZ SC Ice Maker

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Ultimate Counter Top Ice Maker for Great Entertaining

Are you looking for a unique and robust counter top ice maker for your kitchen, party room, or man-cave? The Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker offers an oversized 60-quart capacity bucket and an in-built ice crusher for all your entertaining needs. With its sleek and modern stainless steel design, this product is perfect for kitchen, man-cave or party room. You’ll never have to worry about running out of ice at your parties.

Smart Design and Easy Installation

This counter top ice maker comes with everything you need for fast and easy installation. It’s easy to use and perfect for all entertainment needs. It’s designed with a compact design for easy storage in any area of your refrigerator and freezer. With a user-friendly LED control panel, you can easily adjust the settings for ultimate convenience. Plus, the included oversized ice bucket is perfect for large gatherings and easy to transport to and from your entertainment areas.

Multiple Ice Type and Size Selection

The Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker allows you to make use of different types and sizes with one easy selection. Select between small, medium and large cubes or twisted cubes for your ice needs. Additionally, with the unique sound-dampening feature, you can make ice in peace as the machine runs silently in the background.

Environmentally Friendly

Are you conscious of energy efficiency? The Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Makercheck features an easy to monitor LED indicator that lets you know when you’re running low on ice or the machine is consuming too much energy. This helps to ensure you’re not wasting energy and staying environmentally friendly all at the same time.


  • Compact design perfect for entertaining
  • LED control panel for easy settings
  • Multiple types and sizes of ice cubes
  • Sound-dampening for silent operation
  • Oversized 60-quart capacity
  • Built-in ice crusher
  • LED energy efficiency indicator
  • Easy installation and use
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • great for parties and large gatherings

Turn your home into the ultimate entertainment center with the Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket. With a large capacity, multiple ice size and type selection, sound dampening, and easy to use LED control panel, you’ll be able to make sure your parties are never in shortage of ice. Plus, you can be conscious of energy efficiency as the machine runs.

Frigidaire EFIC103 AMZ SC Ice Maker Specification

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

14 x 12 x 15 inches, 17.9 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

October 30, 2013


Curtis International LTD

Country of Origin


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  1. PerryB

    Great looking unit, nice stainless, easy to get it going. I knew it going in that it only makes so much ice, so fast. It takes about 5 hours to make 5lbs of ice and you have to keep emptying the bin every 1.5hrs or it will stop making ice. So yes, these machines can make 24lbs of ice in 24 hrs, but you need to monitor it, empty and fill it to do that. Overall for the money you cant go wrong.

    Unfortunately there are not many machines available that can make larger amounts of ice faster or store more than 2 lbs at a time before you need to empty it.

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  2. James M. Noriega

    First one we bought……well lasted long enough to not be covered for return or refund.
    This one seems to be still going strong.
    Will update if that changes.

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  3. Chela01

    Funciona perfecto

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  4. Troy Tanzer

    Ice makers in freezers are a catastrophe, I’ve never had one work reliably. A relative got a countertop one and raved about it, so we tried it out. It was pretty good.

    It was relatively quiet. During the freezing portion, I didn’t notice any noise unless I was standing right there. When the ice was frozen and dumped into the bucket, it obviously made noise as the ice dropped onto the other ice and the water refilled, but that was like 30 seconds every 90 minutes or so.

    The capacity to make ice was pretty good. At the time, we had season tickets to the local AHL team and tailgated a lot, plus hosting a bunch of BBQs at the house. We do have a chest freezer available, so we’d make ice continuously for a day or two beforehand and bag it and put it in the chest freezer and it made plenty to put in the coolers. I’d say if anything, the listed production is a little low.

    The bin is a bit on the small side for such large capacity. I mean, it doesn’t freeze things any faster, it just makes more, so I’d get home from work, and get 3 or 4 loads in before letting it go overnight and it would be full and just refreezing the melted ice. The weekends we’d run it all day long and have plenty of ice available for the week. In that respect, the water capacity and the ice capacity were pretty well matched.

    For about a year, it was great. Our problem came with the sensor that stops making ice when the bin is full. It is just a little metal knob sticking out the side near the top of the bin, presumably attached to a thermocouple or other sensor inside. It would trigger kind of randomly, regardless of how much ice there was. It got worse over time, so that if it had any ice at all, it would trigger so that when the current batch of ice was done, it wouldn’t refill the water and start the next batch. So, rather than having to empty the bin every 6 hours or so, every 90 minutes I’d have to walk over and pinch the metal knob between my thumb and middle finger for a couple of seconds to get the next batch to go. I tried a bunch of things to alleviate it, like wrapping it with some wiring to add more bulk and make it less sensitive, or wrapping the knob with a few twists of wire and hanging the other end out of the machine into the kitchen air or eventually trying a glass of water at room temp. None of that worked.

    I eventually took it apart to see what else I could do, and just tossed it. The problem is there are almost no screws – the insulated part where the ice bin sits is molded in and not removable. Removing screws and prying apart the case, the entire interior between the case and the ice/water is filled with insulation, it looks like expanding foam.

    I still ranked if 3 stars because it was great and maybe we just got a bad sensor or maybe someone else in the house damaged it somehow (not sure how, it still seemed solid, and due to the foam there isn’t really any place it could move). If it were really meant to last a year, I’d put it at 1 star, but I could have just gotten unlucky.

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  5. terpfan1980

    Just a fair word of warning to others here – at just over a year this formerly reliable device gave up the ghost on us. Purchased Oct. 2015, dead, Nov. 2016

    Original review: The biggest issue I have with this counter top ice maker is size. It is not a small device at all. Other than that issue, and the amount of counter space that is needed for this item, I’d have to say I, and the rest of my family, really like this gadget — the third in a line of similar gadgets. The first was, if my memory serves, an Emerson branded device that was obtained from a former partner of the A to Z online store where you are reading this review. That device is one that I purchased about 6 years ago. It lasted about 2.5 years and then unfortunately just refused to work any longer. Considering how dependent my spouse and I, and the others still living in the house with us (our next generation), were on the ice that the gadget made for us (we use it up about as quickly as the ice maker makes it), we were all very sad when that device gave up the ghost.

    When that device died, it was replaced with a smaller cousin of this Igloo Counter Top Ice Maker (one of these: 

    Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker

    ). That ICE102 model (which oddly can’t be found, at least not in the silver color, by searching for the model number as that search will turn up an RCA re-brand (

    ICE102 Compact Ice Maker

    ) of the same thing. You can find a Red color Igloo version in your search if you are lucky) recently started making awful noises as it was unable to move the tray/bucket that holds the water that is used to make the ice cubes and thereby also unable to drop and shovel the cubes into the tray that the cubes eventually get shoveled into. I heard it making the noise and did my best to clean it up and try to eek more life out of it, but at the same time stopped at my desk and hit the order button to get this replacement item ordered. My cleaning and efforts at making some progress in restoring that older model to some use did get it working for just long enough for this replacement to come in and get put to use. Actually, we had a few days of overlapped use of that ICE102 before it gave up the ghost again, this time with some metal shavings or mineral shavings that seemed to be coming from the areas where the gears are on the side of the cup/bucket/tray that holds the water that is used to make the ice. Yet again, I was able to do a bit more clean-up on the device and get it to function again, but at that point my spouse and I had already deployed this replacement into service.

    I can compare this device to the other two mentioned Counter Top Ice Makers (the 

    Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker – ICE102


    Emerson Portable 26 lbs Ice Maker Refrigerator w/Ice Scoop & Electronic Controls

    ) having used all three of them by now. The quick comparison would note that the ICE102 model works, but has a much smaller catch tray for the ice that it makes. With that smaller sized catch tray that model tends to fill the catch tray quickly and then stop making ice as it considers the device full and must wait until the sensor that gets blocked when the tray is too full is clear. A quick note about that sensor by the way, with the ICE102 model the sensor is an IR type that uses line of sight between two points on either side of the tray. That sensor can get confused easily if you have the ICE102 model sitting in heavy sunlight (we had that happen in our home). The over-making of ice may be part of what killed that device for our family.

    The Emerson device that we originally used was useful enough until it died. It had a larger capacity catch tray, though by comparison, at least by my memory, it was probably still a little below what this ICE103 model can hold and produce.

    Our family’s biggest complaint/concern about this particular unit, once you get past the size of the thing, was the plastic that covered it during shipping. While it should peel away easily, it was apparently on the main case of the device before the top of the device was snapped on, therefore the plastic wrap doesn’t peel away like it should from that area. Again, that is secondary to the issue of just how big this box is. It isn’t huge, but it isn’t small either. You will need some counter space for it, but if you’ve got the space and can dedicate it to this device you can look forward to producing a lot of ice over time.

    Buyers and users will likely find that the results of the use of the cube size button on the front of this device are not what you’d expect. For the most part these units seem to have a single cube size most of the time, no matter what choice you selected. You may get a little variance in cube sizes, but don’t expect much there.

    I had previously noted, in a review of the earlier cousins of this device, that this device makes WET ICE. The ice that sits in the device will melt while it sits waiting to be used, or waiting to be transferred into a ice bucket (as an option). The ice melts and turns back into water that will again be made into ice cubes. I should also clarify and note that the ice that these devices make is typically not cubes, but instead cylindrical in nature. If you really want cubes, then look elsewhere, or get ice trays for your freezer and enjoy filling them regularly (as I do in my workplace, where I also want a lot of ice for my drinks).

    One last note here: be prepared to clean these devices regularly. Depending on the quality of the water you feed it with (and note, the area that is shown on the side of the device that almost looks like it would be where you can connect a hose to fill the device with is not for filling, rather it is for draining water from the device when necessary) you’ll need to clean it regularly. Vinegar and water will be your best option, though you’ll then need to flush it with plain water multiple times to get the vinegar smell and taste out of the ice that will be made following that cleaning. Failing to clean it regularly will leave it getting nasty quickly (or at least it will likely do that). Brownish, murk and clouds of algae will invade and you really don’t need that stuff in your ice or the water that will be used for making the ice. Using filtered water is highly recommended, as that would help keep down mineral buildup that you would otherwise experience.

    5 stars for this very valued member of my household. Ice Tea, Cola’s over Ice, and lots of Ice Water make for a happy household.

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  6. Lori B.

    My fridge ice maker quit & I had no idea these countertop machines existed. I went with this one because of the reviews. The price was affordable & I wanted one that self cleans. This little machine makes ice really fast! If you are debating which one to buy, look no further. I love it!

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  7. Jared Winn

    Really fast ice, however I do recommend you only use the large function. The small ice function, the cubes tend to fall thru the basket holes.

    Other than that, it’s very convenient and fast. Great size for a bar cart.

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  8. Randal

    I like the fact that for me and my friends, when we need to ice the most, it keeps up to us. I haven’t run out yet.

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  9. Darin R

    I like that it makes ice fast and it’s easy to use. I haven’t had it long but no problems so far.

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  10. James M. Noriega

    It arrived dented but still
    operational. Tried it and it worked great. I am reluctant to return as it is too inconvenient but if there is no compensation at least for the damage, no recourse but to return as i was not able to get full value for what I paid.

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