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Current Price £341.50 April 12, 2024
Highest Price £341.50 March 20, 2024
Lowest Price £341.50 March 20, 2024
Since March 20, 2024

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£341.50 March 20, 2024

GoPro HERO11 Black Description

GoPro HERO11 – The Ultimate Action Camera Mini

In today’s fast-paced world, capturing life’s exciting moments has become more accessible and thrilling than ever before. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking to document your adventures or a casual traveler wanting to create lasting memories, the GoPro HERO11 is here to elevate your photography and videography game. In this article, we’ll explore the incredible features of the GoPro HERO11, showcasing how this action camera mini can be your perfect companion for recording life’s extraordinary moments.

Unveiling the HERO11: What Sets It Apart

Advanced Image Stabilization

One of the standout features of the GoPro HERO11 is its advanced image stabilization technology. Gone are the days of shaky and blurry footage. With this camera, you can expect buttery-smooth videos, even in the most extreme conditions.

5K Video Resolution

The HERO11 boasts an impressive 5K video resolution, providing stunningly detailed and crisp footage. Whether you’re shooting breathtaking landscapes or high-speed action sequences, this camera captures it all with unrivaled clarity.

Waterproof and Durable

No adventure is complete without a splash or two. The GoPro HERO11 is waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) without needing an additional housing. Plus, its rugged build ensures that it can withstand the toughest conditions, making it the ideal companion for your outdoor escapades.

HyperSmooth 4.0

HyperSmooth 4.0 is the latest innovation in image stabilization technology. It ensures that your videos remain steady, even when you’re on the move. Say goodbye to the jittery footage of the past and hello to professional-quality shots.

Versatile Mounting Options

With an array of versatile mounting options, the HERO11 adapts to your needs. Whether you’re attaching it to your helmet, chest, or even your pet, you can capture unique and captivating angles effortlessly.

Capturing the Action: HERO11 in Action

Adventure-Ready Design

The compact and lightweight design of the HERO11 makes it easy to carry anywhere. Slip it into your pocket, mount it on your gear, or attach it to your body – the HERO11 is always ready to capture the action.

Intuitive Touchscreen

Navigating through settings and capturing moments is a breeze with the HERO11’s intuitive touchscreen. With just a few taps, you can change shooting modes, adjust settings, and view your content.

Live Streaming

Share your adventures in real-time with the HERO11’s live streaming feature. Connect to your social media platforms and let your friends and followers join in on the excitement.

Elevating Your Creativity

TimeWarp 4.0

Time-lapse videos have never been this easy. TimeWarp 4.0 allows you to capture mesmerizing time-lapse sequences with a single tap, adding a cinematic touch to your content.


HERO11’s SuperPhoto feature automatically enhances your photos, delivering stunning results with every click. Say goodbye to editing and hello to picture-perfect shots.


In a world where every moment counts, the GoPro HERO11 ensures that you capture life’s adventures with exceptional quality. Its advanced features, rugged design, and ease of use make it the ultimate action camera mini for enthusiasts and professionals alike. So, don’t miss out on documenting your extraordinary moments – grab the HERO11 and start creating memories that last a lifetime.


Q1: Is the GoPro HERO11 compatible with older GoPro accessories?

Yes, the HERO11 is compatible with a wide range of GoPro accessories, so you can use your existing gear without any issues.

Q2: What is the battery life of the HERO11?

The battery life varies depending on usage, but you can expect approximately 2-3 hours of continuous recording on a full charge.

Q3: Can I use the GoPro HERO11 for underwater photography?

Absolutely! The HERO11 is waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) without the need for additional housing, making it perfect for underwater photography and snorkeling.

Q4: Does the HERO11 come with editing software?

While it doesn’t come with editing software, GoPro offers a free editing app called GoPro Quik, which allows you to edit and enhance your footage easily.

Q5: Is the GoPro HERO11 suitable for professional use?

Yes, the GoPro HERO11’s advanced features and high-quality video make it suitable for professional videography and photography projects.

In conclusion, the GoPro HERO11 is a game-changer in the world of action cameras. Its advanced features, rugged design, and ease of use make it a must-have for anyone looking to capture life’s exciting moments with unmatched quality and creativity. Don’t miss the chance to take your photography and videography to the next level with the HERO11. Access it now and embark on your journey of capturing extraordinary moments.

GoPro HERO11 Black Specification

Product Dimensions

2.64 x 1.34 x 1.85 inches

Item Weight

1 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 14, 2022



Country of Origin


GoPro HERO11 Black Videos

GoPro HERO11 Black Reviews (13)

13 reviews

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Alberto

    Makes awesome videos and pictures nut overheats quite fast. And videos are huge, take up a lot of room on the memory card.
    Overall happy I bought it, useful gadgets came along.

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  2. Mark Mangham

    I have a GoPro hero, black five, but decided to upgrade to the hero 11. I was amazed at the quality of the pictures and video! I had the quick app already downloaded to my iPhone, and it had no trouble recognizing my GoPro 11 and connecting to it. I didn’t really read the instructions, but I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to change the settings and it all makes sense. Love, love, love the four shortcut icons that you can put on the main screen so you don’t have to go hunting in settings to find them! I highly recommend this Gopro!

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  3. oldpink

    I finally took the plunge after all these years by getting the Hero 11, and I’m happy to say that I’m not disappointed.
    The ability to record at high resolution is great.
    The ability to configure for frame rate, resolution, image field, and multiple other customizations is almost dizzying with how many ways to adjust it.
    I have alreay used it for one video of myself (using the head strap) successfully hunting a coyote.
    The picture quality is excellent, and it captured the entire hunt just as I had hoped.
    I have since learned that there is a preset that allows less of the “fisheye” effect when recording, so I have switched to that for most of my purposes.
    Using that setting, I am able to get about 75 minutes of uninterrupted recording time, and operating at this setting makes the video much less distorted at the (no big deal for the style of recording that I want) expense of a narrower field of view.
    Some things to know about the GoPro (or other action cameras) is that this type of camera can be susecptible to overheating, especially at max resolution and frame rate, with the camera moving (image stabilization working hard), and with poor or no air flow to cool the camera.
    I have not had any of those problems, but then I have been using mine in cooler climate and with moderate frame rate and resolution, but I wanted to inform anyone apprehensive about overheating that there are some ways to avoid that issue.
    I have researched the overheating issue, and here are some ways to avoid it:
    1) Use the camera with good air flow or in a cooler environment.
    2) If possible, run at a more moderate frame rate and resolution.
    3) If in a very hot or poorly ventilated environment, don’t run for long periods, as action cameras are mostly intended for videos of about ten minutes at a time.
    4) This one is often overlooked, but a major way to help avoid overheating is to use the recommended class (speed) of microSD card that allows the camera to record with the microSD card able to keep up with the large volume of data being written to it, with GoPro recommending a U3 card.
    It’s tough to go into all the attributes of what makes a genuine GoPro so popular, but to summarize the basics for of you who don’t already know:
    1) This is a very rugged piece of gear, with the bare camera (there are hard cases that allow considerably greater waterproof ratings) waterproof down to 33 feet.
    2) The camera can operate at various resolutions and frame rates, allowing both time lapse and slow motion video.
    3) It has replaceable batteries, so you can keep spares on hand for long recording sessions.
    4) The lens defaults to an extremely wide angle view particularly useful for capturing events with fast-moving action or for capturing movement going nearly horizon to horizon; but (as mentioned above) the angle can be adjusted more narrowly for less of the “fisheye” inherent with wide angle lenses.
    5) The camera body is ruggedized, and it has an integral folding mounting bracket to allow the camera to be attached to one of the huge number of systems that allow the camera to be worn on a hat, on the head via a strap, onto the chest, onto a tripod, to a gimbal, or to just about any other system that can be adapted to the now ubiquitous GoPro mounting system.
    Yes, this is an expensive piece of gear, but quality often comes with a bit more money spent, and I’m very satisfied with it.
    Two upgrades to this camera that I would recommend are to get a remote for it (GoPro makes one, but there are third party ones as well) and a silicon lens cover because.
    The lens covers available are held on by friction, and it’s a bit of a mystery why GoPro doesn’t include one.
    The main reason that I find the remote a worthy purchase is because it’s particularly useful when having the camera mounted where it’s difficult to activate and be certain that it’s recording, and the remote will power the camera on without having to touch it, start recording with a second press of one of the buttons on the remote, and show the battery charge level of the camera and the time of recording.

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  4. OCSteve

    This is my first GoPro and it’s a great camera for what I use it for which is primarily blogging. I shoot most everything in 4K 24 frames per second so haven’t had overheating problems. I upload my videos to my computer so I have not used the software. I use DaVinci resolve for basic stitching together of videos. I find that most of them look great right out of the camera. I haven’t really had a need to color correct but I know a lot of people do that. The only limitation for me since I do nature photography is panning with the camera you have to go real slow otherwise the focus is not going to keep up. If you shoot what’s in front of you, it’s going to look great. Of course Sunny weather for best results, but cloudy weather can be okay as well. I shoot in flat or natural color with sharpness at medium.

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  5. Marcelo

    Para generar contenido, para utilizar la camara sin preocuparte de la duración de la batería, para sostenerla, usarla con poca luz, mejorar el audio, en fin, una solución completa.

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  6. Chris Pecou

    My 14 year old asked for this for his bday and he has used it everyday since! Takes great pics and videos!

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  7. Michael L. Williams

    For the most part I am very pleased with the GoPro 11. I Like the zoom features very much, and the various settings for Maximum Quality, Extended Battery & Longest Battery. Also enjoy very much the many settings available for various screen formats, 1080p, 2.7K, 4K and 5.3K etc.
    Would have given this five stars if it were not for having “No” remote preview available while recording, which is not at all the case with my GoPro five, no problem with remote preview with the GoPro five. I do realize that probably many users do not care about the Remote Preview, but it has been one of my favorite features, which is very much one of the major reasons I’m not going to let my GoPro 5 out of my grip and let it go anywhere away from me. And I am not at all thrilled and very underwhelmed with having to convert the GL files before editing when using other than GoPro software.
    The Battery performance is just okay, nothing to be really impressed with, although the battery saving features are nice. I’m getting probably an average of 30 minutes record time on a battery and maybe an hour or so on standby, which is okay considering all the power that’s needed to run it.
    It overheated and turned off in the very warm weather, but admittedly was in the direct hot sun light, so that is acceptable, otherwise have not had overheating problems.
    Despite my reasons for only going for Four Stars, overall I’m quite impressed with the GoPro 11 and have been enjoying it very much.

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  8. Upendra

    Esta cámara es impresionante, con ella y tu imaginación puedes hacer lo que quieras, si es cierto que puede haber miles de marcas con mejores opciones pero como dice el dicho, para que cambiar lo que funciona

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    सहली साठी उपयुक्त

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  10. Joandély Bongiovani

    Tutto come descritto

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  11. Tardvark

    Get a lot of compliments on my videos from kayaking. Really enjoy the quality of the camera. Holds up well with all the conditions I put it in.

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  12. Chris Pecou

    Primeiro tenho que elogiar a entrega, pedi na terça-feira e chegou na quarta-feira !!! O produto é excelente!!!! Amei

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  13. Tardvark

    It’s affordable, easy to use and it has the best (insert your favorte adjective here) quality possible

    Best bang for your buck

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