PHILIPS Fidelio X3 Wired Headphones

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Price history for Philips Fidelio X3/00 Hi-Res Audio X3 Headband, Black
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  • £139.99 - January 3, 2024
  • £139.98 - December 21, 2023
  • £139.99 - December 20, 2023
  • £128.99 - December 17, 2023
  • £129.99 - December 3, 2023
  • £130.00 - November 30, 2023
  • £144.99 - November 26, 2023
  • £145.06 - November 19, 2023
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  • Highest Price: £159.13 - November 12, 2023
  • Lowest Price: £128.99 - December 17, 2023
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PHILIPS Fidelio X3 Wired Headphones Price History

PHILIPS Fidelio X3 Wired Headphones Description

Rich, detailed and exquisite sound

Enjoy incredible sonic comfort and detail with the PHILIPS Fidelio X3 Wired Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones. These headphones offer hour after hour of uncompromising sound quality and superior comfort. With 50mm neodymium drivers, tuned through acoustic engineering, they deliver a fully immersive sonic experience. An open-back ear cup design allows for a natural airflow so you can stay focused on your music while you work or relax. They also provide a noise-isolating fit, blocking out external distractions and letting you hear every single nuance of the music with incredible clarity.

Ergonomic design

The PHILIPS Fidelio X3 Wired Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones bring functionality to look good as well. They provide an ergonomic fit with an adjustable headband for extra comfort during long listening sessions. They’re equipped with breathable, foam-padded ear cushions, as well as adjustable earcups that let you tailor your audio experience. If you’re looking to immerse yourself deeper in your music, these headphones will help you find your perfect fit.

Multiple device compatibility

The PHILIPS Fidelio X3 Wired Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones let you experience the pleasure of superior sound quality on multiple devices. With their 3.5mm stereo plug connection, they’re compatible with most audio equipment like phones, tablets, and even amps. They also come with two-meter cable, so you can stay connected with your favorite device at all times.

A wise choice for podcasting and gaming

Aside from music, the PHILIPS Fidelio X3 Wired Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones are also ideal for other audio entertainment. For instance, podcasting fans and gamers will benefit from its crisp audio quality and noise-isolating design. With their comfortable fit and adjustable headband, these headphones won’t be a burden during long podcasts and in-game moments.

Product features:

  • 50mm neodymium drivers for an immersive sound experience.
  • Open-back ear cup design for natural airflow.
  • Ergonomic fit with adjustable headband and breathable, foam-padded ear cushions.
  • 2-meter cable for multiple device compatibility.
  • Noise-isolating design for uninterrupted sound.
  • Ideal for podcasting and gaming.

PHILIPS Fidelio X3 Wired Headphones Specification

Product Dimensions

4.72 x 9.45 x 12.6 inches

Item Weight

13.4 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 13, 2020


Philips Audio


1.0 Count

Number Of Items


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PHILIPS Fidelio X3 Wired Headphones Reviews (9)

9 reviews

4.3 out of 5
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  1. yxc

    Devices I used: Astell & Kern KANN Alpha, Mac Mini, Windows PC.

    My headamp is lent out to my friend so I didn’t test it on a desktop headamp.

    Good looking. Feels premium. Nice leather scent. Comfortable.

    The impedance is only 30 ohms but it’s actually not easy to drive due to very low sensitivity (similar to AKG’s K7** series. Don’t try it on your mobile phone lol). Sub-bass falls off too quickly, so the bass really lacks energy and feels too tight. The treble peak at around 10kHz makes it sound harsh for some tracks. Imaging is mediocre.

    For the original $529 I can only say meh… Even some old classic models like HD600 would be much better choice, if you don’t mind the appearance. or I would rather buy a Focal Elear.

    For the discounted $249 , well, the appearance, design and premium material may justify the price. But don’t buy it if you are after great, especially full-bodied energetic sound.

    It seems Philips headphones are discounted so frequently for a reason…

    Maybe with a high-power headphone amp it would sound more full-bodied, but it’s just my guess. I just need to wait until my amp comes back…

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  2. Walter Pereira

    -2 -1 0 0 0 +2 +1

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  3. Chris Klapel

    Okay okay. For the audiophiles, yes the X2HRs are better. BUT, I love the look of these so much more. Sound wise, they aren’t terribly different from X2HRs but I’d still say the former are better for a more flattened response. Soundstage is nearly identical(from my ears) and for around the same price, I don’t think you could do wrong with either option. If you want the premier sound go with the X2HR, if you want a headphone that still sounds really good and looks really good, than do with these!

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  4. CinneSere

    I wanted an over the ear studio quality headphones.
    I have couple of Yamaha’s RH5MA which are in my book outstanding as studio headphones.
    However, they are on the ear types and wanted something in the same or better audio quality but in over the ear format.
    I mostly use them for electronic type of music, electronica, chill, ambient, techno, EDM, etc.

    Heard about Fidelio X3 and how good they are and recently price has been reduced quite a bit.
    Do not get me wrong. The sound quality is very good.
    However, they are a bit lacking in resolution, especially on a high end.
    They do have the response of studio headphones, no big booming low end and no overdone highs or mids. Very good resolution throughout the range.
    For the much higher price (more than 2x), being close in audio quality but not on equal footing with RH5MA I could not justify the purchase.

    They are much more comfortable to wear than my RH5MA, are much better made, much more sturdy and will probably last much longer, my family already broke one pair of RH5MA as cables on these are permanently attached and flimsy made. However, I was looking mostly for audio quality and therefore had to return them.

    If you never heard RH5MA before, and looking for studio response type of headphones you will be very happy with these.
    Please do not buy studio monitor type headphones for general music listening if you expect booming bass. They are not designed for that.

    Besides using studio headphones to monitor music, I do enjoy using monitor headphones for listening to electronic music, as they give me a very good resolution throughout the range and allow me to hear all different nuances of various electronic tracks.

    These are also good in my opinion for listening to 80s type of new wave or synth pop music like Depeche Mode, OMD, Duran Duran, Alphaville and many other. Use studio monitor headphones to listen to these and you will hear things you never heard before in their recordings.
    My search continues. Yamaha HPH-MT5 are next on the list.

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  5. J. S.

    Got them on a super sale so bit better opinion than msrp.
    Nice wide soundstage (but you’ll hear everything around you 0 isolation) and a pretty well balanced sound.
    Build/comfort are ok, I’m not a fan of the rough cloth on the headphone, I can usually wear it for a couple hours before experiencing discomfort.
    Stock cables are meh and since they wired it weirdly on one side you can’t use normal dual 3.5mm cables but there are aftermarket cables out there that work.

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  6. Raphael Gama

    以前、Fidelio X2を所有していたが、基本性能が相当向上しているのは間違いない。特にオーディオ的にこだわればこだわるほど驚くような性能を発揮する。


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  7. Shawn

    Gostei bastante. E a qualidade do produto é excelente.

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  8. CinneSere

    I hate velour, gotta get that out of the way. Not sure why so many companies insist on velour as the material to use with pads. What I own:
    Beyer DT880s (balanced)
    Beyer/Drop 177x Go
    Senn 660S
    Meze 99 Classics
    AKG K371
    Audio technica 990z
    Audio technica 500x
    Blue Lola
    Source: Android runnin Viper 24bit/48khz through optical out to smsl m200 dac to smsl sp200 amp.
    I know, i know, why so many headphones…Soooooo I felt compelled to write this review because i bought these when the ball and chain gave me a $100 gift card and the price had dropped. I liked the X2HR but didn’t love them; wasn’t in that bass canon great soundstage camp everyone else was in. Don’t get me wrong, they are very good but the sub bass roll off is so severe, I just can’t get the sound I like out of them. Reading the reviews of the X3 was a mixed bag, mostly because everyone was comparing them to the X2; it seemed if you loved the X2 then there was no need for the X3 to exist. A quick tangent on pads; to my ears suede is the best pad on almost any headphone. It does darken the headphone a little for sure but suede also takes the shine of the top end, something headphones like the K371s and 99 classics need in my opinion as they can be very bright (same for the X3, with the stock pads). Suede also takes away some of the mid bass, turning the 99 classics in into some real closed back monsters. Also, if you own a pair of DT880s and are not using suede pads I don’t know what you are doing with your life; the sub bass roll off completely disappears (not so with X2) without hampering the soundstage. Sheepskin is good too and my 2nd fav but doesnt lower the mid bass.
    Back to the X3s. My favorite headphones before these were the DT880s and 660s. The Senns were the king of fidelity; if you wanted to hear the track exactly as intended, you wanted the 660s. Great mids and the artist is right there, great for vocals. The DT880 soundstage and imaging are superb; the stage isnt as wide as the X2 or even the 500x but you could hear everything. The presentation is as much about the instruments as it is the artist. The 177x are also superb for imaging but can get a little clampy after a while, and the bass, so much bass. I got the X3s 10 days ago…and haven’t taken them off. Quick observations:
    Best looking headphones I have ever seen, period. Great construction and just a superb, understated design. They will meld into your desk as opposed to being an ornament.
    Most comfortable headphones I have ever owned, period. My first full day with them i wore them for 11 hours. You know they’re there but after putting them on, I don’t have to make any adjustments, they just sit there. I wear glasses, btw.
    Not sure why there are so many comparisons to the X2; while not a completely different sound there is a fullness to the X3 that I don’t hear in the X2. The X3 can be driven off of anything to great affect; I also own a THX Onyx, HUD100 and ibasso DC03, all getting great volume and push right around 60% volume (sounds the best on optical, even at the lower bit depth).
    The most important thing: No bass roll off if you change the pads. The Beyers and ATs and Meze have moss bass, but none sound this good. No bleed, the drivers are in complete control on even the most bass heavy tracks (the X2s would distort pretty easily).
    660s The whole mix and incredible imaging. The mids are king here but if you want bass you can eq it in (if you change the pads) without distortion. Truly great headphones. The X3s are as resolving in my opinion but with a much, much wider stage (by design I believe the 660s is meant to be intimate). Voices are more full as well on the X3 and i would say the mids are just a good as the 660s.
    DT880 (250ohm) A lot more bass in the DT880 but the driver doesn’t seem to be as fast; bass heavy tracks mask some parts of the mix when i listening to the DT880s while I still hear it all on the X3. You see a lot of headphones claim they go down to 5hz, i don’t doubt it with the X3. The instruments are a little more lively on the DT880 but they are also closer to you; with the X3 those cymbals are waaaayyy over there (and I swear the bass is behind me), with the DT880, the cymbals are way over there. Not dissing the DT880s, those were my babies for a loooonngg time…but the reason I am writing this review is because they have been dethroned.
    Comfort, resolution, presentation, its like going from a Charger to an E Class; I loved my Charger but everything is just smoother in this E Class. I didn’t buy these before now because i couldn’t justify the price (didn’t buy my 660s) but if i could have test driven before purchase, I would have paid the $350. The X3 does everything every other headphone in my collection does, better. One word of caution: aftermarket cords will not work with these headphones unless special ordered.
    4 stars is too few, the X2HR don’t come close to these, not sure what people are hearing. I have the Dekoni choice leather and suede pads, both are more comfortable than the stock pads.
    5:stars is not enough, I have never had a better, more musical experience than with the X3s. Every genre, every type of song sound great, sound musical.
    Truly incredible headphones, buy them and don’t look back.

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  9. michael

    Desde o acabamento até o som, cristalino e claro. Apresenta sibilância em algumas frequências e o cabo apesar de bem robusto é muito grande e transmite o barulho de seu movimento para o fone.

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