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Price history
Price history for Skullcandy Crusher Evo Over-Ear Wireless Headphones - Black
Latest updates:
  • £129.99 - July 16, 2024
  • £169.99 - July 9, 2024
  • £139.99 - May 28, 2024
Since: May 28, 2024
  • Highest Price: £169.99 - July 9, 2024
  • Lowest Price: £129.99 - July 16, 2024
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Skullcandy Crusher Evo Price History


Current Price £129.99 July 16, 2024
Highest Price £169.99 July 9, 2024
Lowest Price £129.99 July 16, 2024
Since May 28, 2024

Last price changes

£129.99 July 16, 2024
£169.99 July 9, 2024
£139.99 May 28, 2024

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Description

Unparalleled Audio Power And Performance

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphones bring revolutionary audio power and performance in a sleek, stylish design with long battery life. These headphones feature dual drivers optimized to provide an unparalleled audio experience, with the bass driver on each headphone specifically tuned for a visceral and immersive experience. Skullcandy has designed these headphones with improved control and music sharing capabilities via Bluetooth for a conveniently powerful audio experience.

Superior Comfort And Luxury

These wireless Skullcandy headphones also come with superior comfort and luxury, with comfortable ear cups and an adjustable headband for a customized fit to your ears. The ear cups are generously padded for extra plush comfort, and boast superior sound isolation. Enjoy up to 40 hours of wireless audio for long-term listening and the freedom to jump in and out of conversations, movies, and TV without missing much.

Smart Touch Controls

Equipped with advanced technological features, the Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphones also feature advanced smart touch controls with intuitively physical buttons so you can quickly activate effects on the fly. Easily activate and adjust your bass response, control your calls and access music via the power switch as well as the dynamic volume buttons. With seamless integration, exceptional audio control as well as physical gesturepad control, Skullcandy has made sure these headphones come with everything you need to take your audio experience to a higher level.

Powerful Audio With Long Battery Life

Easily switch between wired or wireless modes depending on the occasion for up to 40 hours of premium sound. With wireless charging technology, the Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Headphones quickly recharge any of your selected devices. Enjoy crystal clear sound with CrystalClear technology, plus get your music in order with the MyTap app. Take advantage of the full suite of cushioned, adaptive audio driver technologies for a high-quality audio experience.

Key Features
– Dual Drivers for Unparalleled Audio Power and Performance
– 40 Hours of Battery Life for Wireless Audio Enjoyment
– Smart Touch Controls with Intuitively Physical Buttons
– Comfortable Ear Cups and Adjustable Headband
– CrystalClear Technology for Crystal Clear Sound
– Wireless Charging Technology
– MyTap App to Easily Manage Your Music

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Specification

Product Dimensions

7.91 x 7.36 x 3.54 inches

Item Weight

0.01 Ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 2, 2020






1.0 Count

Number Of Items


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Skullcandy Crusher Evo Reviews (9)

9 reviews

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Emi

    I know what you are thinking.
    You are reading the reviews right now because the price is alot for something to just buy without researching so I hope this will help you decide!

    I’ve always bought cheaper 50 dollar headphones because 100 is alot to invest in a product without testing it. However every pair had broken within a month of usage.
    I decided, I always wanted these and heard nothing but good things everywhere I looked. So finally I had finds to upgrade and I tried them out last night. I was blown away!
    The finish on the headphones is silky smooth so it feels really nice against your ears.
    The adjustable bass knob is honestly the best part because you can control whatever your mood is in for and at one point I forgot I was even wearing headphones because they were just so comfortable to wear!
    I ended up wearing them for nearly 5 hours and they were great!
    Now my only negatives which isn’t really negative at all would be I wish the actual ear part was a little wider to cover my piercings better but that isn’t a big issue at all, more of a preference thing.

    If you were like me, and not wanting to splurge but wanting headphones that will last you, I can already see these being in my life a long time.
    It’s worth it, I promise you.

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  2. Sajin Panavoor

    BASS. If you need more bass then bump the slider more. The bass is immaculate.

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  3. Sajin Panavoor

    Defenitly worth for bass lovers
    #Bass slider is convenient for maximum and minimum base adjustment
    #Other instrumental notes are also good
    #Easy to connect
    #Swivel earpeace will hold the neck without drama
    #overall plastic quality is great
    #nice quality ear foam

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  4. Kody Locke

    I’ve got the Sony ANC, the Bose ANC, I got every headphone Apple has to offer. These Skullycandy are my favorite.

    They are not the highest fidelity money can buy. They are a good time. You like hip hop, rock, RNB? You wanna feel your music? Buy these. No others give you the same experience.

    I’ll wear some ANC headphones that I paid 300 bucks at the airport when I wanna drown everyone out and still listen to high fidelity audio…… but when I wanna jam, rock out, and feel some bass, there is hands down one winner and that’s these.

    The build quality is ridiculously awesome for the price. The experience is like having a club speaker wrapped around your head. You won’t be disappointed in these.

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  5. Michael Toong

    Mi hija tiene formación musical y es muy exigente con el sonido y está encantada la calidad de los graves es increíble, espectacular!!!

    Lo que a mí respecta como un tío de 50 tacos no había oído nada igual pegado a las orejas.

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  6. Arkten Arachlassair

    First of all, a bit about me that’s relevant. Idk if I’d call myself an audiophile per say, but, my range of hearing is fine to the level of better than most musicians.

    Nothing messes with me more than when I have a cheap pair of headphones which interfere with what I’m listening to…. If their cheap and they distort the sound, or, are insane with treble so as to be piercing, I’ll notice and it’ll probably be painful to my ears. Most of the audio ranges I hear are at the – 10 range, meaning, almost perfect hearing.

    That means, even on a $20 set of headphones, I’ll probably use them because of necessity, but hate the experience because of how much they interfere with my experience since I can tell if there’s a quality issue even at a very fine degree, I’ll find it and it’ll bug me, and, given that I have headphones on most of they day and listen to things frequently, it’s important that I buy quality headphones.

    So, I’m no stranger to Skull Candy. Their audio quality is the best of all the headphones I’ve had over the decades. The issue which always has me hesitant to buy them is a matter of durability.

    Most of my less expensive Skullcandy headphones have broken very easily, which sucked when I was on the go… It was to the point which I was hesitant to buy these headphones because of similar fears and the price…

    That said, these headphones were an investment, and and investment that panned out.

    I’ve been using the Crusher Evo headphones for more than a year now, constantly, daily, most of the day and even when sleeping, so, this review is based on almost 24/7 usage for more than a year… And…

    They’re still working amazing, the battery life is still phenomenal, the advertising that states they’re able to play for hours on a charge of only a few minutes is absolutely true too. I’ve accidentally stepped on them, I’ve slept with them on most nights, and nothing has happened except that, after such heavy usage, today one of the earpads got a tear around the edge that tucks under the plastic of the headphones which… Thankfully, they sell replacements for the foam.

    The product is sturdy, has a very nice feel, solid, durable weight and plastic, the foam wraps around the ears nicely, and I can easily get a proper, snug fit every time which, I have a big-ish head and long-ish ears, so, that’s not something that’s easy for me usually.

    Not only are they extremely comfortable and scream quality from their physical aspects, but it came with a rugged carrying bag and nice aux chord, and extremely high quality long charging cable. It didn’t come with a charging brick, but has worked with all the charging bricks I’ve used on them, including my Nintendo Switch charger.

    Now, all that’s fine… Being the most durable and comfortable feeling headphones is important… But, headphones can feel amazing, but have Crap sound quality so, that’s the aspect I love the most about these… That sound quality…. One word… Amazing…

    So, everything sounds accurate, there’s no distortion and, even having been playing things at max volume for a year straight, there’s still no distortion and everything sounds just as amazing as they used to. One of the aspects I love is the bass…

    That’s another thing I need to be spot on with headphones, bass. They could be clear, have accurate sound and everything, but of there is no bass, or the bass is very weak, I physically can’t use the headphones… That’s how important bass is to me… Furthermore, accurate bass is a necessity. Idk how many pairs of headphones I ended up chucking into the bin because, yeah, they had powerful bass, but that bass wasn’t accurate, and that bass lead to the rest of the sounds being obscured/distorted/sounding like someone is talking normally right next to a sub-woofer.

    These headphones play the bass loud, accurate, and do so without compromising the quality of the rest of the audio… And… Holy gods…. I was startled to the point the headphones flew off my ears by how powerful the bass is when you adjust the slider on them to max bass boost… Why? They vibrated intensely. Not in a bad way, as in, when you have them on and the bass hits and vibrates the speakers, you won’t be bothered by it/it won’t cause an unpleasant feeling, but it is there and…. Idk… I find I like it because it’s a part of the engineering of the headphones and not an unintended result.

    That said, these are, by far, the best audi investment I’ve ever made. I have used them constantly for a full year extremely heavily, and they’re still here and working just the same. By contrast, previously, I’d have gone through 5/6 pairs of other headphones by Now, so…. If you can afford these, get them.

    They are technically a headset unit, and actually prefer to take calls with them, but, I can’t tell you if the microphone quality is the best, just that I haven’t had any complaints from anyone, so, given that even with the best microphone on prior headsets, I got complaints, I’d imagine that is also good with these headphones because, I have never gotten a complaint or someone saying “You’re breaking up. What did you say?”.

    These will be used when I get back to mixing tracks and making music when I fix my computer, that’s how good they are.

    Tl;Dr – Worth it.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Fone chegou em perfeito estado, original lacrado, entrega em 15 dias uteis, sem problemas na alfândega. O grave é exatamente o que dizem: simplesmente de outro mundo. Não se compara com nada no mercado.

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  8. OmegaOne

    Ok these headphones are just awesome, they feel very premium, I really like the weight and feel of materials and fabrics. The ear muffs are super soft and comfortable. Now for the sound, I literally didn’t know headphones could produce this much bass, It takes me back 20 years to feel like I’m in highschool again with 12’s in the trunk! Having a bass slider is really nice touch as well for different genres that arent designed to be bass heavy. Im kinda stuck on the bass in this review b/c im just blown away by what they produce, it THUMPS!! as for the rest of the sound ranges, there is a really nice tweeter but I will say the mids do get drown out a bit. Overall i like the sound profile and it fits the style of music i listen too most often. I listen to everything from reggae to rap and classic rock, country and techno. The bass slider is a huge plus when i want more acoustics.

    There is an app that gives you access to the equalizer but i havent messed with it yet, right out of the box these sounded great! Coming from Sennheisers before this I had never heard of this company prior to this purchase but i’m certainly a fan now going forward! Buy ’em!

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  9. Jess

    Sound is amazing. Battery lasts forever, like over 2 weeks of an hour a day listening. There is not a huge amount of noise cancellation but I prefer to be more aware of my surroundings so it’s perfect for me. I cant go back to using my airpods.

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