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Powerful Sound and Deep Bass

The TAGRY Bluetooth Headphones True Wireless Earbuds provides a powerful sound and deep bass from its 6mm carbon diaphragm driver, making your listening experience more enjoyable. The earbuds are perfect for clear, crisp audio, with HD stereo sound and a balanced output for a better overall sound quality. With a noise cancellation function, you don’t have to worry about background noise. Enjoy your music with uninterrupted sound quality every time.

Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life

Stay connected all day and night with up to 8 hours of battery life. The earbuds also feature a quick charge, providing an amazing 3 hours of play time from only 10 minutes of charge. For extra convenience, the earbuds come with a charging case, perfect for use on-the-go.

Ergonomic Comfort and Stability

The TAGRY Bluetooth Headphones True Wireless Earbuds offer a snug and secure fit so you can enjoy your music no matter your activities. The angled shape and ergonomic design fit snugly in your ears while the silicone tips stay put without causing discomfort, even after extended use. In addition, you can use the earbuds when running, biking, or doing other activities thanks to the tagsport ear hooks that keep the earbuds in place.

Innovative Bluetooth 5.0 Connection

The earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 for a faster and more stable connection. Enjoy a connection distance of up to 10 meters, perfect for the outdoors. The earbuds also support dual pairing upon request, allowing you to connect two devices simultaneously. With these features, you can switch between devices seamlessly.

– 6mm carbon diaphragm driver for powerful sound and deep bass
– HD stereo sound with a balanced output
– Noise cancellation function
– Up to 8 hours of battery life
– Quick charge, providing 3 hours of playtime with 10 minutes of charge
– Charging case for easy use on-the-go
– Ergonomic angle shape and silicone tips for comfort
– Tagsport ear hooks for stability and secure fit
– Innovative Bluetooth 5.0 connection for faster and more stable connections
– Dual pairing option for switching between devices seamlessly.

TAGRY X08 Specification

Product Dimensions

2.4 x 1 x 1.8 inches

Item Weight

0.88 Ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 18, 2021


Unisex Adult

Country of Origin


Charging Time

1.2 Hours


1 Count

Number Of Items


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  1. Rifaat Fawziah Islam

    If you are looking for noise-cancelling headphones, these are obviously not the ones. I have purchased two of the same, one for me and the other for my husband, and when he is in a noisy environment, I can’t seem to hear his voice, but I am able to hear everything around him clearly. That’s the downside

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  2. Michael

    I wasn’t expecting much. I am a picky earbud customer. I use a Plantronics 5200 headset for work, and Shure earbuds and Sony studio monitor headphones. I have been in the audio industry since 1978.

    My Plantronics headset was physically breaking (happens every two years like clockwork). My daughter had bought a pair of these, and recommended I try them. So, while they were on sale, I did.

    They sound great. They can be recharged over and over again right in their storage case. The life of battery in the case is outstanding! It even charges wirelessly. Wow!

    Do they work as good as my Plantronics headset? No. Will I buy a replacement Plantronics headset? Yes. Because of only a few things. These things may not be important to a casual user.

    Advantages of the Plantronics headset over these: Noise cancelling that is unparalleled. It announces who is calling. Easy call answering and hanging up. That’s it! No other advantages.

    Advantages of these earbuds: WAY more comfortable! Can place both in my ears if I want to hear music in stereo. Can be recharged easily in a matter of minutes. Sound quality of music is excellent.

    So, why am I buying a replacement expensive Plantronics headset? Because I am a traveling salesman. I need to be able to answer the calls easily with one touch. I need noice canceling for my voice (so the customer on the phone can hear me extremely clear).

    If I wasn’t needing a headset for professional use, these would be my choice! Most people these should be your choice. If I was just talking to my family or friends occasionally, these would also be MY choice.

    I think, for the money, they cannot be beat. I will continue to use these when I’m not working. They are awesome!

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  3. Fraulein

    These are great. The sound is very good. The matching with other devices is easy. I use them with my cell phone and people say the sound and voice quality is very good. they say it is like I was standing in front of them.

    My only problem is I have trouble getting the ear pieces out of the box. I find they are very slippery and hard to grab with my big butter finger. Also, the lid tend to close too easily and this is a problem as the lid have to remain open to establish communication with your device. I always have to repeat the connection operation as the lid keep on closing on me and my clumsy fingers.

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  4. Rene loza

    Todo está muy bien

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  5. Alberto

    Se desconecta constantemente de la laptop y se pierde el audio

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  6. Julius Forte

    Yes, my subject line sounds like that trash hyperbole you get on annoying pop-up ads on your Smartphone! And ironically, it usually has to do with ear buds. There are tons of them on the market, and everyone claims to be the best.

    Now, first off, I am just a customer… never got any gifts or money or anything from this company, nor was asked to “click on a review” for a discount or whatever. No… the reason for all this hallelujah chorus, is that I’m really totally both jazzed, and a bit in awe of these earbuds. I think the main mind-blowing thing about them is the price. I mean, I have a bit of experience and knowledge with this kind of technology, and frankly, these days, what “guts” that are needed to be used to create Bluetooth ear buds is not that complex… nor expensive. How company’s like Sony, Apple, Bose, etc. can charge upwards of $300 for these boarders on theft and fraud!

    I’ve tried those “Rolls Royce” buds, and I urge you to do the same, and then try these Tagry Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds that are literally 90% less expensive. Yes, they retail for about $35! They come in an excellent quality charge base, are extremely easy to put on, (and have three extra size buds to give you a custom fit), and most important, their sound quality, and I mean crisp highs, solid middles, and bone- rumbling base, are outstanding. I cannot understand what more you would want either using them for talk radio, podcasts, YouTube, streaming movies, or TV, or playing your Amazon Music or Spotify or iTunes playlists. And yes, if connected to your iPhone, you can make and receive calls, and the microphone in the buds are top quality.

    Their Bluetooth software is flawless, connecting to your iPhone, or other Bluetooth devices effortlessly. They come with a pleasant woman’s voice letting you know various messages, like which earbud is in what ear, if they are connected or turned off, your volume control (including excess volume warning), etc.
    I’ve had these for several months, and have found the charging, which has a bright LED display and shows the individual charging of each bud, along with their percentage easy to read.

    And a note on their service. I’ve heard horror stories of folks trying to reach the outrageously over-priced other earbud company’s for tech support, or refunds, exchanges, etc. Basically it’s nonexistent, and when you do miraculously find a phone number to call them, and get someone on the line, you have to go to the UN to find an interpreter of rare third-world languages to understand what they are saying, and they seem to be trained, not on anything to do with the product, but to make the call as useless and confusing as possible, so that you will just give up and throw their buds, and your money in the trash.

    Now, I did have an initial problem, after a few months, in that the base charger seemed to be slowing a bit. Tagry gives you a LIFETIME WARRANTY… yes, an actually lifetime warranty, not one of those sham “lifetime warranties”, that corrupt company’s like Hammacher Schlemmer have.

    I had enrolled with Tagry, on their website, to activate my warranty as soon as I received the buds. I called Tagry when I was seeing what could be a glitch in their charging base, and yes, unlike most other companies who hide their contact numbers as if they were nuclear codes, Tagry’s support phone number is plainly printed on their manual, and to my astonishment, I immediately was connected to a good ‘ol American customer service person, who actually worked for the company, spoke English, and made me feel as if I was a long-ago trusted friend. They truly cared, and said they were sorry, and that there was no need to troubleshoot the base, or return it, instead, they would process an order to send me a new one.

    A day later, they actually called me back to let me know that the replacement had been shipped, and that I should have it in a day or so, and if not, to please call them back right away. And yes, to apologize again for any inconvenience. The replacement arrived the very next day. And again, their warranty is indeed for a lifetime, a no questions asked replacement policy. This is how much they believe in their product, and respect their customers.

    So, yes. It is insane to pay more than $35 for quality Bluetooth earbuds. Last year, I sent about a dozen of these out to friends and employees, to use for personal use, and for all that Zooming going on… and they love them. And none of had any problems.

    I’m sure you have had a plethora of bad experiences in the past few years, what with isolation, and way too much ordering on-line, finding the products you buy to be substandard, and customer service virtually non-existent. And that is why I’ve spend all this time expounding on the greatest of my earbuds. Yes, I have a life. Really. But what a joy to be able to tell a story like this, rather than the kind of frustration most of us are experiencing every day!

    Yes, goodness and quality still exist. It’s rare… but it’s out there!

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  7. PR

    These earbuds are freaking fantastic! I bought them becuase they have such good reviews and for a change of pace, the reviews were true.

    I had been using another bluetooth earpiece for a long time, one that hooked behind my ear. While it was okay for short term calls, anything that lasted more than 15-20 minutes was painful because the ear ‘hook’ caused my ear to hurt quite a bit. I use my bluetooth ear piece to listen to music while I cycle, so the pain was a major problem. Every wireless earbuds I tried came out of my ears the minute I put on my cycling helmet, so I put up with my ‘hooked’ earpiece, just because it was better than riding without music.

    The blessing was that I had to upgrade my phone and my new phone wouldn’t pair with my old bluetooth earpiece. I bought the TAGRY True Wireless Earbuds hoping that things would get better but not really believing the reviews.

    The good news:

    1. You can wear both earbuds or just one. It isn’t safe to cycle with both earbuds in because you can’t really hear surrounding traffic. Not only was I able to listen to music with just one earbud, I was able to take a call and continue riding. The wind noise made it difficult to hear me, but I was riding into the wind at close to 15mph, so I’m not going to mark them down for that. I could hear my caller just fine, and if I slowed down, they were able to hear me well enough to answer my questions.

    2. The sound quality is fantastic, and when both earbuds are in, you really can just relax and listen to whatever without being disturbed by outside noises. They are not entirely noise cancelling, so if you don’t have the volume way up, you can still hear the captain telling you the seat belt sign has been turned on due to turbulence.

    3. They are so, so, SO comfortable. The inside of my ear doesn’t hurt, and since there is no annoying hook behind my ear, I wore my earbud for 40 minutes without any pain. I came home from my ride 20 minutes ago and I’m still listening to music as I write this review. My ear doesn’t hurt at all, which is a huge relief.

    4. They are secure in your ear! My ride this morning was plenty bumpy with the occasional jump off a curb and that earbud didn’t even move. My helmet was not holding it in or even touching the earbud, and yet it didn’t move at all. I don’t feel like I have to jam the earbud into my ear to keep it secure. I am a relatively small person, and I usually struggle to find earbuds that are not too large and changing the silicone earpiece doesn’t help as much as you would think.

    5. The price is so low for the quality that you get. I cannot believe how inexpensive these earbuds are. Buy yourself a pair, then buy a pair for your friends and for your kids. These earbuds are totally worth it. I am buying two more pairs as gifts to give to friends because are so amazing.

    6. The charging case. I carry these in my purse and the case is nice and small…and the case keeps the earbuds charged for quite a while. I put these in my purse just before taking off for a 4 day weekend last week and I still haven’t had to recharge the case even though it’s been over a week and I’ve used them every day.

    Don’t think about it…just buy the earbuds. Trust the reviews.

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    The media could not be loaded.

     Les écouteurs tiennent très bien dans les oreilles le son est très bon pour les appels téléphoniques et aussi clair pour notre interlocuteur; idem pour les appels et les conférences vidéo. J’ai aussi des galaxies buds et lorsque je parle lors d’un zoom les gens ne m’entendent presque pas, je n’ai pas ce problème avec ces écouteurs. J’écoute surtout des podcasts, YouTube, le son est aussi très bon pour cela. Je ne suis pas audiophile mais la qualité est très bien pour moi. J’ai eu un peu de difficultés pour le pairage après quelques tentatives j’ai dû les pairer un à la fois et cela n’a pas causer de délai entre les deux écouteurs. La difficulté venait peut-être de moi 🤔j’ai un samsung galaxy S20 Fe. Aussi il n’y a aucun problème à prendre seulement un écouteur à la fois. Pour ce qui est de la réduction des bruits il ne faut pas compter là-dessus… par contre pour moi ça fait bien mon affaire car j’ai besoin d’entendre quand même un peu ce qui se passe autour avec un pré-adolescent et les tâches de la maison😁. C’est pratique aussi dans la voiture lorsqu’on n’a pas les mêmes goûts musicaux chacun peut mettre un seul écouteur (pour le conducteur) pour pouvoir écouter l’autre personne dans le véhicule sans lui imposer nos goûts musicaux. Point faible : j’ai de la difficulté à répondre et surtout raccrocher à un appel. Je doit le faire sur le téléphone jusqu’à présent. Lors de l’écoute de vidéo /musique sur YouTube, les fonctions stop et pause ne fonctionne pas à tous les coups, et même plutôt rarement. Pour ce qui est de monter et baisser le son et passer aux chansons ou vidéos suivants c’est correct. Peut-être que c’est moi qui ne suis pas assez habile avec ces écouteurs et qu’avec le temps je m’y habiturai davantage . Si je récapitule cela veut dire que lorsque je tape une fois pour fermer ou de prendre un appel ça ne marche pas à tout les coup, si je tape deux fois pour changer de musique /vidéo cela fonctionne bien, si je laisse mon doigt appuyé pour baisser ou monter le son cela fonctionne bien aussi. Pour l’autonomie je suis grandement surpris: ils ont duré toute la journée. Je n’ai pas le temps exact mais je dirais au moins 7 heures. Pour la distance entre le cellulaire et les écouteurs elle est aussi acceptable je peux me déplacer partout dans la maison du rez-de-chaussée au premier étage, au sous-sol il y a quelques ratées, probablement à cause des murs de ciment. J’évalue à 15 mètres la distance possible.
    Pour moi étant donné le prix, je suis quand même très contente.
    C’est un très bon achat!

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