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Making Cooking Easier Than Ever

The Toshiba 6-in-1 Inverter Microwave Oven Air Fryer Combo makes cooking effortless, quick, and convenient. This 1500W oven brings together the quick reheating of a traditional microwave and the temperature versatility of an air fryer with an expanded number of cooking options and menu programs. Primed to exceed expectations, this multifunctional appliance is ideal for both weekday dinners and weekend gatherings, with precise temperature control and an easy-to-use control stainless steel panel. Whether you’re grilling meat or baking cupcakes, this oven has you covered.

Advanced Technology for Maximum Convenience

Toshiba has invested in advanced technology to make your life easier. Featuring a unique 6-in-1 system, this oven employs auto-defrosting technology, Inverter cooking, preset functions, Quick Defrost, pre-programmed menus, and a bright LED display. The 6-in-1 system ensures that you get maximum convenience and excellent cooking results every time. With its unique Smart Sensor technology, this oven can detect changing temperatures and then adjust cooking times and power levels to provide the best cooking results.

Flexible Temperature Settings for All Dishes

The Toshiba 6-in-1 Inverter Microwave Oven Air Fryer Combo is ideal for a wide range of dishes. With its stainless steel interior and exterior, this 6-in-1 oven delivers reliable performance and consistent temperature control. You can choose from up to 150 temperature settings that span from 75°F to 425°F. With 16 pre-programmed menu options, it’s easy to find the right setting for any dish. Whether you’re making french fries or baking a cake, this oven will provide the perfect conditions for a delicious meal.

Safety, Hygiene, and Durability

The Toshiba 6-in-1 Inverter Microwave Oven Air Fryer Combo is designed for safety and durability. Its air-fry pan boasts a non-stick Ceramic coating that helps prevent food sticking and resists scratching. Interior walls are treated with an anti-bacterial coating, and the air filter can be easily removed for quick cleaning. All safety components have been rigorously tested, and the oven automatically shuts off if it overheats.


– 1500W power
– 6-in-1 oven design
– Unique Smart Sensor heating
– 16 pre-programmed menu options
– Adjustable temperature range between 75-425°F
– Anti-scratching, non-stick Ceramic coated air-fry pan
– Stainless steel interior and exterior
– Anti-bacterial interior walls
– Easy control stainless steel control panel
– Bright LED display for easy use
– Automatic shutoff for overheating
– Removable air filter for easy clean-up

Toshiba 6 in 1 Inverter Countertop Microwave Specification

Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

‎33.7 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎17.6 x 19.47 x 11.47 inches

Item model number


Energy Use

‎1800 Watts


‎0.9 Cubic Feet

Installation Type


Part Number


Special Features

‎Inverter Microwave Technology, Combi-Modes, Eco Mode, Sound On/Off, Convection, Air Fry





Material Type

‎Stainless Steel

Included Components

‎Low Grill Rack*1, Turn Table*1, Bake Tray*1, ‎TOSHIBA Microwave ML2-EC09SAIT(SS) *1, Original Cookbook*1, High Grill Rack*1

Batteries Required


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  1. cricket

    I bought this solely based on it’s demensions and the built in space in our coach/RV and let me say, I love this sooo much better then our old microwave. It does so much more and I was able to get rid of our huge Ninja (28 pound) air fryer that I loved, but didn’t not like the footprint space it required, or the weight. Being in an RV full-time, space is everything so this is a huge win to get rid of an appliance but having the same features built in. Now, for my favorite part: the defrost mode. It does it perfectly and no cooking on the edges.

    I see some reviews say this unit is difficult to use…? really, I’m not too intuitive and old school on a lot of things but this was pretty easy right out of the box. What I wasn’t sure about, I used the cheat sheet it included, and that was a breeze. The cookbook I expected a once over and throw it out because 90% of my inspiration is found on Pinterest. Nope, this cookbook is great. It’s a keeper!

    Now, here’s my ONE BIG complaint….the price. This is the 2022 version. It’s smaller then the 2023 model but costs $100 more (what/ Why?). I would gladly would have gotten the newer version but it all came down to filling the space already custom made in our RV so the 2023 would not fit in the space by over 4 inches. So, I really didn’t have a choice but to give them an extra $100 for a better looking fit. But if I lived in a traditional home counter space would still be important and 4 inches less is important. At least to me.

    Very happen with this multi cooker and worth even $100 more then I think it should have cost by losing a bulky appliance on my very tiny counter tops. I did buy the 4 year add on protection. I normally would not do that but we go in very remote areas on VERY rough roads and this thing could get a lot of jostling. I can’t speak now for the extra warranty but if we ever end up using it I will post how that went.

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  2. Amazon Customer


    This talks about all the functions. Please read before purchasing!

    Air Fryer:
    The air fryer temp is NOT adjustable and you can NOT set the time for it either. Nor does the manual or QSG list the time on those presets. You have to push one to see how long it is.

    You can adjust time and power level. It does have “preset” options but you either need an awesome memory or keep the manual handy. Once again it does not tell you how long each preset setting is for, you have to add the weight of the food as well to use this feature, then it will show the time it will run for.

    6 preset options are available that are not adjustable.
    1 preset (def 7) allowed you to change the time.

    *It is not listed anywhere that shows the defrost temp so I will (once again assume/guess) they are all the same.

    Broil: Temp not adjustable (ovens usually have a high/low choice for comparison). You can set your own timer. Def let it preheat a bit.

    Combination Setting; You can choose the time, not temp. The default temp on convect setting alone is 350, so I assume it is the same here? I was unable to get an answer for this.
    Setting 1 Microwave and convection run simultaneously
    Setting 2 Microwave and broil work simultaneously

    *This is the hardest learning curve as there are no helpful suggestions for this. Good luck guessing. If you figure this out (ie: not ruining every meal) PLEASE leave a review on how to use this setting well!

    Speedy cooking: Pushing the button adds 30 seconds.

    Convect without preheat: Just what is sounds like. Turn it on, pick a temp and time insert food.
    Convect with preheat: Turn on, add temp, then press start TWICE. It beeps then you add food and set time.

    Auto Menu: 11 options (these are not adjustable, just a preset option)

    A1-A5 Microwave runs at 100% – Must select food weight also
    A6 Microwave runs at 130%
    A7-9 Convect (it picks temp 400, 325, and 375 respectively)
    A-10 100% micro plus 400 convect
    A-11 Micro Popcorn setting

    The numbers A1-A11 represent food items. If this sounds confusing, it is. Until you memorize it (no thanks) you will need to ref the manual. Not listed on the QSG provided. (please see pic)

    Clock setting and lock function: Easy to use and set

    Eco function: This is to turn off the display light only. Basically, if it has a light on and the unit is empty/not in use the lights turn off. Not sure how much this saves you but it’s an option. It turns the display light back on as soon as you open the door.


    There is a huge learning curve. I found the preset settings pretty useless because I was not getting out the manual every time I wanted to use one or memorize it. If I was going to keep this device I would make my own list and keep it close by.
    I would absolutely use it in all options as nonstop as you can, to begin with as there is a 30-day return on it.

    Please Note * The instructions are not very clear. If you hated reading the first portion of my review, this is not the product for you.

    Pros (IMO):

    Noise: It IS very quiet!! I’m sensitive to noise and have chronic migraines and it didn’t bother me at all. I was very surprised! It made about half the noise my current microwave did, in all settings.

    Safety: Lock function is wonderful if you have children or an impatient spouse.

    It didn’t get that hot on the outside. It does need a bit more room around it than suggested.
    The specs are: 1″ away from the back wall, 3″ above it, and both sides 3″ away from everything. I’d factor that in when deciding how much space it will use. Product dimensions are: ‎19.5 x 17.6 x 11.5 inches
    * I did not get the stainless steel one

    Air fryer presets. Not being able to adjust the temp was a huge drawback for me. I got this one for the air fryer option. This is the primary reason I chose to return it.
    You must clean it every time you use it. Using the air fryer and then switching to the microwave is a great way to imbed the oil/food particles on it. It was twice as hard to clean off so I just stopped to clean it every time.
    Smell: Whatever you cook lingers a lot. I found keeping the door open for about 10 minutes helped. Nothing like the desert cake smelling like the chicken before it.

    The other reason I am returning it is due to its complicated usage and complete lack of comprehensive directions. By the way, the recipe book has recipes for the convection oven ONLY, l guess their cooks couldn’t figure out how to get good results from the other functions either, lol! I consider myself pretty intelligent but this is one product that was difficult and I found myself using the manual on every function every time (except the microwave). I’m sure I’d have it memorized in time but I didn’t like the design of it all. The outside is very sleek and attractive.

    Your enjoyment of this combo unit is going to depend on what kind of cook you are just like any kitchen appliance. I loved a lot of functions so I will be watching out for the next release and hope they consider feedback to improve it.

    There’s my two cents, hope some of it was useful.

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