Buying a Samsung 55-Inch Smart TV? Here is All You Need to Know!

Do you want to acquire a new TV with the finest features and viewing experience? The Samsung 55-inch smart TV is everything you need. Samsung is one of the most inventive firms in the television industry, and its technical innovations and breathtaking displays have always astonished customers. This post will review the most significant factors to consider when selecting the finest Samsung 55-inch smart TV for your needs and desires.

What Is Smart TV?

A smart TV can perform vital and more advanced functions such as connecting to the internet, streaming services, etc. Smart TVs employ modern operating systems such as Android, Tizen, and online OS to provide features such as built-in applications, online surfing, screen mirroring, and more.

Smart TVs, on the other hand, typically cost more than ordinary TVs due to their additional functionality. Furthermore, they provide greater freedom and convenience of use regarding material accessibility. We may access streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and others on a smart TV.

Another advantage of smart TVs is that they may be utilized in various ways. They may be used as a standard TV, a video player, a gaming machine, a computer monitor, etc.

What’s The Difference Between A 50-inch And A 55-inch TV?

You’re in the market for a new television, and you know that because your living room is tiny, you’ll need a TV that’s approximately the proper size. You research and determine that a 50- or 55-inch TV would look lovely in your living room.

However, the distinction between these two standard TV sizes is challenging. The 55-inch model is slightly larger than the 50-inch model, but what distinguishes it? You won’t believe it, but 50- and 55-inch TVs differ in various ways, impacting how they appear, perform, and cost.


The difference in size between 50-inch and 55-inch televisions is not only five inches. The table below compares the horizontal and vertical sizes and the overall surface area of these two TV kinds.

According to these measurements, 55-inch TVs are 4.36 inches wider and 2.45 inches higher than 50-inch TVs. This additional width and height provide a massive 224.3 square inches of viewing space, which may significantly impact your TV’s appearance.

Most consumers consider 55-inch TVs 21% larger than 50-inch TVs, even if their official screen measurements may lead them to believe the difference is just five inches.

As you might assume, more huge displays will make watching more intense and thrilling since they will take up more of your field of view.

Distance For Viewing

Even if larger TV displays are more entertaining, consider how far away you should sit to prevent straining your neck or getting a headache from viewing a TV that is too large for your home.

Even though 50-inch and 55-inch TVs are pretty different in size, the viewing distances should be relatively comparable.

A 50-inch TV should be seen from a distance of seven feet, while a 55-inch TV should be watched from a distance of 7.7 feet. The distance between your couch and the TV stand or mount is approximately seven to eight feet. In this instance, both 50- and 55-inch TVs will suffice.

Because the viewing distance between these two sizes is only 0.7 feet, there’s no excuse not to upgrade to a 55-inch entertainment system!

Apps And Features

The features and applications on a TV will vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and model. However, changing the size of the units will have little, if any, influence on these consequences.

When searching for a TV, carefully examine the specifications to determine if there are any significant differences between them, such as Android, Google, or Roku TV, whether they have voice commands, how they can be customized, and so on.

Furthermore, both televisions sizes should have the same amount of HDMI connectors, audio and video technologies, Ethernet ports, and other ports. There’s no reason not to buy one because the 55-inch and 60-inch TVs offer the same excellent applications and functionality!

Pick – Bixby

Voice-Activated Devices

You may use a voice assistant like Bixby to manage the Samsung Smart TV. Say the words in the way that seems most comfortable to you. As you acquire answers and finish chores, your life gets more accessible and convenient.

Why Should I Buy A Samsung 55-inch Smart TV?

It’s excellent and relatively simple to use. It also offers a wide range of services and supplies. The Samsung Smart TV is prepared to serve you.

All your favourite things in one place: Apps and the Smart Hub In terms of entertainment, Samsung’s Smart Hub offers it all. The Smart Hub displays a wide range of content, from set-top boxes and VOD to popular OTT applications like Netflix, YouTube, and Disney+, allowing you to watch more and search less.

The Home Office Is Ready

Set up Your Phone

If you have a 55-inch Samsung smart TV, you can leave your PC at home because Workspace can wirelessly connect to it. This means that you can work from home and not miss a beat. You may now work on documents or complete group activities from a distance with Microsoft 365 Workspace. It’s simple to convert your house into an office or a classroom with a Samsung Smart TV.

For everything you need, just one Remote

One Game Controller

To connect and utilize your Samsung Smart TV, launch the SmartThings app on your phone or tap the TV with your phone. Once connected, mirroring your phone’s content on the large screen is simple. You may also view what’s on your phone and TV simultaneously, so you don’t miss anything.

Only one Remote One Game Controller is required for everything.

We’re watching a movie on cable one minute and a TV show the next. It’s as simple as pressing a button on the One Remote. The One Remote is all you need to convert from a game system to a set-top box or even an app like Netflix.

Using The Apple TV App and AirPlay To Bring More Things Together

AirPlay and the Apple TV app

You can use the Apple TV app on Samsung Smart TVs to view or rent hundreds of films, award-winning Apple Original series, and films from Apple TV+. If you own an Apple device, the Samsung Smart TV will operate well with it. While enjoying movies or music on the large screen, you may exchange photos or music with family or friends.

Why Should I Buy A Samsung TV?

Samsung 55-inch 4k Smart TV

Advantages of Samsung 55-inch 4k Smart TV

A Samsung 55-inch smart TV provides several advantages for modern entertainment enthusiasts. The immersive watching experience, which brings every scene to life on the massive screen with excellent picture quality, is a highlight. It creates a movie-like ambience in your house.

Samsung’s 55-inch smart TVs include cutting-edge technologies to enhance your entertainment experience. You can stream online video, surf the internet, and utilize various apps thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet. With voice control, you may navigate channels and search for content with a single command.

What’s New With Samsung TVs In 2023?

After nearly a decade away, Samsung returned to the OLED market last year. The business has expanded its OLED product range for 2023. The two quantum dot OLED alternatives are now the S90C and S95C. Both have new 77-inch screen sizes in addition to the 55-inch and 65-inch versions launched last year.

Other sites sell Samsung’s standard range of panel technologies. Its entry-level 4K TVs have basic LCD LED panels, and costs rise as you move up to QLED, 4K Neo QLED, and 8K Neo QLED models.

TV And Smart TV: What’s The Difference?

TV and Smart TV: What's the Difference?

Tips For Samsung 55-inch Smart TV Maintenance

After selecting and purchasing a Samsung 55-inch smart TV 4k, it is essential to properly set it up and maintain it to work well and last a long time.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing the TV and, if necessary, seek expert assistance to ensure the TV is securely installed. Adjust the image and sound settings to your preference to get the most out of your TV.

Maintaining your Samsung 55-inch 4k smart TV is critical to keeping it in good working order and lasting long. Here are some simple upkeep suggestions:

How to Clean the Screen:

To clean the screen, use a soft, lint-free cloth. Rough chemicals and materials should not be used on the display since they might cause harm. A microfiber cloth eliminates dust and smudges without leaving a trace.

Ideal Ventilation:

Make sure there is ample breathing space around your television. If you don’t want the TV to become too hot, don’t set it in a confined location or against a wall where ventilation can be restricted.

Software changes:

Check for Samsung software updates regularly. These upgrades offer new features, improvements, and crucial security patches.

Protection Against Power Surges:

Purchase a surge protector to protect your television from power surges or spikes. Putting this in the TV can help safeguard the sensitive inside components.

Screen Burn-In Prevention:

To avoid screen burn-in, avoid displaying static pictures or logos for extended periods. Burn-in is less likely to occur on current televisions because of technologies such as pixel shifting and screen savers.

Care for Your Remote Control:

Clean your remote and replace the batteries regularly. If the Remote is giving you problems, you should try to fix it with the TV or purchase a new one.

Do not use Harmful Chemicals:

Avoid window cleaners containing alcohol and ammonia, which might harm your expensive flat-screen TV. Choose a “screen cleaner” that does not include alcohol, ammonia, or acetone if you must use one (see below). Avoid using aggressive cleaning products that might scratch the screen.

If you follow these maintenance instructions, your Samsung 55-inch smart TV will continue to provide excellent viewing for many years.

samsung smart tv


Best Models Of Samsung 55-inch Smart TV

The following table summarizes the key characteristics of the Samsung 55-inch Smart TV models:

Feateatures comparison chart

A Comprehensive Smart TV Buying Guide



The first step in purchasing a Smart TV is to establish a budget. As previously said, Smart TVs are available at various price points. A Smart TV may be purchased for as little as Rs 10,000 and as much as Rs 3 lakhs. Once you’ve determined your budget for the Smart TV, you can focus on the other features and compare them to the pricing.

Screen Dimensions

Screen size is crucial to Smart TVs. We liked watching CRT movies and TV. TVs with elegant designs and huge displays appeared after the companies ceased making them.

TVs like this made us appreciate more extensive displays. The experience is better on more giant TVs. Mega shows are great for PlayStation movies and games. Some loathe large displays. The space may not fit a giant Smart TV.

Smaller ones are better in that case. If a large crowd will watch, select a larger one. Determine the screen size after understanding the goal. The market has several Smart TVs from 24 to 65 inches and more significant. Consider your budget while choosing a screen size.

I’ll outline it, though. A 32-inch Smart TV is suitable for 3 to 5 feet, a 40-inch for 4 to 6 feet, a 49-inch for 5 to 6 feet, a 55-inch for 6 to 8 feet, and a 65-inch or more considerable for any distance above that. As said, assess space. Consider these tips before buying a Smart TV.

Display Mode

The Smart TV screen is perhaps its most important feature. Many Smart TVs currently have LCD, LEC, OLED, or QLED displays. After LED and OLED panels were introduced, LCD TVs lost popularity. LCD technology began when CRT panels collapsed. LCD has grown dull since LED, OLED, and QLED technologies.

LED displays are the most popular. Same Liquid crystal display. It uses light-emitting diode (LED) lighting to brighten the screen and make the Smart TV smaller. LED Smart TVs are most popular since they consume less electricity.

Quantum dots, a semiconductor, are used in QLED to create colourful lights. These displays outperform LED screens by boosting TV brightness and colour saturation. Compared to LED screens, QLED visuals are more colourful. QLED is more expensive.

In addition to QLED, several Smart TVs use OLED, which is pricey. OLEDs emit light when electricity passes through them. You need more money for OLED Smart TVs. Your money will be well spent if you don’t look further. On a budget, LED screens work. OLED and QLED are options for higher-budget displays.

Resolution of Display

Resolution determines Smart TV clarity. Typically, pixels are used. More pixels mean more transparency. Smart TVs are available in 720p, Full-HD, WUXGA, 2K, UHD, 4K, and 8K resolutions. TVs, even HD ones, are beautiful. Experience immersion. Higher-resolution screens may offer fantastic viewing.

The Onix 32-inch LED TV, Mi LED TV 4C PRO 32-inch HD Ready Android TV and others are HD Smart TV options. If you want a Full HD Smart TV, consider the Mi TV 4A Pro 43 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV or the TCL 40G300. The TCL 49-inch Android LED TV and TCL 43-inch Android Ultra HD Smart LED TV are amazing 2K Smart TVs.

Others may offer crystal-clear 4K and 8K Smart TVs. It will be pretty expensive. Sony Bravia 43-inch Ultra HD LED TV KD-43X8000G and LG 43-inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV are options for 4K Smart TVs with a significant budget. Just a few resolution models are presented above. However, brands provide different variants. Visit the myG website for several Smart TVs from other brands at the best price.


HDR films display more excellent colour. The extensive colour palette and dynamic range of HDR on a Smart TV may result in brighter and sharper pictures. HDR video also has better contrast. Two HDR formats exist: 10+ and Dolby Vision. The former has 10 bits of colour depth, while the latter has 12, making it superior. LG, TCL, and Sony support Dolby Vision. Since the two forms are identical, you may use either. Your photographs will be enhanced regardless of format.

Rate of Refresh

The refresh rate, measured in Hertz (Hz), regulates how often a picture is updated in one second. The average refresh rate is 60Hz; the more, the smoother the watching experience. When the refresh rate of 60Hz becomes too fast, the makers increased the refresh rate to 120Hz. If you are a gamer, 60Hz will be enough, but your gaming experience will be more immersive and uninterrupted if you upgrade.


HDMI ports are on most consoles, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes. Visual clarity is reduced while connecting to component ports. Choose a Smart TV with at least two HDMI ports. There may be Smart TVs with additional HDMI ports. Connect your smartphone, Chromecast, Pendrive, and other devices via USB. Having extra ports will benefit you in the long term.

Internet connectivity separates Samsung 55-inch smart TV 4k from other TVs. Their offerings include Netflix, Android applications, and more. In any event, consider the above while buying a Smart TV.

Understand the specs, evaluate the pricing, and pick your favourite. MyG’s online store has several genuine Smart TVs. They have a trusted online store for their high-quality Smart TVs from leading manufacturers. Receive your Smart TV the same day from myG.


A Samsung 55-inch smart TV increases enjoyment all around. These televisions provide superb image quality, new capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces for various tastes. To acquire real-world usage data, prioritize comparing model features, performance, and pricing while considering customer input and expert viewpoints. Samsung 55-inch smart TV 4k buyers should carefully follow setup and maintenance recommendations for best performance and endurance. The innovative Samsung 55-inch smart TV simplifies moviegoing. You may watch movies and TV and play games in your living room.


Can gaming consoles be connected to Samsung 55-inch smart TVs?

Yes, HDMI connections are available on Samsung 55-inch smart TVs, connecting them to game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

2: Can I link my 55-inch Samsung smart TV to my home network to use streaming services? • Yes! The Samsung 55-inch smart TV has Wi-Fi and is Ethernet-enabled, making it simple to access streaming services and online content.

Can Samsung 55-inch smart TVs be wall-mounted?

Many Samsung 55-inch smart TVs are designed to be wall-mounted. However, follow the manufacturer’s directions and use the appropriate brackets when installing.

Can I use my voice to operate my Samsung 55-inch smart TV?

Yes, Samsung smart TVs offer voice control options that allow you to move around and adjust settings with your voice.

If my Samsung 55-inch 4k Smart TV breaks, will it be repaired?

Yes, Samsung provides a manufacturer’s smart TV guarantee covering manufacturing defects.



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