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Bose SoundLink Around II Price History


Current Price £139.99 July 17, 2024
Highest Price £139.99 May 13, 2024
Lowest Price £139.99 May 13, 2024
Since May 13, 2024

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£139.99 May 13, 2024

Bose SoundLink Around II Description

Enhanced Stereo Sound Experience

Experience the world of live music and entertainment with the Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II. These headphones pack high-efficiency Bluetooth audio with a light and comfortable design that delivers optimum audio performance. Crafted to perfection, these headphones come equipped with dual-microphone system for clearer calls and better sound. With up to 15 hours of playtime, you can enjoy extended audio sessions and take calls with ease and comfort. Move freely on your music journey with up to 30 feet of wireless range – your audio gets controlled at the touch of a button.

Unsurpassed Comfort

The Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II are designed with the user’s comfort in mind – weighing just 130g, the headphones are comfortable to wear for uninterrupted long periods. The around-ear design ensures a secure fit that keeps your audio crisp and clear for longer. Featured with soft ear cushions guaranteed to offer users hours of comfort, the Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II are sure to give you an unsurpassed listening experience.

Simple Connectivity

Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, your audio journey never stops. Connecting your SoundLink headphones to your device is all the easier with the Bose Connect app. The app will give you additional control over your audio settings – customize your audio experience for a stunning listening experience. You can also pair up to two different devices and easily switch between them. With easy control and simple tap-access to settings, these headphones are perfect for extended listening sessions.


The Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II come with an array of optional accessories. The standard package includes a durable carrying case that makes for a quick and easy carrying option. The headphones also come with an in-line remote and microphone for calls and audio for off-device entertainment. With optional accessories, you can customize and tailor-fit your audio experience.


• Bluetooth audio with up to 15 hours of playtime
• Dual-microphone system for clearer calls
• Light and comfortable design with a secure around-ear fit
• Use the Bose Connect app for easy access to audio settings
• Optional accessories for customizable listening experience
• PC & Mobile compatible
• 30 feet of wireless range
• In-line remote and microphone for calls
• Durable carrying case included

Bose SoundLink Around II Specification

Product Dimensions

1.5 x 6 x 7.5 inches

Item Weight

0.43 Pounds


Bose Corporation

Item model number



Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 10, 2015

Charging Time

3 Hour


1.0 Count

Number Of Items


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Bose SoundLink Around II Reviews (13)

13 reviews

3.9 out of 5
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  1. Ian

    Great for running in because they are light and they are slightly noise canceling but not really noise canceling cuz I like to hear but surround me as I run. The battery life lasts a long time. I like that I can control the advancements of songs as well as I run. Got my son a pair who’s an avid runner and he loves him as well

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  2. Matthew Mehrtens

    EDIT: After owning these headphones for just a few days over a year, read my updated review beneath the original!

    After reading reviews and seeing nothing but outstanding remarks for these headphones, I decided to drop the cash and give it a shot. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I’m definitely an audiophile; I produced EDM music for quite a while which trained me to care about proper balance in songs. These headphones have AMAZING balance! Most expensive headphones that I’ve tried on just have a crazy boosted bass and it gives me a headache. Not to mention, it just doesn’t sound good haha! Anyway, these headphones have super crisp highs, good mids, and crunchy bass. They really are perfect.

    As for comfort, I could easily wear these things all day. Sometimes I forget I’m even wearing these headphones… They look pretty stylish and they aren’t too big. The carrying case is pretty lowkey and it works fine, no problems there. Headphones charge fast and the battery lasts me about a week with daily usage.

    I enjoy the little voice that sounds whenever you switch devices or turn on the headphones. It’s not obnoxious in the slightest. Bluetooth is always a little finicky but these headphones connect almost flawlessly. They automatically reconnect to your last device and that makes things go A LOT faster! Switching devices is pretty simple too.

    Using the included aux cord doesn’t effect sound quality at all. Good for conserving battery life is you don’t particularly need the wireless feature at the time of listening!

    Overall, I’m more than satisfied with my purchase. It was well worth the money and I would recommend these headphones to anyone AND everyone! If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    As mentioned above, I’ve owned these headphones for a little over a year now and I’m still impressed. Even after 1 entire year of extensive use (multiple road trips, a whole school year in the backpack, recording, listening, calling) these still work flawlessly and I’ve had ZERO major problems whatsoever. Long story short, I’m still sticking with the 5 star review. Below is a little more detail:

    Physical: No physical damage at all. I try to take care of my stuff, but accidents happen and these headphones have not sustained any scratches, dents, or cracked despite my heavy usage. The foam-ish headband piece still holds its shape. The earphones are still fluffy and squishy (no tears or deformities). At some point in my 1 year of ownership, the little piece of fabric that has the “L” on it (inside the left ear cup; it covers the electronics and such) started slipping out, but I was able to finagle it back in and there’s been no problem since. I use the case basically whenever I transport these headphones and that’s probably the main reason they’ve maintained physical integrity. Highly recommend using that case. It’s small, sleek, and effective.

    Sound: I haven’t owned any other headphones since these so I can’t compare the sound of other headphones to these, however, I’m about to purchase a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro which is known for it’s studio quality, neutral sound. I’ll compare the sound when I purchase them. I have noticed problems occasionally when connected to multiple devices. If the headphones are connected to my iPhone and my MacBook I sometimes have a little lag when watching YouTube. But as mentioned by another reviewer, turning on and off the headphones solves this. I don’t get too many phone calls, but the several calls I’ve had while wearing these headphones were crystal clear and easy to understand (on both ends, I asked). I’ve had several VERY minor issues with the Bluetooth connectivity overall, but Bose regularly puts out firmware updates for their hardware and they’ve solved many of these issues. I’d say check about once a month for updates on their update site:

    The only negative: since these are over-the-ear headphones, they have some natural sound cancelling properties, but after I tried out some Bose Active Noise Cancelling Headphones at Target, I can’t even BEGIN to explain how amazing the active noise cancelling was. With the Bose SoundLink headphones, the natural noise cancelling is good. It blocks out a majority of background noise and outsiders cannot hear my music at all (unless it’s turned up very high… don’t do that!). But with the active noise cancelling headphones, it’s almost magical. You put those headphones on and it’s just dead silent. These headphones are perfect as they are, but if you can afford it, go for a pair of Bose headphones with active noise cancelling. Just my suggestion.

    Tip: If you use these headphones for mixing (which I’ll update the sound comparison part of this review when I get my new DT770 Pro’s), make sure to use the custom aux cable provided. This ensures there’s no Bluetooth interference and you get the clearest sound quality. These aren’t studio headphones, but if you want headphones to use in combination with studio monitors (as a reference listening device) or if you need a good pair of monitor headphones that can double as comfort/listening headphones, these work great.

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  3. wesley


    I bought these a year and eleven months ago. The sound is still great. But the padding is deteriorating on the top pad and on the ear pads. I baby these EXPENSIVE Headphones and they literally never leave my desk in an air-conditioned office. It’s now at the point where it will show up on camera in daily video meetings.

    There are settings issues with Windows you’ll need to search about. e.g. Windows Settings > Sound > Manage Sound Devices > Output Devices
    You must choose between:
    Headphones Bose AE2 SoundLink Stereo
    Headset Bose AE2 SoundLink Hands-Free AG Audio

    Choose the wrong one and things don’t work.

    For the best sound and a reliable connection I use the cable because wireless is much lower quality and even reliability (connection). So, I don’t know If there’s such a thing as a wireless headset which has great sound and connectivity — that the average person can afford to buy.

    That brings us to the proprietary sound cable. One end has the common 1/8″ PC stereo male end and the other end has a smaller, proprietary Bose male end. You can only use this cable. That’s why I stopped buying Sony products a long time ago–proprietary connections are wrong, wrong, wrong.


    I tried other over-the-ear headsets and even with my normal, medium-small ears they just pressed the ears and didn’t fit over them. This Bose headset comfortably fits over my ears and there’s room inside.

    They’re very lightweight and happily UNDER stated, both physically not huge and design-wise not “LOOK AT ME,” like every headset seems to be today.

    The sound is good for bluetooth–much better when plugged in with the TINY, LITTLE, EXTREMELY SHORT audio cable. Note: The audio cable is short. Also, the short audio cable has a normal speaker + mike sized fitting where you plug it into your computer, but the other end that plugs into the headset is TINY. It’s a mini version and not easy to find this with a LONGER (read: more useful) cable.

    The connections are easy once you learn the ins and outs. I have this paired with my PC, Chromebook, Samsung phone, and Lenovo work laptop. It pairs easily and connects easily–so long as only two devices have Bluetooth on at the same time. If I have all four devices’ Bluetooth active it doesn’t always connect. But with just two devices it works great.

    I LOVE how it plainly tells you things in simple, clear sentences without any code-speak, or beeps instead of language. When you turn them on it tells you the battery level and which devices are connected.

    I like video games and this is great with the cord–junk with Bluetooth only. There are workarounds to use bluetooth with games (that I found online), and they work but the sound is horrible low-quality. If you like games these are great so long as you plug in the tiny, short, not long, little audio cable.

    I’ve run into about three different types of connection issues with PC and online solutions are available. They worked. Don’t dispair if you run into these issues.

    These headphones are very light and comfortable, especially compared to some others I’ve used.

    The battery seems to last a long time. I was disappointed that these only claim 15 hour’s time compared to some that are more than double that. But I charge this over-night, and use it all day, then sometimes listen to music while cooking and watch movie with them and they go and go.

    I’d buy these again, or for a gift.

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  4. Andre S

    Bought these for myself for a Christmas present from my wife. Really looking forward to them too! The build quality was really good and they are amazingly comfy to wear with many adjustments. There was a faint constant noise interference in the right earpiece so I returned them. I would have ordered a replacement pair but after researching the issue I found it to be quite popular with the headset with some people seeing the issue on day 1 and other people noticing it later down the line which has completed put me off and I expect better from a company like Bose so I thought I would leave this review to share the awareness of the problem.

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  5. jata34

    I love the sound quality of these headphones. They block out a lot of outside noise. The bass is pretty good. My only real complaint isn’t even a fault of the headphones themselves. It’s that they get too hot around my ears. I am a semi-pro poker player. I bought these to wear at the table while I play. More often than not I have to remove them because my ears will sweat too much. But thats just part of having over-the-ear headphones. If the room temp is even slightly warm your ears will be very toasty while wearing these.

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  6. Mr. Migraine

    I’ve had these for about six months, I dig ’em. They sound better, feel more durable, and wear more comfortably than other wireless cans I’ve had. That said, I find these become somewhat uncomfortable after a few hours of listening, not as comfortable as my corded Bose, but less pinching than say, a Beyer Dynamic 770

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  7. BlahBlah O’Riley

    Sounds are amazing. Excellent quality of sound.

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  8. Mr. Migraine

    These are great headphones I got on sale for a GREAT PRICE! I had another pair that lasted about 4 years until the fabric on the headphones started to fall off

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  9. Barani Elangovan

    Excelente. produto. envolve perfeitamente e com conforto as orelhas.
    entrega dentro do prazo

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  10. Randy

    So I’ve had these for five months and they are truly awesome. The most important thing – the sound quality – is just wonderful. Rich, textured, great balance across all the ranges. Luxurious sound, so much so, they make my ears happy. Next up, how they feel on your head. THEY FEEL AMAZING!!!!! Super light, you could wear these all day with no discomfort. And they are well made, super robust. And yet light. And while these are not noise isolating, they do an unbelievable job of blocking out background noise on the train. A commuter’s dream! I have bought a lot of headphones during my 50 years on this planet. These are a revelation. Hallelujah. They rock. Genuinely.

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  11. K Tut


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  12. Matthew Mehrtens

    Very good sound quality on my end and folks tell me that the sound quality is also good on their end. I like to use them during work meetings from home. Gives me flexibility to be productive at home while being productive at work (make bed, sweep floor, do laundry, etc.) Certainly more bulky than ear buds, but I think the sound quality on the other end is better. Also, ear buds can sometimes fall out.

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  13. oka

    It’s hard to write a negative review of these headphones. Initially I could find nothing to fault – sound quality was fantastic, they were comfortable (though with glasses they could get a bit irritating after a while), battery life and connectivity were great. However, over time I noticed that the build quality wasn’t as robust as I would have expected – the headband is quite flimsy, and the sockets where the cups pivot seemed like they would break relatively easily. Even so, I was still pretty happy, and continued using them day-to-day. That was until the ear pad came out, after only nine months of use..

    This is the second Bose product that I’ve bought (the first was a Bose sound link mini speaker) that has broken after only a reasonable amount of usage. For a supposedly top-end company, they’ve really let themselves down in recent years with build quality.

    While I can recommend them as great sounding and comfortable headphones, I’m really, really disappointed with the build quality. Avoid these headphones and go for something more robust. I’ll be complaining to Bose, because for 189.99 (when I bought them), I do not expect my headphones to break after only a reasonable amount of use. Very annoying.

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