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A Comfortable Way to Sleep with Adaptive Technology

The LC-dolida Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones Sleep Mask is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Available in two colors – charcoal black and navy blue – this innovative and stylish sleep mask offers a unique way to experience restful sleep. The mask is made from a breathable, lightweight cotton material, providing an extra layer of comfort. The adjustable elastic Velcro band ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while the ergonomic design prevents any pressure on the eyes and forehead. This mask features built-in Bluetooth headphones that allow users to listen to their favorite music, or any audio, while they rest. The mask also comes with an independent line control, allowing for further customization.

Advanced Adaptive Technology for Improved Sleep

The LC-dolida Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones Sleep Mask utilizes advanced adaptive technology to allow users to achieve optimal restfulness throughout the night. The earphones on the mask feature built-in sensors that detect sleep data and adjust sound and light levels accordingly. This patented sleep monitoring technology automatically adjusts audio duration and volume so users can get the sleep they need. The adaptive audio technology slowly relaxes the user so the transition to sleep is smooth and natural. The mask also comes with sound isolation to reduce outside noise for a better night’s sleep.

A Stylish Design and Accessory

The LC-dolida Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones Sleep Mask is not only functional, but also fashionable. The sleek stylish design looks great with both modern and traditional sleeping attire. It is the perfect accessory for travel, as it is small enough to fit in a purse or pocket. The eye mask is comfortable as well as lightweight and durable, making it a practical and stylish addition to any bedroom or travel bag.

Multi-Purpose Use

The LC-dolida Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones Sleep Mask has multiple additional uses that make it a great sleep accessory. Not only can it be used for sleep, but it can also be used for relaxation purposes. A fitted elastic band ensures a secure fit, and a built-in independent line control allows further customization. The headphones can also be disconnected, making it ideal for use with any audio device.

• Comfortable sleep mask made of lightweight breathable material
• Adjustable elastic Velcro band for secure and comfortable fit
• Innovative ergonomic design prevents pressure on eyes and forehead
• Built-in Bluetooth headphones
• Independent line control
• Advanced Adaptive Technology for improved sleep
• Sound isolation to reduce outside noise
• Sleek, stylish design
• Perfect for travel
• Ideal for use with any audio device

LC dolida Sleep Mask Specification

Product Dimensions

9.7 x 6.8 x 0.7 inches

Item Weight

6 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

June 18, 2019



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12 reviews

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Rene

    The sound quality is very good, I listen to music and audio books. Sometimes the speakers move around inside the mask so it requires some finagling to get them in just the right spot. They are even comfortable while sleeping on my side. They do a really good job blocking light and the padding to prevent it from pressing directly on my eyes is also comfortable. The only thing that bothers me is that the strap on back of my head will slide down toward my neck, causing the whole thing to shift. Not sure how to improve that and it’s not a game changer, just annoying sometimes. That said, this mask allows me to listen to something without disturbing my partner.

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  2. Eileen Yarish

    This eye mask functioned perfectly. Charged fine, paired easily with my phone, and the sound quality was good enough to fall asleep with white noise or whatever. BUT, I have a tiny little kid size head, and the location of the earbuds inside the mask landed behind my ears. I was sad because they were soft and completely blacked out the light. I am a day sleeper because of shift work, and that part was great. I’m passing them to a friend with a normal size head. They work great, but they just didn’t fit, and there’s no way to adjust the position of the speaker inside the mask. That’s why I knocked off a star.

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  3. Davi Sousa Gomes e Silva











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  4. Jolie Mahan

    No começo você pode achar que machuca a orelha caso você goste de dormir de lado, mas basta ajustar a posição dos “speakers” que logo melhora. As funções funcionam normalmente, só não é abatedor de ruído.

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  5. Myrtle P

    These have done a great job blocking out any outside light when my eyes are especially sensitive due to Migraine. I haven’t slept with them on for more than a couple of hours before removing them because I tend to feel claustrophobic with any part of my face covered more than a short while. I have a large head and was happy with the length the straps were able to expand to. I have not connected to music (yet) but these are still worth it for me.

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  6. Lucia

    overall i like this product, it’s more comfortable to me than continuing to use earplugs with a plain sleeping mask. things i like are that if it’s fully charged it’ll last the whole night, even a long sleep, but if it isn’t charged you will hear a voice telling you that the battery is low. i did come to realize this because the cord that came with it either didn’t work or stopped working very quickly after i received the item so if you’re having charging problems try another cord! i may try another design of sleep mask to have two on hand to make washing more convenient. plus the mask itself is more bulky that i’m used to and while it’s comfortable enough to sleep i sometimes wake up with skin creases that i wouldn’t have normally. i have had a little bit of redness and irritation around my eyes because i sleep on my side and the memory foam parts don’t sit perfectly comfortably around them in that position but i apply some moisturizing cream and then a vaseline layer on top of the places i expect it to rub and that works well enough, it just means i’ll have to wash them more often than i would another sleep mask. so far it’s worth the 4 stars but another design might work better for me

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  7. Eileen Yarish

    Okay so upon original impression I thought this did not fit my head. BUT the speakers are easily moveable inside the band and can be adjusted to sit anywhere you’d like. So this does indeed fit I would say most head types. Really cool product and the sound quality is good. I wish it got a little bit louder though as I am planning on wearing this to help me sleep at a music festival. I think it will still do a great job though. Super comfy and light weight as well!

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  8. Li

    The eye mask is made of very soft and comfortable material but the earphones were too uncomfortable for side sleeping. I’d imagine this would be perfect for traveling though.

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  9. RVA

    These headphones are great. Connects really fast to Bluetooth and I’m surprised it can connect to two devices at the same time. I connected it to my phone and my computer which I used to play sleeping music, then I heard a phone call come through my headphones. I was surprised. So that’s cool.

    But if you’re in a warm environment, prepare to get sweaty 😰.
    In a cooler environment they are spot on. It just so happens I’m in a warm place and l have to put the fan on when sleeping. The sound is great once you use your fingers to make sure the speakers inside align with your ears. I can still hear my environment even with them on (like the fan) unless I sleep on my side with one ear against the speaker and the other in the open. So there’s not much noise canceling unless you reduce your environment noise.

    If you don’t strap it tight enough around your head though, don’t be surprised if it comes off while you’re sleeping.


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  10. Yap


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  11. Li

    Comprei de presente para a minha mãe e ela amou. A Máscara é super confortável, escurece mesmo e a caixinha de som pode ser movida para melhor posição na orelha.

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  12. Tiffany

    From what I could tell, the sound quality was ok. But there were a couple things that caused me to return it. 1. If it was charging, even if powered off, it would keep audible saying ‘charging’ every few seconds. Don’t hear it well unless you hold it up to your ears, but you can hear something even if you’re just in the room. It could have been operator error, but I couldn’t figure it out. 2. Secondly, and the biggest reason I sent it back, if I want to uncover my eyes but still listen to the headphones, it wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t fit right. I wish it was more flexible so I could sometimes have my eyes uncovered and still listen to the headphones. That is personal preference, so nothing wrong with the actual quality of it in this point, but it was a deal breaker for me.

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