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Premium Sound Quality That Lasts

Marshall Headphones Monitor Black takes music listening to a whole new level with its crisp, very clear treble and bass sound. A perfect blend of precision engineering and modern design, these headphones are engineered to deliver studio-quality sound with superb noise isolation so you can hear all the details. The headphones feature a unique low-profile design that provides maximum comfort for extended wear. Experience deep, rich bass without distortion and crystal clear treble thanks to the soft earcups and superior acoustic insulation. The headphones also feature a foldable hinge, tangle-resistant fabric cable and a carry case for convenient storage and portability. With Marshall Headphones Monitor Black, you’ll get great sound quality that will last.

Stylish Design to Match Your Style

Marshall Headphones Monitor Black not only delivers impeccable sound, but also a sleek design that will go with any fashion sense. With a classic black finish, these headphones feature a chrome embossed logo and vintage-inspired headband. Every detail has been carefully crafted to give a timeless look and sophisticated style. Whether you’re in the office, the gym, traveling, or out for the night, these headphones will always be the perfect finishing touch to your look. Plus, the lightweight design makes them comfortable even when you’re rocking out.

Easy Listenability

These Marshall Headphones Monitor Black were designed with convenience in mind. The easily-adjustable headband and collapsible design makes it easy to take these headphones with you on the go. The soft earcups gently fit your ears, allowing you to fully enjoy undistorted, natural sound without discomfort. The headphones also come with a tangle-resistant fabric cable that allows you to easily take them any place you go. Enjoy your music longer with Marshall Headphones Monitor Black that offer 30 hours of wireless playback when fully charged.

Product Features:

• Unique low-profile design that provides maximum comfort
• Crisp and clear treble and bass sound
• Studio-quality sound with superb noise isolation
• Foldable hinge for easy storage and portability
• Tangle-resistant fabric cable
• Soft earcups for extra comfort
• Classic black finish and chrome emobssed logo
• 30 hours of wireless playback
• Carry case included

Marshall M ACCS 00152 Specification

Item Weight

0.6 Pounds

Product Dimensions

20.9 x 14.2 x 8.2 inches

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

May 4, 2013

Color Name


Connector Type

3.5mm Jack

Hardware Interface

3.5mm Audio

Battery type


Color Screen



1.0 Count

Number Of Items


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  1. electricitywoman

    Too long, don’t really want to read:
    Sturdy, durable, and reliable. Boxed presentation is awesome: slick and classy as heck. The plastic finish is of very high quality, the metal bits are smooth, the leather is well cut and stitched. A joy to hold and wear. If you expect better sound, then you’ll need to move up into a higher-end category. Make sure you are satisfied with the specifications. I was happy with this set’s capacities and the durability factor definitely put it above the other plastic-y sets being offered up to 200-250 GBP.

    Overall impressions:
    Blocks out just enough noise: you won’t be distracted by people talking or other general noise, but you’ll know if you’re about to get run over. Sound is crisp, balanced, and smooth: you’ll be hearing bits and effects you never knew were part of your favourites. Doesn’t strain your hearing if you know how to exercise some self-restraint. This isn’t a bass-dominant set – if you’re looking for a badly balanced Beats style thing, you’re looking at the wrong pair. If you know a thing or two about balanced levels, you’ll be as snug as a bug in an aural rug unless you’re used to top-end absolute professional sets.

    Cord is a comfortable length and seems to be resilient. Easy to replace if you needed to because of the removable feature. Easy to clean and maintain, microphone is unobtrusive (even though I was very prepared to be irritated by it). Set folds up neatly into a canvas pouch for safe keeping in your bag.

    Can’t find anything to complain about, though to do watch out if you have large ears/protruding ears: the snug-fitting cushions press down and would be rather uncomfortable if your ears don’t fit in.

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  2. s. gastelle

    Sound better than the 165 dollar ones

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  3. Júlio Damian

    Equipamento com excelente qualidade sonora. Funciona bem com fio ou Bluetooth, com bom volume e sem distorções na qualidade do aúdio. O Design do mesmo é sensacional, seguindo as linhas dos amplificadores da Marshall, ideal para quem gosta de tocar guitarra ou para qualquer pessoa que goste de apreciar uma boa música.

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  4. Jameseboy

    Having spent weeks looking to replace my 10 year old headphones and looked at thousands of reviews I narrowed my choice down to 3 models and went onto the Amazon site to see which was closest to my £200 budget.
    As I scrolled down I was completely taken aback to find headphones by Marshall. At the tender age of 66 and having been a guitarist for 50 years I’ve lost count of the Marshall amps and speakers I’ve played through and all their gear is top quality, but never heard of them manufacturing headphones. I looked at all the reviews I could find here and in the States and decided to give them a go. Then I saw that they were being reduced from £220 to £86. They arrived the day before they were due, put on my music.Blew my socks off !!!
    They feel strong, they sound great. A bit too much bass for my old ears but by removing the filters behind each pad, they are now perfect.
    I’ve bought a 3m lead so that they plug into my tv. I hear things I’ve never heard before. BUY THEM.

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  5. TheMan

    Here is the deal with these headphones. They are the best u can get for the $100-400 price range. At this price u have to be a fool not to buy them. They sound better than the Bose, better than the Beats and better than almost any headphone u compare it too. The sound is different. Marshall sounds like you went to a small club with about 50 people and heard a live band with a excellent sound system. When listening to music you hear every instrument so much clearer than ever before. The best way to describe it is the music sounds real not computerized. Beats u get great bass but very little treble. Bose u get the complete opposite. Bose need to realize people like bass in their music as well. But the Marshall has this rumble bass that’s great. And you can still hear the treble. The build quality is totally there. The design and look is incredible. The best part is no one is really rocking them b/c their trying to be kool with the beats. But Marshall blows them all away. And with them being around for so long their not going to just put out junk to make money. I really do wonder if dr dre uses his own headphones since they are made for the masses.
    But Marshall headphones have one big flaw. They are very comfortable. The ear ups are to small. I have them And really like them and I’m incredibly happy that they sound better than earphones double to triple their price. But I can’t listen to them more than 30 mins b/c the ear cups are to small. I spend so much time trying to adjust the ear to a comfortable position. But when the cups are too small no amount of adjusting will help. So now I’m forced to give them to my wife. And purchase another brand until Marshall realizes their mistake. Why make earphones so small? Just a little bigger and they would be perfect. And no I do not have big ears. If u have small ears then go for these. You will save a ton of money and have some of the best earphones on the market.

    I have just recently returned from Best Buy. After having my earphones for a couple days I wanted to compare them again to Bose and Beats. I was shocked at just how much better Marshall was. Marshall is years ahead of them both. Music with the Marshall sound very authentic and real. Its the difference between eating home cooking or a chain restaurant. I also realized that although the ear cups are small my left ear sticks out farther than my right which caused discomfort with the earphones. I had the same slight discomfort in the same ear when wearing Beats. So you just have buy them and try it out. As a side note I just noticed the other day that although these headphones are not noise canceling with a person talking right next right to me with the headphones on I can’t hear a thing their saying. The cupping nature of the headphones must have something to do with this. And no I am not blasting the music it’s just that the headphones really block out extra sound. Also don’t listen to those reviewers saying the build quality is suspect because it’s great! I constantly throw them in my backpack with not case and they just keep ticking.

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  6. Dima R.

    As a header says – sound quality is mediocre for the amount of money paid.
    Other than this, the build quality is good. I using it every day riding the subway on a crowded trains, carrying it in a backpack without the pouch, and if feels good. It feels that headphones won’t break too soon

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  7. matt

    OMG!! Firstly postage, packaging and delivery were all spot on (boring bit done). Now the exciting bit.The Headphones. On first glance they look unreal, really high end product and can tell a lot of thought has gone into these. A mix of black leather, gold and the iconic Marshall signature on either head set really does look ridiculously amazing. Not as big as i thought which is a major relief, they really look superb and really will show up all the other brands when on my morning commute to London. The cable is discreet and does not get in the way plus the guitar looking lead completes the awesome attire. I play guitar and love Marshall amps and the minute I saw these i ditched all the other brands without hesitation and bought them without reviewing them, yeah i know crazy, well as of now is my middle name. In my opinion Marshall amps are the best full stop. If they are going to make a premium set of over ear headphones with the same quality experience, knowledge and reputation they have had over the last however many years creating the sound of some of rock and rolls most famous musicians…well famous, i knew they would be amazing…and trust me they are. The sound is punchy and brings so much depth to the music i once thought was ok with my in ear headphones, they do have some sort of insert in the phones themselves which i took out and preferred as it sounded more softer than i usually like but whip them back in and can really soften the sound a bit which gives a good variety to these already quality headphones. Most headphones are loud and distort, these simply go to 11 and still sound perfect. The bass is not overwhelming at all and the highs and mids sound both equal to the true sound the artists would have wanted you to hear. Overall they are simply an incredible pair of cans and litereally cannot wait to listen to my music when i wake up and go to bed. Please don’t be put off by the fact they are what most people assume to be listened by purely rock fans, I listen to rap, r n b, classical, dubstep, drum and bass, dance etc etc and they just suit everything i throw at them. One of my friends works in a recording studio, saw these, put them on and that day ordered them. He was blown away not just by the look but also the sound and was that impressed. My ‘friend’ (thumbs up) listens to music all day through headphones and now uses these. So glad i did not opt to buy the usual commercial products that every tom, dick and harry have and now can ‘rock’ up in these on my train and show people….”yeah i care about my music, that’s why i bought these”. ( followed by a standing ovation)

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  8. Ashley rajkoomar

    Received the headphones today and tested. The sound quality was absolutely horrible with and without filter. Returned them back.

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  9. Pen Name

    These are Marshall’s, right? They’re pretty expensive… they look cool… they sound just OK. But, these are a very snug fit – as I wear glasses – causing my ears to hurt after a while, along with the annoying brass badging inside the inner head band.
    On the plus side, you can daisy-chain these… and the online mic is cool, too.

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  10. R. E. Smith

    After evaluating lots of headphones in the $150-$250 range I realized ‘value’ is very subjective and depends highly on what kind of music you listen to and what kinds of environments you listen to it in.

    A lot of what I read made it pretty clear that, in the sub-$400 range at least, noise cancellation is not worth shooting for. I also read a lot of opinions that certain “popular” brands though pricey don’t always deliver on quality. I’m looking at you Beats/Bose. Also, since the latter is a competitor of my company I couldn’t see supporting them with such a valuable purchase.

    The other thing that makes this hard is that there isn’t really anywhere you can go to compare several brands from the same source to listen for quality. The Apple store has a couple brands including several Beats options but the only ones that impressed me were much more expensive. Even at Best Buy, which is where I discovered these Marshall’s they have several different listening stations with varying degrees of functionality so it’s difficult to do an apples to apples comparison.

    I needed something that would do a good job of isolating external noise as my workplace is dynamic and I don’t always ‘listen out loud’. Also, I fly somewhat often and wanted something that would do a decent job killing airplane noise. I didn’t even know Marshall made headphones but when I saw their display I was excited because they have a long and respected history in the audio business. Also, their display was well done as I could try a few items in their line with several songs I really love such as Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.

    The feel of these is very solid even though they fold up. The foldable design is great for traveling and even my commute where these live in my backpack. The dual jacks on either side are awesome and the fact you can daisy chain another set of headphones from these make it great for companion travel. What a great idea! The ear cups are comfortable yet secure, and though for the first few hours of use they seemed a little snug now that I’m adjusted they’re just right. The sound is excellent whether I’m listening to FLAC audio or streaming music on the go. I could say a lot more but it’s sufficient to say I’m extremely happy with the audio quality, I can tell a big difference over the other Marshall models and definitely over other brands at this price range.

    I ended up buying on Amazon as the price was markedly less than in-store. Packaging was sweet and I felt proud to wear these and even display the cool box on my desk at a company where we make audio gear.

    Bottom line: It’s the big thing – Audio quality – and the little things such as the dual jacks, portability, in-line mic/play-pause button, optional inserts for tweaking the sound, and even the carrying case that sold me on these above all the others I checked out.

    My only gripe is that the mic/play-pause button does not let you adjust the volume as you might expect. I knew this before buying but it would be a wise addition to future models and these have just about everything else going for them. That’s the only reason I rated these 4 starts rather than 5.

    I definitely recommend these if you care more about quality and subtle design than you do having an eye-catcher on your ears.

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