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Current Price £59.99 June 14, 2024
Highest Price £59.99 May 17, 2024
Lowest Price £59.99 May 17, 2024
Since May 17, 2024

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£59.99 May 17, 2024

Amazon Echo Show 8 Smart Display Description

High-Performance Smart Display

The Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) HD Smart Display is not your ordinary home device. This smart display is equipped with stereo speakers and Alexa, offering high-performance power and audio quality. With Alexa, users can ask a variety of questions and get answers on the screen, access a library of Audible audiobooks, control compatible devices in the house, check the weather and traffic, and listen to the latest news with a built-in display. With easy-to-use voice commands, this device helps simplify tasks and enhance user experiences. Plus, the 8-inch HD display provides clear visuals, making it the perfect device to access your music, photos, and much more.

Built-In Camera

The Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) HD Smart Display is also equipped with a built-in camera, for users to take pictures, take further advantage of Amazon’s Alexa service with video calls, drop-ins, and more, and even take advantage of its enhanced security features. This device allows users to easily manage who has access to their home, while also providing unique parental and pet-owner features like Alexa Guard and Amazon Photos. With privacy shutter enhancements, users can be sure their privacy is never vulnerable with the Echo Show 8.

Compact Design

The Echo Show 8 is built with a modern and compact design aesthetic, providing not just performance power, but also excellent convenience. The modern design blends effortlessly within any home, and perfectly complements the digital home experience. Plus, its waterproof frame allows for use in the bathroom, kitchen, and other high-moisture areas, making for easy setup and even easier use.

Features Summary

• Video calling and messaging with family and friends.
• Stereo sound with two 2-inch neodymium drivers
• Compatible with Alexa, for voice control and access to Alexa skills
• 8-Inch HD display with up to 1280×800 resolution
• Intelligent audio enhancement and noise cancellation
• Built-in camera with an adjustable angle
• Control for compatible smart home devices
• Answer questions, check the weather, control settings, and more
• 360° Audio with stereo sound
• Durable and waterproof design with a soft-touch frame
• Easily setup parental controls and Alexa Guard features
• Connect to Amazon Photos for peace of mind
• Complete streaming and music library integration
• Access to over 1 million movies, shows, and more from Amazon Video
• A variety of streaming capabilities, including Prime Music, Amazon Music, and much more.

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  1. isauro ortega

    Para colocar el echo show, y con ello tener movilidad evitando su deslizamiento y por otra parte una mejor imagen del equipo

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  2. F4Flyer

    I’ve been using these for a couple years now and as time goes by we find ourselves using them more and more. Now we have one in just about every room of the house.

    Let me first address the biggest concern that many people have about such things. PRIVACY: I seems everybody is freaking out these days about other people and devices spying on them. Simple: If concerned about that, then flip off the mic switch unless you want to use it for something or slide the physical switch to cover the camera. I’ve taken apart mine to see how these things are disabled and satisfied they work as designed. As a former electronics and software engineer, I am too curious about things that potentially could spy on me.

    On to the features and what we use it for. There are many. I ask it for weather reports, stock market reports, and lots of general questions. The wife watches TV and wonders about things like how old is that actor. I ask Alexa. Sometimes we use it to video chat with relatives that have one. Even with a relative in another country it works nicely with no hiccups. The wife likes it to get the status on delivery of her Amazon packages. It gives good reminders when something is due to arrive or informs her when they have arrived.

    We have configured ours through the settings to occasionally show things we are interested in knowing and turn off the things we don’t care about.

    When we ask it questions, it has no issue understanding our questions. The display is high quality and easy to read. Frankly we like it better than the Google devices we had and the results are more accurate with Alexa. We gave away our Google devices.

    We use apps that let the device turn on or off lights when we ask it, or something as simple as setting a timer for something cooking or waking us up in the morning. I’m sure I’m missing to mention other features I forget.

    Summary…. don’t know what we would do without them. We are sold on the Echo Show.

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  3. Cliente de Amazon

    Por el precio no vale la pena adquirirlo, no hay diferencia entre tener o no la base.

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    Se une con imán, le queda muy bien. Creo tiene más de un año que la compre y me parece excelente

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  5. Elizabeth M Ewing

    Hard to set up. Inconsistent performance.
    The Doorbell is difficult to program. I have had to use Google to find out how to make adjustments. Ultimately, the Ring support staff were helpful and they transferred me to Amazon Echo support. Otherwise, it was impossible to contact a live person at Amazon. It was difficult for me to determine if a feature is in the Ring or Echo APP.
    One reason I bought the unit was to have the picture appear on my Eco Show when someone rings the Doorbell. I found that this feature is not available in Canada. And when the view is called for, the pause for the live view to appear is long enough for the person to leave the porch.
    I have the unit programmed to record people only. During a rain storm, and a blizzard a few days later, the unit did not record some people activity that I saw, and did record “non” people activity.EG: It did record a pickup truck passing my house.
    A person put something in my mailbox, which is beside my porch, and the Doorbell only recorded them at the mailbox – not arriving or departing. The Doorbell is programmed to record for 90 seconds.
    I live on a cul de sac of 6 homes. It is a dead end. I often see recordings of people leaving (with a dog, say) and not returning, or returning from a walk, but not leaving. Of course, I don’t know if they are using their back yards.
    The Doorbell seldom records both the arrival and departure of people across the road when they arrive and depart by car, to visit the house there. It might record one of the two activities.
    I believe that I DO get recordings of everyone who gets on my porch.
    Video calls are often not connected, or dropped, and of poor quality.

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  6. J. Niemi

    This thing can be just a tiny bit quirky at times, but in a way that’s cute. It changes your life, though. I bought a bunch of these so I’d have one in every room of the house. The ability to pay these over time is what really pushed me over the edge to get them (and get multiple). Amazon, please keep those payment plans happening; brilliant!

    The original motivation to get these was because I take care of my mom who is handicapped and has trouble getting around. This thing for that purpose alone has changed her life (and mine). She can say from any room (even if she falls) “Alexa, announce…” and then it will send an announcement throughout the house so she can get my attention and help, even if it’s just to get a glass of water, a protein shake, a meal or just wants me to spend some time with her.

    But this is way more than that. You can ask it to play your favorite music on Spotify. It can pull up your playlists instantly. You can link the devices together into various groups. So for example, I have a group I named “Central Stereo Group” that includes all my Echo Shows and Echo Dots throughout the house, with the exception of my mom’s bathroom and bedroom. So then I can say, “Alexa, play XYZ playlist on the Central Stereo Group” and it will instantly play my music in every room except hers. And it’s perfectly sync’d so there’s no “echo” issues. It’s like having a bunch of wireless speakers connected to the same stereo.

    Recipes. Man, I tell ya. If I’m in the kitchen making something and am not sure what spices to use, or what techniques to try, I can just ask Alexa and instantly it walks me through recipes and shows them on the screen.

    YouTube. If I wanna watch a recipe or literally anything on YouTube, I can just say, “Alexa, show a recipe for lasagna on YouTube” and it instantly pulls up YouTube so I can select which video I wanna watch, from the touchscreen.

    Sometimes, I just like YouTube videos on in various rooms for ambiance. So like I’ll say, “Alexa, show a fireplace on YouTube” and instantly I can select a video with the touch screen, make it full screen, and suddenly my Echo Show is like a little fireplace. There are no words for how comforting this is for me, and especially for my mom who gets lonely and this makes her feel more at-home and takes the edge off her anxiety and pain.

    Speaking of my mom, she can call for emergencies (this is an option you can set up for like $5 bucks a month and well worth it). If she falls or something, she can call out from any room since I have these in every room, and Amazon will respond and see if she needs 911 called or otherwise. She hasn’t had to use this feature yet, because she can just ask Alexa to call me or make an announcement. But this replaces LIFE CALL!!!

    REMINDERS!! OMG. I use this every single day to remind me to do various things. For example, if I’m cooking I just use my voice to set a timer and it understands no matter how I phrase it. Example: “Alexa, remind me in 10 minutes to put the spaghetti in the pot.” And then it goes, “OK, I’ll remind you in 10 minutes.” Then in 10 minutes, it goes, “(ding dong) Here is your reminder: Put the spaghetti in the pot.”

    SMART LIGHTS! If you have smart lights, you can just throw out commands to change your lights. This is seriously so life-changing. I now change the lights in every room of the house (I have Alexa-compatible smart bulbs throughout the house) with my voice. Examples: “Alexa, lights on.” “Alexa, lights off.” “Alexa, change the lights to red/cyan/fuchsia/purple/blue/orange, etc.” INSTANTLY does it. “Alexa, change the lights to 10%” and suddenly you get nice dim lighting. Ugh, so cool, so useful and so life-changing.

    ROUTINES. I set routines with this thing to do various things. Example: I set it up to turn off the front and back porch lights at sunrise, and now it does!! I used to always forget to turn the porch lights off and now I save electricity and don’t have that problem anymore.

    WEATHER, TIME, SEARCHES, etc. You can ask this thing ANYTHING. Ask it the current temperature outside, hourly forecast, 7 day forecast, you name it. If you have a question about something you would normally Google, just do it with your voice.

    Caveat: Amazon is getting better with search but Google still works better. I purchased these because I got them on payments and the sound quality is fantastic. Plus, more devices are compatible with Alexa than with Google Assistant. The one downside, in spite of all these benefits, is that Google is WAY better at accurate search results. But Alexa is definitely getting better with time, so stay tuned!!

    Excellent quality construction, the screen is bright, clear and beautiful. Sound quality is fantastic, even has some decent bass for a unit that’s not huge. Would buy these again and again.

    These are definitely the electronic device that’s changed my life more than anything I’ve ever owned. And it’s changed my mom’s life and improved her quality of life.


    The only reason I couldn’t give it 5 stars is because there are times when it gets quirky, and the search functionality could be improved to compete with that of Google. Among other features that would make this a total 5 star product (e.g. better functionality with YouTube, Spotify and Web Browsing options).

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  7. Won’t He Do IT!

    Where do I start?! For starters, I lucked up, got the Echo 8 for 1/2 the price! SCORE! But wait, it gets better! I purchased for my ederly parents, but soon realized this unit just wasn’t for them. Maybe something a little more scaled down because they will never maximize the Echo 8 full potential. So, I inherited it, and super excited that I did. ALEXA app connects every compatible electronic. It’s like a command station that house everything. I’m 60 years old, I did the entire setup and pairing by myself, it’s simple but it’s soooo much you can do and I haven’t even scratched the surface. It has truly simplified my entire life. It’s like an assistant on steroids. I can turn on/off every compatible device by the sound or my voice or set a schedule. It serves as a house phone. I can talk to my family at home when I’m away from home. It plays music. Gives me recipes. Add items to grocery cart. Plays all my messages from my cell phone. Oh…my….it does it all and more. I’m thinking about getting the latest Echo model only because it is aesthetically pleasing and more of a modern look, but I’ll wait for the price to come down some. Maybe I’ll give the 8 to my son as it’s nothing wrong with it. I just wonder why I waited so long to buy the Echo. I encouraged everyone in my family and friends to get 1, because then we can all FaceTime.

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  8. Fer

    Muy intuitivo

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