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Price history for TOZO NC9 Pro TWS
Latest updates:
  • £57.80 - November 28, 2023
  • £60.80 - November 21, 2023
  • £68.70 - November 14, 2023
  • £73.00 - November 7, 2023
Since: November 7, 2023
  • Highest Price: £73.00 - November 7, 2023
  • Lowest Price: £57.80 - November 28, 2023
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TOZO TOZO NC9 Price History


Current Price $68.98 November 7, 2023
Highest Price $68.98 November 7, 2023
Lowest Price $68.98 November 7, 2023
Since November 7, 2023

Last price changes

$68.98 November 7, 2023

TOZO TOZO NC9 Description

TOZO NC9 – Active Noise Cancelling

Say goodbye to unwanted ambient pet barks, background chatter, and traffic sound with the TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. Utilizing a cutting-edge blending of noise-cancelling technologies, this pair of wired earphones effectively minimize sound up to 28dB, enabling users to get lost in crisp and clear audio without background interference.

High-Definition Audio for a Meaningful Listening Experience

The TOZO NC9 is equipped with a high-resolution audio driver system that provides supreme audio clarity. It offers a wide soundstage that accurately renders every mid to high-level of sound to create a truly immersive effect. Crisp and clear vocals balance out perfectly with punchy bass for an undisturbed listening experience that will put your favorite audio tracks in a whole new light.

Hybrid ANC Tech for Optimized Noise Cancelling

You can bid farewell to the constant dragging of external sound to ruin your favorite tracks. The TOZO NC9 works to block out low frequency noise and mid-level sound, bringing listeners unparalleled immersion and sound isolation. The supple ear cups form an ergonomic and tight seal, aiding the noise cancelling technology in freeing your ears from external sound.

Secure & Comfy Fit for Long-Lag Listening

Featuring top-of-the-line cushioned earpads, the TOZO NC9 delivers long-lasting comfort that will enable users to stay in tune with their favorite soundtracks for hours at a stretch. On-ear controls lend users an effortless personalization of sound while the headphones hold your head securely without feeling the least bit constricting.

TOZO NC9 Features:

• Hybrid active noise cancelling technology

• Crisp and clear high definition audio drivers

• Soft padded cushioned earpads for comfortable wearing

• Ergonomic and secure fitting

• On-ear volume controls

• Up to 28dB noise-cancelling

• Enhanced sound isolation

• Listening time: up to 17 hours with 3.5 hours of charging

TOZO TOZO NC9 Specification

Product Dimensions

0.81 x 0.96 x 1.04 inches

Item Weight

42.5 Grams

Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

June 23, 2022



Charging Time

2 Hours

Number Of Items



TOZO TOZO NC9 Reviews (7)

7 reviews

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Told You So

    All Tozo ear plugs need an amp app but Tozo chooses to sell most plugs without that option. Idk why an ear plug company would ever risk their livelihood by not having one because they’re only so-so without an amp.
    What I mean is each time anyone compares a freinds ear plug brand that came “with” an amp/EQ app to a Tozo line “without” an Amp/EQ app they both will go buy the other brand next time, so’ just no doubt about it Tozo is losing customers.
    I got tired of hearing engines running over my music & searched online for an amp and found the Spin Up Amp/EQ app. It works very well here and OMG even their free version is a night/day difference with these ear plugs. It’s clearly a must for our Samsung phones that even with Spotifly’s amp were lacking a decent sound experience & too low volume.
    We have two sets of these, both Updated versions but their software differs a bit.
    My first set I bought had these 3 settings a voice reads off to you.
    Transparency Mode On..
    Versus the 2nd set I ordered just a week later for my wife they removed “ANC Off” setting but its nothing we miss so I see why they removed it. No other differences noted….
    Both sound great, ANC works just fine on both sets if you use the correct size rubber pieces and an amp app. They must fit snug in the ears or the outside sound bypasses it. One ear may need a larger one vs being same size so maybe play with the fit some. I think its why some complain trying 1 size?
    With the Spin Up Amp/EQ on I barely even hear my weedeater with my rock turned up. Without amp, well’ fogetaboutit!
    Ear plugs stay in our ears nicely even bouncing around our rough arse yard they stay in tight. My property has several large hills so I get long drainage ruts constantly forming from all the water run off making mowing very bumpy. My old tractor has 8 ply Lug tread tires so it bounces me around pretty hard at times so these ear plugs surprised me by staying in so well.
    Good ear plugs but with an Amp/EQ these are great plugs!

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  2. Giselle S.

    Produto mto bom, veio tudo certinho, vendedor atencioso!!

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  3. J. A.

    There are so many products from TOZO, it was difficult to choose the “best.” I purchased the NC9 model and was impressed. But the T12 and other models’ specs and features seemed so tempting! Are the NC9 really the best? I reached out to the company, but didn’t get a clear answer.

    So, I decided to test. I purchased the NC9 Pro and the T12 Pro. I only purchased the TOZO products with the largest driver diameter because I want to hear deep bass when listening to music. I also like to listen to music in bed; earbuds which will not fall out or be uncomfortable when placing my ear on a pillow are a must. Here are the differences I noted, and my recommendations.


    Which TOZO devices are compatible with the TOZO Sound app?
    – The TOZO Sound app is currently compatible with models T6S, T10S, NC2 Pro, NC7 Pro, NC9 Pro and NC9 Pro Max.
    – The NC9 Pro Max model doesn’t appear to be available as of this writing.
    – From the products I tested, only the NC9 Pro works with the app.
    – The T12 Pro and NC9 are not recognized by the app.

    The TOZO Sound mobile app main features:
    – Equalizer that actually works
    – Programmable earbud button controls
    – More noise canceling options, including custom mode
    (must use app to set – extra modes don’t cycle when pressing the earbuds button).


    The NC9 and NC9 Pro are essentially the same, except:
    – The NC9 Pro has updated voice/sound feedback and seems to respond a little faster.
    – The NC9 Pro works with the TOZO Sound mobile app.
    – Slight cosmetic differences (more below).
    – Both the NC9 and NC9 Pro models feature active noise canceling and transparent mode.

    The T12 Pro earbuds and charger feature a different design.
    – The overall size is about the same as the NC9/NC9 Pro, but more round.
    – The earbuds are designed to fit a little deeper in the ear canal.
    – The T12 Pro features a larger “power bank” charging case with detailed battery stats.
    – The T12 Pro does not feature any noise canceling or transparent modes.


    – The NC9 Pro earbuds have “TOZO” printed on the outside and “L” and “R” printed on the inside.
    – The NC9 earbuds have “L” and “R” printed on the outside, TOZO on the inside.
    – The T12 Pro has detailed charger and earbud battery stats.
    – The NC9 and NC9 Pro have simple indicator lights.
    – The NC9 Pro charging case lights blink faster than the NC9 when the case is charging.
    – The NC9 pairs once you take the earbuds out of the charging case.
    – The NC9 Pro and T12 Pro will pair as soon as you open the charging case lid.


    T12 Pro
    – The T12 Pro earbuds feature the deepest bass, though it’s only a little more than the NC9/NC9 Pro.
    – They seem to be factory-tuned for big bass with slightly muted mid and higher frequencies.

    NC9/NC9 Pro
    – The NC9 and NC9 Pro are factory-tuned with louder, clear vocals and highs, and still have rich bass.

    NC9 Pro Advantage “Cheat Mode”
    – With the TOZO Sound app “Bass +” equalizer setting, the NC9 Pro can be tuned to produce as much bass as the T12 Pro,
    – All while keeping the clear vocals and highs.


    It is my opinion that the active noise canceling and “transparent mode” features in the NC9/NC9 Pro are just too good to pass up. However, they don’t block ALL sounds. Here’s what to expect.

    Active Noise Canceling:
    – Works great for erasing continuous “white noise” from wind, airplanes, cars, fans, machinery, etc.
    – Really erases most white noise. Airplane noise gone. Car noise gone. Yes, that too.
    – Doesn’t block all shorter or sharp sounds.
    – Doesn’t block all rain noise.
    – You’ll still hear muffled sounds of people talking, dogs barking, etc.
    – You’ll still hear some white noise if wearing earbud seals too small for your ear.

    Transparent Mode:
    – Great for hearing people talking, airlines announcements, etc. while wearing earbuds.
    – Depending on the volume, you may need to pause your music to clearly hear outside noise.
    – Also amplifies white noise; it may not be so great to use this mode all the time.

    ANC Off – Standard Mode:
    – Still blocks some sounds, but doesn’t block white noise.
    – You’ll hear muffled sounds of people talking, dogs barking, etc.
    – NC9/NC9 Pro earbud batteries really last over 10 hours when using this mode (about 30% volume).
    – Perfect in a quieter environment when you don’t have to pay attention to others talking.


    Please keep in mind: all of these TOZO models sound great. If you’re used to laptop speakers or the tiny, wired earbuds included with your mobile device, you’ll likely be amazed at the sound quality difference.

    NC9 Pro: In my opinion, the NC9 Pro provides the best choice of features in regards to app-adjustable sound and noise cancelation. If you love these features, don’t need the power bank charger feature of the T12 Pro, and don’t mind the higher price, the NC9 Pro may be your best choice.

    NC9: The NC9 model sounds great and works well. To be honest, I often set my NC9 Pro equalizer feature to flat/standard because “bass +” is just too much bass. So, my NC9 sounds the same as my NC9 Pro. Considering the lower price point, the NC9 is very tempting.

    T12 Pro: If you must have the power bank charger feature, and the noise canceling or app features don’t appeal to you, the T12 may be for you. Still, may I recommend the NC9?

    T12: In my opinion, this model doesn’t offer any advantages over the NC9 (no power bank charger). Buy the NC9 instead.


    – In all models I tested, the microphones pick up loud outside noise (i.e. airports arrivals area), which makes it difficult to use for calling (your friend can’t hear you). They work well in quieter environments.

    – I have smaller ears. I found the NC9/NC9 Pro earbuds fit better and were more comfortable than the T12 earbuds, especially when placing my ear on a pillow. Even though they’re similar in size, the T12 earbuds seem to stick out of my ears more. They may work better for people with larger ears.

    – The earbud buttons on all models are very sensitive. They’ll trigger if you accidentally touch them with your arm, hand, etc.

    – When skipping tracks, I’ve found it’s easier to just lightly double-tap the earbud button with the palm of my hand, or even my arm, than to try to locate it with a finger.

    I hope this review has been helpful!

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  4. Menf

    It’s beyond my expectation. Pefect for replacing to my old headset which makes me look like an idiot.

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  5. Sergio Correa

    Bom som. Atende bem ao que se propõe

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  6. victor

    Surtout en prenant en compte le prix très raisonnable, ces écouteurs sont d’une surprenante qualité. Le son est correct, voire bon. La réduction de bruit active est efficace. Les écouteurs sont confortable dans l’oreille une fois qu’on a trouvé le bon embout en silicone parmi les choix (inclus!).

    Un audiophile forcené sera sûrement déçu, mais ces écouteurs conviendront parfaitement à n’importe qui. J’écoute plusieurs heures de musique par jour et je ne m’en plains pas.

    L’autonomie est le point fort. Les écouteurs seuls offrent plusieurs heures, ce qui est déjà pas mal. Avec la boîte de chargement, c’est une bonne dizaine d’heures d’écoute qui passent sans souci. Point bonus pour l’USB C !

    Enfin, je dois raconter un petit souci qui m’est arrivé : l’écouteur gauche est tombé en panne après environ un an d’utilisation. J’ai contacté le service client Tozo, qui m’en a renvoyé une paire neuve en un temps record !

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  7. mh37

    D’abord il faut savoir que cet appareil est la dernière modification des Tozo NC9. Il y a des versions plus anciennes proposant la même référence, qu’il faut éviter d’acheter. Pour être sûr, la dernière référence a le bluetooth 5.3.

    D’autre part, vous aurez vraiment besoin sur Android (je ne sais pas pour IOS) d’utiliser l’application TOZO, car le son en sortie d’usine est à mon sens loin d’être optimisé.

    Pour tout vous dire, j’ai bien failli retourner les écouteurs immédiatement tellement je trouvais le son mauvais. Une fois le son adapté dans l’application, la qualité est meilleure ok pour le prix, mais reste insuffisante à mon sens.

    En ce qui concerne l’application, j’ai eu un bug la première fois que je l’ai lancée, et j’ai du la réinstaller.

    Pour leur prix la qualité est bien. Néanmoins, si votre smartphone est récent et de bonne qualité, et si votre budget le permet, vous aurez intérêt à changer de gamme.

    Ces écouteurs sont propres pour leur prix, mais ils manquent quand même beaucoup de définition dans les aigus. Je viens de les comparer à mes 2 autres paires. Je ne vous dis pas lesquelles, parce que je pense que Amazon n’approuverait pas. Mes meilleurs écouteurs sont vendus moins de 100€, vient ensuite une autre paire qui ne coûte que 10€ de plus que les TOZO. Leur son est dans les 2 cas bien meilleur.

    Sinon j’aime leur résistance à la pluie et à la poussière bien plus élevée que la moyenne pour des oreillettes avec ANC, et l’ANC justement est plutôt solide et équivalent à bien des modèles plus chers.

    j’aime aussi la charge sans fil, même si je me sers plutôt de charge avec fil, et les 4 leds pour indiquer le niveau de charge du boitier, là où ma plupart des marques n’en mettent qu’une

    Donc pour le prix, ça va, mais comme pour 10€ de plus, il y a vraiment un bénéfice qualitatif à monter en gamme à condition de savoir acheter, je décide de les retourner.

    Mais si vous vous intéressez à cette marque alors qu’elle est peu connue, ça signifie probablement que vous savez acheter, et que je n’ai aucun conseil à vous prodiguer dans ce domaine.

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