Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear

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Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear Price History


Current Price £50.95 April 13, 2024
Highest Price £50.95 December 29, 2023
Lowest Price £50.95 December 29, 2023
Since December 29, 2023

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£50.95 December 29, 2023

Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear Description

  • Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear: Your Ultimate Gardening Companion

    SEO Meta Description

    Discover the incredible Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear, boasting integrated 3.6V power, 40-minute battery runtime, and precision blades for shrubs and grass. Unleash your inner gardener with this versatile tool.


    Welcome to the world of gardening made easy with the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear. This innovative tool, equipped with integrated 3.6V power, 40-minute battery runtime, and precision blades, is your go-to companion for all your gardening needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and endless possibilities that this device brings to your green paradise.

    The Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear Advantage

    Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear: Unboxing and First Impressions

    Unbox your gardening dreams with the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear. In this section, we delve into the unboxing experience, providing a step-by-step guide and our initial impressions of this remarkable tool.

    Powering Your Passion: 3.6V Integrated Battery

    The heart of the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear is its powerful integrated 3.6V battery. Learn how this feature empowers you to tackle any gardening task with ease, all while enjoying a generous 40-minute runtime.

    Precision at Its Best: Blade Length for Shrub and Grass

    Discover the magic of precision with blade lengths tailored for shrubs (12cm) and grass (8cm). We discuss how these versatile blade lengths make trimming, shaping, and pruning a breeze.

    Green and Convenient: Carton Packaging

    Explore the eco-friendly packaging of the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear, which not only protects the environment but also simplifies your gardening experience.

    Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear in Action

    Pruning Like a Pro

    Learn the art of pruning with the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear. We provide expert tips and insights on how to achieve professional-level results in your garden.

    Shaping Your Garden Oasis

    Take your garden from ordinary to extraordinary by shaping it to perfection. We guide you through the process, ensuring your garden becomes a visual masterpiece.

    Maintaining a Lush Lawn

    Discover the secret to maintaining a lush and green lawn effortlessly with the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear. Your neighbors will envy your pristine grass.

    Tackling Overgrown Shrubs

    Overgrown shrubs are no match for the EasyShear’s precision blades. We share techniques to regain control over unruly plants in your garden.

    Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear: Expert Tips and Tricks

    Handling Different Types of Shrubs

    Not all shrubs are the same. We provide insights into how to approach various shrub types and ensure they thrive in your garden.

    Mastering Grass Varieties

    Lawn care requires an understanding of different grass types. Learn how to care for and beautify your lawn with precision and care.

    Safety First

    Gardening should be safe and enjoyable. We offer essential safety tips to ensure you have a risk-free experience with the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear.

  • Product Name: Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear
  • Color: Green
  • Power: Integrated 3.6V battery
  • Battery Runtime: 40 minutes
  • Blade Length: 12cm for shrubs, 8cm for grass
  • Packaging: Carton Packaging
  • Quantity: 1 unit
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: Can the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear be used for heavy-duty gardening tasks?
    A: While it excels in most gardening tasks, it’s best for regular maintenance. Heavy-duty tasks might require specialized tools.

    Q: Is the battery replaceable?
    A: The battery is not replaceable, but it has a long lifespan. It’s designed to last for years of regular use.

    Q: How do I clean and maintain the blades?
    A: Regularly wipe the blades with a clean, damp cloth and keep them oiled for smooth operation.

    Q: Can the EasyShear handle wet grass and shrubs?
    A: Yes, it can handle damp foliage, but for the best results, use it on dry plants.

    Q: What’s the warranty for the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear?
    A: It comes with a standard one-year warranty, and you can purchase extended warranty options for added peace of mind.

    Q: Where can I purchase the Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear?
    A: You can find it at most major home and garden retailers, as well as online marketplaces.


    The Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear is the ultimate tool for every gardener, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. With its integrated 3.6V power, 40-minute battery runtime, and precision blade lengths for shrubs and grass, it’s your key to a stunning garden. Master the art of pruning, shaping, and maintaining your garden with ease. Get your Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear today and watch your garden thrive like never before.

Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear Specification



Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎20 x 20 x 20 cm, 530 Grams


1 Unknown batteries required.

Item model number





‎Easyshear, Classic Green


‎Stainless Steel, Plastic

Power Source


Item Package Quantity


Included Components


Batteries included


Batteries Required


Item Weight

‎530 g

Bosch Garden Shears EasyShear Reviews (8)

8 reviews

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Rita

    This is my second one of these. The first one is still going but battery now runs out before I can do all 4 trees. Now I have 2, I can do them all in 1 go

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  2. Big_Bill

    Not extremely powerful but, it does the job we bought it for. Trims lawn edges so, keeping les off the borders, and clips blackberries down where overgrown.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Nothing to dislike it’s very good.

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  4. Lynne

    Bought this for cutting the edge of my lawn and some small area of my lawn. It is perfect for the job when you do not want to take the big lawn mower. Your hand will get tired though. Hope the technology can make better one

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  5. benjy

    Absolutely love these
    Small, compact and really easy to use
    Good value for money too

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  6. Amazon Customer

    No instructions on how to change the tool heads, so took a while to work it out. Once going is really easy to use and effective even on small laurel branches.

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  7. bda

    Excellent for edging grass quickly and neatly. Light shearing only possible for the larger blades

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  8. Cherry Orchard

    The media could not be loaded.

     I bought on a deal at around £47, so wasn’t exactly cheap even on deal, but as I had considered buying for a while, and am a bit of a Bosch fanboy, I hit the buy button. So glad I did, as this little beauty really makes short work of grass, and is ideal for shrub trimming also. The easily interchangeable blades(just takes a little getting used to),are very sharp, so a word of caution. I trimmed up 6 lavender bushes in a couple of minutes, actually just used the ‘grass’ blade, and was perfect.
    So all up, not cheap, classic Bosch high quality and well worth it. Also don’t forget to register for the free 3 year warranty on the Bosch DIY website. Very easy, and gives piece of mind. As a note, I’ve had 1 previous occasion to make a claim, when my Bosch leaf blower jammed, and would not work, and without quibble they sent me a new one in a matter of days, which was very impressive.

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