Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Planar Magnetic Headphone

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Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Planar Magnetic Headphone
Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Planar Magnetic Headphone Price History

Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Planar Magnetic Headphone Description

Bring the Concert Home:

Edifier’s STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone is headphones that bring immersive concert-like performance right home into your living room. Constructed with lightweight, breathable vegan leather earpads for hours of comfortable listening. The planar magnetic drivers feature excellent sound reproduction with immense detail, clarity and a sense of airy spaciousness to deliver a truly miraculous listening experience to bring your audio to life.

Crystal Clear and Phase Correct Transfer:

Developed with a highly phase-correct and a ultra-low-distortion diaphragm, the STAX Spirit S3 headphones deliver incredibly transparent sound for a truly remarkable listening experience. Equipped with dual-mode Bluetooth aptX HD wireless connection and advanced NFC pairing, the STAX Spirit S3 headphones also provide a crystal-clear and dynamic sound.

Lightweight and Comfortable:

For listening sessions that keep you fully immersed, the STAX Spirit S3 headphones are crafted with ultra-lightweight construction for a mere 310g and ergonomically-designed headband to provide superior stability and comfort during long listening sessions. The vegan leather earpads also ensure breathability, even after prolonged use.

Freedom to Move:

For complete freedom and convenience, the STAX Spirit S3 headphones feature up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge and an advanced wireless range of up to 10 meters. With no messing around with cables, you can easily move around in your living room while your favorite tunes provide the soundscape for your life.

– Lightweight Design, with ultra light construction weighing only 310g
– Dual Mode Bluetooth aptX HD Wireless Connection with NFC Pairing
– Ergonomic headband for superior stability and comfort
– Up to 30 Hours Playback on a Single Charge
– Ultra-Low-Distortion Diaphragm and Highly Phase-Correct Transfer
– Vegan Leather Earpads for Breathable Comfort During Long Listening Sessions
– 10-Meter Wireless Range for Unhindered Freedom

Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Planar Magnetic Headphone Specification

Product Dimensions

9.84 x 5.91 x 7.87 inches

Item Weight

1.7 Kilograms

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

February 24, 2022


Unisex Adult



Charging Time

1.5 Hours

Number Of Items


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Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Planar Magnetic Headphone Reviews (12)

12 reviews

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Kuma

    If your looking at these headphones you probably know a bit about Audio and the different type of drivers these headphones are sporting so I’m not going to go into detail on the ins and outs of that side.

    I’m going to focus on what matters when buying headphones as I have bought a LOT as it’s a passion of mine.



    The sound these headphones produce is by far the best you can get at this price bracket by a long way.
    If I was going to be picky I would say they could do with a bit more emphasis on bass but not by much.

    Mids are crisp and clear and the highs are sublime. You can hear every detail on any song you throw at it.
    If your mostly into acoustic music you will love these as thats where these Excell.
    Songs which require a little more bass can suffer a bit but still sound great.


    80 HOURS!!!!!!! Still blown away by this…………..
    I’m yet to charge these headphones from unboxing and they were only on 80% at the time. And after nearly a week of heavy use I still have just over 30% left.
    And with 10 hours playback from a 10 min charge you will never need to worry about battery.


    These are very light and with the real lamb skin leather headband and pads they feel really comfortable and can be worn for hours on end.
    I did find the clamping force a bit excessive out the box but a couple of nights stretched over the box they came in sorted that out 👍


    When I first opened the box (very well packed and looks very premium) I was treated to the very nice headphone case and the extra velvet bags holding the spare cool touch ear cushions.

    Inside the case we’re the headphones folded up along with all the extra kit you need for charging,using wired etc.

    At first glance and holding the headphones they looked absolutely stunning. The carbon fibre on the earcups is a nice feature along with the black and gold design.

    Unfortunately that’s where the positives end.
    First day or so they were fantastic but eventually they started to make a creaking sound at the hinges where the cups are attached to the headband.
    Honestly I have tried sooo hard to ignore this as they sound so good but unfortunately unless your sitting perfectly still every time you move your head or jaw they creak and this can be heard inside the earcup which spoils the music.

    And forget about walking with them…. every time your foot hits the floor the creaking noise is reverberated inside the earcup.

    Like I said earlier I have tired sooooo hard to ignore this problem but sadly it’s got the better of me and I’m gutted to say that I’m returning these headphones 😭😭😭😭
    At this price you definitely shouldn’t have to put up with creaking from them

    Edifier if you read this review please please please redesign the headband and cups to not creak because if you do even without the noise cancelling and all the fancy gimmicks that other headphones manufacturers offer at this price I would without doubt buy these again.

    Never been so disappointed to send something back as I have these 😥

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  2. Naga G.

    Exceptional sound quality, better than px8, bathys, xm5, airpd max if you don’t want ANC or transparency mode or dac on usbc.
    Comfort is good up to 6hrs string, included leather and cloth earpads are good for cold and warm weather.
    Excellent batter.
    Connectivity is as expected, no drops observed, able to connect to multiple devices.
    Again no ANC or Transparency mode.

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  3. Marek Damasek

    Note: all opinions are my own and this item was bought with my own money with zero discounts or influence from any external factors.

    Tl;dr: These are probably the best you’re going to get for their price in terms of raw sound quality, paired with microphones that have no business sounding as good as these do and an 80 hour battery life, but beware they lack most of the “modern” functions of many bluetooth headphones.

    The Stax Spirit S3, despite the name carry more similarities to the Audeze Penrose/Mobius and LCD-1s than they do anything remotely related to stax. With that said, it’s a clever marketing stunt to slap a random acclaimed headphone brand on your entirely unrelated but intrisically connected company; good job at capturing attention of audio nerds with that, Edifier.

    Features/Whats missing:
    As mentioned above, these carry Audeze DNA, making use of what seems to be the same or similar planar magnetic drivers to the open-back LCD-1’s, albeit with a much less roomy sound and somehow less bass despite any profiles used.

    Alongside this, we have an 80 hour battery life (wow) which can charge to 10 hours with only 10 minutes and takes about 1 and a half hours to fully charge (I am yet to even need to charge these). Oh, and physical buttons, something I wish we would have kept given 70% of the time touch controls are a pain to use and being an industry standard doesn’t make them any better than buttons, see iPhone missing headphone jacks for reference. The buttons are easy to find, generally very clicky, plasticky covered with rubber, not the best sounding when you depress it as it sounds like a little twang but it’s buttons, what do you expect?

    Edifier has a barely advertised and uncustomisable application which is used to change the tuning between “Classic”, “Hifi”, and “Stax”; I personally found Classic to be somwhat v shaped harman-esque signature, Hifi to be a little bit more articulated but keeping in line with the harman vibes and Stax to just be very treble oriented and well… Not for me. I stick with Hifi.

    So what’s missing? ANC, Transparency mode, LDAC, customisable EQ

    Build: It’s “okay”, alot of people have whined and cried about it not being build excellent but it just feels as “okay” built as a XM4 or the LCD-1’s, not amazing but passable once you acknowledge you should be using it to play music instead of using them as earmuffs (shoutout to the idiots complaining about creaks when they’re missing when you play music).

    They sound like planars.. Wait, let me elaborate; these are very accurate, probably even more accurate than the Focal Celestee’s (£999) with good imaging, layering, seperation and as I said, accuracy. They’re not super bassy but they slam enough for me with enough subbass and midbass to make me smile when playing songs such as Kazuo’s “WATCH OUT!”

    The mids are nice, they’re a good listen for both male and female vocals and place the singer a realistic manner, reverberations in songs such as Brandon’s “Elastic” from his voice and guitar play are almost life-like and supremely accurate, similarly Alina Baraz’s “My Whole Life” sounds beautiful; the voices of these singers are very intimate but placed far enough for you to not feel as if you’re listening to a claustrophobic pair of headphones. If I had to compare I would put them above any closed-backs I have heard in terms of accuracy and placement and the spaciousness, granted they fall flat against even the KSC75 in those respects.

    I don’t really know what to say about highs, a lot of what I listen to is mid-centrics however instruments such as cymbals along with female vocalists sound rather pleasant, there is enough decay and control to avoid sibilance especially when listening to songs that can sound rather sibilant on other pairs. JYOCHO’s “Lucky Mother” is a rather busy track with alot of mixing between a flute, vocals and cymbals and all of which sound defined, proper, and smooth which is nice.

    They’re good, damn good even if you can ignore the lack of features.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Noise cancelling not as good as my ole Bose headset.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    The sound is “great” when you have high resolution music source with aptX Adaptive.
    Then the sound is “Phenomenal” when you use it wired and have powerful and neutral DAC/AMP.
    I connected it wired with Corda Stepdance AMP + CLAS Solo DAC, listening to Apple Music Lossless, crazy good. at the level or certain aspects like the mid and bass is slightly better than my SRH 1840 with more dynamics and timbre.
    When connected with Audioquest Dragonfly, playing “Spanish Harlem” FLAC, the imaging, depth and layers are so revealing.
    Edifier did an amazing job with Stax, Audeze at such fair price.
    Wonderful Cost-Performance Ratio, on functionality it doesn’t have ANC or fancy gimmick like Sony WH-X1000M4 ( i have that ), sony one is a great phone, but Stax Spirit S3 got all the codecs except AAC (licence issue).
    Comparing with my Shure SRH1840, Audeze EL-8 and Spirit S3 provided the wireless convenience on top of the superbe audio quality and accuracy. I can’t wait to see the next Edifier Stax Spirit revolutionary product!

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  6. V

    A lot of people are giving very bad review about the build quality. Yes, it’s not built using many premium materials (but has carbon fiber in the front of the ear cups). It feels a bit plasticky, for sure. Can it be better? Yes. But, is it too bad? No. When I wore them I did experience creaking noises coming from the right ear cup. I was a bit frustrated but then I realized that due to the shape of my head the right ear cup was not resting at the right angle. So, with an adjustment to the fit, the creaking noise stopped or reduced. This is where it makes it a bit frustrating time to time. This is an awesome headphone but with this minor flaw. For the price it’s selling , this is unacceptable but I love the sound quality and the general understated aesthetics of this headphone. So, I am going to keep them. If the creaking becomes too unbearable then I will return it and go for a premium one (like, B&W PX8 or M&D MW75).

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  7. Scott Cruce

    I wanted a planar magnetic wireless headphone to be able to enjoy while out and about. I don’t really care about having an app with a headphone, so the rather bare bones app that Edifier supplies is more than adequate for me. I love the fact that you can choose between three sound modes right on the headphones. Even though there is no noise cancelling, sound isolation is sufficient for me, even when riding on trains to commute. And I love the punchy bass this headphone has. Combine that with the fantastic mids and airy treble, and I am very happy so far.

    Now, I debating giving this headphone a 3 or a 4 star. The reason is that this headphone creaks like nobody’s business around the earcups. I can usually ignore it, but sometimes it gets to the point I just want to take these off and jump on them and smash them into pieces. I gave these 4 stars because when the creaking isn’t being overly annoying, they do sound great and I find them to be very comfortable. However, I almost made this a 3-star review by taking off one star for the creaking and then another star for Edifier being completely shameful in knowingly releasing a $400 pair of headphones that CREAKS!!!! I refuse to believe they did not know that the plastic joints where the earcups meets the rest of the headphone that swivel was very prone to ridiculous amounts of creak. However, this review is being written on Christmas Eve, so joy and good will to man, and all that other stuff, therefore Edifier gets a 4-star though they probably deserve a 3-star. Anyway, if you can get past the creaking, or if you get lucky and get one of the sets that do not creak, then you should be perfectly satisfied with what you get.

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    This Planar Magnetic headphones would be 5 big but for me they lacking of :
    – touch more bass
    – noise cancelling
    – touch more loudness
    – EQ option in the app
    – have touch more clamp force
    Otherwise very detail and clean sound,good sound stage.Option of 3 sound presets in the app.Extra cooler pair of ear pads.Amazing battery life.Folding flat and inwards.Good protective case – but I have bought cheap case from Amazon that is even smaller and they fit perfectly without taking as much space as the original case.Woul I recommend this Edifier Stax cans? Yes they are great,sound great and dispate lacking futures I keep them.Price is bit too high in my opinion,but maybe this is caused by planar magnetic drivers technology being more expensive to produce than dynamic standard drivers I like to be aware of my surrundings therefore I don’t really need NC but for most this might be as must future.I have tried other headphones before like Bower and wilkins Px 7s2,Yamaha,B&O etc and out of all I have tested this Edifier cans don’t make my ears very hot as others did and I can wear them for few hours with no problem.If this would cost around 150£ I would highly recommend them,otherwise I’ll say buy it – try it – decide by your self – keep it or returning.Choice is wide these days.

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  9. Jerry P. Danzig

    I had reviewed these cans for the Amazon Vine Program back in July, giving them just three stars for their sterile, midrange-forward sound.

    Then my review disappeared from the product page. Had Edifier removed it?

    I have since been monitoring the reviews for these headphones to see if others were hearing the same harsh, fatiguing sound I was reporting.

    No, apparently I was in the minority.

    So I decided to try these cans again, reinstalling the Edifier Connect app in my Android phone.

    This time, I’m happy to say, the sound seems to have been improved, although I still find the midrange rather prominent and fatiguing.

    Previously, I could hear no difference between the three equalization settings in the app. This time I found the Classic setting warmer, closer to a sound I would expect from headphones costing this much.

    But when I did some A/B comparisons with the Jabra Elite 85h cans I have in the house, I still prefer the Jabra’s, which also have ANC and cost $150 less.

    So I really can’t recommend the Spirit S3’s to anyone but the most rabid midrange hounds.

    There are just too many other great over-the-ear headphones for less money…

    And did I mention earbuds with better sound, ANC, and a more compact and convenient form factor? The truth is, I would prefer to wear and listen to the 1More EVO’s, the Devialet Gemini’s, the Sony WF-1000XM3’s, or the Sudio E2’s any day or night over the Spirit S3’s.

    To summarize, then, regardless of the S3’s nice packaging or high price or exotic technology, I think that this particular emperor is as naked as a jaybird!

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  10. William Miller

    These headphones have extremely good sound quality for the price point and the battery life is really incredible, but caveat emptor: the build quality is utterly atrocious. They are constructed from cheap, brittle plastics and creak noisily during regular use. This same plastic failed completely (broke off while putting them on my head) after 6 months of ownership, rendering them unusable. Cannot really recommend for this reason.


    I made a warranty claim through Edifier and it was really easy and they replace my headphones right away, so high points for customer service. The pair I got to replace the ones that failed seem completely different. No more creaking and much more solid-feeling build quality all around.

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  11. Timothy

    No squeaking with my pair as some of the so called review experts have stated. The sound from these headphones are by far the best I have listened too. I listened to the focal bathys and the Egdiffier Stax to me are far superior sounding. I have learned over the past few years enjoying this hobby that most of the so called experts doing the audio reviews are just trying to sell product and that you can take to the bank and deposit it.

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    The two most important criteria for me when purchasing headphones are sound quality and comfort and Edifier S3 is great in both. Moreover, they are closed so there is very little sound leak.

    The far less important criteria are materials (S3 really sucks here), build quality (not matching its price but it makes no sound when moving, rotating, bending, etc), additional features (I am happy with its microphones providing clean voice for phone calls but there is not much more, e.g. sensor for stopping the sound when taken off or any active noise cancelling).

    Given this is a Bluetooth headphones there are some additional important bits:
    – Stability of the BT connection – perfect, not a single drop.
    – Supported codecs – Adaptive Aptx or Aptx HD is great (but more is less so LDAC would be a great addition).

    Some more points
    – Battery life is beyond good. 20 hours is nice, 40 is enough but S3 has 80 hours. Fantastic.
    – Music control on the headphones – it is fine once you learn it.
    – Multipoint – they connect to two devices simultaneously if you like
    – App – there is an app but there is not much to do here. It’s more a shop / new product info marketing tool compared to e.g. Hey Melody where you can configure your own sound profile by listening to different frequencies and setting up when you can’t hear the sound)
    There is some level of passive noise cancellation and there are quite a lot of people that prefer it to active noise cancellation that may cause some unconfortible acustic pressure.

    Overall, the headphones are for listening to music and they are great in it.
    If you are not an audiophile and you are happy with 95% of the sound quality you may prefer Sony XM5 as they provide more (better materials, better comfort, incomparible better features, probably a better price, definitely easier to sell, etc).

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