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Current Price £329.00 June 17, 2024
Highest Price £329.00 June 9, 2024
Lowest Price £329.00 June 9, 2024
Since June 9, 2024

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£329.00 June 9, 2024

GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 Description

Discover the GoPro MAX 360: Where Adventure Meets Technology

Jump into a world where every angle is your best angle. The GoPro MAX 360 Action Camera introduces you to a realm of endless possibilities and cinematic freedom. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional camera angles.

Step into the World of 360° with GoPro 360

With the GoPro 360, every direction is the right direction. This innovative camera captures everything, and with seamless video stitching, reliving moments feels like stepping back in time and space. See your adventures in a completely new light.

Details Matter: Understanding the GoPro MAX Lens Mod

The GoPro max lens mod elevates the camera’s capabilities even further. This addition offers superior stabilization, ensuring your videos remain smooth even in the wildest of escapades. Every twist, turn, jump, or dive is captured with perfection.

A New Generation Awaits: Insights on the GoPro MAX 2

For enthusiasts awaiting the next step, the GoPro Max 2 is on the horizon. Building on the powerful foundation of its predecessor, this evolution promises even more dynamic features—the future of action photography beckons.

GoPro Hero MAX: The Legend Continues

Marrying the legacy of the GoPro Hero series with the innovation of 360° technology, the GoPro Hero Max is a legend reborn. It’s everything you love about GoPro and more, ensuring every adventure is legendary.

Getting the Best Deal: GoPro 360 Price Points

Quality comes at a price, but that doesn’t mean breaking the bank. With our price comparison feature, you’re assured the best deal on the market for the GoPro 360. No matter the variant or accessory, value is a guarantee.

Crafting the Perfect Shot: GoPro MAX Lens

The magic behind the impressive 360° capture is the GoPro max lens. Crafted for precision and clarity, this lens ensures every shot is as breathtaking as the moment. Dive deep into every detail.

Why Settle for One View? 360 Go Pro Perspectives

360 Go Pro brings a fresh perspective to action cameras. Instead of being confined to one frame, the world becomes your canvas. From sweeping landscapes to intricate urban jungles, capture the entirety of your surroundings.

Exploring the GoPro 360 Camera Ecosystem

The GoPro 360 camera isn’t just a device; it’s an entire ecosystem. With a range of accessories and compatible software, every shot is an opportunity for creative expression. Dive into a world of limitless potential.

GoPro MAX 360 vs. the Rest: A Comparative Analysis

How does the go pro max 360 stack up in a saturated market? Pitting it against competitors reveals its superiority not just in specs, but in user experience. Uncover what sets it apart in the realm of action cameras.

Key Features:

Full 360° Video Capture
Seamless Video Stitching
Advanced Stabilization with MAX Lens Mod
Diverse Shooting Modes
Water and Impact Resistant Design
Immersive Audio Capture
Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

  • What sets the GoPro MAX 360 apart from other 360° cameras?
    Answer: It’s seamless stitching, advanced stabilization with the MAX Lens Mod, and the legacy of GoPro craftsmanship make it a cut above the rest.
  • Is the GoPro 360 Max different from the GoPro MAX 360?
    Answer: They are the same device, but the name order varies. Both refer to GoPro’s innovative 360° camera.
  • Can the GoPro MAX Lens Mod be used with other GoPro models?
    Answer: The MAX Lens Mod is specifically designed for the GoPro MAX 360 for optimal performance.
  • Where can I find the best price for the GoPro 360?
    Answer: Our platform provides an exhaustive price comparison, ensuring you get the best deals available.
  • How does the GoPro Hero MAX differ from the GoPro MAX 360?
    Answer: While both cameras carry the legacy of GoPro, the Hero MAX is the fusion of the Hero series with 360° capabilities.

GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 Specification

Product Dimensions

9.5 x 4 x 2.9 inches

Item Weight

0.704 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

April 16, 2021



Country of Origin


GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 Videos

GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 Reviews (13)

13 reviews

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Paul Colt

    The image and video quality are great for even large rooms, as is the audio capture so far.

    Definitely lives up to the rugged reputation.
    Also loves up to the support story claims about batteries. 1.5 months in, the stock battery is useless. Good news, there are many replacement batteries available on Amazon.

    Oh, this does not work with Matterport.

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  2. Brian H.

    It does pretty good 360 pictures and video, but don’t expect the live streaming to work at all. At this point it will not work as a webcam, which would be awesome. The software and support from GoPro can be pretty underwhelming, but the self stitching works great and GoPro Player makes it quick and easy to export a usable video. At this point, I wish I had waited for the Max 2 to be released.

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  3. Jeff Wright

    You’ll need to download the GoPro player to edit videos on your computer. And it takes some getting used to, but I was able to eliminate 4 cameras with this baby

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  4. customer

    I’ve used this for both cross-country skiing, and more frequently for a bow-mounted kayak camera. I edit my footage on a PC using the software supply. The system works well for both the skiing and kayaking with a few limitations you have to accept and expect:

    1. Battery life is limited to about an hour’s footage. So if you’re hoping to capture a three-day kayak trip, forget it. On the plus side the voice command lets you stop and start recording so you don’t waste battery life recording the boring bits.
    2. When not in use, the battery charge declines noticeably day by day. Disappointing.
    3. I dislike the GoPro three prong mount – quite fiddly to attach to the three-prong receiver wherever you mount that.
    4. It’s a wide angle-lens. Does a great job on capturing the landscape around you, but don’t try to capture those swans or cygnets swimming in front of your kayak (or anything small). The image resolution is not good enough for that. You’ll still need a “real” camera for those shots.
    5. The GoPro Max comes with protective transparent domes to place over the fragile lenses. On occasion, I get condensation inside the domes which blurs the image. Possibly a result of a high-humidity day and then going out kayaking in cooler air on the lake? That aside, the waterproofing seems to work well. I’ve had the GoPro on the kayak while rolling the kayak and the GoPro survives that fine.
    6. GoPro also supplies protective, non-transparent, lens caps to cover the fragile lenses when not in use. Getting these off is fiddly and difficult. I’m tired of risking my thumbnails and now carry a small tool to pry these off.

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  5. Nick Del Regno

    I purchased this for my hobby of mapping the area bike trails and uploading to Google Street View. Overall the camera works well. My only issue is that the lenses are relatively easily scratched and are non-replaceable. So, if you buy one of these, by the additional lens protectors as well. I already have a minor scratch on the forward lens from a minor fall.

    Also, the GPS has limitations. I find that it can take up to a minute for the GPS to get a good 3D fix. Until then the GPS has a 2D fix which is A) quite noisy and B) has a fixed elevation. Also, when passing under large obstacles (e.g. large bridges), the GPS goes a quite crazy. There seems to be little to no filtering (e.g. Kalman) nor any dead-reckoning capability.

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  6. Michelle Miller

    Love taking it on our outdoor adventures hiking ,hooked on our electric scooters..we actually have 2 of the maxs..

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  7. James B

    The media could not be loaded.

     Great camera – lots of fun to use and has fantastic image stabilization out of the box.

    360° recording is dead simple, as is the supplied application for editing. With the right plugins, can also be done directly in Adobe Premiere after exporting the equirectilinear videos.

    I would HIGHLY recommend that you always use the lens protectors since the lenses protrude from the base enough that they become a liability. Better to replace a lens protector than to send a camera back for lens replacement!

    There are FAR better choices if all you want is a front-facing action camera. They won’t necessarily have as wide a field of view as the GoPro Max in “Hero mode” but they will offer modern video sizes (i.e. more than 1440 – seriously GoPro .. its 2021). Perhaps this can be a firmware update to push Hero mode into 2022 territory.

    This camera was bought for a very specific purpose, one that I am sure it will excel at given some serious simulation / practice. Awesome for 360° work where a moderately waterproof camera is necessary. I do not intend to do underwater work with this but wanted seriously “splash proof”

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  8. Smuckatelli

    I bought this to use on my motorcycle, and not only does it fill the role of a dash cam quite well. In addition, the GoPro Max is a great tool for recording yourself and getting selfies safely while engaging in activities that require two hands – such as motorcycling or bicycling, and probably skiiing too. Finally those with narcissistic personality disorder won’t have to choose between recording themselves and being safe.

    Image quality is great, as is video. Battery life isn’t as long as I would like, but batteries are readily swappable, making this easy to mitigate.

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  9. Irshad

    Good quality thing I love it

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  10. Alonis Ingram

    This is a perfect for an adventurous person especially for one who like to go hunting or fishing.

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  11. Allyson

    Only thing is the battery life sucks and no one really talks about it. Lasts only a few hours. But overall pretty cool to rewatch you taking people to gapplebee’s

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  12. Carlos Llamas

    I am so happy with this product, easy download, love how it works with the editing on your phone and it well built and solid..

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  13. Jackie

    360 degree footage is like a threesome with twins… great idea until you start to realize just how much work it’s going to involve as you justify the experience. There’s a ton of research you’ll need to do ahead of time. Software, editing technique, etc. it’s really important to remember that there is no desktop application provided by GoPro, so you’ll end up editing on mobile and that’s… well, that’s how it sounds. Imperfect and half-baked.

    Nice construction. Easy to use. Lots of accessories. Yada yada yada.

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