Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker

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Conveniently Brew Delicious Coffee Anytime

The Keurig K155 Office Pro Coffee Maker takes coffee to a whole new level of convenience. This commercial coffee maker was designed so you can brew your favourite coffee with the press of a button. Not only is it easy to use, but its slim size allows it to fit virtually anywhere, making it perfect for the office kitchen or breakroom. Enjoy quick one-touch brewing for up to 10 different kinds of coffee. With an extra-large 90oz water reservoir, you won’t need to refill the tank nearly as often as you would with smaller machines. Enjoy coffee any time of the day without having to wait in line or worry about someone else making a mess of the equipment.

Brew Coffee Exactly the Way you Like It

No matter what kind of coffee you like to drink, the Keurig K155 Office Pro Coffee Maker gives you the control you need to make it just right. Its built-in adjustable temperature and strength settings make it easy to customize your cup of coffee, and its digital display panel keeps you informed of your temperature and strength selections. This coffee maker also allows you to choose between five different cup sizes, so whether you’re making a single cup or several, you’ll end up with just the right amount.

A Reliable and Energy-Efficient Coffee Machine

You can depend on the Keurig K155 Office Pro Coffee Maker to make your coffee day-in and day-out. Its automatic shut-off feature preserves energy and protects the machine from over-heating, while its durable stainless steel construction ensures that it will hold up to years of use. Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty, so you can be assured of a trouble-free and enjoyable brewing experience every time.


• Brews beverages in 3 different cup sizes (6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz)
• Extra large 90oz water reservoir
• Adjustable temperature and strength settings
• Digital display panel with 10 programmable cup settings
• Automatic shut-off for energy preservation and protection from overheating
• Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
• Brew coffee one cup at a time or up to 10 cups at once
• Two-year warranty

Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker Specification




2.9 Quarts



Product Dimensions

10.38"D x 14"W x 13.8"H

Special Feature

Timer, Removable Tank, Programmable

Coffee Maker Type

Pour Over



Filter Type


Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Item Weight

6 Pounds

Included Components

K155 Coffee Maker


1.4 watts



Model Name

Coffee Maker

Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Unit Count

1.0 Count



Item model number

K155 Office Pro Commercial

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

May 21, 2012

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  1. Cory N. Slater

    I do like the size but its high

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  2. Steve Napolitano

    This particular Keurig works great for a small office. Works great. Hot tea or coffee.

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  3. liz

    I’ve bought several Keurig models and this one by far suits my family’s needs. Sleek, fast and provides the perfect cup every time!

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  4. S S.

    What do I like most? I love the large water reservoir, love that it fits tall mugs without having to remove tray. What do I like least? The largest cup size is 10oz and it’s not a full cup so we have to do an 8oz plus a 4oz to get full cup. It’s annoying. Happy with it for sure but it’s not worth what they’re selling it for. When this one needs replacing I’ll look at other styles unless price of this one drops some.

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  5. Just Jim

    I recently purchased the Keurig K155 coffee maker and I’m very happy with it. It’s a commercial quality machine that is perfect for my household, where we drink a lot of coffee. This is actually my second K155 – the first one lasted for about five years before needing to be replaced, so I had no hesitation in getting the same model again.

    One of the things I really appreciate about this coffee maker is that it doesn’t seem to have the same problem with tripping circuit breakers that some of the classic models do. That was a real annoyance with my previous coffee maker, so it’s nice to have a machine that I can rely on without worrying about power issues.

    The K155 is a little slower than some other models when it comes to brewing coffee, but that’s not a big deal for me since I usually have a few minutes to spare in the morning. Plus, the larger water reservoir means I can make multiple cups of coffee without constantly refilling the machine.

    Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend the Keurig K155 to anyone who wants a reliable, commercial quality coffee maker that can keep up with their caffeine needs. 4/5 stars!

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  6. Linda Danell

    After all the reviews about bad plastic odours, defective water resevoirs, ect ect, I was really expecting to return this brewer (kept all the packaging)

    BUT, lo and behold, NONE of these complaints or defects were attribute to my purchase.

    Out of the box, no cleaning or cycling water I went kamikazee, filled the tank and immediately made my first cup. It was great, certainly not Starbucks, but for a 30 second prepared pod coffee, very, very acceptable. No odd flavours or plastic taste.

    The complaints of no 12 oz setting is easily circumvented by brewing a preset (its a 4 choice menu that is auto 8 oz, but all you do is choose another size) 8 oz cup, then do a 4 oz cup, easy as that, although it will be a tiny bit weaker than the 8 oz. The reason Keurig did this is that solo cups are MADE for the best result at 8oz, anything larger a little watered down and anything smaller a little stronger.

    Most K-Cups are not to my liking, especially the weird flavored ones (Krazy Kups), but I got the Columbian from Garabaldi, and they are super! I tried the Ethiopian and found them too weak in flavour. Dark roast is necessary to get a decent coffee taste from k-cups machines, I find.

    I bought this re-fillable:

    and it works just fine with the Keurig K155. I just quit my keurig 2.0 and could NEVER get the My K-Cup to brew anything acceptable. Weak and often filled with coffee grains, but the K155 brews a little differently (it prepares the water, then brews more quickly) and the re-fillable cup for $10 works fine (again it won’t be a Starbucks)

    This K155 also will not brew K-Pods (for the carafe) and the k-cup holder ONLY will accomodate the small cups and not the larger carafe pods, which means your My K-Cup re-fillable for 2.0 machines won’t work, but the one I linked above does work for the K155.

    The screen DOES have a very small clock (it has to, it has a timer), and in over a month the time is still accurate. The clock disappears when it scrolls through its various idle screens (totally an annoyance), and there is no setting to diable this, so clients critiques as to no clock are somewhat accurate.

    I don’t understand, to be honest, why the settings are SO limited. You can turn the machine on via a clock setting, but why would you? It can’t wake you up to a pre-brewed coffee, so I don’t see the point. Also, it would be nice to turn on via the touchscreen but you can’t, the power switch is on the back. A little awkward but no big deal.

    The tempurature is settable to scalding hot, something my 2.0 never achieved, and the brew sizes are dead on (4-6-8-10 oz, you choose after placing the k-cup)

    The ‘build’ of the machine is nice (but certainly fathoms away from a restaurant style chrome and steel machine) and as they market this as commercial, it is not robust enough for a commercial setting, although adequate for a 20 ppl office setting, providing everyone doesn’t bang it around too much. It is all plastic, but looks sharp on any counter, and has the approx same profile and dimensions as the 2.0

    It also has a port in the back for direct water plumbing but I believe it is an optional purchase for the hardware.

    Very important! The K155 has removed the DRM (digital rights management) from this machine, so any k-cup, whether Keurig sanctioned or not, will work.

    So, to end my review, this Keurig K155 is WAY, WAY better than its 2.0 cousin. It brews a piping hot cup as promised, and looks a whole lot better on the counter than the old machine. Basically, this is a souped up fancy home model.

    It brews faster, and better. It tastes richer, and you can get a decent cup from the re-fillable knockoff from my link above.

    It does cost a little more than double the 2.0, but if it lasts 3/4 years than the cost will be worth it

    I’m now off to throw out the box into the recycle bin. If anything untoward appears, I’ll update and let you know – but so far, I am happy with the $ I spent.

    And Amazon Prime ships free, overnight!

    Java Ho!!

    *UPDATE – Have now had this brewer for over a year, and it maintains my 5 star review. No issues, works great, after a year of daily coffee making, still makes a quick, fantastic cuppa!
    I only use Death Wish, keurig Turbocharge or Gran Caffe Garibaldi (everything else is too weak)
    Still a great coffee machine after 12 months of use!

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  7. Bambi Brown

    Tan caro y solo me duro 37 días el producto en uso, ya se me descompuso y la ventana para regresarlo acaba de expirar hace 5 días!.. 😠
    Y ahora que hago?

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  8. Just Jim

    Don’t turn up your nose at the Keurig brewer. It can make decent coffee quickly and you can use your own ground coffee if you want to reduce waste. This brewer looks large but it really is not much bigger than the lesser Keurigs. It is a heavy machine, about 18 pounds. It’s mass may be why it is so much quieter than any other Keurig brewer I have tried. The construction is a level above the residential models. The brew chamber operates smoothly and there is an extra pressure plate in the brew head that stabilizes the pod while being clamped. What I enjoy about this machine is its simplicity. I don’t have to puzzle over an array of push buttons, most of which I don’t care about but require my attention for every brew. Many complain about the lack of 12 oz size which I don’t lament at all. That’s the size you would select if you want a weak and bitter cup of coffee. There just is not enough coffee in a k-cup to make a decent 12 oz cuppa Joe. I use 8oz exclusively and since that is always the default size all I have to do is press “Brew” after I close the lid. From start of drip to last burst of air it takes about 50 seconds to extract a cup. This speed should ensure a poor cup of coffee but, surpisingly, in the Keurig system it works. Perhaps the slight pressurization of the hot water makes up for the short brew time, I don’t really know. I do know the quality pods I use taste great. My favorite brand so far is Peet’s. If you use the cheapest, most stale bargain pods you can find you will make awful coffee. I often use the 4oz size without a pod to preheat a cup and to get the brew compartment warmed up and cleaned. In fact, I use the 4oz rinse a lot because a clean machine is important to good coffee. This extra fussiness is not required but I am, by nature, a fussy person. I had tried the Keurig K-1500 and it has no 4oz size among other failings. (I found it to be very noisy and slow to heat. It also can’t brew a second cup quickly, it has to heat up again.) I thought the K-1500 would be a cheaper and newer alternative to the older K-155 but it is miles away. Excellent aspects of the K-155 is that you can adjust the temperature within a 10 degree range. My test with an accurate thermometer shows the settings to be accurate. This amazes me because I see many review videos of other Kurig brewers where the temperature never even gets to 180. Keurig nailed the temp adjustment on this machine. I like that I can set the on and off times for the machine. It is ready for me in the morning and it obediently goes off at night. I drink coffee or want hot water all day so I don’t use the 2-hour auto off function. I have two complaints. The first is that there is no backup for the time setting. If you momentarily use power the clock shuts down and so does the on/off setting and the auto off if you are using that one. How hard could it have been to include a button cell battery and a simple circuit to keep the clock alive? Very disappointing and annoying. My only other annoyance is the silly display. The little movie is repetitive and conveys information nobody was asking for. Why can’t we choose to shut that down or suppress it. Both of these gripes are petty and not of much consequence. This brewer will give you your money’s worth in decent quality hot coffee. My previous brewers have had fairly short lives and I am hoping this one will last.
    Oh, on a side note let me talk about using your own coffee. Keurig’s left and right hands apparent do not communicate with each other. Keurig says you can’t use a “my k-cup” in this brewer and that they don’t sell one. That is only partially true. Keurig used to make a gray-colored my k-cup with a screw top. That has disappeared years ago and I can attest that it does not fit and that you really can’t find them to buy anymore unless you go to the used market. So what does work. Amazingly the newer models works. These are the black ones with the big dot on the lid and the single hole in the middle. Just pop out the pod adapter and drop this in after being sure to remove the extra 2.0 device attached to the bottom. I’ll attach a photo of the one I use. Keurig has just discontinued this item and replaced it with a 5-hole top version. This one also works with K-155 but Keurig does not seem to know that. There is a valve mechanism in the lid that closes off the 4 extra holes. Be aware that you must remove the pod receptacle in the head to drop a my-kcup. I see so many complaints from folks saying these don’t fit and they include photos of it sitting atop the pod adapter. So, yeah, it won’t fit if you can’t read instructions. Thank you!

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  9. Chris

    The machine is very attractive however the why they have a water level indicator is nonsensical. The level will always show 100% full, except when it’s empty. the only time the screen level fluctuates is when you remove the water tank. The design flaw is that the sensor is at the very bottom of the reservoir. Once the water is extremely low, the screen will indicate “refill tank”. So why have an indicator if it does not indicate anything? I’m not sure if I will return the machine as I feel I spent too money on it. Hopefully the company will redesign the feature so you can see the water level before it’s empty.

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  10. Camarogirl

    Big unit, lots of water for multiple use, but occasionally screen goes completely blank. Contacted customer service after three days of it being unplugged and emptied, they had me plug it back in and the screen same on again. It’s gone blank several times since, I unplug it, empty the water and let it sit for a day or two. When I hook it back up it starts back like nothing happened. A bit annoying. Also find you have to hit “Brew” two or three times before the darn thing starts to pour the cup. May be good for an office setting, but for someone who drinks more then 8oz cups multiple times a day it gets a bit tedious waiting for it to pour the next 8oz to fill my travel cup. Should have gotten a coffee pot, but I wanted to try the different flavours of coffee without buying big bags of them.

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  11. CMOR2020

    I bought this as we are a family of four who all enjoy different hot beverages in the morning. The large reservoir was the biggest feature into selecting this product. Our previous Keurig had to be refilled daily, while this one I only need to refill it once every few days.
    My only issue with it is I wish it had large cup selection. The cup selections are 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz. Most of my mugs I use every morning are between 12-16 oz (depending on how much caffeine I need) so I often find I have to run it twice to get my full caffeine fix in the morning.

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