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Nespresso Vertuo Next by Breville Description

Deluxe Design

Experience a higher level of convenience with the all-new Nespresso Vertuo Next by Breville espresso machine. This sophisticatedly designed coffee maker is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With its minimalistic, yet modern design, this espresso machine is sure to turn heads. From its sleek black finish to its four programmable coffee and espresso sizes, the Nespresso Vertuo Next is your go-to for delicious, cafe-style beverages.

Multi Beverage Preparation

The Nespresso Mat Vertuo Next by Breville is versatile enough to prepare both coffee and espresso. Start the day off with a classic cup of coffee or treat yourself to a creamy espresso in moments. This espresso maker even includes special Aeroccino milk frother, designed log to whip up your favorite hot and cold frothy drinks.

One-Touch Operation

Operating the Nespresso Vertuo Next by Breville is simple and easy. With the one-touch operation, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite coffee and espresso beverages in a flash. The read-to-brew indicator also lets you know when your machine is ready to use. The auto shut-off feature conserves energy after each brewing cycle.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the Nespresso Vertuo Next by Breville is quick and mess-free. The machine does not require any descaling, which means more time for you to relax and enjoy your espresso. The drip tray is removable so that you can easily discard grounds without leaving a mess.


• All-new Nespresso with minimalistic design
• Four programmable coffee and espresso sizes
• Sleek black finish
• Includes Aeroccino milk frother
• Read-to-brew indicator
• Auto shut-off feature
• No descaling required
• Removable drip tray for easy clean-up

Nespresso Vertuo Next by Breville Specification




1.3 Liters



Product Dimensions

5.5"D x 14.7"W x 12.4"H

Special Feature

Removable Tank, Programmable

Coffee Maker Type

Espresso Machine


Stainless Steel

Filter Type


Item Weight

0.01 Ounces


1500 watts



Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging


Nestle Nespresso

Item model number


Date First Available

October 1, 2013

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  1. Carolyn Schacht

    I love the machine. However, this is my second one. The first one after one week of use, continued to have blinking red light. Contacted Nespresso a few times and did everything they suggested. Problem persisted. Returned machine. Ordered a second one. Again, after one week of use, red blinking light. Unplugged and did cleaning routine. Has been good since (about a week). Hopefully, that’ll do it. Is this is a problem with the Vertuo machine line?

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  2. Kathleen Tarbert

    For whatever reason, the original machine brewed coffee but failed to produce the crema that the Nespresso machine is so well known for from their ads. When contacted about that, their customer service representative spent an hour with me on a video call, brewing several cups of coffee to try to find the problem. When it became apparent that, after many attempts, the crema was not going to materialize, they simply sent me a new machine and even replaced all of the coffee pods used to test the machine. Fast forward 14 months, after the warranty expired, their customer service rep was again contacted to assist with a problem. The machine appeared to start to brew coffee but would immediately shut down, and there was no apparent error message to indicate what the problem was. While the service rep originally thought the machine simply needed to be cleaned, the problem persisted. After two subsequent video calls to investigate the cause further, they simply said they were sending us a new machine. An impressive response.

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  3. Hayesgirl

    Machine seems noisier than our last Vertuo and takes longer to fill the cup.

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  4. Lyne Brouillette

    J’ador ma machine, par contre ça indique avoir un mousseur et il n’y en a pas.

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  5. strevor

    This was my first Nespresso purchase. I purchased as a birthday present for my wife, and it was disappointing very quickly. Returned product after just a few days. We ran into the following issues:
    – Every brew resulted in water leaking into the catch bin and out the bottom of the unit. Must have gotten a damaged unit. Resulted in water all over the counter after each use.
    – Got about 1 correct brew every 3 attempts. Almost immediately started getting yellow and orange blinking. Then would not brew correct amount of water for the pod being used. Eventually froze.
    – Because there is a single button/indicator for everything, you have to spend a lot of time deciphering various blinking colors. Some of the colors are not in the documentation. So you will have no idea why it won’t work.
    – Tried resetting device, but it made no difference.

    That said, you might get a nice working unit, so I’ve listed the following assuming yours will work fine.

    – Coffee had nice crema and tasted good (when it would brew correctly)
    – Smaller size is good for smaller counter spaces
    – Cup platform is very strong and adjustable to 3 different heights.
    – Returning on Amazon was very easy.

    – Wider coffee cups will not fit on the cup platform. Requires bottom of cup to be more narrow.
    – No “water only” brew option for tea drinkers. (Only way we found to brew water only was to clean out a used pod and trick it into thinking you were brewing a cup of coffee.)
    – 1st cup of coffee was never very hot, so we started using the empty pod to pre-brew a cup, so your next cup was hot enough. Otherwise, if you add any milk/creamer to your coffee, it’s too cold to enjoy.
    – Size of water bin is much smaller than other models. Becomes a bigger issue when you have to waste the first brew on getting it hot enough.
    – Not all error code blinking color combinations possible are documented in the manual. Doing Google search also turns up contradicting explanations/guesses from users since it’s not clearly documented. So apparently hitting these errors can be frequent.
    – Did connect to bluetooth, but could never get to the next step which is connecting to wifi. I have Very strong Mesh wifi router with a great signal, but it still could never successfully connect. Even tried reducing signal to 2.4hz, but it still would not connect.
    – Turns itself off after 2 mins which makes it difficult to configure it if you run into any problems. Even a 5 minute timeframe would have made it better.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Love the coffee but the open/close on top is really hard to use.

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  7. Hannah a.

    This is a great machine and makes great coffee. I love buying coffee machines as gifts and I realized this model isn’t the most durable. Sometimes the button will flash orange and eventually over time it’ll stop working, it’s fixable but I rather not have to deal with that in a year or less. The company said if it happens within 2-years they will replace it. It’s not a bad brand but I did stop buying this model because of that one issue. You can also google it and get a better idea what I’m talking about. But otherwise it did work great and made great coffee.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I replaced my old Vertuo Plus Deluxe coffee maker with this newer model. The same coffee pods that I used to drink don’t taste the same and has less foam on top. It is still “okay” but not as good as the previous one. The used pods do not drop in to the tray very well when you open. The used pod tray is always filled with coffee liquid. Its very messy. I am going to try to fix the Vertuo. The carafe coffee tastes like a burnt coffee… Very disappointed…

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  9. Nory

    Fácil de usar

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  10. A. Pyne

    I wanted a pod espresso machine that had the capacity to make coffee as well. This little guy is perfect.

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  11. Simple

    No dislikes it’s an easy pop it in and a push of a button

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  12. Lindsay Porter

    I got this coffee making as a birthday gift, so I was VERY displeased when the delivery person SLAMMED it onto my front porch, and also to find that it looked as if the box had already been ripped opened and tampered with. I was afraid some components were missing or broken, but looks like everything was accounted for and the machine works fine. I didn’t realize until after I purchased the machine that it is shipped in the original box (not put in an Amazon box), so I would suggest choosing the option to have it double boxed.

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  13. Région de l’Estrie.

    Ce n’est pas ma première machine. La dernière n’a pas duré très longtemps et n’a pu être réparée. Alors ceci est un dernier test.

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