Ninja CFP301 Drip Coffee Machine

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Ninja CFP301 Drip Coffee Machine Description

Powerful & Multi-Functional Brewer

Enjoy maximum convenience when you brew delicious coffee, tea, and hot cocoa with the Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Drip Maker with Glass Carafe. This premium brewer offers powerful strength settings, precision temperature control, an advanced warming system, and a sleek glass carafe to give you complete control over every cup! Choose between classic, rich, or over ice brews, or switch to specialty for tea, hot cocoa, and cold brews if desired. With unparalleled convenience and unparalleled brewing power, you’ll always have professional-grade coffee and beverages at the touch of a button.

Maximum Brew Strength & Precision Temperature Control

The Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Drip Maker with Glass Carafe provides professional-grade brewing control and strength selection for every cup. With three strengths to choose from, you can dial in the perfect brew for beverages and coffee. You also have precision temperature control to ensure every beverage is brewed at perfection. This brewer also offers an advanced warming system that ensures you get the same great flavor and quality every single time.

Stylish & Ready to Use

The Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Drip Maker with Glass Carafe is not only powerful, but it also looks great on any countertop. As the perfect combination of ultimate convenience, unprecedented power, and beautiful aesthetics, this drip maker is a must-have for any kitchen. With an elegant glass carafe, advanced warming system, programmable timer, and high-end strength options, you can achieve professional-grade results every time.


The Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Drip Maker with Glass Carafe offers a variety of great features, including:

• Three strength options – classic, rich, and over ice
• Specialty setting for tea, hot cocoa, and cold brews
• Precision temperature control
• Advanced warming technology
• Sleek glass carafe
• Programmable timer
• Easy-to-use control panel
• Easy cleanup with removable parts
• Unique spout designed for drip-free pouring.

Ninja CFP301 Drip Coffee Machine Specification




96 Fluid Ounces



Product Dimensions

9.13"D x 11.39"W x 15.54"H

Special Feature

Programmable, Milk Frother, Removable Tank, Thermal, Auto Clean Function, Water Filter

Coffee Maker Type

Drip Coffee Machine



Filter Type



Paper Filter Kit

Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Item Weight

9.69 Pounds

Included Components

Ninja smart scoop, Fold-away frother, Ninja DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee Maker, K-Cup pod adapter, 12-cup glass carafe

Operation Mode

Fully Automatic


1550 watts



Model Name

Ninja CFP301

Number of Items


Human Interface Input




Item model number


Date First Available

September 14, 2021

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Ninja CFP301 Drip Coffee Machine Reviews (9)

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  1. José Lorenzo Valdivia Leon

    Cumple con las expectativas que buscas producto resistente y fácil de usar

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  2. Daniel

    This product is specifically made for “daily use” (if that makes sense) . Daily coffee consumption is obviously for K Cup users (takes around 2-5 seconds before it starts the drip)

    For providing coffee for visitors, your go to is the drip!

    Tank can move at the back and on the side (as long as your space permits)

    If you got extra $$ and justify the use of both K Cup and Drip, then go for it!

    PS: tea lovers, this has a specific hot/boil water setting! Loved it!

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  3. Amazlon Customer

    We tried every aspect of the Ninja DualBrew Pro except espresso. My husband drinks coffee; I drink tea. Thumbs up on the Keurig pod coffee. The machine brewed HOT coffee with outstanding flavor. The boiling water feature for my tea boiled at least 2 ounces away in steam. I’m at 5500 feet altitude and had already performed the calibration process. The tea was so flavorful; much better than my normal BUT it was lukewarm even after heating the froth. LOVE the froth attachment. My husband’s coffee, brewed with the silver permanent coffee filter, was lukewarm. I tasted it, it was brewed on Rich and it was very tasty. I will try the heated coffee cup option but I’ve never had to do this previously with our little thermal carafe coffeemaker. I had it on delay but it never started at the designated time. I am finding the stopper for the coffee pot is difficult to seat on the pot. I’m not sure you could ever make espresso because the water does not get hot enough. So we’ve got pros and cons. It’s a beautifully designed machine that is so versatile but we like HOT coffee and tea. UPDATE: Changed to 5 stars. We generally brew coffee and tea one cup at a time. So the lukewarm issue pertains to carafe made coffee. When brewed with ceramic mugs, the coffee and tea is HOT. I think the “heated mug” option discussed in the instructions would resolve the lukewarm coffee/tea brewed in the carafe. Also, I resolved the Delay problem. It has to be done every night. I just assumed if it was set up and in Delay, it would work like my other coffee maker. You have to actually turn it on. After using the Ninja for a while, we both really love it. It makes outstanding coffee and tea and it’s sort of fun to use. Update #2. After 1 month use, First, the coffeemaker would not “read” the pod adapter so could no longer brew pod coffee. Then while on the phone with Shark/Ninja customer service, the coffee feature went out. So now, I can only boil water. The customer service was excellent. I should have a new coffeemaker in 3-5 days, no shipping fees because it broke within 90 days. This reminds me of the Cuisinart toaster/airfryer/oven I got which did not work but the second one broke too. After spending so much time on the phone, I just gave it away. We’ll see if this coffeemaker makes it to the 1-year warranty without breaking. Still love it though. Update 2: received a new coffeemaker unit without any of the accessories within 3 days. The pod unit works perfectly. All the issues mentioned about lukewarm coffee does not seem to be a problem anymore probably due to single use in a ceramic mug. I really love this coffeemaker!

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  4. Raul N

    Despues de una semana de uso, mejor sabor de cafe debido a su sistema de filtracion en comparacion con otras cafeteras que he tenido, facil de utilizar, mejor calidad por precio de la misma en comparacion con otras cafeteras mas caras. Muy Satisfecho con la compra, la recomiendo ampliamente.

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  5. Sid Gould

    Haven’t had a drip coffee maker of any kind for the last 10 years. I have been using a french press for the last five years and before that my coffee was made in a percolator. A friend introduced us to the variety available in coffee pods, which my wife loves, so that kind of made up my mind. The Ninja CFP301 seemed to have it all and it meant I could do coffee from grounds as well as from pods. We buy beans from a local roaster and the quality of the finished coffee matters a great deal along with the versatility of using k pods.
    I can’t begin to say enough good things about our Ninja coffee maker. We keep 4 or 5 different types of coffee beans on hand and this machine has made great coffee from them all. The fact that it dispenses hot water for tea, etc as well as makes coffee is a bonus in a small kitchen, so no more kettle on the counter. The footprint of this machine is not as big as I feared so it fits well on our counter top. The brew styles work a charm as does the milk frother. OK, so you have to heat the milk up first in the microwave instead of steaming it hot…no problem. The ‘Specialty’ brew style is worth having the machine for all by itself. While it doesn’t produce the crema that true espresso machines do, it makes a cup of espresso from ground coffee that looks, smells and tastes close enough to genuine espresso that making lattes and cappuccinos is easy and a great complement to my kitchen.
    The conversion from grounds coffee to k pods is simple and I even bought reusable pod capsules that work very well.
    If there is a con of any kind it’s that the warming plate keeps the coffee a bit hotter than I like so that a pot of coffee doesn’t age well. I turn it off after a few minutes.
    I heartily recommend this coffee maker and have done so to all of my coffee fanatic friends.

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  6. Karen B

    I received my machine a week ago Sunday and had already had my morning coffee but plugged it in, primed it and brewed some coffee. It was good. Monday morning I decided to just brew a travel mug amount into the carafe. It was warm but not hot. All week it was the same. I came to Amazon and saw others complained of that so ordered another machine. Then it hit me; the heating element with the intelibrew feature probably doesn’t have time to warm up with that amount of coffee in the carafe on the “ground” setting. I got home and tested. I was right. I did tests for full pot and cup using KCup adapter and used an instant read thermometer and the water was hot. Brewing for a travel mug I’ll use the KCup adapter as the water was hot when I brewed that way. This morning I brewed a 1/2 pot. Super hot. So for those of you saying your coffee isn’t hot enough this may be why. The warming plate does not trigger unless a 1/4 pot is brewed. Ninja didn’t fail me, it was user error.

    EDIT: June 12th – So have had this for about 6 weeks now and I absolutely still love it. I had the Ninja Coffee Bar before but got rid of it about 2 years ago. This coffee make brews HOT and strong coffee, which I love. I love the convenience of the frother being right on the machine. I’ve used it mostly with 2% milk but also with flavored creamer. Works hot or cold. I don’t know why people are having issues with grounds in their coffee, perhaps they are using too many grounds or they grind their coffee too fine. I’ve not had that issue. I look forward to waking up in the mornings to fresh, hot coffee.

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  7. DayCare62

    So this is brand new just got it yesterday, out of the box, this makes a great Kcup coffee..better than any Keurig I’ve owned, whereas the K has one nozzle for the k cups, this has three..pauses for a couple seconds while brewing to let the water saturate the coffee, then continues, and the time it takes seems just as quick as a K..I have not made a pot of coffee with it yet, however, I’m guessing this is gonna beat our crappy Bunn…will update …yes this is more expensive, I’ve always appreciated the Ninja line of kitchen items…this maker also seems not to be drawing as much power, which is good, the K put a strain on the breaker it was on..old house, my overhead light would “shimmer” when the K was brewing, with the Ninja it is not…this is not a cheap coffee maker (for me anyway), however , it has many talents and well worth the extra money I paid for it…seriously, my Walmart breakfast blend k cups have never tasted better! Will update as I use the other functions

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  8. Emilse Hernandez

    Es un equipo que tuvimos que ver un video de Youtube para poder entenderle ya que si no sabiamos como usarla, una vez viendolo le entendimos perfecto y empezamos a usarla por lo que está muy buena la cafetera porque si quieres café molido utilizas la manera de cafe molido o si quieres capsulas puedes cambiar, también se puede programar la cafetera para que esté listo a la hora que lo necesites.

    El espumador a mi si me ha funcionado muy bien con leche caliente (que metimos al microondas por menos de 1 min)

    Sirve solo con capsulas Keurig, por lo que si es importante tomar nota (son un poco más caras que las dolce gusto)

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  9. Scooter T

    This is a wonderfully versatile coffee maker, with easy-to-use controls. It makes everything from a single cup (with a pull-down cup holder so it doesn’t splash all over) to a full pot with a simple turn of a dial, and even has an adapted to use K cups. It’s easy to program the delay brew function so my coffee is ready first thing in the morning. I love the ability to move the water reservoir to either the side or back of the machine. I’ve replaced my previous Krups drip coffee maker and separate Keurig machine with this one machine, which is a better drip coffee makers and saves precious counter space.

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