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Current Price - July 18, 2024
Highest Price £359.00 May 16, 2024
Lowest Price £359.00 May 16, 2024
Since May 16, 2024

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£359.00 May 16, 2024

Sony MDR 1AM2 Description

Professional Audio Performance

The Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones offer superior sound to get the most out of your music. With a frequency response range of 4–100,000 Hz, these high-resolution headphones deliver top-notch audio performance with deep bass and crystal-clear highs. Plus, with a 39-ohm output impedance and a 5 to 30,000 Hz frequency response, you can experience every detail of your music as if you’re right in the studio. The aluminum-coated LCP diaphragm ensures precise sound and a higher sensitivity to deliver deep, powerful bass as you listen.

Comfort & Style

Crafted with luxurious materials, the Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones offer superior comfort, so you can keep listening for hours on end. A soft earpad cushion covered in fine velvet covers each ear, while an adjustable steel headband creates a snug fit to help reduce external noise. Plus, the chic, all-black design looks great on anyone.

Digital Noise Canceling Technology

The Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones come equipped with Sony’s exclusive digital noise canceling tech. This feature ensures that you’ll enjoy great sound quality even when you’re surrounded by outside noise. Plus, the built-in mic lets you take phone calls and control your music without ever taking off your headphones.

Easy Connectivity & Portability

The Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones are designed foroptimal portability. They feature a standard 3.5mm jack connector that lets you easily connect to multiple devices, and the flat, tangle-resistant cable makes storage and setup a breeze. Plus, with a lightweight construction and a hard case design, you can take these headphones wherever you go.


• High-resolution audio performance with a frequency response range of 4–100,000 Hz
• Aluminum-coated LCP diaphragm for precise sound
• Soft earpad cushions covered in fine velvet for comfortable listening
• Fully adjustable steel headband for a snug fit
• Sony’s exclusive noise canceling tech for optimal sound quality
• Built-in mic for hands-free calls and music control
• Standard 3.5mm jack connector for easy connectivity
• Flat, tangle-resistant cable for easy setup
• Lightweight construction and hard case design for portability

Sony MDR 1AM2 Specification

Product Dimensions

9.19 x 4.38 x 10.25 inches

Item Weight

187 Grams

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 22, 2014




1.0 Count

Number Of Items


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Sony MDR 1AM2 Reviews (10)

10 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Curtis Lawrence

    The media could not be loaded.

     First off lets start with how they fit around your ears. If you have small ears you can position these however you like, but for bigger ears I would try this way instead. When I was looking inside the headphone cushions I saw that they had a bit more space hidden which should fit bigger ears because when I tuck in my ears which are small I still have a lot more space inside the headphones pads. Now lets talk sound quality. These headphones have bass ports which I will show where with photos, kind of like a subwoofer or speakers. Do not try to cover them the bass will sound weird because the air flows through them to produce such great bass that these headphones have. When you put on some songs with a lot of bass you will be amazed by the bass these small headphones. If you EQ the bass it will be a bassheads dream with those songs if you set the bass a bit higher. The bass is excellent on these.

    Now for the midrange (Vocals) I like it a lot especially when I watch videos or want to monitor my voice. For songs the vocals are clear and you will know they are there. These headphones are very fun to listen to.

    Now for the high range. This is mostly what makes the headphones sound clearer. When I have these on a lower volume I could fall asleep with these on. The high range on a lower volume the headphone has a warm sound signature but when I turn up the volume some of that treble range can break through but instead of being able to sleep with them on they act more excited like most other headphones but much more explosive bass with these. Obviously you should never use headphones on high volume it will seriously damage your hearing.

    For soundstage, these are closed back headphones first off, so nothing like an open-back heqdphone but some soundstage is there if you really focus and relax, not a whole lot though. I would say the soundstage is there but not wide, it still feels like its near your ear but these headphones primarily should be for listening to music, videos, and perhaps movies not for soundstage and all that but for voices or narrative for documentaries, and for big explosions for that bass.

    For the build quality these are the lightest headphones that I have bought, I was amazed. You could wear these for hours and you might forget that they are on your head. I would be very afraid for these to fall off my head because of how light weight they are. The build is plastic, some of it is a bit rough feeling. The headband may look flat but actually its just a bit of flexible material with a crease and the rest of it is cushion, and whatever material thats inside the headband is 1mm thick compared to the rest of the soft cushioning it’s very comfortable. The pads itself on the inside is great I don’t remember the material but it’s soft. The adjustment part of the headphone I would think is some sort of metal. For the aux port you will need an auxillary cable with the same locking mechanism as the stock cables. Also, this headphone comes with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm auxillary with a mic attached. The mic on this is fantastic for what it is. This headphone also comes with a soft carrying case and a balanced 3.5mm to 4.4mm auxillary cable which I haven’t tried yet but heard that it makes these headphones sound even better than what they already are without it. They also come in a nice cardboard after you take out the cheap paper box it comes with outside of that cardboard and when you open it the headphones are laying in a nice smooth attached cloth on some plastic material which looks nice to be presented with.

    Portablity, yes they could be used outside but they are not sweatproof or anything of that sort, I found that the bass ports are sensitive to wind so you will hear the wind when wearing these. I really enjoy using these at home I would buy some iem, wireless earbuds, or earbuds with an ipx rating for outside especially for the summer, not that its okay to wear any headphones in cold weather anyways. These are great, bass way better beyond what the xm3 or xm4 can produce, they say it can do 3hz beyond human hearing which these sound like a mini subwoofer, clean high range, and I love the midrange so far. If you can buy these for $300 Canadian dollars I would do it. I have no idea when Sony will release the MDR 1Am3 or whatever is next for them that is an upgrade to this. All said, try these. I hope you like them, give it time. I’ve had them for a few months and they keep getting better. (Will update if needed.)

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  2. Amazon Customer

    These are definitely good headphones.

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  3. Ryan Peng

    These are the most expensive and highest quality headphones I’ve ever owned. And it helps me understand why some spend thousands on audio setups.

    My experience with these have been nothing short of shocking and eye-opening. I’m going through all the music I’ve listened to hundreds of times and it’s like I’m listening to them for the first time.

    I’ve noticed many things for the first time, such as music sounding different when these headphones are driven by my PC vs by my phone. It’s also noticeable how much lower quality youtube music is than spotify. This wasn’t noticeable with the cheaper headphones I’ve used before.

    Definitely one of my happiest purchases.

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  4. Curtis Lawrence


    Los he usado por periodos largos de reproducción musical (máximo 4.5 horas continuas), y lo normal, de vez en cuando los abres para ventilar, pero solo eso, la comodidad de estos es lo esperado en un producto de este precio, o sea, sí, son cómodos y no cansan.


    El diseño a pesar de ser sencillo cuenta con la sensación de que se trata de un producto de calidad, nuevamente lo menciono, es lo esperado en un producto de este precio.


    Jack 3.5 y cable balanceado 4.4mm, este último te da un aumento en la calidad y potencia de sonido, eso sí, dependiendo el reproductor de música que se utilice y si este cuenta con salida balanceada, de preferencia de 4.4mm aunque también puedes usar adaptador de 2.5mm para ese tipo de salidas balanceadas.


    A ver, voy a ser claro en este punto, ya tocará a los que les encantan las pruebas especificas con medidores de frecuencias o cualquier otra herramienta.


    Los sonidos graves son suficientes, no son los bajos potentes que algunos mencionan, quizás oídos “audiófilos” tengan un problema con los bajos potentes o con “mucha” presencia y estos audifonos puedan considerarlos como un poco elevados en ese tipo de sonido, pero no se hagan una falsa idea, no es como que el vecino de enfrente está estrenando los nuevos buffers de su automóvil, repito, tiene bajos suficientes para la gente que escucha música con la presencia de este sonido como base de su ritmo (electrónica, rap, R&B, etc…) pero jamás son unos Mega Bass o Extra Bass.


    Para mí, se sienten con cuerpo, ligeramente robustos, muy bien definidos. Este tipo de sonido me parece que es el que más valoro, la fidelidad en estos medios es muy buena.


    Vas a leer en algunas reseñas que en comparación con “x” o “y” audífonos le falta un poco de brillo a este sonido en especifico, así como también leerás que no se ponen de acuerdo en si suenan apagados y sin brillo o si son sibilantes y muy echados para adelante. A ver, estos agudos son los que necesito, me gustan mucho los agudos, no me interesan los sonidos apagados y sin brillo, y con esto tengo el brillo que quiero, y dependiendo del reproductor pueden ser aún más marcados y brillantes. En resumen y para que se entienda, si escuchas la grabación de un alfiler caer al piso lo vas a percibir de forma correcta, el brillo que necesita ese sonido, no va a sonar como que tiraste una corcholata o una goma de borrar. Y sí, pueden haber audífonos que tengan agudos más brillantes, pero no por eso mejores, sino que al gusto de las personas que priman el uso de este tipo de sonido pues serán mejores.

    Encontrarás opiniones que analizan estos audífonos con detalles técnicos que al final pueden significar mucho o poco según la apreciación de cada usuario. No los voy a comparar con otros audífonos, no tiene sentido, si quieres que suenen igual o similar a otros no tendría sentido comprarte estos o cualquiera.

    Espero que si alguien está por decidirse esto le haya facilitado su decisión.

    P.D. No solo son los audífonos, el reproductor de música que se utilice puede tener más peso en la calidad del sonido que los propios audífonos, pero si encuentras un buen reproductor, estos audífonos los vas a apreciar más aún.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Excellent sound and comfortable. As described.

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  6. namco

    I just might by a second pair. Seriously, they are that good…. I have been on a spree of buying headphone for awhile now trying to find a pair that aren’t lacking. Proper bass response without destroying the mids and highs…. and then still having said mids and highs…. these fit the bill! I am blown away at the sound quality. For the money, they compare to headphones that cost twice as much. I had a pair of HifiMan Sundara’s which are about the same price (50 bucks more) and these make the Hifiman headphones seem like a cheap gimmick…. The sound stage exists and yet they are closed back… but when you have media that is spacious (some songs, games, movies) you can feel the size. Its not AS LARGE of a sound space as open back headphones, but its not as tight and “close” as closed back usually are. These are seriously my favorite pair of headphones, ever…. Don’t get me wrong, if I had the money, I would buy the Sennheiser HD800s Reference…. but those are like 1800 bucks…. these are a paltry 300 bucks and sound in my opinion almost as good, but not quite. As I said I have been all over the place headphone wise, beyerdynamics, other sony’s, hifiman, audiotechnica, and these particular sonys put them all to shame….

    I have the sound blaster AE-9 with upgraded OP-AMPS (which will soon yet again get updated this time with MUSES instead of burr browns), which I then use the RCA output into my headphone amplifier…. I have used both the sound cards headphone amplifier and my own via RCA, and I prefer the RCA, its more pure, better low end, better mids, and better highs…. I use the Schiit Magni Heresy, yeah the one that is driven by op-amps! The combo is insane. I can’t wait to hear what MUSES do to the sound quality from top to bottom….

    I want a second pair of these, so I can leave one at my desk, and have the other for bed. I’m too lazy to simply walk them from A to B over and over again. but they are so good in quality, its kinda worth having another pair….

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  7. Your Name Here

    I have paired these with an IFI headphone DAC/AMP connected to a computer. I am happy with the sound. The headphones, and especially the ear cups, look smallish, but with just a little fiddling I can get a reasonable fit.

    My problem is the (proprietary?) balanced cable is ONLY FOUR FEET LONG! Really, Sony, for $250 you can’t spring the extra 50 cents or so for one or two feet more of cable?

    As long as your playback device is close-by it’s not a show-stopper. But every time you get up to stretch or fetch something it really is annoying to have to stop the playback, remove the headphones, scratch/stretch, and then restore everything back.

    And if your playback device is more than two feet away, the cable is NOT GOING TO WORK.

    I have looked and can not find a longer balanced cable, nor can I find any extension cable. I’ll keep looking on occasion, but I don’t have much hope.

    So now I have one more thing to try to remember in the future – make sure the cable(s) are long enough and are NOT proprietary!

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  8. IRB

    They are made by Sony so of course they sound great, But these are also super comfortable which is why they a a 5 star product for me.

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  9. Sweet Potato

    These headphones are among the purest you will find. Keep in mind they are not made for Audiophiles, but for Audio Professionals.

    If you intend on using these for audio recording, whether music based, film/video production.. these headphones will provide a genuinely pure representation of the entire range of frequencies on offer… IF you have the ear for that kind of thing as well. If you understand what that all means, pre-EQíng and pre-mastering, you will appreciate exactly what these headphones have to offer.

    If you are after a specific type of sound or “soundstage” or whatever other buzzwords are popular with self professed Audiophiles, stay away from these unless you are serious about tweaking your EQ settings and being exposed to some hard truths. If you are one of these lazy “experts” that demnds more bass, or midrange, or sense of space or whatever… you’re really just describing a closed range of frequency responses and effects that you prefer. The MDR1AM2 does not cater to you… they will expose the flaws in some of the music you like so much in terms of mixing and mastering that you thought were great with other headphones that “boosted” the bass/treble/etc.. Boosting = Fake/Inaccurate/Unbalanced sound.

    The sound is brutally honest.

    I have gone through a variety of headphones over the years. I have accepted the minor flaws in a variety of very good headphones for the purposes of gaming, mobile music listening, etc…. but my go to was always my old Sony MDR7506. And I have been reluctant to get another pair of MDR7506’s because of the one structural flaw in its design… the ultra heavy duty, and heavy weighted wire that inevitably loosens its connectivity at the point directly inside the headphone.

    These MDR1AM2’s are better than the MDR7506 in every possible way.
    More comfortble to wear, a light and detachable cable. Frequency range is so much broader while requiring a fraction of the ohms (16 vs 63) so no need for amp boosting.

    Have tried this with normal MP3s… and it demonstrates more of the subtle trash that occurs from MP3 compression that you can usually ignore with most other headphones.

    I have also tried it with both recordings in uncompressed 24 bit, 96khz WAV file form and 24 bit 44khz VST instruments (EastWest Hollywood Opus to be specific).

    PERFECTION! I have found the headphones I will use for at least the next 10 years, probably longer considering these already cover a frequency range that is beyond realistic human hearing.

    Keep in mind that Sony’s audio department does not have a track record of promoting lifestyle headphones, as you may struggle to find proper reviews online. It is obvious by the background of many of the psuedo influencers “reviewing” audio gear these days that they do not truly understand audio at a professional level, and/or are motivated by the occasional endorsements and kickbacks which heavily skew how they approach their appraisals . Sony is known for making hardcore pro studio equipment, and that is the kind of tech you are getting here…. at a disturbingly low price considering what many other high end brands are demanding for their flagship headphones

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  10. John Douglas Powers

    I’ll be comparing these to my experiences with mid-level Sennheiser headphones, which I replaced with the Sony this time because Sennheiser is bad about not supporting their products (which I have grown tired of). I did not get these for noise-cancellation, so I will not be reviewing based on that (however, they do mask background noise better than my 598s, including the sound of my Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard and my CPU fans, if that is a factor for you).

    – The bass response is exceptional. That’s not necessarily a good thing for ear health, but if bass is important to you, the MDR1AM2s bring it.
    – The packaging is impressive, right down to the custom-fitted shrink wrap, but I had to damage the outer sleeve on the box to get it open, so it might make returns problematic.
    – The cans swivel flat, making them relatively easy to store and to pack in a laptop bag. They would make excellent headphones for a traveler.
    – They are lightweight. I’m not sure how that will bode for long-term durability. I’ll have to get back to you in 5 years.

    – The over-the-ear design is too tight for my liking. With my Sennheisers (598 SE), I could forget I was wearing them. I can’t with the MDR1AM2s. I find myself frequently adjusting the left can for proper fit. Nipponjin must have small ears compared to Germans.
    – The leather-style earpads make my ears sweat.
    – Although I expect the frequency response to improve once the drivers break-in, out of the box, the high frequency response is lackluster at best. By comparison with the Sn 598s, they sound more hollow. Note: I do expect this to improve over time, but as to how much it will improve, that has yet to be heard.
    – The included headphone jack does not fit correctly with my standard extension cable. I had to nudge the plug out just a bit to get the sound to come through correctly. I’m not sure at this point whether replacing the cable with a different one will alleviate that issue. So far, it hasn’t been a major problem.
    – Any movement of the cable will carry through to the cans, interfering with the sound quality. So if you are working at your computer and have to move your head, even a centimeter, you will hear it.

    – They’re good, but I liked my $94.00 (on sale at the time) Sennheiser 598 SEs better (until the OEM earpads wore out and I couldn’t get a comparable replacement because Sennheiser product support leaves something to be desired).

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