Sony MDR-Z7M2

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Sony MDR-Z7M2 Price History


Current Price £17.88 April 12, 2024
Highest Price £17.88 November 15, 2023
Lowest Price £17.88 November 15, 2023
Since November 15, 2023

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£17.88 November 15, 2023

Sony MDR-Z7M2 Description

Unmatched Audio Quality

The Sony MDR-Z7M2 Hi-Res Stereo Overhead Headphones offer the absolute best in audio quality. Using the advanced 70mm HD driver with Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm, this pair of headphones provides a frequency range of 4 Hz to 100 kHz and impressive sound pressure level (SPL) of 105dB/mW. Hear every detail of your favorite music with supreme clarity and richness with this high-performance pair. Whether it’s soothing melodies or aggressive riffs, understand why professional audiophiles and musicians alike choose the Sony MDR-Z7M2 for best sound reproduction.

Crafted Pro-Level Design

Designed with the professional musician in mind, the Sony MDR-Z7M2 has a sleek black color and the design to hit all the right spots. Not only does it have on-ear 3D WingSupport to ensure a comfortable fit, but the accumulated feedback of experts was implemented in the design of the earpads. The plush earpads offer better sound isolation, so you can focus more on your music without distractions. Its stabilization ring gives extra acoustic stability and vibrations, giving your music the best possible lift even at the highest frequencies.

Durability and Mobility

Built to last, the MDR-Z7M2 features a robust design. Its cable is shielded with an oxygen-free copper wire and braided with a durable nylon material for added protection. It also comes with a convenient carrying pouch for transporting your headphones wherever you’d like. Whether you’re making music in the studio or enjoying some tunes at home, this headphone series takes craftsmanship and portability to the next level.

Unlock Your Dynamic Potential

Break free from the ordinary earphone experience and unlock the dynamic potential of the Sony MDR-Z7M2. Equipped with high-resolution audio technology, you can dive into your music with superior sound reproduction. Experience acoustic precision, fullness, and clarity – every time. Enjoy the flexibility of connecting these headphones to most audio playback devices, including smartphone, tablet, computer, and more. The Z7M2 also provides you with an in-line remote control so you can easily adjust volume control and play music with ease.


• 70mm HD driver with LCP diaphragm
• Frequency range of 4 Hz to 100 kHz
• Sound pressure level (SPL) of 105 dB/mW
• On-ear 3D WingSupport for a comfortable fit
• Plush earpads for better sound isolation
• Stabilization ring for acoustic stability and vibrations
• Robust cable with Oxygen-free copper and a durable nylon braid
• Convenient carrying pouch for portability
• High-resolution audio technology for superior sound reproduction
• Compatible with most audio devices
• In-line remote control for adjusting volume control

Sony MDR-Z7M2 Specification

Product Dimensions

8.56 x 6.22 x 9.28 inches

Item Weight

0.75 Pounds

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 30, 2018




1.0 Count

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Sony MDR-Z7M2 Reviews (9)

9 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Todd M

    These are the sweetest sounding closed back headphones I have ever had. The sound stage is deep and wide, the entire frequency range is handled well. If you have a headphone amp with a balanced connection the sound is even better. I have other headphones in my collection that are double the price, these ones are on par. They pair wonderfully with my I-Fi Zen can in 3D mode. They are quite easy to drive though and will sound great with any half decent amp. Warning: listening to music with these on is highly addictive!

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  2. SD

    I have the original MDRz7 and these are a good upgrade. They managed to make the sound more transparent in the mids and highs compared to the last version. I had the top of the line Z1’s but I returned them because they were hard on my ears. I also returned the Focal clears and Mr Speakers Ether C. I currently own Hifiman HE6SE which I drive off my SET tube amps and the Edition xx which I use with my Aurender Flow dac but lately I’ve been using the Sony MDRz7 mark 1 because I like the stronger bass even though the highs were slightly veiled compared to both my Hifiman phones I own, so I tried these MDRz7-M2 and they really improved the upper frequencies now comparable the Edition XX phones but with much more Bass that was too excessive and loose making the phones vibrate annoyingly on my ears. I discovered that this was caused by the new pads which I don’t like so I swapped them out with the Z7 mark 1 pads and the bass is much tighter and better and I am happy now. I also own the Audeze LCD-XC and they are good however they cant be played as loud as the Sony nor is the sound-stage as wide. the Audeze cost $1200 and are heavy so the Sony’s are a bargain especially when you swap out the pads, which I recommend doing. I enjoy the Sony’s the most out of all my headphones.

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  3. Carla Moreira

    J’adore ce casque! Il est génial. Le son est excellent. Il n’y a aucun bruit de structure, c’est ce qui me déplaît le plus sur les casques de piètre qualité.

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  4. Carla Moreira

    Great sound quality .As advertised.

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  5. A. Armas

    They look and feel very well built, and are quite light for size.
    The soundstage is very good for closed headphones.

    The bass packs a punch, it’s fast and dynamic. The mids feel a bit lagged compared to the other frequencies and perhaps because of the excess of bass is that I feel that they lack a bit of clarity.

    I would like to hear a little more information on the treble, don’t get me wrong, the sound in general is very good, especially for long time listening, they have a relaxed sound that will allow you to listen to them for hours and in a very dynamic way that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

    But if you are looking for excessive detail in your music with a lot of information, these are not the right headphones for you.

    That said, they are my favorite headphones for listening to Trance and House music.

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  6. Jacques Lamerde

    Wow, what an amazing headphone. I am just a casual listener, so don’t expect me to review like a professional audiophile. Due to its relatively high impedance (56 ohms) compared to regular consumer headphones (under 35 ohms), I decided to buy Fiio Q3 DAC for this headphone. Without a DAC, volume is about half of what I would normall get on IEM, VModa, and Beats 3 Pro. I have owned many different headphones that cost around $100-400 price range, but I always wonder what would it be like to listen to a high-end equipment. Oh boy, does it worth $800? Yes, absolutely. Sound clarity is insane. I can hear details that I couldn’t hear before, its not even funny. Beats Pro and VModa sound like radio quality after listening to this. It has absolutely wide soundstage… almost as if you have an entire orchestra in the same room as you. Sound is quite flat, it is not a V shape headphone. It has very strong mid, bass is nice but not overblown. If you are a bass head.. it is probably not going to impress you, but it does not mean it has no bass. It gives you strong thumps, just not muffled and powerful thumps you would hear from V Moda. The headphone fits very well. Cushion is extremely comfortable and it has an amazing build quality. Very sturdy and sleek. I cannot justify myself to pay additionak $1800 to get a Z1. This is already an amazing headphone.

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  7. namco

    Best headphones ive ever owned. And i have bought and reviewed quite a few.

    My previous favorite headphones were the sony mdr-1am2 which were lighter and more portable than these mdr-z7m2 but the sound signsture is better on the z7m2. The z7m2 are WAY more comfortable but heavier, however they have good solid clamp over your ears so they stay in place and the cushions so soft, you forget you are wearing them. The 1am2s can work well with cell phones and are loud (16ohm) but these z7m2 are quiet on cell phones due to needing more power to drive them (56ohms).

    Both headphones are considered closed back. The z7m2 leaks more aound than the 1am2s, but significantly less than an open back headphone like the hifiman sundara whoch is an open back headphone.

    Sony shoots for a neutral response. Meaning bass is flat, mids are flat, and treble is flat. A speaker will perform a certain way based on the housing its in. So far, these z7m2 are my absolute favorite and with a 70mm speaker/driver, its one of the biggest on the market. The highs are crystal clear, the bass can thump, and the mids are nice and warm. On the comparison side, the hifiman sundara are extremely bright (8khz is blown up by like 8db) and lack bass. However both headphones you can add bass with an EQ if you are in the mood to shake/vibrate your head. In fact, all 3 headphones I have mentioned can handle extra bass if you were so inclined. Some brands of headphones lack bass and you cannot eq more as the speaker itself will make mechanical noise, headphones like sennheisers in the same price group, audio-technica, and other cheap off brands. They just have no bass to begin with and you cant eq more. The Sonys are just, eargasm to me.

    There are multiple kinds of headphone users. “Audiophiles” who are snobs and honestly HATE neutral reaponse. These people prefer smooth mids and ultra bright ear shattering highs while completely lacking bass. Reminds me of old people shaking a cane saying “turn the darn bass down.” If you were to look at a graph, the bass has serious roll off (negative, below center) while mids are flat and highs slightly above neutral flat. Like most sennheisers, audio-technica, hifiman, etc.

    Then you have those who want purity. Also a bit snobby (i can admit im a neutral snob) I want headphones to give me accurate representations of the music, how the person who created it wanted us to hear…. Which means flat bass (not lacking but not too much) flat mids and most importantly flat highs. If you were to look at a graph of frequency and reaponse the line will be as flat as possible. Sennheiser hd800s break the mold and end up in this catagory, but also are extremely expensive. Also Sony’s lineup so far (1am2, z7m2). I want to get my hands on the z1r, but thats a long time from now if ever.

    V shaped people. They want heavy bass, flat mids, and harsh highs. The heavy bass requires harsh highs in order to overcome single speaker issues. A speaker playing heavy bass cannot produce accurate highs. It just can’t. Thus the V shape. Not many headphones are V shape. Sony have xtrabass headphones and while the bass on a graph would be above the neutral flat line, the highs roll off and are lacking. Some of the more expensive xtrabass could fit the V shape ideal. Bass heads love these headphones. Similar to beats headphones by dr.dre….

    Then the mid lovers. No bass, no highs, but amazing mids. Aka the vocalist. Very rare, generally these people dont like music as a whole, and prefer heavy vocal music where the voice is the key feature. Also those who like podcasts. I dont have any examples of this because I dont have any that fit the bill in my headphone arsenal.

    So which are you?

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  8. A. Armas

    Good sound that is characteristic of Sony’s style, easy to drive (phone, laptop, etc) and very very comfortable overall. My two main issues were:

    1) They leak a lot of sound for being closed backs. Not a huge deal… but definitely something to think about.

    2) The deal breaker for me was there not being a reliable way to replace the pads. On the Z7 mark 1’s and the Z1R’s, you can just twist off the pads and replace them. On the 1A series you can just pop off the ring. But on the Z7M2’s…?? I dunno.

    They definitely don’t twist off despite that being how it’s done for the Z7 and Z1R… the rings dont seem to pop-off either. I double checked the b instruction manual…. nothing. It does list the pads as a part, but no info on how to change them. Ok, so I tried looking around on YouTube and audio forums for a tutorial….. no luck.

    Next I contacted Sony about how to replace the ear pads. They told me to contact their servicer, United Radio. I contacted United Radio and they said the b pads aren’t serviceable, and they would have to swap them out for a whole new unit if under warranty……. What??

    At this price point, the pads need to be user serviceable, just like they are on the Z7 and the Z1R. I have no clue why Sony decided to change that for the Z7M2 when it’s based on those two models.

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  9. Mr G

    The MDR-Z7M2 headphones are a departure from everything else I’ve had so far. The build quality is very good. I do like the slightly U shaped sound with punchy bass and clear highs. The sound stage is wide and instruments can be easily perceived.
    Mostly, I use an iPhone with a lightning to USB 3 camera adapter cable to a DragonFly cobalt. MQA masters sound beautiful and clear.
    Sound quality perception is a very personal experience. Price point aside, I absolutely love the sound and would definitely recommend these headphones.

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