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Sony WHCH700N Headset Price History


Current Price £119.99 July 10, 2024
Highest Price £119.99 May 22, 2024
Lowest Price £119.99 May 22, 2024
Since May 22, 2024

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£119.99 May 22, 2024

Sony WHCH700N Headset Description

Noise Cancellation Technology

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N provide the listener with an immersive sound experience. With digital noise cancelling technology built into the headset, you can expect your audio to stay crisp and sharp even in noisy locations. The deal cancellation technology works by analyzing outside noise and creating a soundwave that eliminates it. With Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N, you can enjoy near-total silence with every listen, whether you’re in a busy city or a bustling family house.

Lightweight & Comfortable Design

The Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N headphones are designed with listener comfort in mind. They are lightweight – under 10 ounces – and feature a thick, adjustable band and soft earcups that securely wrap around the ears. The over-the-ear style paired with the light weight of the Headphones makes them ideal for long sessions of listening, whether you’re on a plane or taking a phone call.

Wireless & Intuitive Wireless Controls

The Sony WHCH700N Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headset has quick and easy-to-use wireless controls on the side of both earcups. The intuitive controls allow you to adjust volume, pause, play, answer calls, and more without needing any wires. With the integrated Bluetooth technology, you can connect to your compatible device and enjoy your music and other audio as soon as you take your headphones out of the case.

All-Day Battery Life & Swivel Design

The Sony WHCH700N Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headset has an impressive all-day battery life of 35 hours. This means that you can get up to 24 hours of constant listening on a full charge. The headset also features a swivel design, allowing you to comfortably fold them away into the provided carry case and take them with you wherever you go.


  • Digital noise cancelling technology which eliminates outside noise
  • Lightweight design which is comfortable for long-lasting use
  • Intuitive wireless controls for easy operation
  • Impressive all-day battery life of 35 hours
  • Foldable swivel design allows you to take it on the go
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology for quick connects to your compatible devices
  • Over-the-ear style ensures clear sound
  • Thickness adjustable band for a secure fit
  • Soft earcups for a comfortable fit on the ears
  • Comes with a carrying case for on-the-go protection

Sony WHCH700N Headset Specification

Product Dimensions

8.71 x 2.72 x 10.28 inches

Item Weight

8.5 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

February 27, 2018




1.0 Count

Number Of Items


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Sony WHCH700N Headset Reviews (7)

7 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Sunil Dani

    The device is a bit heavy on the head and it gets really sweaty if you are using it in an open environment. There is minimum sound leak but overall the headphones are amazing. These might not be for base heads

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  2. JokingJ

    If you can get the right price on these, they’re excellent value. For instance, I jumped on Prime Day 2019 and got a pair in black for $90 – for that price they’re an unequivocal bargain. If you’re looking to buy at full list (i.e. $200), their apparent value is much more debatable; even at $150, I think they’re pushing the limit of their worth.

    But let’s start with positives:
    1. Serviceable noise cancellation (NC) – These aren’t going to rock your world in terms of sound isolation, but for normal commutes, airplanes, and office use, I think they’re fine. You’re not going to completely tune out the outside world as soon as you place them on your head with NC on, but once you have music playing at a normal volume, they’ll drown out most other sounds and mute conversations to a decidedly “ignorable” level, and with much hum/hiss or pressure to boot. The one thing holding them back from their full potential in this regard is the lackluster seal the OEM earpads provide (more on that in the cons).

    2. Decent sound quality – Again, these aren’t top of class, but I think they do a pretty decent job for closed-back headphones. Bass isn’t especially punchy, but can be tuned in the Sony Headphones app to provide a little extra low-end output if you so desire. All told though, they produce pretty even-keeled sound, but probably sound best with music that’s heavier in mids and highs (so maybe not as great if you’re into punchier-sounding hip hop). They remind me of the sound from the AKG K72, maybe a little better even, but not as good as the K275s – but that’s still a compliment.

    3. Excellent battery life – These take a solid over night plugin to charge, but they’ll easily last me all week with both commuting and plenty of daytime use for work. Better than average in this regard for sure. The ability to use NC without Bluetooth (through the 3.5mm jack) can extend the already solid battery life even further, which is very nice indeed.

    4. Good, intuitive controls – That Sony went with simple buttons and toggles is a blessing. There’s also enough variation in the control points (e.g. size, dimples/nobs on buttons, toggle switch for track skipping, etc.) that it’s easy to keep the various controls separate. The ability to re-map the NC button to get full Google Assistant compatibility for answering messages, calls, asking questions, etc. is also very nice (and you can still turn NC off in the app once it’s re-mapped).

    5. Solid build (for the price) – Not many corners were cut here, and despite being mostly plastic, the headphones feel very solid in hand and on head. The padding on the headband is ample (but not excessive), the ear cups/driver housings swivel enough to accommodate different head shapes, and the actual headband adjustment has a metal build, which makes the clicks between lengths solid and tactile. Clamping force is also moderate, so only those with very, very small/large heads will find it lacking.

    And now for the negatives:
    1. Those stock ear pads – They just aren’t very good. I have a decidedly average sized head and ears, and the OEM pads aren’t comfortable for long stretches. Not only are they not quite deep enough to prevent the tips of my ears from touching the inner driver housing, there’s also not enough foam across the plastic of said housing to actually provide cushioning there either. Likewise, there’s not enough plushness in the pads to provide a truly good seal, and the cushioning in general isn’t that comfortable, and the faux leather material Sony chose doesn’t breathe at all – a bad (read: hot) mix in a closed-back set of headphones. Add in a pair of glasses (I wear mine pretty much all the time), and the level of comfort as well as the effectiveness of the seal goes down yet another notch. The stock ear pads are easily the biggest let down of the headphones as a whole. You can certainly buy better pads (the Brainwavz for the Sony MDR-7506/V6/CD900ST cans fit these as well), but that’s another 20-ish USD on a pair of headphones that already list at $200 and don’t come with a case…

    2. Proprietary 3.5mm cable – I hate to complain about the inclusion of something as nice/handy as the auxiliary 3.5mm jack and cable being included, but I really don’t get why Sony had to make it so that NC only works with the included cable. It’s a fine enough cable, but I’m pretty anxious about losing it (I think it’s unavoidable in the long run…). It just detracts from the overall utility, and for no real reason.

    3. Lack of folding/compactness – It’s just that much harder to get these in a bag for their lack of folding above the driver housings. They swivel enough to lay flat, but that doesn’t shrink their overall footprint enough to be truly helpful. Consider that they also lack a case in the box (good third party options exist for around $15) and the idea of them floating around in the big “everything else” pocket of a backpack is less than ideal.

    4. Value – As decent a set of headphones as these are, I think they need to be evaluated at their standard price, which seems to hover around $150 at the lowest and $200 at the highest. If these were consistently $125, there’d be very little in it in terms of shopping around; having picked them up on Prime Day for $90, I can easily forgive them the poor ear pads and any other faults – in part because a decent set of ear pads and a case only set me back $35, bringing the total in at $125, and as I said above, they’re worth every penny at that price. At $200, though… cutting corners on comfort and a case is harder to stomach.

    A good set of noise cancelling cans if you can find them under $150. I think that you should at least factor in an upgraded set of ear pads, so anywhere from an additional $15-25 depending on your desired level of luxury (the Brainwavz sheepskin option I listed above are very nice, fwiw), which of course drives the price up a bit. As decently constructed as these are, if you travel a lot (or are just hard on your things), a case is a good idea as well, so yet more expense.

    I don’t think it’s unfair to say that something that lists for $200 can still be considered a “luxury” item, even if it’s only mid-range within the luxury headphone field. And if something occupies part of a more premium space, there’s no reason to skimp on things like ear pads or a basic case.

    That said, Sony did tick a lot of the right boxes with these. I think the combination of noise cancellation and sound quality is admirable for the price, and you’ll have to do some searching to find something better without spending more than $150.

    Conversely, if you’re not quite as picky about critical sound quality, something like the Anker Soundcore Life 2 ANC headphones are a much better value; my wife has a pair, and the noise cancellation is only marginally worse, and same goes for the sound quality, but they are more comfortable by far with much better ear pads that are cushier, isolate sound better, and breathe more/better. Those headphones have similarly good battery life and come with a 3.5mm cable/jack, but also fold and come with a decent zippered hard case. Oh, and they cost $80. For headphones that cost less than half as much as these Sonys, the Anker Soundcore 2s are much more compelling.

    But if you really want sound that approaches more “audiophile” levels of quality (and I really think you need to be someone who’s used to something like studio-style headphones regularly to appreciate what these offer compared to the Anker headphones mentioned above), these are a good choice. Otherwise, there are better headphones for the money out there. Indeed, for $150+ I suspect that there are better (or at least more comfortable) competitors in the same price range from the likes of Sennheiser or AudioTechnica (among others). For the $90 I paid on Prime Day, though, these are golden.

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  3. Konadreamer

    Bought these to replace my broken Sony MDR-XB950N1 headphones that I absolutely loved…..until their bad design caught up with them and one of the earphones became detached from the headband (the plastic broke), but that’s not going to happen with these–much better structural design. Loved those headphones!!!! Ok, enough crying in my soup over them. So what about these WHCH700N’s?? How do they stand up against the MDR-XB950N1’s?? Pretty damn good and for $120 less!!

    First thing I notice they are light (by almost a full pound!), have a larger ear cup than the 950N1’s, thus have a little bit better fit for people with larger ears. The design of the earpiece attachment to the headband looks like it will hold up much better and won’t break like the 950N1’s did, so 5 stars for that.

    How do they sound compared to the 950N1’s?? Well, the those were rated for Extra Bass out of the box and that was built into the headset itself. You didn’t need to turn on the Extra Bass (button) because the bass was quite adequate without having to activate that feature and I have to say that in that regard they were noticeably better than these headphones. But wait just a minute. Hold the phone. Remember, those things weighed nearly a pound more than these 700N’s and you know some of that was probably due to the magnets required for pushing that extra bass. But here’s the good news, these 700N’s are no slouches in the bass department, you just have to know how to get the bass boosted in these and the way to do that is through the Sony app that you can find in either the Android or Apple app store. Once you have that, then you have access to the full capability of what these headphones can do. Inside the Sony Music app, you can access any of about 12 different sound profiles, 3 of which you can customize. One of the presets is for Bass Boost (+7) but you can just as easily bump that up to a +10 in one of the custom profiles where you have access to a 5- band equalizer and the Bass Boost (1-10). Once you get that bass boost going the 700N’s show you what grunt they have down low in the 40-60Hz range and you can accent that even more by dialing down the 400Hz and 1kHz settings on the EQ a couple of clicks. The real beauty of doing this through the app is that the settings stick on the headphones even when you disconnect from the app and want to listen to content from your computer. So essentially the app is re-programming the EQ settings that are inside the headphones. That is pretty cool! If you don’t need massive amounts of bass, then you’re going to be very happy that you saved yourself $120 over the 950N1’s. These headphones also have active noise cancelling (NC) just as good as the 950N1’s, too. The noise cancelling button on the headphones can be re-programmed to activate either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for the Android app or I think you would get a choice of Siri for the Apple app. You still have control of NC if you re-program the button, but you just access the function through the Sony Music app. Piece of cake!

    So when I originally bought the Sony MDR-XB950N1’s, I was in the store comparing them to Beats and Bose and some of the other high end brands. I selected the Sony’s because they had great sound, great bass, were comfortable to wear, and were significantly less expensive than those big names. Better than Bose. Let that sink in. These 700N’s are nearly every bit as good as the 950N1’s as far as sound quality is concerned, especially when you tune the bass through the app. Even better, they are rated to give you over 30 hours of listening pleasure even with NC turned on. After charging them up the first time I put them on and listened to them for 7 hours straight and the power is still showing 100% in the app. That’s ridiculously good!

    So to recap:

    –Sound as good as Bose but for about $170 less; Superb Value!!!
    –Very balanced sound, not too much bass out of the box
    –Extra Bass is available through the Sony Music app as well as a 5-band EQ with presets.
    –Can use for digital assistants like Google and Alexa
    –Good noise cancelling
    –Can wear for hours without feeling and pressure points on your ears or head.

    –Not as stylish as Bose or Beats
    –Extra Bass only accessible through Sony Music app
    –Your girlfriend/boyfriend is going to steal them if you ever break up. 😉

    Buy these! You won’t regret it!

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  4. Kunal

    I have tried a lot of headphones but since I wear spectacles and have ears with above-average size, most of them often don’t fit me. Instead, they are painful. But these are something else. I have no use of noise cancellation so didn’t look more into that area but the sound quality is amazing and the fit is very comfortable, even with glasses on. This could be attributed to the over-ear thing since my ears are completely inside the device. I haven’t had a problem with wearing these 1-2 hours straight, don’t know about more than that. Maybe I would update my review later.
    And as usual, before time delivery and good packaging from Amazon.

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  5. suriya

    Really its an amazing headphone with noise cancellation i will not say its a best in noice cancellation but it does the job for its price….when coming to sound quality its very sharp and u can even customize with sony companion app as per ur taste of sound high mids treble are well balanced and the bass is excellent…previously i have used sennhieser 4.50 and also audio technica on those headset the bass are good but not that great when moving from those headset i really felt the richness of the sound provided by sony….battery life is very good am getting around 35 to 40hrs when ANC is off even when the ANC is On am getting upto 30hrs mark so its a best battery life headset in this price segement…I will recommend this headset for both bass and non bass lovers…..the bass are punchy and rich….One of the best from sony.
    My review scores:
    Sound quality:5/5
    Noice cancellation:3.5/5
    battery life:4.5/5
    NFC AND Bluetooth connectivity:5/5
    I highly recommend this product when you are planning to buy wireless headset at a budget of 10k to 15k

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  6. Samantha

    The noise cancelling is pretty rudimentary but are otherwise good

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  7. Santosh

    What do you need from your life is a piece of time you could listen to great music! To beat the time in traffic, I just ordered this piece of hardware. It’s a great one! The sound quality is awesome! Noise cancelation is better for the price it comes with. Battery is awesome and last for more than a day even with noise cancelation on! A great deal for the price spent!

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