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Sony WHH900N Headphones Description

Premium Audio Quality:

Enjoy superior audio quality with the Sony WHH900N Hear On 2 Wireless Overear Noise Cancelling High Resolution Headphones. These state-of-the-art active noise-canceling headphones feature dual noise sensors and HD noise-canceling processor to provide optimal noise-canceling quality. Powerful 40mm drivers deliver clear, balanced audio for a true listening experience. With the High Resolution Audio, you can connect to your digital music library in studio sound quality.

Advanced Technology:

The WHH900N has advanced technologies to give you an unrivaled listening experience. Quick Attention Mode allows you to limit outside noise with one touch. Adjustable controls allow you to customize your sound level, so you can always hear the music the way you want it. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology upscales your compressed music files with realistic high-frequency sound quality. Splash-proof rating makes the WHH900N ideal for exercising and working out.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Experience a seamless listening experience with the WHH900N’s advanced Bluetooth pairing. The unit adopts the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology that offers faster transmission and a more robust signal, allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are. With a long battery life of up to 29 hours, you can listen to your favorite music all day long. The quick charge feature allows you to charge to contentment in just 10 minutes.

Ease of Use:

The Sony WHH900N Hear On 2 Wireless OverEar Noise Cancelling High Resolution Headphones are designed with both style and convenience in mind. The headphones feature soft-cushioned earpads and adjustable headband that provide a comfortable fit for extended wear. The unit has a built-in microphone that allows you to take hands-free calls on the go. The control buttons are conveniently located on the side of the ear cups, giving you quick access to power, music controls, and quick attention mode.

• Dual noise sensors and HD Noise Cancelling Processor
• Powerful 40mm drivers for clear balanced sound
• High Resolution Audio for true listening experience
• Quick Attention Mode for on-touch noise reduction
• Adjustable digital sound controls
• Robust Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
• Long battery life for up to 29 hours
• Splash-proof rating for safety
• Comfortable earpads and adjustable headband
• Built-in microphone for hands-free calling

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  1. Tiwari.yash95

    Buy this headphone if you use headphone to only listen to music. Call quality is pathetic and it multiplies the ambient sound 4 times, spoken to Sony customer care and the lady said that this is the product feature. Bottom line great for listening to music but no no for taking call. Also the noise cancellation is not very effective.

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  2. Valeriia

    I was looking for noise-canceling headphones but did not really care a lot about the sound quality because I knew I was going to use them when I was working in a cafe to listen to my favorite music and not use them for professional music purposes. I saw that these headphones were 46% off (which was great because all the other were like twice the price of these), and read reviews online that they were pretty good so I order them, but the price was the main variable for me. They got here (to Singapore) in about 5 days, which was earlier than expected so I was very happy with that. So far I am really enjoying them and had run into no issues. I use them almost every day, and according to my friends, they look cool. The only thing is that they are a bit heavy, so when I wear them for long periods of time, after I take them off there is like a weird feeling that I am missing something on my head.

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  3. Atheer K

    These headphones are perfect for me. I’m not a huge basshead, love my boom bap songs and all but I’ve always preferred ACCURACY over something that’ll make my brain tingle. That’s the h.ear on 2’s. If you want an experience that shows you what the song is suppose to sound like then these are for you. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely serve well on the bass end, perfectly so in my opinion. For those that prefer the bass, along with other EQ’s, is adjustable via the sony app.

    Noise cancelling is good. It’s not the best-of-the-best but when my music is playing I can’t hear anything around me which is all that matters to me.

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  4. Harish Vemban

    If you are a person who are looking out for some good over the ear headphones. This one might be be the one for you. When you turn them on and place it in you head and onece the NC is on. You are in your own world. But mind you, these are not the top of line over the headphones out there. But, at the price it comes at you can’t go wrong about this one. A bass-head like me was a bit confused about this one and the Xtra-bass series from Sony itself..

    I Was really surprised by the performance on offer. Yes it have got enought bass, I don’t know the math here, but bass heads. It won’t disappoint. Still if you feel like the bass is low. You can pump it up with the Sony connect app. The rest is typical Sony !!!
    The back up is good i would say. Sadly it comes with mini USB port for charging rather than type-c. And you don’t get that fancy hard case for the headset storage. Just a pouch.
    So don’t hesitate about it if you are still going out there to buy this. You won’t regret it.

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  5. Vishnu K R

    I am writing this review after using it for more than a week.

    Noise cancellation:
    It really cancels a lot of noise but not voice. Like someone is watching television near you then you may not listen to the music but vocals you will.
    And noice cancellation feels like some pressure applied on your ears.

    Sound Quality: Sound is very good and almost crisp as in some wired headphones. These not bright like ATH M50x but have clarity.

    Bass: These are almost bass neutral headphones but if you are confuse whether you will like it’s bass, whether they will fulfill your bass requirements then the app of sony can make them bass headphones too like sony xb950bt.
    If you increase the bass in app it will take effect in all apps like youtube etc and bass will become really deep.

    It connects automatically as soon as you swicth on the phone’s bluetooth.

    They can be used for calling but it’s mic catches a lot of background noise (though very common)

    Touch sensors
    They are working perfectly in mine pairs and that feature you will really like. How easy it makes songs change volume etc.

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  6. Valeriia

    I ordered and returned 4 different headphones before landing these and it was worth it. These cans are the best you can get without breaking the bank. Of course, they wont sound as great as the Bose and Sony flagships, but the sound comes close, and the features are nearly all there.

    Great sound. I could use a little more bass but you can fix that easily in the app. Yet for most of the time it’s perfect. Mids and highs are fantastic even in 2019. If you want better sound, plan on paying 350 bucks.

    The design is sturdy but it doesn’t look amazing. The cans kinda protrude a bit and the headband is abnormally large but they managed to keep it relatively light and I’m confident they wont break.

    Love that there’s really no buttons and everything is touch. The app is solid. Bluetooth range is good. Battery life is not an issue.

    Again, unless your willing to shell out 350 for a pair of headphones, look no further. These are great.

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  7. Matthew Rochester

    Sony at its best with this device!! Best one in the mid 10 – 20 k segment with no match for this..
    *****Edited after one month of use******
    Battery is awesome and the noise cancellation is upto the mark. Unlike some critics I don’t find the noise cancellation poor. If u have installed the Sony headphones connect app, then the bass issue, some might feel, is also not there. Overall a fantastic product by Sony!!

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  8. oscardad

    These are with a question the best sound canceling headphones that you can get out there today. Sound canceling is very effective, but one of the features I find the most useful is actually it’s Bluetooth microphone accuracy.
    I use these frequently on conference call (as I work from home) and these are the ones that everyone comments as having the best sound quality. Especially on the other end.
    Another major plus is battery life. They seem to go forever on a charge, will easily last me the entire day.
    I had a previous set for a couple of years and only bought a second set because my wife washed the first one. 🙂 Can I recommend highly enough.

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  9. Joseph

    I gave it a bad rating at first and sorry I did, because wasn’t the headphone’s fault it was mine, I did not know how it functioned at first until I learned how to use it . It is a very good headphone at a very good price and it is Sony. I highly and honestly recommend it. you can’t use it for just noise canceling this not what it was made for. first pres the little button and it will light red and then blue and it is on, then select your favorite music on your cellphone and enjoy great sound and you won’t hear a thing from the outside.

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  10. Vishnu K R

    Great piece of headphones. I looked at many models before choosing this. They are best in class in the current price range.
    Pros :
    – good noise cancelling
    – great audio reproduction
    – battery life lasts more than 30 hours
    – support for multi gesture control

    – slightly bulky, will take time to get used to
    – noise cancelling cannot be controlled according to the location we are in
    – earpads don’t swivel 180 degrees

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  11. Trusted Reviewer

    I was able to compare these side by side with a pair of Bose QC35II’s and Sennheiser Momentum’s so that’s my point of reference.

    Build Quality: Build quality is good, but not premium. The plastic used seem strong and feels “okay” to the touch, and the synthetic leather material used at the headband and around the ear cups is soft and feels nice enough. I would say the build quality is similar to the QC35II’s but not as premium as the Momentum’s which use very premium materials (real leather, stainless, etc…).

    Comfort: I found them to be quite comfortable. More comfortable than the Momentum’s (which aren’t particularly comfortable), but not as comfortable as the QC35II. The only real comfort issue I had was that they make my ears hot relatively quick. They don’t have the airy, open feel of the QC35II’s.

    Sound Quality: They sound good! Not “audiophile” good, but very good for casual listening. Of the three I compared, I like Sony the best. I used a wired connection to my iPhone and listened to Tidal Masters tracks with the headphones off for my comparison. The Sony’s may not be as tonally accurate as Sennheiser’s or as clean sounding as the Bose, but they sounded much more “alive” and “immersive” in my opinion they were also louder and more bass heavy.

    Noise Canceling: It’s okay. Bose is better at noise canceling, but when you have music playing & noise canceling on, you won’t hear much of your surroundings. That said, you don’t hear a lot with music playing and noise canceling off. I did notice a weird sound effect that is difficult to describe but something was definitely off at certain frequencies while listening with noise canceling on.I believe it was due to the noise canceling trying to cancel a hum in the background from my office HVAC system. It was annoying and I turned them off and stopped listening for a while. But it just happened that one time and it may have been a result of that particular song and background noise in that particular environment.

    Features: Sony packs these with some great features. Touch controls are intuitive and work well. Within the app you have ambient sound control (noise canceling, wind noise reduction, or ambient noise), surround VPT which simulates concert hall, arena, etc…, an equalizer, 360 Reality Audio, DSEE HX (which is supposed to enhance the compressed Bluetooth audio), and you can enable Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant if you choose. They also have NFC. That said, the physical buttons are not very intuitive or “clicks” and I have a difficult time finding the power button while wearing them. Also, they can only be paired to a single device, and the ear cups don’t swivel all the way down for storage…. Oh, and no hard case, just a bag.

    Battery Life: it’s good, most people will probably get through a week of use (couple of hours a day) before needing to recharge.

    Bluetooth range: Also good, I can walk around my 3000sq ft house without loosing connection or any notable issues.

    Overall these are great, with a few caveats. Currently they’re deeply discounted on Amazon as their set to be discounted and replaced with a new version that will hit the market soon. So if you can pick them up at the current price (about $170), they’re a great value. At full retail ($299), I’d wait for the new version or there might be better options for a similar price.

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