Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso maker

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Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso maker
Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso maker

Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso maker Price History


Current Price £462.87 July 13, 2024
Highest Price £462.87 June 13, 2024
Lowest Price £462.87 June 13, 2024
Since June 13, 2024

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£462.87 June 13, 2024

Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso maker Description

Automatic Brewing for Barista-Quality Coffee Made Simple

This fully automatic Coffee and Espresso machine from Tchibo helps you make barista quality beverages in your own kitchen. This machine has dual brewing options for coffee and espresso, an intuitively-designed operation system, and a built-in auto froth or steam nozzle for a wide array of delicious drinks. Quick and efficient, it automatically grinds and brews two cups of great tasting pure hot gourmet coffee or espresso in minutes for both you and a guest.

High Quality Grinding Technology for Fresh Coffee Every Time

The Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine guarantees barista quality coffee every time you use it by utilizing the latest grinding technology. Featuring two bean hoppers and adjustable grind settings, this machine grinds and distributes the perfect amount of templated grounds so you can enjoy a professional-grade cup of rich in flavor coffee each time. You will never have to worry about stale, bitter, or acidic coffee again.

Customize Beverages to Your Taste

This machine is designed for ultimate customizable brewing with several adjustable settings that allow you to customize each and every cup. With its intuitive control panel, you can easily select from a variety of coffee and espresso drinks perfect for any occasion. You can also adjust the temperature, coffee strength, cup size, and even the amount of foam or steam to add for each drink. With this machine, the perfect cup of coffee or espresso is just a few steps away.

Intelligent Design for Easy Maintenance

The Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine comes with an easy-to-use control panel, a modern-looking stainless steel facade, and an easy-to-clean drip tray and removable parts for easy cleaning. With its sleek and slim design, this machine can fit on any countertop. Also, it has an advanced petal for precise measurement of liquid levels, which detects if you have overfilled the container and shuts off to prevent overflow.


  • Made from stainless steel, with a modern and sleek design
  • Two bean hopper grinding technology for consistent flavor in every cup
  • Ajustable settings to tailor each cup to your taste
  • Intuitive control panel for easy operation
  • Built-in auto froth or steam nozzle for milky drinks
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning
  • Advanced petal for precise liquid level measurement
  • Dual brewing options for coffee and espresso
  • Brews 2 cups in minutes
  • Easy countertop placement

Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso maker Specification




500 Milliliters



Product Dimensions

7.1"D x 15.7"W x 12.4"H

Special Feature

Integrated Coffee Grinder

Coffee Maker Type

Espresso Machine


Stainless Steel

Filter Type


Included Components


Operation Mode

Fully Automatic

Model Name

644060-Brewers Bundle

Number of Items


Human Interface Input

Touchscreen, Buttons

Item Weight

‎26.4 pounds

Item model number

644060-Brewers Bundle

Date First Available

March 28, 2023

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Tchibo Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso maker Reviews (2)

2 reviews

4.5 out of 5
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  1. M. Beran

    I enjoy the machine. It does make a very good cup of coffee. Of course you have to start with good beans. Tchibo beans are good. However I have a great local minority owned roaster nearby that I use. More on that later.
    There are some quirks with the machine;
    1. I like a stronger cup of coffee. To get it you need to adjust the grind for a smaller grind. The instruction manual says to do this you have to move the grind size clockwise. It says the same for making it a larger grind. It’s actually moving it counter/anti clockwise. I have emailed the manufacturer and they agreed and are making changes to the manual. You might not get the updated manual.
    2. The ground holder does have a counter on it. It will count 10 cups of grounds and then the empty grounds light will go on. However if you turn off the machine and then open it to dispose of the grounds it does not reset. It only resets with the machine on. I would make a cup of coffee for my wife and me and on the third cup it would say that it’s full and needed to be emptied. I empty it every morning after we’re through with our coffee. I emailed them and the said the machine needs to be on to reset the ground disposal light.
    3. Coffee. As I mentioned I’m using a local roaster coffee. After a couple of weeks the add bean light would go on even though the bean holder was basically full. Moving the beans around didn’t do anything so I’d have to turn the machine off. Sometimes the add beans light would go back on. I’d have to do it again. It really became a pain. I emailed again and was told that if the beans were oily it would cause this. I let the beans run out and wiped the bean holder out with a paper towel. This has seemed to have stopped the issue. I let them go down and wipe the holder down now with a paper towel and so far no problem.
    A good cup of coffee any time of the day, with some quirks. Would I buy the machine again? Definitely, now knowing the quirks.

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  2. Lifeon2wheels

    Update! After 90 days of life with this machine, I absolutely love it. I’ve already saved half the cost of the new machine by not buying Nespresso capsules and the coffee is excellent. Highly recommended. Read on for my entire review and please click the “helpful” button if it helps you.

    30 days of Life with a Tchibo Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

    • Nice looking.
    • Very easy to use.
    • Feels and seems very well made.
    • Creates excellent coffee smells when brewing.
    • Has a cool light that illuminates your coffee cup while brewing.
    • Makes a very flavorful espresso or cup of coffee with a nice amount of crema on top.
    • The coffee is hot, hot enough for me anyway. I don’t need or like very hot coffee, and often let mine sit to cool or, if I’m in a hurry, even drop an ice cube in it to cool it off (sacrilege for many, I know). When placed in a travel mug, the coffee remains very hot for several hours.
    • Bean hopper holds a large amount of beans, especially with the extension piece.
    • Bean hopper is nicely sealed to keep beans fresh.
    • Controls are nicely illuminated, are clear to use, and consist of a lit area to push like a touch screen phone computer screen. This makes the buttons super easy to “push.”
    • Tray that holds spent grinds and excess water is easy to remove, clean, and reinstall.
    • Brew unit is easily accessible from the side and easy to remove, clean, and reinstall.
    • Water container is easy to remove, refill, and reinstall.
    • The height adjustable brew nozzle is a nice feature that moves in its up and down travel with a feeling of high quality.

    • As many have said, water container is a bit on the small side and needs to be filled often if you are making coffee. Espresso drinkers won’t have as much of an issue, but I end up filling my water container after every use when making coffee.
    • Machine is too tall to remove and refill the water container if there are cabinets above the machine. Machine must be moved forward of cabinets to remove water container, refill, and reinstall. I placed the machine on a large trivet with sliding felt pads mounted underneath it which makes things much easier to move around and I highly recommend that approach.
    • The machine is a bit heavy (not a bad thing as it indicates it is well made in my book), but it makes it more difficult to slide it in and out from below cabinets.
    • If water runs out during brewing or when warming up at first start, and water is re-filled, one must be ready for the machine to continue immediately…this is challenging since when I slide the machine forward to refill the machine, it is on the edge of my counter and there is not room to place a cup. A way around this is to slide the machine sideways while refilling (which is easier for me on the felt bottomed trivet I describe just above). While the instructions specifically say not to do this, another way around this problem is to refill the water container by pouring (just enough) water to finish the brewing process directly into the container without taking it out – again, not easy unless one moves the unit forward of the cabinets above.
    • Crema could be a bit thicker and a little more flavorful (again, compared to the Nespresso Intenso), but this could also be a function of the beans chosen.
    • Grind setting can only be adjusted when the grinder is running. This isn’t a terrible problem for me since I have set it on the finest setting and haven’t changed it since because I like a strong brew. However, if different people are using the machine in the same household and each prefers a different strength brew, it is something to keep in mind.
    • Oily or flavored beans with a coating cannot be used or it will damage the grinder. I prefer non-flavored beans so this isn’t a big deal for me. I’ve also not had a problem finding “dryer” beans (the Tchibo coffees work well, and Peet’s “Major Dickason’s” is also purported to work well though I haven’t tried it yet).
    • It’s not quiet. I don’t find this to be a problem, and I kind of like the sounds it makes. It crunches the beans and makes a whirring sound which is probably the brew unit moving along its track. Just keep in mind that if your significant other is sleeping, that person will likely be awakened.

    Things to keep in mind:
    • As I mentioned above, the buttons are super light and easy to touch. This is a nice feature, but they are easy to hit inadvertently when load the bean hopper or even if one brushes the “buttons” by accident. I have adopted the approach of turning off the machine when re-loading the hopper.
    • I plan on running a descaling cycle monthly using an espresso machine specific de-scaler (as opposed to vinegar). I only say this because I think with any higher pressure machine, de-scaling is important to maintain the machine. I have run the de-scaling cycle once during this review time and it is simple to follow the directions in the manual.

    My background – I’ve tried many ways to brew coffee including: drip, Nespresso, Keurig, percolated, a “true” espresso machine, stove-top espresso machine, pour-over, cold-brew, and French press. I prefer a very strong coffee, but do not like bitterness.

    I used my Nespresso for more “special” occasions (mostly weekends) and liked the coffee it makes. My favorite flavor capsule was Intenso, and I also liked the Stormio and Odacio flavors but not as much. I never liked the capsule approach as think it’s wasteful and has too much of an impact on the environment. While I applaud that Nespresso minimizes the impact of the capsule approach by providing free recycling bags which saves the aluminum and composts the coffee, I think that process creates a large carbon footprint. The final straw for me though was the machines don’t last. My first one died within a year. Nespresso was great in replacing it for me. The second one died after about two years, and Nespresso repaired it for me free of charge. I don’t use the machine enough to have it die so soon – at the most 100 cycles per year. Nespresso has great customer service, but when I saw the Tchibo, I found it very appealing because it doesn’t use capsules.

    My opinion on the other methods is as follows. It’s not even worth talking much about Keurig in my humble opinion. The plastic waste is inexcusable and the coffee it makes is simply not good – it’s better than instant, which isn’t saying much. I love pour-over coffee, but it’s a fair amount of work and I just don’t want to spend the time in the morning, especially during the week when running off to work. French press is a bit too much work too, and I don’t have a grinder which is needed to be able to make a course grind to effectively use a French press. Percolated coffee is too much effort too. Ditto for a true espresso machine and stove-top espresso machine. Drip coffee is a nice staple, but it’s not “special” in that it doesn’t create crema and it can be bitter depending on the beans used. I love my cold brewer for the summer (a simple filter inside of a mason jar), but when it gets cold outside, I want a hot coffee.

    Beans used: Tchibo Classic Blend – using these beans, the coffee is flavorful and pleasant, but even in the finest settings with the boost function, I long for a bit more punch. My old Nespresso machine when using Intenso made a stronger cup, but it was also more bitter, so there is a trade-off. I would liken the Classic Blend in the Tchibo to the Stormio or Odacio Nespresso Capsules. I’ve also tried the Tchibo Röstmeister beans which are a dark roast and they yield a lot stronger flavor which is more akin to my preferred Intenso Nespresso brew. I also plan on trying Peet’s Major Dickason’s blend as they have confirmed for me that these are non-oily (see above, oily or flavored beans are not recommended for this machine as they gum up the grinder).

    I used the machine a lot (at least once a day, sometimes more) during these first 30 days and am quite happy. The pros of the machine definitely outweigh the cons. I remain hopeful that the machine will remain reliable, and I will update this review once more time passes.

    In conclusion, I do highly recommend this machine and I hope this review has been helpful! If so, please hit the thumbs up!

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