Why Nike Tech Fleece is Very Popular? Complete Review

Nike Tech Fleece has taken over the world, transforming the sportswear and athleisure industries. Athletes, workout enthusiasts, and fashion enthusiasts have praised this novel fabric. This article will explore the tremendous popularity of the Nike tech fleece hoodie and the distinctive attributes that set it apart from other sporting textiles.

What is Nike Tech Fleece?

This unique material is made of foam sandwiched between two layers of cotton jersey, providing the wearer with total comfort and warmth. The fabric’s most remarkable attribute is that it isn’t too thick and lays nicely when worn, unlike other warmer athleisure wear fabrics.

When Did Nike Tech Fleece First Appear?

Tech Fleece was initially presented by Nike in 2013. When the brand debuted the range, customers took note right away. Since its introduction, Nike has received several praises for ingeniously improving the quality and comfort of its standard joggers, hoodies, and other goods.

What Are The Main Advantages Of The Nike Tech Fleece?

Lightweight construction – Tech Fleeces are typically light to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer.
Breathability – Because the Tech Fleece was intended for performance, it has a degree of breathability to ensure temperature management.
Versatility – The Nike Tech Fleece is an excellent choice for lounging on the sofa, going to the gym, or commuting.

Different Kinds Of Nike Tech Fleece

Fleece was designed to resemble the hide and wool of a sheep; classic versions had a high-pile outside and a smooth inner. However, due to its all-synthetic composition, the category has evolved into various shapes, ranging from thick sherpa fleece to sophisticated grid-backed textiles. The sky’s the limit—check out Polartec’s textiles department to see how many different fibres will be available in 2023. The fleece types in the jackets above are detailed below (our list is incomplete).

The Polar Fleece

Consider polar fleece, a thick fleece jacket like The North Face’s Denali: a fundamental, double-sided textile that is warmer, more comfortable, and pillier than others. Polar fleece has become so popular that Polartec, the company behind high-end fleeces like Polartec Alpha and Polartec Power Stretch Pro, has taken the moniker. Polar fleece is a low-tech fabric with no windproofing, water resistance, extra breathability, weight-saving technologies, or gridded patterns. However, it contains all the qualities we look for in a reasonably priced fleece. Polar fleece is sometimes called microfleece in thinner variants (less than 200 gsm).

Knitted Fleece

Coats like the Patagonia Better Sweater and Arc’teryx Covert, which feature a heathered knit front fabric (similar to wool) and a soft, brushed inner that behaves and feels like conventional fleece, are examples of knit fleece, also known as sweater-knit fleece. Knit fleece jackets are well-known for their fashionable appearance, pill resistance, and warmth, and they make suitable replacements for wool cardigans or jackets. However, due to their highly thick and weighty design, they are not ideal for heavy outdoor use.

Fleece with a Gridded Pattern

Sweater-knit fleece is a more casual fabric, whereas gridded fleece (waffle or thermal fleece) has a high-performance slant. As seen in fleeces such as the original Patagonia R1 (which uses Polartec’s Power Grid) and Outdoor Research Vigour Grid, the interior of a gridded fleece features patterns of raised fleece (squares, circles, or hexagons, for example) with channels in between enabling air to move. A smooth surface on the exterior commonly spreads moisture and speeds up evaporation. As a result, optimum warmth and breathability are obtained with little weight and bulk—the difference in breathability is pronounced compared to other fleece variants. While the Patagonia R1 Air is technically a jacquard fleece (a raised pattern is woven into the fabric), it is classified as a gridded fleece.

Fleece Sherpa/Faux-Shearling

Sherpa fleece is as near to the Genesis story of fibre as you can go without delving into shearling wool (thus the name “faux-shearling fleece”). On one side, there’s a smooth knit backer (similar to the sheep’s skin); on the other, there’s a lofty, high-pile fleece that appears like unprocessed wool. Although no Sherpa fleece jackets are on our list, the Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece is a popular model featuring double-sided shearling (faux-wool material inside and outside). Sherpa fleece is large and casual, but it is the ultimate comfort.

Other Fleeces with a Dual Surface

Many gridded and sherpa fleeces have a smooth and a fleecy side (funny, gridded fleeces generally lay the fleecy side near to the skin, while sherpa fleeces do the reverse), but they aren’t the only kind of fibre that contains both. Polartec’s Power Stretch Pro material merits particular notice. It has a soft polar fleece inner and a smooth, low-friction outside and is almost sweatshirt-like. Power Stretch Pro and comparable mixes preserve all the benefits of fleece while providing an exceptional range of motion, form retention, and durability. For a deeper look at this technology, see the Arc’teryx Kyanite and Norrna Falketind Warmwool2 above.

nike tech fleece hoodie

What Are The Dimensions Of the NOCTA x Nike Tech Fleece Pieces?

If you appreciate Drake or his clothing label NOCTA, you might have seen that a collaborative Tech Fleece collection is coming! The more relaxed silhouette is one of the most visible distinctions between this collection and the standard Tech Fleece line.

The NOCTA x Nike Tech Fleece collection is looser and baggier in fit. The jacket is more oversized and boxy than the bottoms, although they fit differently. The joggers have a relaxed, straight leg compared to their predecessor’s typical taper and cuff.

Before you size down to accommodate any additional bagginess, remember that the new pieces are meant to be worn that way! If you size down, you risk making other places tighter than planned, so stick to your usual size and enjoy the more relaxed fit!

Detailed Review Of the Nike Tech Fleece Joggers


Nike tech fleece joggers aren’t the most figure-flattering option. On the other hand, the Nike Tech Fleece joggers feature a tapered fit yet are flexible enough to allow for a complete range of motion.

Although the Nike tech fleece joggers have a tighter fit from the knee to the ankle, they are nevertheless comfortable to run in since they move with your body. These sweatpants also have ankle cuffs. They allow you to show off your shoes while preventing your trousers from dragging on the floor and accumulating dust.

I don’t blame men obsessed with high-tech sportswear and buying many pairs. The Nike Tech Fleece joggers are one of the few bottoms worn in various settings, including working out, hanging out with friends, and running errands.


Most sweatpants have deep pockets, making it challenging to pull your wallet out from virtually down to your knee. Fortunately, Nike sweatpants provide more accessible storage for the goods you plan to bring.

It features little pockets on both sides, as is traditional, but it also has an extra bag that sets it apart from other sweatpants. On the right side is a gigantic zippered pocket and another little pocket. These convenient pockets are ideal for holding valuables such as money and keys.

The Nike Tech Fleece

are constructed from a complex Nike Tech cloth that combines jersey and synthetic materials. Consequently, the garment is lightweight while keeping you warm all day.


Traditional Nike tech fleece joggers may be heavy, making them only suitable for cold weather and difficult to clean. However, constant innovation has made these trousers lighter and more convenient for all seasons.

Nike Sportswear has essentially entered the contemporary sweatpant sector, and they have been at the forefront since the release of the Nike Tech Fleece Pants.

These trousers are soft and light, but because they keep your body warm, I wouldn’t wear them outside in the summer (but who does?).

These sweatpants are both comfy and trendy. They’re excellent for flaunting your favourite trainers.


The Nike Tech Fleece joggers are expensive but well worth the money. These sweatpants are a fantastic alternative to jeans or your regular training clothing.

You might think that spending too much on sweatpants is silly, but it always pays to spend more on high-quality things rather than cheap ones. They will also last long so that you will get your money’s worth.


Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie Comparison Table

Arc’teryx Kyanite nike tech Jacket $180 Performance/casual 13.8 oz. Light/mid Two hand
Patagonia R1 Air Full-Zip Hoodie $179 Performance 12.9 oz. Lightweight Two hands, one chest
REI Co-op Trailmade Fleece $60 Casual 12.7 oz. Midweight Two hand
Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoodie $189 Performance 13.8 oz. Lightweight Two hands, one chest
The North Face Denali $180 Casual 1 lb. 0.9 oz. Heavyweight Two hands, two chest
Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T $139 Casual 14.3 oz. Midweight One chest
Patagonia Better Sweater $159 Casual 1 lb. 6.5 oz. Midweight Two hands, one chest
Cotopaxi Teca Fleece Full-Zip $110 Casual Unavailable Light/mid Two hand
Black Diamond Coefficient L.T… Hybrid $180 Performance 7.2 oz. Lightweight One chest
Fjallraven Keb Fleece Jacket $195 Casual/performance One lb. 2 oz. Midweight Two hands, one chest
Kuhl Interceptor Fleece Jacket $139 Casual 1 lb. 3.2 oz. Midweight Two hands, two chest
Outdoor Research Vigor Grid Fleece $120 Performance 12.6 oz. Lightweight Two hands, one chest
Arc’teryx Covert Pullover Hoodie $180 Casual 1 lb. 1.6 oz. Midweight One chest
Norrøna Falketind Warmwool2 Hood $249 Casual/performance 1 lb. 3.8 oz. Midweight Two hands, one chest
Rab Capacitor Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie $140 Performance 14.1 oz. Light/mid Two hands, one chest
L.L. Bean Sweater Fleece $99 Casual Unavailable Light/mid Two hands, one chest
REI Co-op Hyperaxis 2.0 Hoodie $149 Performance/casual 15.8 oz. Midweight Two hands, one chest
Columbia Steens Mountain 2.0 $65 Casual 1 lb. 0.6 oz. Midweight Two hand

Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie Review

Casual vs. Performance Fleece

Fleeces are classified as either casual or performance. Superficial fibres provide unrivalled comfort and warmth for everyday usage. They are ideal for layering, cabin wear, and cold-night commuting. From sweater-knit forms like the Patagonia Better Sweater to vital pieces of fabric, our fave casual fleeces span from sweater-knit styles to necessary details of cloth. Even though many of our fibres are made for performance, they can be worn casually (when we first got our R1 Air, we didn’t want to take it off).

The beauty of fleece: Unlike many athletic goods, warmth, comfort, and breathability are readily translated to daily use with wool.
Performance fleeces share characteristics such as high-tech fabrics such as Polartec Power Stretch Pro and Alpha, hoods, thumb loops, and snug-fitting and stretchy. Hybrid fleece/synthetic jackets and fleeces with weather-resistant face materials, such as Patagonia’s TechFace line, are performance fleeces. When selecting a performance fleece, consider your weather protection, mobility, warmth, and packability requirements. The possibilities are practically limitless.

Weight And Warmth

To assess warmth, some jackets indicate fabric thickness or fleece weight. This is represented in grammes per square meter—100, 200, and 300—and some firms have their grading system (Patagonia’s R1 and R2). The Black Diamond Coefficient L.T… Hybrid fleece is slightly warmer than a baselayer and ideal for high-output sports, prioritising breathability over warmth. Midweight and 200-weight fleeces suit fall, spring, and moderate-slope days. While 300-weight fibres are environmentally benign and may insulate against cold conditions, their bulk might impede mobility and breathability.

More businesses are creating fleeces, and Polartec has extended its product line, blurring the distinction. However, when the fibre is accessible, it is beneficial, and its weight typically corresponds to warmth. The thicker the jacket, the better it will keep you warm and keep the wind out.

Wind/Water Resistance

The Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie is not meant to endure severe winds or rain when worn alone. Wind and water may readily travel through the hydrophobic porous synthetic fabric. Fleeces, even dual-surface variants with low-friction exteriors, lack a DWR finish, as do down and synthetic jackets. Non-fleece nylon panels on the North Face Denali and Cotopaxi Teca resist mild rain, although they only cover a few inches across the chest.

Fleece manufacturers may include a weather-resistant shell to boost wind and water resistance. The Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoody is made of woven softshell and gridded fleece. A softshell can be replaced with a cosier hard-face fleece. Hard-face fibres are wind- and water-resistant for PNW commutes and shoulder-season mountain days but not for all-out downpours. A sturdy rain jacket or hardshell is still required in stormy weather.

Fit And Size

Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie fit varies; therefore, examine the jacket’s intended use to ensure proper fit. Outdoor Research Vigour Grid performance components have a trim cut to minimise superfluous fabric for mobility and breathability. The style is appropriate for the mountain but not for the city. The Arc’teryx Kyanite is a beautiful choice if you want a comfortable jacket that isn’t too baggy for the outdoors. Casual apparel, such as the Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T or other less expensive options, may suit a roomier fit.

Care For A Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie

Poor-quality fleece can pill; even excellent-quality fleece can lose fibre with time. It is critical to prevent jacket pilling since it is difficult to stop. Avoiding dryers is one of the best ways to extend the life of your fleece. Some people have successfully washed fleeces on the delicate cycle, line drying or tumble drying on low. While fleece coats are well-known for use around campfires, keep them away from the flames. Plasticky constructions dissolve at extreme heat. Fleeces are simple to maintain and should endure for many years.

Nike Hoodie

Pros And Cons Of Nike Tech Fleece:

pros and cons of nike tech fleece


Finally, Nike Tech Fleece has become well-known for sporting and everyday wear because of its unique mix of comfort, fashion, and practicality. Its success may be credited to cutting-edge technology, innovative marketing strategies, and celebrity and influencer sponsorship. This safeguards you while at the gym, doing errands, or resting at home.


Q1: What makes Nike Tech Fleece different from regular fleece?

It outperforms conventional wool in terms of warmth, breathability, and style. Its advanced technology distinguishes it from traditional fleece fabrics.

Q2: Can I work out in Nike Tech Fleece?

Absolutely! Its lightweight, stretchy fabric is great for workouts, providing comfort and performance.

Q3: Can I wear Nike Tech Fleece all year long?

It is suitable for various weather conditions because of its capacity to retain body heat while staying breathable.

Q4: How should I take care of my Nike Tech Fleece clothing?

To maintain the quality of your Nike Tech Fleece, follow the care recommendations supplied by Nike. In general, use cold water for washing and avoid using fabric softeners.

Q5: Does Nike Tech Fleece come in different sizes to fit different body types?

It comes in various sizes to accommodate people with different body types.




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