1TB Flash Drive 3.0 Portable Drive

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1TB Flash Drive 3.0 Portable Drive Description

Portable Storage with the Latest SuperSpeed Technology:

This ultra practical 1TB flash drive has been designed for enduring reliability and ultra-fast transfer speeds thanks to its USB 3.0 interface. This drive allows you full flexibility to store and back up critical data, music, videos, and photos on a pocket-sized device. Enjoy the latest SuperSpeed technology of USB 3.0 transfer performance on the go!

Instantly Expand Your Storage Capacity by 1TB

Tired of running out of storage space or having to offload data from time to time? This 1TB flash drive is the perfect way of expanding your system’s storage capacity without burdening you with the cost and inconvenience of setting up a new hard drive. Take it with you so you can access your important documents, music, videos, and photos instantly, anytime, and anywhere.

Rugged Design for Added Durability

The sleek and rugged design of this 1TB flash drive ensures reliable durability to protect your device from shock and vibration. This premium drive provides you with the convenience of an easy plug and play with compatible devices. Plus, this flash drive is dust and water-resistant and allows you to store and transport data securely.

Ultra-Fast High-Speed Performance

This USB 3.0 flash drive allows you to transfer data at faster speeds of up to 200MB/s and improves the overall speed of transfer compared to USB 2.0. Transfer files with ease and efficiency every time. Play and watch videos, music, and photos on the go with this 1TB flash drive and enjoy the highest computing speeds available.

Product Features

• High data storage capacity of 1TB
• Fast USB 3.0 interface
• Strong and rugged design for durability
• Ultra-fast high-speed performance
• Plug and play with compatible devices
• Dust and water-resistant
• Data transfer speeds up to 200MB/s

1TB Flash Drive 3.0 Portable Drive Specification





Item Weight

‎0.634 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎4.45 x 3.86 x 0.47 inches





Date First Available

‎March 24, 2023

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9 reviews

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Devon

    the original mold seems to be a highly detailed casting of someones actual thumb the only thing that is not as pictured is the paint job, in reality its really poor just a little chipped paint on the bottom of the fingernail. As for functionality the transfer speeds are fine and is useable. I am considering getting a press on nail and maybe dirtying up the thumb a little to add realism

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  2. truthbetold

    It looks a bit macabre, because it really does look like a thumb. I gave one to someone with a Scottie dog (his name is Oliver). Oliver looked at it and wanted to grab it in his mouth. So, dog lovers be warned. This thumb drive will turn heads at a meeting, and people will smile. Not a bad thing, as it breaks up the stiffness of meetings. For me, it works well and is reliable. I read some of the very complex analyses of this “thumb” drive. No need for that. It will save your files, period.

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  3. Nolan

    didnt even work

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  4. Esther

    worked for about two days. Now it is not showing up on file explorer and I can’t find out how to access it or to get it to show up on it. I’ve tried through disk management and device manager but neither is working.

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  5. ChowS

    Please note. The thumb drive actually looks like the second pic, rather than the first.

    The drive looks decently realistic, my laptop instantly recognizes it when plugged in, (Win 7). Great craft quality with even greater storage space than your average 8gb flash drive. I love this drive, people I show it to lol, and sometimes just wtf. Works just like any other flash drive I’ve owned, but with more space (roughly 300-400mb). Overall, an excellent, yet hilarious drive. Can also make as a really great gift, I personally would love this if I got it as a gift.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I get compliments on this constantly. It fits simply on my keys and goes everywhere with me. If you are on the go and love Pixar, you’ll need this

    Shipping time was kinda a bummer as it took about 5 weeks but overall I’m happy

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  7. alexander J cafaro

    I bought this product to transfer about 20gigs from an old laptop that stopped working. paid a computer professional to transfer the data and half way through the transfer, the flash drive failed. now it potentially has 10gigs of personal information on it, but is not readable and cannot access the device. I don’t want to return the item as they may have a secret way of accessing what did transfer. I would highly recommend NOT buying one. Get a more reputable brand name. Learned my lesson.

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  8. Tim15856

    Claims this is USB3, but the USB connector is black, not blue. Package talks about compatibility with Win98 and Win2k, just how old are these things? Tried to back up files and it said it would take a day to complete.

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  9. Happy

    So glad I received this. When saving files I like to save them in different flash drives conducive to the files I’m saving them for. That way I’ll know by looking on them what I filed away. I’m using Mike to save files that has to do with my son. Wild and crazy as he is, Mike is the perfect figure to emulate the moods of my son. Wild and Crazy!

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