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Raycon The Everyday Description

Stay Tuned to Music All Day

These days it’s important to stay connected to who you want to and what you love. Raycon’s The Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are the ultimate choice for staying plugged into your favorite music and conversations. With five hours of playtime with one single charge, these earbuds can get you through the longest of days. And with a charging case that stores the earbuds for up to 129 quick charges, you are guaranteed to never run out of juice! Keep connected to what you need while you conquer the day with these amazing and comfortable wireless earbuds.

Stay Engaged on Conversations

Get the perfect fit with innovative earhooks that keep you connected to your conversations all day, every day. With amazing noise-cancellation technology, these earbuds can be your go-to accessory for staying in touch with your loved ones without distractions from outside noise. Chat without any worries and make sure to stay engaged with these amazing earbuds providing the highest quality listening experience.

Superior Audio Quality

Tired of the muffled sound of regular earbuds? Raycon brings you The Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with superior audio experience. Experience amazing crisp and clear sound, including bass that takes your listening experience to the next level. With 10mm dynamic drivers, these earbuds will make sure that you feel every single beat and sound.

Comfortable and Lightweight Design

These earbuds are not just superior in sound quality but also offer amazing comfort. Treat your ears to the most comfortable and lightweight design with adjustable earhooks that stay in place and make sure you don’t experience any ear fatigue. Whether you’re running or working out, these earbuds come guaranteed to make sure you always stay connected and comfortable with the best experience.

– Five Hours of Playtime
– 129 Charges
– Noise Cancellation Technology
– Crisp and Clear Sound
– 10mm Dynamic Drivers
– Adjustable Earhooks
– Ultra Lightweight Design
– Quick Charging Capabilities

Raycon The Everyday Specification

Item Weight

5 ounces

Item model number



2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 25, 2019



Country of Origin



1 Count

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9 reviews

3.7 out of 5
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  1. SuzyLane

    Just received these yesterday and couldn’t wait to write a review. These are now my favorite earbuds. I’m kind of an audiophile. The sound is great throughout the lows, midrange and highs. The 3 sound settings actually make a difference, as does the “awareness mode”. They are light and very comfortable. The case is small (though a little difficult to open). With most of my other earbuds I’ve had to use “wings” to keep them from falling out of my ears. These fit perfectly, with no need for wings (which they don’t come with anyway). Didn’t even have to change the gel tips. The QI charging works great! I’ll add to the review when I’ve used them for a while. Right now, I would highly recommend them.

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  2. Regina Caballero

    The sound quality of my raycon earbuds are great, they work perfectly straight out of the box and are super easy to set up.

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  3. Kelamc

    My husband ordered these as a Mother’s Day gift for me 2023. I LOVE them!! I can talk to my adult children for as long as I want with hands (and shoulder) free ease while I keep doing what needs to be done. Even though they don’t cancel out surrounding noise completely, I can wash produce or dishes, allow my robot vacuum to run, or eat a snack while talking and the noise does not transmit enough to cause an issue like it was while wearing my Sony headphones. I’ve even gardened and chatted with one of my girls. No more neck-pain. No more needing to be in a quiet location. No more reasons to put off a call. This is the best Mother’s Day gift I’ve received because it helps me communicate with my children more frequently.

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  4. Jim

    Vienen en perfecta calidad. También llegaron 3 días antes de lo esperado, lo cual fue una sorpresa placentera. Vienen con todos lo accesorios mencionados y no se caen (los uso para ejercitar).

    Son un poco incómodos de usar por mucho tiempo (2 horas o más), pero en lo general están bastante bien.

    Muy buen producto. Definitivamente lo recomiendo

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  5. Regina Caballero

    Der Klang ist nicht sehr gut, meine 20 Euro Kopfhörer waren leider besser aber da diese wireless sind habe ich es akzeptiert. (Sie gehen für Filme gucken ganz gut, aber Videos mit delikatem Klang, z.b. ASMR oder accoustic Music kommen gar nicht gut rüber, egal auf welchem Modus. Lautere Musik klingt auch gleich sehr lärmend finde ich. )

    Allerdings sind sie Kopfhörer nun nach 3-4 Monaten nicht mehr nutzbar, da sie sich nicht mehr mit einander Pairen/koppeln. (es geht immer nur noch einer). Die Anleitungen dazu, dieses zurück zu setzen, funktionieren leider nicht (bei diesem Modell wohl ein spezifisches Problem, dass andere wohl auch haben…Wünschte ich hätte es vorher gesehen, daher die Review)
    Nach Anfrage zu Customer support auf der Raycon Seite (da Amazon nun keinen Support mehr anbietet) seit Wochen keine Antwort. Absolut unmöglich bei diesem Preis.

    Würde die Kopfhörer deswegen auf keinem Fall empfehlen. Wirklich unglücklich darüber da ich mir mal etwas gegönnt habe, da ist der Verlußt bei Billig Dingern doch echt besser.

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  6. Charles M. Litman

    I received the product after going through another cheap earphone set. The packaging is impressive, and has an Hi-tech feel, and after an hour of trying them, they started to pop and cut out entirely. I thought I needed to charge them, but after a few hours they still do the same thing. After seeing other reviews online, I realized that this is an issue they’ve had for years, and I regret falling for a YouTube shill product. Be warned.

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  7. MDM

    Got the blue ones. These were a hand-me-down from my stepson. He said they would hurt his ears “after a while.” A while is approximately 1hr-10hrs, ’cause he used them while gaming. Other than that, he loved them. Did a lot of research prior to buying and these seemed the best for him.

    I use them for listening to Pandora, while walking the dog, as well as using just one, so I can hear myself playing acoustic bass, and singing along with whatever’s playing on them. I used to design loudspeakers for Polk Audio in the mid 80’s till mid-90’s. Done my fair share of critical listening, and won’t buy or use anything else, regardless of price. Polks are simply the best.

    I love my lil buds!!! I’ve used others in the past: JBL – nice, and quality-made. Motorola (w. headband) – pure junk – stay away. Sony (both wired and wireless) actually my 2nd favorite – but for the price, excellent. Monster over head big phones – liked them way better than Beats’ shrill, and boomy sound, but, couldn’t get a good fit, w their buds. KOSS wired el cheapos – great value, and audiophile-quality sound, but, very flimsy, and not as good as these, soundwise, for my personal taste. Koss buds – ok sound and mic, terrible build quality. Polk Audio buds – best I’ve ever heard of ANY headset – and worth the price if you can find them, slightly used. Mackie – meh – loud. Bose buds – excellent, but, terrible warranty and cust. service. Bose over-ears – nothing spectacular. Sennheiser – love mine, and they’re 40 years old. Modded to fit inside Howard Leight V3, over-ear noise cancelling phones – and they’re my in-house go-to for accurate sound reproduction, amateur recording, and over-all listening. Sennheiser wireless w. transmitter – outstanding for late-night watching or gaming. Almost completely silent to others’, nearby, when in use. Very accurate surround sound reproduction. Slightly expensive, but, worth it. Nothing else compares in this price range. – Need a lot of AA batteries to use.

    Also tried other brands, but, none were as nice as these.

    The bass in these is incredible. You can “feel” the subsonic frequencies. No other buds were able to replicate lower bass frequencies as well as these. Not even close.

    Clarity of sound. You can hear every nuance of the recording. Every song sounds better, and I’ve discovered sounds and parts of songs, which I’ve never heard through ANY listening device. Not overhead earphones, and I’m talking expensive studio-quality gear, costing 100x more than these lil buds. You can hear every instrument, in its “location” on the stage, or studio, if different. Even the player’s fingertips when playing, or using other plucking techniques. You can hear the singer’s breath while singing in the song. Amazing big-room, studio, hall, or live concert sound reproduction. The Who’s Quadrophenia is like nothing I’ve heard before, regardless of system, period. I’ve tried all the different sound options, but, being a bassist, I stick w/ the Bass setting. It’s louder, and actually clearer. They’ve never distorted on me, except through a generic free smartphone. Sound varies somewhat through PCs, laptops, and other cell phones, but it always sounds good.

    The color is nice. They match my car’s color, lol. Quality build. I’ve dropped them, sat on them, stepped on them, and went a whole summer of high temps, sweat, and rain. A few charging issues, due to dust in the charging port, and my failure to use them as instructed. You can also charge them wirelessly!!! Bluetooth works every time, quickly and flawlessly. I, usually, get about a month, before it’s time to recharge the base. This depends on charger, charging method, and amount of daily use.

    All that at a fair price… some would even say, inexpensive, compared w. other ‘phones which cost WAY more. Obviously I recommend these ear buds.

    Bottom line – get these!

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  8. Jana Kruse

    They came well packaged and they have been working really well since I brought them a month ago. They have good sound and I look forward to keep using them.

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  9. MDM

    I got the E25’s, black. Packaging is nice, comes with a brief, clearly written user manual which I used right away to see how to change the sound options. I use a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, and I took these buds out of the package, directly out of the case and put them right in. The default female voice told me they were powered on right away, sounding in both ears, in the order i put them in. Opened bluetooth options on my phone and they were already listed as “Raycon Everyday Buds.” I touched the name and they connected right off without any issue whatsoever. Hit play on my music, and I love the sound. I just opened them today, so I’m waiting to see how these endure before giving full stars.

    The button in each bud is a physical push button, a bubble that clicks. I like it because the sweaty strap from my bike helmet won’t press it inadvertently like my old buds that just had “touch control.” You can’t see the bud when you reach up to touch it, so it’s always a game of fumbling with where to touch it and how many “touches” would register. Especially when on the mountain bike, that frustrated me, but maybe you like it (wierdo)…

    Sound quality:
    I love all three modes. “Balanced, Bass and Pure” they all sound good while bringing in their individual strengths. For piano pieces, like Paul Cardall or Ludivico Eiunadi, Pure Sound is precise. For Van Halen, Nightwish, and Godsmack, Balanced sound and Bass modes are excellent. It’s all subjective anyway, but I can hear the details and fairly crisp sounds.

    Awareness Mode:
    This is my first time trying buds that have a mode where they claim to allow you to hear ambient noise around you while still enjoying the music. Raycon calls it “Awareness Mode”. It works, but not as i had hoped. In my mind, I had anticipated being able to speak while listening to my music and hear my voice and others’ clearly through the electronic mic instead of through jawbone vibrations like when you plug your ears with your fingers and speak. These buds can do that, but you can only hear it faintly, and I find myself wishing I could turn up that volume. But if I turn it up, only the music gets louder and the ambient sounds are left behind as the music grows in volume. The ambient sound volume is constant, and only works well if I turn the music off. Which is a disapponting feature because then what’s the point? Without the music, I might as well remove the buds right? All buds claim to have powerful noise canceling, but what I’m hoping for is exactly the opposite, I want to hear my music and all the ambient sounds while biking, running, and working at my computer. It should be like hearing the world around me but with cool music that nobody else can hear. Why isn’t this an option? Maybe I’m the wierdo.

    The fit is okay… It comes with multiple gel sizes. The default sizes were a bit tight, so I downsized them by one, and they are comfortable for about 15 minutes then I have to push them in again. Not quite settled on which size of gel I should be using. This shouldn’t be that difficult but…

    UPDATE: 8/24/22
    I’ve had them for over a month now. Still working as they did they day I opened them.
    *The container charges in just a couple hours
    *The longest I have had these in is about 5 hours, my ears became fatigued from the fit before the battery ran out while I was backpacking. The buds charged up and container still had more than 50%

    *PHONE CALLS: I haven’t had problems hearing clear audio from the phone calls. When I ask the other caller how I sound they have told me I’m difficult to hear well. If i turn off Bluetooth amd speak directly into the phone they will them report my sound as being much better. Not impressed with the microphone quality. But I have had no problems at all hearing the other caller clearly.

    *I have not yet had any connection problems with my phone
    *I still am disappointed with the Awareness Mode. It’s very underwhelming compared to my daughter’s Jabra Elite Active 75 earbuds with the same feature. Those are significantly better in this regard.
    *I wear these while mountain biking, they stay in fine, but I don’t bomb down the mountain either.
    *I really wish I had the ability to adjust the equalizer settings but it’s fixed in stone. The app is a complete joke, no functionality at all. No my friend, if you want to adjust the equalizer, these are not for you. I do wish I could adjust the bass to be more pronounced, and the highs to be a bit sharper.

    12/2/2022 UPDATE: over 1 year ownership..
    I still have these and they still work as described above, they hold charge forever. But at this point I’m ready for a different pair just because of the phone call quality and the weak awareness mode. I’ve also found that I can’t remember how to use all the features because the push button functions aren’t very intuitive, and no app to use for adjustments. I can answer a phone call, one push in either ear, but the quality is still reported as “difficult to hear.” I’m going to be buying a different brand.

    You should buy these if:
    -You don’t care about the awareness Mode
    -Yoy just want something that holds charge very well and will last a long time.
    -Plays music with clear quality and have no desire to mess with sound settings.
    -You want something with rock solid, reliable, connectivity.

    You should not buy these if:
    -You want to talk on the phone a lot
    -You want to hear the details of what’s going on around you clearly while still listening to loud music
    -You like to adjust the equalizer

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