Apple EarPods Lightning Connector

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Apple EarPods Lightning Connector
Apple EarPods Lightning Connector


Apple EarPods Lightning Connector Price History


Current Price £16.99 July 17, 2024
Highest Price £16.99 June 5, 2024
Lowest Price £16.99 June 5, 2024
Since June 5, 2024

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£16.99 June 5, 2024

Apple EarPods Lightning Connector Description

Apple EarPods Headphones with Lightning Connector

Immerse yourself in the world of pristine audio with the Apple EarPods Headphones featuring a Lightning Connector. These high-quality headphones are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, comfort, and compatibility for all your Apple devices. In this detailed product description, we’ll explore the remarkable features, technical specifications, and visual attributes of the Apple EarPods, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Discover why these headphones are a must-have accessory for Apple enthusiasts.

Experience Unparalleled Sound Quality

The Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector are engineered to provide you with an immersive audio experience like no other. With their finely-tuned speakers, these headphones offer impressive sound quality, delivering deep bass, clear mids, and crisp highs. Whether you’re listening to your favorite music, watching movies, or taking phone calls, these headphones ensure that every note and word is crystal clear.

Lightning Fast Connectivity

Equipped with a Lightning connector, these EarPods offer a seamless and quick connection to your Apple devices. Plug them into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and you’re ready to go. The digital audio transmission via the Lightning connector ensures that you get the most out of your music, enjoying high-resolution audio with minimal loss in quality.

Technical Specifications

Speaker Diameter:

The Apple EarPods feature 10mm dynamic drivers that deliver impressive sound quality and a wide frequency response for an exceptional listening experience.


With an impedance of 32 ohms, these headphones are compatible with a wide range of Apple devices, ensuring consistent audio performance.

In-line Remote and Microphone:

These EarPods come with an in-line remote that allows you to control your music, adjust the volume, and answer or end calls. The built-in microphone ensures that your voice is heard loud and clear during calls and voice commands.

Cable Length:

The EarPods come with a generous cable length, providing you with flexibility and convenience, whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home.

Visual Attributes

The Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector are not just about great sound; they also feature an elegant and sleek design. With their ergonomic shape, these headphones fit comfortably in your ears, staying in place even during the most active moments. The clean, white finish and Apple branding give them a modern and distinctive look.

Why Choose Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector?

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider Apple EarPods with a Lightning Connector for your audio needs:

Exceptional Sound Quality:

These EarPods are designed to provide you with top-notch sound quality, ensuring that your music, movies, and calls sound better than ever.

Seamless Apple Compatibility:

With a Lightning connector, these headphones are tailor-made for Apple devices. They offer a hassle-free and quick connection, enhancing your Apple experience.

Comfortable Fit:

The ergonomic design of the EarPods ensures a comfortable and secure fit, making them ideal for extended listening sessions and active use.

In-line Control and Microphone:

The in-line remote allows you to control your music and take calls with ease. The microphone ensures that your voice is heard clearly during calls and voice commands.

Price Comparison for Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

When it comes to purchasing the Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector, finding the best price is essential. Our platform is here to help you compare prices from various sellers, ensuring that you get the most competitive offers. We are dedicated to assisting you in making an informed decision and finding the best price for these exceptional headphones. Compare prices and make the Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector your go-to audio accessory.

Best Price for Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

Our platform is designed to make it easy for you to find the best price for Apple EarPods with a Lightning Connector. We aggregate prices from different sellers, ensuring that you have access to the most competitive offers. Don’t settle for the first price you see; let us help you save money on these top-quality headphones.

Enhance Your Audio Experience:

By comparing prices, you can make an informed choice and save money. Our platform provides you with the tools you need to shop smart and get the best deal. Whether you’re a music lover, a movie enthusiast, or a tech-savvy individual, these EarPods will take your audio experience to the next level.

Key Features

  • High-quality sound with finely-tuned speakers
  • Lightning connector for quick and digital audio transmission
  • Comfortable and secure fit with ergonomic design
  • In-line remote for music control and call management
  • High-quality microphone for clear voice communication

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Are these EarPods compatible with all Apple devices?

    A: Yes, these EarPods are designed for use with various Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods, featuring a Lightning connector.

  • Q: Can I use these EarPods for voice commands with Siri?

    A: Absolutely. These EarPods come with an in-line remote and microphone that allow you to activate and use Siri for voice commands.

  • Q: Do these EarPods come with different ear tip sizes for a customized fit?

    A: The EarPods are designed with a one-size-fits-all approach, offering a comfortable fit for most users.

  • Q: Can I control music playback and volume on my Apple device with these EarPods?

    A: Yes, the in-line remote on these EarPods allows you to control playback, adjust the volume, and even skip tracks on your Apple device.

  • Q: Do these EarPods come with a warranty?

    A: The warranty for these EarPods may vary by seller. Be sure to check with the seller for warranty information and terms.

The Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector are your gateway to exceptional sound quality, seamless Apple compatibility, and a comfortable fit. Whether you’re a music lover, a movie enthusiast, or a multitasking professional, these EarPods will elevate your audio experience. Shop smart, compare prices, and make the Apple EarPods with a Lightning Connector your trusted audio companion. Rediscover the joy of listening to your favorite content with unmatched clarity and comfort.

Apple EarPods Lightning Connector Videos

Apple EarPods Lightning Connector Reviews (12)

12 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Ann Larsen

    I love the sound clarity of these headphones. They fit perfectly in my ears and no matter how much I move around they stay in place. Even though they are corded it is long enough it does not get in the way or tangled up. When I received a call while wearing them the caller heard me perfectly and said there was no background noise. I would highly recommend these headphones!

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  2. A.B.

    These are great head phones with great quality. I also have earpods but for either long listening or trying to keep signals not right by your brain 24/7 these are the best option I’ve found. When they’re brand new they sound amazing too. There’s a reason Apple still makes these after all these years. The product I received seemed 100% genuine as well. You can buy these confidently without worry IMO. Highly recommend for those who use headphones a lot but don’t always want a signal by their brain all the time. Doctor recommended something like these and I totally agree.

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  3. Sandra

    They work exactly as you would want them to, but they are very hard and cause pain in my ears. I have to get some kind of cover or something. I only got these for when I’m in the office alone early and don’t want to kill my airpods watching something on my ipad. Unfortunately, so far I have just continued to kill my airpods instead because I can wear these for maybe half an hour before they hurt too much.

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  4. Claudia

    Creo que lo mejor de estos audífonos es el micrófono, y pues que no hay que recargarlos

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  5. Judith Mtz

    Son los originales y se escuchan muy bien, ya tengo 6 meses con ellos y funciona perfectamente.

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  6. Karina Galindo

    Me encantaroooon, los voy a volver a pedir, excelente sonido, son 100% originales, llegaron en tiempo y forma y a un super precio 😀 Gracias!

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  7. Joe

    First of all, I love these. I don’t love that they die.

    Ordering my tenth and 11th genuine apple pair this weekend because they stop fully functioning after a fairly short while. This last pair barely lasted 2 months. Have tried, with no helpful results, contacting apple- it’s a known (software I believe) problem, with no solution that I can find, per you tube.

    These are great headpones, save for dying all the time, did not have any trouble with the model that was prior to this apparently vulnerable lightning cable.

    When the control toggle works and the microphone (they seems to consistently “die” at the same time together- right after— out of the blue your iphone asks you if the lightning cable is connected to headphones— this is the death message—time to find new spare pair) these are the best headphones- not beatz level for sure, but really good.

    Great for outdoors because you can perfectly hear the ambient sounds so you can still use your ears to keep yourself safe.

    Great for music, podcasts and talking on the phone.
    Even after the control toggle fails and you can no longer adjust the volume or pause or answer the phone from the cord,- or be heard without significant interference on a phone call—-you can still use them to listen to audible or spotify or whatever.

    I get that Apple wants everyone to switch to the airpods– but I never will. I will switch to Android when I can no longer have wired headphones on apple even though I love apple. I value being able to choose wired headphones. I will quit listening to stuff on my phone, whatever it is when I am no longer able to use wired headphones of any kind.

    So these are great headphones that consistently malfunction which sucks.

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  8. A.B.

    My teen daughter really appreciates these. She had the Apple Airpods Pro and after a year and half of careful handling and no accidents, one stopped working. She decided to downgrade to these. Well, she’s forgotten them in her hoodie pocket and put them through the washing machine twice (and the dryer once). They still work great!!! Very happy with this purchase and these aren’t too expensive to replace if/when needed.

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  9. Lisa

    I bought these around 2.5 months ago 84-85 days ago and they were amazing, only ever had 1 problem but I understood why was when you workout in these it messes up your sound quality. Since these aren’t workout headphones they are amazing for causal use only issue I have is mine broke because I work out with them

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  10. Shawna

    Llegaron perfectamente cerrados, son los clásicos audífonos de Apple y funcionan muy bien. 100% recomendados.

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  11. Claudia

    No me gusta usar audífonos pero estos son súper cómodos, me alegran mis días de ejercicio y son súper prácticos

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  12. Crystal Prince

    The Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector offer a convenient and functional option for those who prefer wired earbuds for their iPhone. While they may not boast the advanced features of wireless earbuds, these EarPods provide decent sound quality, a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, and easy control over music playback and volume.

    Let’s start with the sound quality. The Apple EarPods deliver clear and balanced audio, ensuring an enjoyable listening experience. The earbuds are designed to fit comfortably in the ears, providing a snug fit that helps minimize external noise interference. While they may not offer the same level of audio immersion as high-end headphones, they certainly get the job done for everyday use.

    The built-in microphone is a handy feature for those who frequently make phone calls or use voice commands on their iPhone. It allows for clear and intelligible conversations, ensuring that you can stay connected with ease. The remote control on the EarPods allows you to manage your music playback, answer or end calls, and adjust the volume conveniently, without having to reach for your phone.

    One advantage of the Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector is their compatibility with iPhones and other Apple devices. The Lightning connector ensures a secure and stable connection, eliminating the need for additional adapters or converters. This streamlined approach enhances the overall user experience, as you can simply plug in the EarPods and start enjoying your music or taking calls right away.

    The EarPods’ wired design does come with a potential downside, as it can lead to tangling and limitations on mobility. The absence of a wireless connection means you need to be mindful of the cable and take care to avoid entanglements. Additionally, the wired connection restricts your range of movement compared to wireless earbuds, which may be a consideration for those who prefer a more unrestricted listening experience.

    In terms of durability, the Apple EarPods are reasonably well-constructed, but they may not be as rugged as some other earbud options on the market. Taking proper care of them, such as storing them in a protective case when not in use, can help prolong their lifespan and ensure continued functionality.

    While the Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector may not offer the latest wireless technology or premium audio features, they serve as a reliable and functional option for those who prefer wired earbuds. With their decent sound quality, built-in microphone, and convenient remote control, these EarPods provide a satisfactory listening experience for everyday use.

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