Auertech Portable Washing Machine Twin Tub

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Auertech Portable Washing Machine Twin Tub Price History


Current Price - July 13, 2024
Highest Price £119.95 April 27, 2024
Lowest Price £119.95 April 27, 2024
Since April 27, 2024

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£119.95 April 27, 2024

Auertech Portable Washing Machine Twin Tub Description


Premium Quality Material:

This Auertech Portable Washing Machine is constructed out of high-quality plastic and metal components to provide durability and strong protection from wear and tear. The durable stainless steel inner tub has also been designed to handle a total weight of 20 pounds of clothes or textiles.

Ideal for Smaller Spaces:

Perfect for apartments, dorms, or extra-small living spaces, the Auertech Portable Washing Machine takes up minimal space. Its overall dimensions of 22 x 16 x 14 inches make it compact enough to be tucked away in a corner without taking up too much room. This machine is also light enough to be moved or taken with you on the go.

Twin Tub Design:

The Auertech Portable Washing Machine is equipped with two separate tubs that allow for washing and spin-drying. The wash tub can take up to 15 pounds of laundry, while the spin-drying tub can accommodate a total of 5 pounds of laundry. This machine removes the need for double-dipping clothes and lets you do two jobs in one go.

Timer Control and Adjustable Settings:

Featuring an adjustable timer control of up to 15 minutes, this machine also comes with adjustable water levels and a built-in lint filter for debris and sediment collection. With three filter and three spinner settings, you can easily select the cycle you’re looking for.

Easy to Use:

The Auertech Portable Washing Machine is easy to use right out of the box. It comes complete with a hose attachment, inlet pipe and other accessories that make it perfect for quick setup and installation. Additionally, the instructions are straightforward and easy to understand.


  • Premium quality plastic frame
  • Durable stainless steel inner tub
  • Compact design ideal for smaller living spaces
  • Twin tub design for washing and spin-drying
  • 15-minute timer control
  • Adjustable water levels
  • Built-in lint filter
  • Three filter and spinner settings
  • Hose attachment and inlet pipe included
  • Easy to install and use with simple instructions

Auertech Portable Washing Machine Twin Tub Specification

Brand Name


Item Weight

31 Pounds

Product Dimensions

‎14.5 x 25 x 28 inches


‎12 Pounds

Max Spin Speed

‎1300 RPM

Part Number


Special Features




Control Console


Standard Cycles


Included Components

‎Drain Hose, Inlet Hose, Manual

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Auertech Portable Washing Machine Twin Tub Reviews (3)

3 reviews

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Brody G.

    This may seem like something you’d give a kid to teach them how to do laundry, but don’t be fooled by it’s simple construction. It holds a surprising amount of laundry and has a deep top loading drum.

    The first time I washed my work clothes in it the drain water came out black from all the dirt it removed. Smart washers just do not use enough water to truly clean your clothes, this does. My work shirts looked nearly new and were so clean you could actually smell the fabric. I didn’t know that was possible after years of wear and tear but apparently it is.

    The only 2 cons I can find with it is the pump is a little weak so sometimes I have to lower the drain tube to start the flow; and the intake tube is short and only uses a car-hose style clamp to hold the tube to your faucet. This leaks pretty badly if there is too much pressure so it’s best to go ahead and buy a Xuesnof portable washing machine hose,

    It is longer, fits most sink faucets, has a quick disconnect and doesn’t leak. It fits my machine well, you just have to support it a little where it attaches to the washer.

    Definitely a ten out of ten purchase, worth every penny

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  2. V

    Not one size fits all

    Let me start off by saying I live in a poorly laid out 650 sqft apartment with no washer/dryer hookups. (My bathroom door doesn’t open all the way) I also live on the second floor of my apartment building.

    I purchased this washer because on top of having to go up and down a narrow staircase, we only have one washer and dryer per building. That’s about 20-30 people per washer/dryer. Not to mention a single wash costs $7 and a single dry costs $3!

    I did the math and buying this washer is way cheaper than using the one in my building by a long shot. It also helps that I don’t have to pay for water and the power this thing draws seems to be very minimal.

    So here is what I’ve noticed since using it.

    – Short power cord (Can be fixed with an extension cord)
    – Short water inlet hose/drain hose.
    – Instructions are unclear. (I think they update the units and then just keep recycling old instructions)
    – Awkwardly shaped. ( Very difficult taking it in and out of doorways )
    – Odd smell. ( Kind of a rubber smell but hasn’t affected my clothes)
    – It is a bit noisy. (Going to buy a rubber mat and foam pads to put underneath the unit to try to not make my downstairs neighbors hate me.)
    – Ships through FedEx. ( I absolutely loathe FedEx and probably wouldn’t have purchased it if I had known it was going to be through them)
    – Does not get pet hair off of clothing. (You need a dryer or lint roller for that)

    – Fits in my bathtub.
    – Easy to lift. ( When empty )
    – Fits a lot of clothes which surprised me! I was able to fit my queen bed sheets
    – Takes about the regular amount of time to wash a full load of laundry. ( Don’t get me wrong you do have to supervise but to me it’s worth it )
    – Only needs a little bit of detergent. ( approximately a teaspoon )
    – Clothes come out very clean!
    – Can rinse and spin clothes at the same time.
    – Almost 100% spin dries very small articles of clothing. (Socks and underwear)
    – Small enough to store in a closet.
    – My apartment smells like clean laundry after using it.

    Overall I am happy I purchased this. I would recommend getting a portable dryer for things that the machine is unable to spin dry like bedding and blankets.
    I will still probably be using my apartment’s laundry room once a month to wash my duvet insert or pillows but that beats having to wash and dry everything there.

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  3. Brody G.

    The media could not be loaded.

     I live in an apartment right now. I am about to move into a small camper. So I cannot utilize a full size washer or dryer. This is the second portable washer I have purchased from Amazon. The first one was a little bit smaller than this, and felt even cheaper. This machine is made mostly from plastic. I included lots of pics to try and demonstrate the unit. You can see in one of the pictures because of the poor way they have set it up to hold the water inlet hose onto your faucet, I had to rig a system with zip ties. And this one was better than the last one lol. The last one was literally just a plastic cone that was supposed to somehow magically fit and stay on everyone’s faucet? LOL these look more like toys for children than actual machines for grown ups. But it’s better than hand washing for sure! Some of them come with lint catchers, like this one. But as you can see in the picture of those black socks, it does almost nothing. So I have implemented a fabric and installed it in the lint catcher, and it actually catches some lint now. But be warned, if you’re going to be draining this into your home plumbing, you will want to keep an eye on the land. You don’t want your drains filling up with that mess and getting clogged! The union is fairly easy to maneuver by itself. It doesn’t weigh that much. I have it sitting on top of my cooler to make it easier to access. What I find I have to do is wash the clothes once and detergent, then rinse them three or four times to keep getting them clean. I just go by how the water looks. About four washes and they are good for me. Then you put some of them in the little spinner, turn it to 5 minutes and let her bump. The clothes come out almost dry, just a little damp. Hang them up and a few hours later they’re good to go. As you can see from one of the pictures, the entire thing is wrapped in a clear vinyl. I really really wish the manufacturers would not have done it that way. They wrapped it and then finished assembling the outside pieces, so you would literally have to disassemble this thing to get all the plastic wrap off. That’s just poor design and execution only manufacturer’s part. Also, you can look at all the ones on Amazon like I have, and see that most of them are going to be extraordinarily lacking in the area of attaching the water inlet hose to your faucet. But at least this one has a lint catcher, that I can get to work okay for my situation. another reason I bought this one is because it’s the biggest one I could find. I’m a single middle-aged male, and I dress very simply. I wear the same clothes every week for work. They do not get that dirty. So for me this gets them clean as I need and I don’t have to go and spend all that extra money like I was doing at the laundromat. So it still takes some time and elbow grease utilizing this machine, but at least I’m able to do it in the comfort of my home. Oh yeah another thing, the small round plastic piece that is intended to go on top of the clothes while they are in the spinner is essentially useless I have found. It’s not like the clothes are flying out the top, especially since there is a cover on top of it. At least this one fits inside the spinner though lol. The first one I bought that little plastic piece would not even fit inside there to go on top of the clothes so it was 100% worthless. Either way, I do not use this on top of the clothes and the spinner and have no issues. When you use this for the first time and drain it you will think it’s done because no water will come out for a good 15 to 20 seconds, but just wait there’s more. It’ll give one last hoorah and a lot more will drain out. When you are done with it and if you have to move it to storage, pay attention because there will be some water left in the drain hose I assure you of that. What I do when I’m done is pick the unit up and set it on the sink, so that it will drain out. Now some of them do not have a drain engine, so they will be 100% gravity fed. This one is like a full size unit though. You turn the knob to drain and a motor engages and pushes the water out. That is a big selling point for me. Otherwise draining it would be even more tedious as you would have to have this units up and then have the drain hose in a lower position for gravity to remove the water. As you can see on that one picture, I have the drain hose put through the top of a bottle that is full of water so that it holds it in the sink. Anyway I know this is a long review, I just want people to know the details. Amazon is amazing for offering us many many products, but as we all know, many of the products are not worth a crap. This one is okay. I will recommend it, hope this review helps.

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