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Introducing the iPhone Charger 3Pack 10FT Lightning Cable 90 Degree iPhone Charger Cord [Apple MFi Certified]

Upgrade the way you charge with the new iPhone Charger 3Pack 10FT Lightning Cable 90 Degree iPhone Charger Cord [Apple MFi Certified] from fastcharge. This Apple MFi certified product offers a sleek 90-degree design that gives your charging station a new look, and three whopping 10-foot charging cables so there’s enough for everyone in the family. No matter the shape or size of your device, the iPhone Charger effortlessly executes fast charging speeds for your device so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

Sleek Design for Modern Convenience

With the latest in modern charging technology, fastcharge’s iPhone Charger 3Pack 10FT Lightning Cable 90 Degree iPhone Charger Cord [Apple MFi Certified] helps you comfortably charge your device. An anodized aluminum shell gives this lightning cable an added layer of protection that helps extend its life, and the slim, 90-degree design offers easy access for hard-to-reach ports. No more scratching or struggling to plug in your device in tight spaces like the car or behind a long sofa.

The Right Length for Any Situation

We know how everyone’s charging situations are different, which is why this iPhone Charger bundle gives you three 10-foot charging cables. That’s enough length to plug into the wall, reach your device across any room, and move around without ever worrying about your device losing power. You can also bring your charger with you on the go, and have a solution for all your charging needs.

Apple MFi Certified for Your Safety

Fastcharge ensures that your device and data are always safe while charging, and this product is Apple MFi certified. This means that our iPhone Charger 3Pack 10FT Lightning Cable 90 Degree iPhone Charger Cord [Apple MFi Certified] exceeds all performance and safety standards outlined by Apple. You won’t ever have to worry about anything going wrong while your device is charging.


– Sleek 90-degree design
– Apple MFi certified for safety
– Anodized aluminum shell for added protection
– Three 10-foot charging cables for extra reach
– Fast charging speeds for uninterrupted use
– Premium-grade material for extra durability
– Extra-long cord for any charging situation
– Super slim design for easy port access
– All in one kit for a complete charging solution

iPhone Charger 3Pack 10FT Lightning Cable Specification

Package Dimensions

6.65 x 6.1 x 0.75 inches, 5.93 Ounces

Date First Available

April 24, 2023



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  1. pam castillo


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  2. Trish

    The USB C part of the cord is just right to fit where the outlet is for charging my iPad. I also like how the charger for the iPad is more horizontal that the usual veritcal fit. Works well for my iPad I have mounted on the side of my fridge. I’ve noticed a consistent charge and it’s not too slow or super fast. This is fine since I don’t use the iPad as my main device in the house. It’s really there to stay charged for when family and friends call this way I know exactly where it is and it’s ready to interact with. It’s also long enough to pass around other appliances in the kitchen keeping things a little stealthy. Comes in pretty colors as with what looks like durable material for the cord that may not tear or rip easily.

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  3. Trish

    These cords are great dupes for Apple charging cords. I like the 90 degree angles, this certainly seems like it will save a bit of wear and tear on the cord…you know what I am talking about! No issues with connecting and charging our iPhone 11 Pro and 13 Pro Max phones. I have also charged my iPad (I have NO idea which one that is…lol), as well as second gen air pods and our watches. All in all, this works at a fraction of the price of Apple products.

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  4. Stephanie

    So far so good.
    Like that this is a multipack.
    I swear my family eats these cords.
    No clue how or why we go through apple device charger cords more than android but is a fact in this household.
    I like having the long cords for when people misplace forget or lose theirs.
    These have a strong flexible braiding to them.
    They really do charge quickly. Which is great because others have used in the past say they do but clearly their definition of rapid and mine are different.
    Fun colors I get so tired of all the white ones.
    This way can ideally assign each one to someone or a device but that will not last too long still nice to try.
    Overall am pleased with these charging cords. No complaints

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  5. S. Krueger

    I had never heard of this type of charger cord before. BUT, having to set my phone up vertically to use it while charging has always been a challenge. Sometimes you need that screen to be completely vertical and having a cord sticking out from the bottom of the phone is NOT ideal, and causes additional wear on the cord also. This set-up is just genius IMHO. Please turn this inventor onto solutions for world peace.

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  6. eshopper

    i use these cables only for charging my devices. i rarely sync.

    The cables are flexible such that i untie the wire and lay them out and they are pretty straight. I keep one cable on my iPad (battery is shot) all the time. I tested 2 of 3 of the cables on this device without getting any errors (note that i have only seen the errors as cables get old, but figured it is nice knowing they work at the get-go).

    the connectors feel large, but since the cables come off the side, i feel like they are more stable and more durable. only tie will tell.

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  7. loce_the_wizard

    We keep going through phone charging cords for Apple phones and had been paying the same amount for one replacement cord as three of these cords.

    The right angle “L” design fits both phones and charging ports just fine and is designed to reduce the stress on the connectors. I hope that proves true for more than a few months. The 10-foot length is not maybe good for every use, but around here, it is handy. Plus the extra reach from the front area to the second row seating in our van is great—6-foot cord was not long enough.

    The pastel colors are not my favorites, but they do make the cords stand out and will make it easy to tell at a glance that these are the “Apple” charging cords, not the “android” ones. These cords work and cost less than replacements from big box stores near us.

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  8. Lee Scott

    I recently had the opportunity to try out the iPhone Charger 3Pack 10FT Lightning Cable with its innovative 90-degree design, and I must say, I’m quite impressed with its performance.

    First and foremost, these cables excel in fast charging capabilities. Made with high-purity copper core and an intelligent chip, they support up to 2.4A fast charging, ensuring that my iPhone charges quickly and efficiently. The overcharge protection, stable current protection, automatic switching, and battery protection features provide peace of mind, knowing that my device is safe while charging.

    Durability is a standout feature of these cables. They have been tested for over 20,000 bends, guaranteeing their charge safety and extreme durability. The premium nylon braided cables not only make them highly durable but also add flexibility to the iPhone charging experience. I no longer have to worry about fraying or breaking cables, as these are built to withstand the rigors of daily use.

    What sets these cables apart is their innovative 90-degree design. The unique right-angle and 90-degree L-type design make it incredibly convenient to use while playing games and charging at the same time. The angled connector ensures that the cable doesn’t interfere with my grip or obstruct the device’s screen, providing a seamless gaming experience.

    Furthermore, these cables are Apple MFi certified, ensuring full compatibility and a reliable charge for my iPhone. I no longer have to deal with compatibility issues or error messages when using these cables.

    The 10-foot length of these cables is another advantage. It provides ample reach and freedom of movement, allowing me to comfortably use my iPhone while it’s connected to a power source. Whether I’m sitting on the couch or lying in bed, the length of these cables gives me the flexibility I need.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend the iPhone Charger 3Pack 10FT Lightning Cable with its 90-degree design. With its fast charging capabilities, superior durability, and innovative design, these cables are a reliable choice for anyone looking for a high-quality charging solution. Whether you’re a gamer or simply in need of longer cables, this pack is a great investment that will meet your iPhone charging needs.

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