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Advanced Noise Cancelling Technology

The Jabra Elite 85h offers one of the most advanced noise cancelling technologies available today. Powered by eight micro-phone microphones, the headphones are able to detect and reduce background noises and distractions from noises around you, so it won’t disrupt your listening experience. This makes the Elite 85h a great choice for commuting, travelling and jamming out without any unwanted background noise.

All-Day Battery Life

The Jabra Elite 85h headphones offer an impressive 36 hours of battery life on one charge. This ensures that you can listen to your music for hours without worrying about constantly recharging. The fast charging feature gets you up to five hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. The headphones have an auto-off feature to help further extend the battery’s life.

SmartSound Audio Optimization

The Jabra Elite 85h is equipped with SmartSound Audio optimization technology, which tailors the sound of your playlist to fit your surroundings. This allows you to enjoy your music no matter where you are. Whether you’re in a quiet or noisy setting, the headphones will automatically adjust the sound to perfectly suit the environment.

Intuitive Controls

The headphones feature simple, intuitive controls on both the ear cups so you can quickly and easily play, pause, and skip tracks. You can also take calls and access your voice assistant directly from the headphones.


  • Active Noise Cancellation Technology
  • All-Day Battery Life of 36 Hours
  • Touch Controls for Easy Navigation
  • Voice Assistant Functionality
  • SmartSound Audio Optimization
  • Fast Charging – Five Hours of Battery Life on 15 Minutes of Charge
  • Bluetooth and NFC Connectivity
  • Compatible with Most Smartphones
  • Carry Case Included
  • Customizable Fit

Jabra Elite 85h Headphones Specification

Item Weight

10.44 Ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

June 24, 2019




1.0 Count

Number Of Items


Cable Length

12 Inches

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4.3 out of 5
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  1. Ford Prefect

    Take a good, hard look at the photo…this is the worst thing Jabra did to it! They just had to crap it up with that disgusting fabric, and now I’ll need a dedicated brush just to clean it! Some of us have embarrassing dandruff issues, and that sickly beige/white is not a color which most of us dudes would order! Would be right decent if they offered this in silver or just dropped the ridiculously cheesy fabric!

    Active noise canceling works adequately if you’re on a plane, but not as good as the more expensive Sony. Music sounds good if you don’t rely on that stupid app. You need your own app with an equalizer. Seriously, I’m not an audiophile, and their app muddles the sound horribly compared to free Musicolette! Also, if you go for those streaming services I feel sorry for you.

    The battery is another reason that this set is a keeper, holds a charge for 36 hours.

    Not uncomfortable to wear for several hours either, and I wear glasses!

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  2. Amazoner

    The media could not be loaded.

     Battery can last a few days. Using it for zoom meeting when wfh.

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  3. Tan Kok Min

    Look great and very comfortable. Sound is awesome

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  4. jamesgarywhite

    It loses its connection to my phone alot. I started using the cord connection on commutes. The headset sounds great. There comfortable. I wear mine alot. But I did pay extra for Bluetooth. It works as long as you have really good Internet connection. At work we all share WiFi so it’s hit and miss. Again the cord is an option. Plus,I can hear that bass pop every now and then. Like when old speakers use to sound when it got to bassy . Don’t get me wrong,I like these. Way better than any buds I’ve ever had and the cost is comparable.

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  5. Mateo Santana

    Si no eres audiofilo estos audífonos cumplen y muy bien se escucha bien, el modo transparencia es increíble sin embargo el modo cancelación de ruido me quedo a deber lo siento un poco flojo es lo único que le puedo reprochar, la calidad de los audífonos tanto sus materiales y su funda son de otro mundo vale cada centavo estos audífonos son calidad precio

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  6. Amazoner

    This is a great headphone for almost everything. Is comfortable, reasonable noise isolation, sounds great at a reasonable price when is on a sale but with a quirk.

    On zoom call when connecting to mbp, it will randomly mute itself when you are talking which drives me absolutely crazy.

    Jabra support mention is tested on mobile devices and doesn’t work well on unsupported devices(which to me means my 2020 mbp)

    Recommended as a cheaper alternative(when on sale) if you do not attend/speak during virtual meetings.

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  7. Linda Morton

    Delivery from the US took no time at all which was surprising in the current climate. Sound quality, noise cancellation and battery life are all fantastic. Jabra 85h headphones are the best set of headphones I ever bought.

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  8. Eve

    There is active noise cancelling and it works so well. I literally can’t hear anything near me and that’s perfect for me for when I study. You can toggle between the setting using a button on the left side of the headphones. There is Active Noise Cancelling and then there is a setting that let’s you hear your surroundings and there is a setting that let’s you just turn off both. The sound quality is so good on this pair I really enjoy it. The volume is very loud and that’s such a good thing for me. It even has an app that goes with it where you can change the sound settings if you like more bass. I love these pair and they are the best $162 (around that much) I’ve ever spent. The best tip I want to give you is to get them when they are on sale because I didn’t feel as guilty buying these lmao. They are totally worth the money. A problem that comes up tho (only with my computer) sometimes it disconnects from Bluetooth and after about 20 seconds it reconnects and if it doesn’t I just have to go to Bluetooth settings on my laptop and that’s kinda a pain and I have no idea why it does it or what causes it but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. The battery life is another one of my favorite things about it. These headphones can last me a long while before I actually need to charge them again it’s amazing. Oh yea it also comes with its own carrying case. Isn’t that so cool? I love the case because it fits the headphones and the charger and even the like phonejack cord (not sure what real name is) but it’s basically for the electronics that don’t have Bluetooth on them. The only thing that I’m kinda worried about is the headphone cushions. They are like a leathery material and that kinda makes me nervous because in my experience it gets ruined fast(maybe cuz I’m usually exposed to cheap leather). it’s been a few months and they still look like new so the durability of the cushion material is awesome. Oh yea also you can replace the cushion for 19.99usd I think that’s cool too but not really sure how to do it myself because don’t have the need to do at the moment. And I kinda feel like when the time comes I’m going to struggle because the cushion is like really snug with headphones. Like it’s not lose and looks like it can never be taken off but like i said haven’t tried changing the cushion myself yet so who knows. Overall 12/10 and definitely succeeded my expectations. Oh my goddddddd I forgot one more thing and its something that is so cool to me. You can connect two devices on these headphones. Isn’t that awesome???? Like I can connect my phone and my laptop and I can watch YouTube on the laptop and when I get bored on watch videos on TikTok from my phone and it doesn’t lag or anything. So boujee and would buy again if I need to.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using these daily since I got them, and I do like them a lot! I’ve never really had high-quality headphones before, and it’s made listening to music a LOT more fun. Overall, I’d recommend. But here are some specific points:

    – Great sound quality
    – VERY comfortable
    – Decent ANC, and great when music is being played on top (although these are my first noise-cancelling headphones, so I don’t really have a good point of reference)
    – Great battery life/quick recharge time
    – Good mic (according to my friends, who are hearing an upgrade from my trash $25 gaming headset!)
    – Not fragile (what can I say, I’m clumsy!!)

    – Calls automatically put you on hear-through mode, which can be annoying
    – Can’t take a call and listen to other things simultaneously – that is to say, if you want to call a friend and play a game together, you won’t be able to hear the game’s audio
    – Headphones automatically pause music when they’re removed, which can get annoying as they’re somewhat overly sensitive to movement
    – These are marketed for mobile use for a reason. They CAN be used on PC but it’s kind of a pain.
    – If you have the headphones connected to PC and mobile, and you turn off bluetooth on mobile, it plays this awful high pitched buzzing noise that only stops when you turn the headphones off. Boots up just fine after that though. I get that it’s an error thing, but augh god my ears help

    – There’s an app? I have no idea how to use it, or if I should use it. I’ve heard incredibly mixed reviews on whether using the equalizer actually enhances the Musical Experience.
    – Volume range is decent, but I do wish they would go a LITTLE louder. Maybe it’s for the best that I’m not constantly blasting my eardrums out though lol.
    – Prone to sliding off when there’s too much movement – probably won’t be much of an issue, just be careful headbanging unless you’ve got one hand keeping your headphones on!

    I got a 2 year warranty on these bad boys, so we’re gonna be together for a long time. I definitely don’t regret getting them, but I *do* regret not doing a bit more research before I invested in them. Still, for the price, the quality and longevity is more than worth it. So, would recommend, but remember: these are quite the investment, so make sure you’re gonna be alright with the annoying parts!

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