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Sony MDRZ1R Signature Price History


Current Price £2,000.00 July 17, 2024
Highest Price £2,000.00 June 19, 2024
Lowest Price £2,000.00 June 19, 2024
Since June 19, 2024

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£2,000.00 June 19, 2024

Sony MDRZ1R Signature Description

Introducing the Sony MDRZ1R Signature

The Sony MDRZ1R Signature is the perfect choice for all those who are looking for the height of sound reproduction. Designed and developed in Sony’s signature style, this headphone model flaunts Sony’s latest and greatest audio processing technology, and is an absolute representation of superior sound quality. It features an exquisite design, clear and powerful sound, detailed range, and deep bass. It also features active noise cancellation, providing you with an immersive and immersive audio experience, no matter what kind of sound you are listening to. Sony’s detailed attention to design and performance makes this pair of headphones the perfect choice for audiophiles and music lovers alike.

Detection Technology and Comfort

The Sony MDRZ1R Signature headphones feature Sony’s signature Dual Frequency Detection technology. This ensures that all audible frequencies are accurately detected, allowing for better sound reproduction. Moreover, the integrated microphones and updated features provide an amazingly clear and detailed sound. Additionally, these headphones are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort – the padded ear-cups provide a snug fit, while the adjustable headband fits snugly on your head.

High-Definition Audio Quality

The Sony MDRZ1R Signature headphones are designed for superior sound reproduction. Equipped with a 40 mm driver and high-resolution audio technology, these headphones provide a detailed range of audio – from low-end frequencies for deep and powerful bass, to high-range notes for crisp and clear sound. Additionally, the closed acoustic design blocks out external noise, ensuring that you hear only the pure, natural sound emanating from your headphones.

Connect and Listen

The Sony MDRZ1R Signature headphones come with accessories that make using them a breeze – such as a 3.5 mm and 1.2m detachable audio cable, plus a 2.0 USB-C Type-C charging cable. This gives you the freedom to choose how you want to connect and listen, whether via a laptop, phone, or tablet. Additionally, it also has touch controls – press once to pause/play, twice to skip songs, and three times to adjust the volume.


• Dual Frequency Detection Technology
• 40 mm driver for high-resolution audio
• Closed acoustic design for noise cancellation
• Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
• 3.5 mm and 1.2m detachable audio cable
• 2.0 USB-C Type-C charging cable
• Touch controls for pause/play, skipping songs, and adjusting the volume

Sony MDRZ1R Signature Specification

Product Dimensions

8.56 x 6.22 x 9.28 inches

Item Weight

2.97 pounds

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 1, 2016




1.0 Count

Number Of Items


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Sony MDRZ1R Signature Reviews (8)

8 reviews

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Victor


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  2. Kung Chi Keung

    NW – WM1A との組み合わせ最高です。ただし女性ボーカルはこもって聞こえる場合もあるので、ウォークマン内蔵グライコ等をいじるか、あるいはキンバーケーブル等のケーブル変更により大幅に変わります。買ってすぐの時はいまいちかとおもいましたが、どうやら楽曲のジャンル、音楽プレイヤー、ヘッドフォンアンプ、各種ケーブルの変更により大きく変わるようです。これは良い意味でオーディオ沼にはまる要素を持っています。やはりオーディオは買って即座に良し悪しを判断できないですね。このヘッドフォンはハイレゾ曲との相性が良い気がします。TA- ZH 1 ES との相性も抜群です。SONYサウンドが好きな方はウォークマンとヘッドフォンアンプもSONY製品で揃えると満足するはずです。HD800SやAth-adx5000そしてt1 2nd とは全く異なる音質です。このように他のメーカーと方向性がかぶらないところも良いですね。

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  3. Matthew T. Weflen

    Returned- due to fitment and style

    Hat size 71/4… if you have a small head you will look crazy with these on! The Earcups protrude out too much for me. The style does not fit the sound.

    Meze elite headphones are the best looking and best built quality headphones to me. You cannot get Meze elite on Amazon!

    Price: *** (I would not pay over $1600 NIB for these and I did not)
    Presentation**** (The best I have ever seen)
    Accessories -**** (Cables, Holding Box)
    Quality *** (These are not on the level I thought the Z7 m1 are built better)
    Weight ****( lighter than LCD-X and Focal Hiifman Arya)
    Comfort **** (Meze Liric are the best)
    Fitment **(These are not a one size fit all)
    Protection *** (No carrying case)
    Sources ***** (PC Gaming, Mobile, DAC, AMP)
    Balance ***** (no sound advantage)
    Unbalance ***** (no sound advantage)
    Sound***** ( full- surrounding 360, up in your face 360)
    Burn in (N/A, they may get better overtime )

    My dislike, these are huge in size, to the point where the sound is hard to justify me keeping them. With that being said the sound is incredible. I have the Sony Z7 m1 so I was kind of excited to find out I was stepping up in sound quality. The sound quality was very minor to justify the upgrade in price.  

    You will be close off by the outside noise, unlike open back. 
    My break in tracks: -Stolen Moment  ( The whole sound should sounds like an open stage non padded room, you should able to hear the flute player taken a breath below runs; lip kiss; keypads, you should be able to hear the saxophone keypads open and close, the Piano player will make several errors in Key or Chord pattern; but that what make this a great sound too )
    -So Appalled (you should be able to hear some in the booth adjustment; far field sound is incredible; you can hear KW on the mic without a screen guard clearly and his word are punched; you can hear KW breath in and out between bars, RZA make a “Shu” sound coming in just before Cy Hi Bars and a lot more)
    The reason I mention this is because these sounds cannot be heard on a lot of headphones. 
    I use Meze Liric for a baseline on headphones.  Z7R Sound falls a little short on the sound stage being a tab bit close in the face.
    Highs (very clear)
    Mids (very clear)
    Bass (very clear no fatigue) 

    These are 100% better than the HD820 and they have the transparency of a HIFIMAN Arya.
    But there are too many mid-tier headphones that sound close if not better than all of these. (HD800, HDXX, HD820, HFIMAN Arya and Sony Z7R)

    *I do not recommend these to anyone who cares about how headphones look on their head.

    **I do not recommend these to anyone who thinks these are SONY endgame, The Z7 M2 sounds just as good just without the heavy holder box.

    *****I do recommend these for just the collection.

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  4. Typos

    Wow – incredible, It’s like hearing for the first time.
    Great bass.
    Chill vibe to the sound so you can listen for hours or as long as you want.
    So comfortable they basically disappear.
    Great case – awesome presentation.
    Can’t go wrong with 70mm drivers.

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  5. Leaffan

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  6. Kung Chi Keung

    居間まで 一万~三万位のを幾つか所持し SONY品は、900ST 7506 M1ST R7 と他社製 テクニカとかPioneer ビクター(KENWOOD)とか多数所持してます。どれもこれも一長一短 何でも聴きには、ビクターRZ910を使ってます。SONYは、果てはDX?~始まり 7506 900ST 明細に聴くならモニター品ですね? M1STもでしたが ハイレゾ化されて 音場の再現性がさらに高まりましたね。果ては、CDの良し悪しまで分かってしまったり ヘッドフォン見極めに使ってたCDがとんだ粗悪品に想えたり(笑) オーケストラを良く聴きますがやっぱり高級機は、この空間の再製までも明確ですね。ゴールドCDの意義もハッキリ分かってしまいました.ノーマルCDだと空間に歪みが出たりしてるのが 分かるようになりました。古いCDだと更に明確かも? ただ、それすらも 再現できるヘッドフォンてやっぱり凄いですね。一番は、聴こえてなかった音までも再現されて 得した気分にも成りました。一般庶民には、躊躇う金額でした。でも、届いた箱にかなりびっくり。木製の(大きさはR7の2倍)かなりの重量ある箱でした。プロ機からしたら 月とスッポン(笑) ただ、配達員は、高額品が入ってるのを知らない様で普通にドスンと置いて去りました。梱包は、下部には吸収材は無く 上と箱周囲にごっそりと入ってました。一考すべきでは? 一般配達は、30万限度と聞きます。それなりの梱包をお願いしたいと思いました。買うかかなり迷った末の商品なのに興醒めです。

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  7. Matthew T. Weflen

    This is a hard review to write. In part it’s difficult because trying to describe the subjective experience of appreciating sound and music is hard, but also in part it is a difficult exercise in taming things like “confirmation bias” and trying to justify a huge purchase.

    I didn’t think I would become a guy who would drop 26 Benjamins on a pair of headphones, a cable, and a digital audio player. Yet, here I am. How did this happen?


    I decided to do a deep dive into classical music about 3 years ago. I was down about the state of the country and the world, and I wanted an escape valve. I bought a big box set of Herbert von Karajan albums, and then I needed something to play them on. I started with Sony’s MDR-7506 “Studio” headphones because they were praised for their “flatness” and were relatively inexpensive. I needed something that could hold the entire box set ripped as FLAC files, so I got a Sony NW-A45 Walkman. And this was fine… for a while.

    I felt like I could get more. More bass, smoother sound, more comfort. So I bought a pair of Sony MDR-1000X noise canceling headphones. This was a nice purchase because they paired with the Walkman easily and transmitted audio over LDAC, a higher resolution codec than standard Bluetooth and AptX. And things were fine… for a while.

    The MDR-1000X are plastic headphones with pleather ear pads. They are comfortable for about an hour at most. Great for a bus ride or for some listening at work, but not great for a 3 hour listen in the late evening.

    So I started to look into wired cans with more premium materials. I settled on Sony’s MDR-Z7 headphones. These were Sony’s flagship for 2014, praised for their huge 70mm drivers and seismic bass, but criticized for being a little over-emphasized in the bass region and a little recessed for vocals. But with wired headphones, you start to hear about better standards. “Balanced” cable provides more power and less “noise” than standard 3.5mm mini cable. OK, fine. I plumped for a balanced cable and Sony’s NW-ZX300 Walkman, which has a balanced output. And it was fine… for a while.

    I will say this – there were improvements with each step. Bass was deeper and more controlled, less “boomy” while still making it feel like you were surrounded by cellos or double basses (or, for rock, by bass guitars and kickdrums). I was hearing more from my music. Was it a linear progression in audio improvement that matched the increase in price? No. “Diminishing Returns” is something you’ll hear a lot about in this hobby – and it’s the real deal.

    So why did I eventually go for the WM1A Walkman and the MDR-Z1R headphones? Well, in addition to chasing the dragon so to speak, I wanted durability and comfort. The MDR-Z7 are very comfortable, but the earpads are pleather, and thus prone to wearing out, and are difficult to source replacements for. The WM1A has a much larger screen, which is key for album art, something I enjoy.

    So I saved up my Amazon points for the Z1R. I found a WM1A on eBay for about 75% of MSRP. I purchased a used Sony Kimber balanced cable from a Head-Fi user. And I took the plunge on the headphones at the beginning of this month. I purchased a pair of Dekoni leather replacement pads as a backup for the stock pads.

    I am done. Done! I will not be buying any more gear. What have I learned? What wisdom can I pass on to you?


    The MDR-Z1R sells for almost thrice what the next Sony step-down model, the MDR-Z7M2 does. Does it provide thrice the performance? No way. No how. It is better, don’t get me wrong. You’ll hear more detail in the bass region especially – but it’s not night and day. I would wager that you get 90% of the performance for 40% of the price.

    So why buy these things?

    Well, the build quality is supreme. There are no creaks or squeaks. The frame is entirely metal, covered by real leather. The pads twist off easily, as opposed to the screw that holds in the Z7 pads. The comfort on the head is about even with the Z7. The headphones come in a beautiful wood and leather storage case, though I think for the price Sony should have included a travel case, too (there are plenty of options from companies like Geekria, though). The case makes a great storage area for my Walkman and cables, as well.

    I can tell you from A/B testing that there is not much difference between the stock cables (both 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced are included) and the Kimber upgrade cable. There may be a small difference, but I would have to do double blind testing to try and determine it (something I can’t do with 1 Walkman and 1 pair of headphones).

    On first listen, the headphones seemed a bit too forward in the bass region and some vocals seemed a bit recessed. I lightly adjusted the EQ on the WM1A (pictured) to compensate, very successfully in my opinion.

    After settling in and tuning/listening for a good 40 hours, I find the sound quality to be excellent, and yes, a solid upgrade over the Z7. I listen primarily to classical, and in this genre the Z1R provides a deep, enveloping experience, very much like being in a concert hall, with perhaps slightly elevated bass (though it can be tuned down). Particularly notable is the way in which deep, resonant bass tones (such as those from contrabasses and cellos) retain all of their detail and do not crowd out other parts of the mix in the middle tones. Digitally recorded concert music especially gives this sense of “being there” detail and richness. The digital Karajan/BPO Brahms Symphony 1 is apocalyptically huge. For rock and pop, drums have a real slam to them, while vocals are crystal clear and can compete (Especially when tuned up slightly). Vocals in Haim’s “Women In Music Pt. III” are close and intimate. The Strokes’ “The New Abnormal” sounds amazing, from bass guitar to vocals to percussion. Well-recorded jazz makes you feel like you’re in the studio, easily sensing where the instruments are in the room. John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” sounds like it is surrounding your head. Well-mastered electronic dance music, such as Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica,” sounds pretty incredible, too, with very impactful beats and no sonic muddiness. Basically, the Z1R handles all of these genres with aplomb, as long as you tune the sound to your preferences (as pictured, I lowered the bass levels slightly and boosted the range where vocals reside slightly).

    There is some controversy on the question of whether these headphones require a separate amplifier to sound their best. Reviewers seem split, as is the enthusiast community. Personally, I do not own or use an amplifier, and I can’t say I feel like anything is “missing.” I use the WM1A Walkman with balanced cables, and generally keep the volume at a setting of about 48/120 for orchestral music, 38-40/120 for pop and rock. Much louder gets uncomfortable. I also ran these over standard 3.5mm cable from my Surface Book 2 laptop. Again, I couldn’t push them past about the 40% mark on Windows 10’s volume control without getting really uncomfortable (25% was better). I have seen various jargon-laden explanations of how sound would theoretically improve with an amp, but I remain unconvinced. It sounds incredible directly from the Walkman over balanced cable, and very good from the laptop over 3.5mm.


    The overall selling point for this headphone is “richness.” This is not a thin, bright sound that tires your ears out after an hour. It’s smooth, rich, deep. In headphone circles, this is termed a “dark” headphone while certain brands, like Sennheiser or Beyer Dynamic headphones, are “bright.” While brightness is prized by some audiophiles for its detail in the treble region of the signal, it can really fatigue the listener after a while. The Z1R can be listened to very comfortably for hours on end. It sounds more balanced to my ears, at least. I certainly feel as though I can hear all the high instruments, even when the bass is pronounced.

    The other thing you’re paying for is build quality. It feels like a finely tuned luxury car with leather seats and perfect handling. Like a BMW or a Porsche. The leather pads are extremely comfortable, and their shape conforms to the head very nicely. I would say these are the best pads I’ve experienced. It’s very, very comfortable. Overall, the Z1R seems like it should last nearly forever if cared for well.

    They are not a good value, in the same way a BMW or Porsche are not a good value. The improvement over a pair that costs half as much simply isn’t parallel and linear. There are definite diminishing returns. For most people, a good pair of noise-cancelers by Sony or Bose will more than meet their needs, and they will costs about a quarter as much. For almost everyone else who is looking at wired cans, the Sony MDR-Z7M2 will do nicely for a closed headphone, or say a Hifiman Sundara if you’re looking for an open-back headphone (closed means that the earcups seal sound in, which gives you more privacy; open means that the earcups let sound out through an open grille, which might disturb others in the room/office but also might make the headphones sound more spacious and airy).

    The Z1R is a terrible value but a great headphone. It’s for dragon-chasers. I am certainly enjoying my music quite a bit with them. I don’t feel like I need to go any further. I admire them as a physical object every time I take them out and fire them up. I do wonder what I might have spent that extra G on instead, though. That value proposition is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5 (which it more than earns on performance and build quality).

    I hope my “journey” gives you, the reader, some ideas to chew on as you mull over your purchase plans.

    UPDATE: I have now logged a good 300 hours on these cans, driven by my WM1A Walkman. I cannot say to what degree the sound has changed because I was listening the whole time – but I can say that my appreciation for the sound has deepened. Recordings that I thought were a little subpar on my previous headphones reveal themselves to be deep and precise with the Z1R. Most notably, I have switched to the stock balanced cable, which turns out to be fabulous (the Sony Kimber cable’s gold-plated connector wore out, and I recommend against purchasing it). There is no need to buy aftermarket cables here! After 300 hours there are no parts that seem in danger of wearing out. The stock pads may be just ever so slightly compressed, but this does not present any issues in the actual wear and listening of the cans. After 7 months my initial verdict stands – 5-star headphones at a 4-star price.

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  8. Typos

    Simply the best closed headphones around! I own the SR-009, Utopia and a few other top flight headphones and these hold their own!

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