Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

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Price history for Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) ​​​​​​​
Latest updates:
  • £210.39 - January 3, 2024
  • £169.16 - December 31, 2023
  • £171.15 - December 29, 2023
  • £240.52 - December 25, 2023
  • £240.28 - December 23, 2023
  • £237.13 - December 20, 2023
Since: December 20, 2023
  • Highest Price: £240.52 - December 25, 2023
  • Lowest Price: £169.16 - December 31, 2023
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Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation
Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation


Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation Price History


Current Price £52.49 June 15, 2024
Highest Price £61.99 March 17, 2024
Lowest Price £52.49 June 12, 2024
Since March 17, 2024

Last price changes

£52.49 June 12, 2024
£53.99 April 19, 2024
£61.99 March 17, 2024

Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation Description

Incredible Noise Cancellation

Whether you’re trudging through the hustle and bustle of a busy city or just trying to concentrate in the comfort of your own home, effective noise cancellation is a must-have. Fortunately, Apple AirPods Pro feature active noise canceling technology right out of the box. It works by continuously monitoring your environment and generating an opposite signal to cancel out disruptive noise. Keep out the noise, and get more of the tunnel-focused sound that you crave.

Crystal Clear Audio

Creating immersive music experiences while you’re on the go has never been easier. With Apple’s advanced H1 chip, the AirPods Pro’s deliver clear, balanced audio with little to no distortion. An extra level of clarity can be achieved with transparency mode, which allows you to filter in external sound without any unwelcomed distractions.

Premium Comfort and Stability

Being able to wear your earbuds comfortably is key if you want to enjoy your music for extended periods of time. The AirPods Pro features an innovative and ergonomically designed body to comfortably fit the contour of your ears. Additionally, they come with three unique sizes to choose from, to make sure you get the best fit. And for good measure, they have an IPX4 water resistance rating that makes them great for jogging or outdoor activities.

Wireless Connectivity For All

For ease and versatility, the AirPods Pro come equipped with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It gives you the freedom to switch between two concurrently connected devices like your tablet and laptop. Its low-latency nature makes it an ideal choice for gaming as well. And with voice assisted technology, you can get all the specs and information that you need with one simple command.

Features of Apple AirPods Pro:

– Active Noise Cancellation
– Balanced Audio
– Secure & Ergonomic Fit
– IPX4 Water Resistance
– Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
– Up to 24 Hours of Battery Life
– Automatic Switching
– Transparency Mode
– Voice Activation
– Quick Charging
– Convenient Charging Case

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Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation Reviews (7)

7 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Jack Anderson

    After watching many reviews and waiting for sales, I finally decided it was time to buy some AirPods Pro (2nd generation) for myself. I am not disappointed, the pairing experience was seamless out of the box with my iPhone, and the sound quality is excellent. Noise cancellation is very good, perfectly eliminating any engine noise or humming, and heavily muffling voices. It clearly does a better job at eliminating the low end, as most leaking noise is more higher-pitched. With music at any volume, this does not matter, as all sound is drowned out. Transparency mode is impressive, very natural feeling. I always have it on when I’m not using noise cancelling-even with one bud in-it feels more natural, my ears feel less plugged and I keep the outside world tuned in. Battery life is also exceptional, the buds have yet to fully die, they charge fast in the case, and both have significant battery life.
    I do recommend spending the extra 40 dollars on Apple Care +, whether or not I’ll use it, for devices so small and fragile I’ve already learned this is more than a good idea.
    Finally, some nitpicks, not enough to deduct stars, but enough to note:
    1. The case lid can slightly shift side to side with little force, although the hinge and assembly are very high quality and have no signs of wear or weak points, this is notable.
    2. The firmware/AirPods settings interface is pretty buggy at times, the case chimes toggle is sometimes inaccessible, and the whole submenu of iOS Settings dedicated to AirPods management is a bit jankier and less smooth than the rest of the experience. In addition to this, the Batteries widget also is slightly jankier than expected, only showing full stats when both buds are in.
    3. This is surely the least important, but occasionally there’ll be a noticeable (5 second +) delay between inserting the buds, and the in-ear sound playing, or audio going from mono to stereo.

    In conclusion, they’re well worth it, I purchased them on sale at 299.99, and buying Apple Care + basically brought it back to MSRP.

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  2. Brodie W.

    Let me start off by saying, I LOVED my AirPods Pro Gen 1’s. Like immensely. I would’ve taken the AirPods Pro 1 over the AirPods Maxes, AirPods 3’s, Bit Fit Pros, XM4’s, anything. Everything that I loved about the original AirPods Pro is capitalized upon with the 2’s and improved greatly. Now that’s not to say that that’s a bad thing for the original AirPods, as I only realized most of the grievances I had with them AFTER I got and used the Pro 2’s. Starting with the sound quality, it’s an obvious improvement. Like…. By a lot. I’m noticing a lot of bass and lows in songs that I was not able to notice with the original AirPods, along with the tones sounding more…. Separated? I’m no audiophile so I’m not sure if that’s the correct term, but the best way to describe it is that you can hear and pick out all the individual instruments and tones much easier than on the original AirPods Pro. Again, the sound quality was never really a problem for me on the 1’s, but it’s lovely that they would include that as an upgrade. I’ll shift gears for a sec and talk about the case now. The Lanyard Loop? For me personally, it’s arbitrary. My front left pocket is almost always reserved for my AirPods, and when they’re not in my pockets, they’re in my backpack or in my room. That being said, however, the addition of the U1 Chip to the case was an absolutely fantastic idea. I can’t say how many times I would have my AirPods in, throw the case down somewhere in my house or in my room, and then spend an hour looking for the case when I was done listening to whatever. The U1 Chip functions exactly like an AirTag, implementing a chime to get you to the general location of the Pods, and then precision finding to track down exactly where in the couch cushions you lost the case. The last thing about the case, and this was probably just a defect with my model, is that with the 1’s there was a massive issue with the right bud not contacting with the pad inside the case and either not charging or not being recognized as being in the case… that’s gone now. Everything works as a charm as you would expect. Going back to the Pods now. First up, to just get it out of the way, Haptic Touch for sound control? Big yes. I know for a lot of people that not having direct sound control on the AirPods was a gripe, but that’s no longer an issue as you can just swipe up or down to adjust the volume to move in intervals, equivalent to tapping the volume button on your phone. Will definitely be using that a lot when I am on the move and don’t feel like getting my phone out of my pocket or awkwardly trying to press the volume button on my phone through my pant leg. And, finally, perhaps the most important new piece of hardware for the 2’s, the H2 Chip. Again, I never had an issue with ANC or Transparency on my AirPod Pro 1’s. With ANC on, listening to music with the 1’s would be a completely immersive experience and I would not be able to hear anything from the outside world. That’s even better with the 2’s. Just like the 1’s, static sound waves (like humming, vibrating, etc.) is completely gone and unable to hear. Other than that, voices and general noises passing through ANC with the 2’s is…. Amazing. In a cafeteria or busy area, if I just have ANC on with no music playing, I am able to recognize that people are talking, but it’s more like whispering than actually talking. With ANC AND Music playing? No chance. All I hear is the music. And then you switch to transparency and you’re like “Uh… What just happened?”. It’s this big rush of realization that there was so much more going around you than you thought there was and makes you realize how good the ANC actually is. Speaking of transparency, I have no issues with it. It continues to be the best transparency mode on the market for any wearable earbuds, and completely emulates the feeling of not having anything in your ears. I have not gotten to try out or test the adaptive transparency as advertised as a selling point of the 2’s, but if I do I will edit this post with my feelings about it. Overall, just like the original AirPods to the AirPods Pro 1’s, I do believe the 2’s are worth the upgrade from the 1’s. The Sound Quality, H2 Chip, U1 Chip, Case Features… they all just work so seamlessly and I could not have asked for anything more from Apple. (Well, besides USB-C but you know.)

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  3. Seth

    A while back I was looking for a set of noise cancelling headphones because I was going to take an international flight. I bought a couple pairs, including the 1st generation Airpods Pro. The second generation came out at almost the same time so I returned the 1st gen and spent the extra money to get these.

    And wow, what a difference. They fit great, these are the only earbuds that ever have fit me (including the 1st generation airpods pro). They come with multiple ear tips too, and I’ve been able to find a combination that suits me.

    The gimmicky features aren’t that interesting to me, like the spatial audio and taking a scan of your ear or whatever. These are also supposed to auto switch between devices, that’s never worked right (but really I prefer to switch manually anyway). I don’t have a device with a u1 “find stuff” chip, so I haven’t tried that. Fortunately I haven’t needed to either.

    What I like is the sound quality, which is very good, it has a rich range of highs and even somehow manages to get some pretty good bass in the lows. I also like the portability, and (compared to the first gen) I love the silly lanyard hole so I can put a strap on the case so I don’t drop it.

    But what really shines is the noise canceling. I find better than all of the over the ear ANC headphones I’ve tried, including some of the very expensive Bose and Sony headphones. And even in the case where it might not be quite as good, the fact that they are tiny and portable makes the utility so much higher. I’ve used these when using power tools, on airplanes, on trains, the freeway, or sometimes when my kids are talking (kidding (sort of)). The noise canceling is actually good enough that if someone is standing right in front of you and talking at a normal level, you almost can’t hear them at all. And in extremely loud environments like airplanes, these cut the noise down better than some of the noise-cancelling headsets made for pilots and crew that I’ve used.

    The transparency mode is also extremely good, way better than the first gen. And, it’s a great deal more comfortable wearing these with transparency mode on (it makes my ears feel less “plugged”).

    Making calls is good too. Other people say that they didn’t know that I was on headphones.

    These also don’t get “warm” in my ears either, something that I’ve noticed with other earbuds and over-the-ear cans.

    The battery life is also fine. The specs say 4-5 hours or something, but that’s plenty. Even on a long flight I usually won’t be wearing them the for more than a couple hours at a time.

    Tip: If you have an Apple Watch, you can charge the Airpods’ case using the Apple Watch charger. I recently discovered this by accident.

    If I had a complaint, it’s that sometimes I’d prefer that they had a physical connection to a wire that was around my neck, so I could take them out for a sec without worrying about dropping them. That and they are quite expensive if all you want to do is listen to music. But if you don’t mind the price tag and want an extremely nice set of earbuds, these are it.

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  4. Caio Teixeira

    From the opening of the (extremely impressive) packaging, to the seamless pairing and operation with my iPhone 11, these high – quality earbuds deliver exactly what they promise (high fidelity sound coupled with high tech noise cancelling and “transparency “ (which is my personal favourite ).
    You will love them…

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  5. SInns

    Do you have an iPhone? Do you listen to music? This is all you need.

    Upgrading from a pair of first gen AirPods, the AirPods Pro are a massive upgrade if you listen to music a lot on the go.

    First to mention of course is their seamless integration into the Apple ecosystem, as soon as you open the box you’re ready to listen. The different modes – noise cancellation and transparency mode, can be controlled from a dedicated option in your settings or from the action center. These modes can also be controlled through the stem, which I find become quite intuitive and easy to use.

    The features continue as you get access to a spatial audio setup which scans your ears to create a personal profile. Personally I don’t use this as I find it compromises the sound, but it feels quite immersive.

    Noise cancelling works great, it’s perfect for transit or working out. Transparency mode is also very useful if you still want to be able to hear your surroundings or other people, but I think its level of volume might take getting used to.

    Sound quality is very good, the little bit of extra bass makes the AirPods so much fun to use, and instrument separation is much improved. Treble and highs have good clarity, but could use a bit more.

    TLDR: Great noise cancellation, comfortable, easy to use and a ton of fun. I have these in my ears literally all day.

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  6. James.

    First off I held my breath for a second about buying these furthermore gems. I’ve owned every pair/generation of AirPods made but these… I didn’t expect noise cancellation to be this much of an approvement. I live in a noisy house, the AirPods don’t even have to be playing music to cancel everything out. The fit in the ear is like it was already made for you, I didn’t have to swap buds but you have sizes to suit yourself. I approve.

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  7. James.

    This is my first experience with Airpods. Noise cancellation works well, but should would be improved in next version. The sound is pretty good, comfortable. The most important report: airpods are safe in the ear, they don’t fall out.

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