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BMANI T16 Price History


Current Price £54.59 July 17, 2024
Highest Price £54.59 July 3, 2024
Lowest Price £54.59 July 3, 2024
Since July 3, 2024

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£54.59 July 3, 2024

BMANI T16 Description


Premium Sound Quality

You deserve the best listening experience, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with BMANI Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds boast superior sound quality, thanks to their 13mm dynamic drivers that bring clear and crisp sound to your ears. With bass and treble boosting capabilities, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music with crystal-clear clarity. Stream your tunes via Bluetooth and take advantage of the incredible noise isolation technology that ensures you can enjoy your music without any distractions.

Unrivaled Comfort

Your comfort is key when it comes to your listening experience, and BMANI Wireless Earbuds know that. Our earbuds are designed to fit comfortably and securely in your ears, giving you a snug and comfortable fit. The ergonomic and lightweight design makes them easy to wear, and the flexible silicone ear tips mean you can customize the fit to suit your needs. Plus, the sweat-proof technology means you’ll be able to enjoy your music for longer, without having to worry about damaging your earbuds.

Extended Battery Life

BMANI Wireless Earbuds give you up to 48 hours of listening time on a single charge. Use the earbuds all day, every day and you can still look forward to hours of listening pleasure without having to charge up. When you do need to recharge, get a full charge in only 2 hours so you can get back to your music in no time.

Hands-Free Control and Calling

Don’t let the wires hold you back. With BMANI Wireless Earbuds, you’ll have a seamless hands-free experience. Control your music and phone calls with easy-to-use controls on the earbuds and make full use of the integrated mic to make your calls without any hassle. Plus, you can be sure your conversations will be nice and clear, as you’ll be able to pick up sound from both sides of your earbuds.


• 13mm Dynamic Drivers for superior sound quality
• Bass and treble boosting capabilities for an enhanced listening experience
• Ergonomic and lightweight design for a comfortable fit
• Sweat-proof technology for a durable finish
• Up to 48 hours of listening time with a single charge
• Hands-free control for music and phone calls
• Integrated mic for crystal-clear calls
• Quick and easy rechargeable

BMANI T16 Specification

Product Dimensions

3.54 x 2.36 x 0.79 inches

Item Weight

2.82 Ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

December 20, 2021


Unisex Child



Country of Origin



1 Count

Number Of Items


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BMANI T16 Reviews (6)

6 reviews

3.5 out of 5
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  1. shortstuff

    These are my Third pair of earbuds. My first pair were Blackweb earbuds I got from Walmart years ago. I still have those and use them when I go mountain biking because they are connected with a cord the chances of loosing them are greatly reduced. The sound was soso and the battery life is great however no case and no way to tell how much battery life left. These earbuds have been proven to be very durable. My second pair were Sony. The sound was phenomenal. That is the only good thing I can say about them. They were not durable. I dropped one of them from waist level and it ruined the sound quality as a piece was vibrating that must have broken. I called Sony to claim the warranty on them and they denied my claim due to excessive abuse of their product. No big deal they still worked. I used them for just about a year. They only lasted for a hour and I would maybe get three charges from the case. They had no indicator if the earbuds were charging or how much battery life was left in the case. More than once I would put them in to workout to have them last only 20 minutes due to them not charging all the way. Very frustrating. I got the Bmani earbuds to replace my Sony ones as I did go back to my Blackweb ones for a short period but the cord connecting them does get in the way in the gym so I wanted earbuds without the cord. I have had the Bmani earbuds for two months now and these are my impressions compared to my previous two. Battery life is phenomenal. I have yet to have the earbuds go dead on me while working out. My workouts in the gym go from 1 to 1 1/2 hours. The sound is not as good as Sony but definitely better than the Blackweb ones. Durability wise, time will tell but I have already dropped theBmani earbuds a couple of times and they still work fine. Better than Sony for sure. Jury is still out if more durable than the Blackweb ones. Taking a phone call with them is the easiest of the three and the sound quality is great and the person on the other end has no problem hearing me. The two things that I love about the Bmani ones is there is an indicator inside the case ifeach earbud is charging. Better than Sony. Also on the left is an indicator of how much battery life is left in the case. Also better than Sony. I have only charged the case once when I first got them. After 2 months of use, about 20 Gym workouts I still have 56% of battery life left. Jury is still out if they are as durable as the Blackweb brand but already better than Sony at 3 times the price. So far I would say the best of the three. 5 stars.

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  2. Kyle H

    I have had these for a year. I am on my second pair of these only because I lost the first. I replaced because they are that good. Very comfortable to wear and the battery last so long. I only have to recharge every few days. But what made me finally write a review is that I accidentally left these in my pocket while doing laundry today. Didn’t realize until after they went through both the washer and dryer, smh. Thought they were a wash (pun intended, lol) but before I was going to toss, thought I would just see if by chance they still worked. Incredibly they did! They market these as waterproof but never expected surviving a washing machine! I’m going to buy another set just in case for some reason they stop making this product. 5+ stars for sure!

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  3. Myka

    I bought these when my mpow flame 2s died. I see on Amazon there are a bunch of vendors selling various reskinned mpow models, but I didn’t feel like taking a chance on overpaying for an inferior model (many aren’t clearly labeled because they are trying to pass off as another brand entirely, so I don’t know which model is which, in regards to old mpow model labels.) I went into these headphones expecting a comparable item, hopefully a little better, but not worse.

    Sound quality is kind of difficult to quantity, and everyone’s hearing is different, but I find these to be at roughly the same quality level as my old headphones. It lacks a little bit of the bass the flame 2s had, but the sound is a little clearer. Overall a decent lateral move.

    I originally wanted wired headphones specifically, because I work during the summers with one headphone in, and the other ear free. These headphones can run with just the left, or right, unit in ear, while the other one can be in the case charging. This lets me use up the battery of one while the other reacharges, which is a big plus.

    The range is pretty decent for this price point, I get about 40ft unobstructed or 30ft with walls and such.

    The pairing was an unexpected bonus. It’s very quick (both pairing to one another and to my devices) and when I want to put them away I don’t need to individually shut them off and put them in the case. I can just take them out of my ears and place them in the charging case, and they automatically unpair and shut down. Same goes with taking them out, I just remove them, and they automatically turn on and pair to each other and then my device.

    Battery life is about what’s advertised and the case battery hold multiple full charges. I use them regularly and find I only need to plug them in every few days. The case shows the case battery charge remaing.

    There are a few negatives. While the case will show the headphones charging (with a multi led indicator light rising) it doesn’t show real time capacity. So, for example, there are 3 or 4 small leds, one set for R until one for L, that will turn on when you place the headphones in the case. It will flash the bottom light then middle light and last top, but that cycle will just repeat until they are full, at which point the lights turn off. They won’t illuminate halfway when at 50% ECT. So I know when they are charging and when they are full, but not by how much, which seems like an odd choice given there are multiple lights there, seemingly to do just that.

    Another negative is the case feels very flimsy, especially at the joint. You need to be careful opening and closing, if you need these to last.

    Last negative I have is how the headphones hook into my ear. I need to have them tilted upwards (with the earband pushed further down the back of my ear) to get them to stay put. It sorta looks weird, like normally these types of sport headphones have the body of the until point straight ahead, and not pointing up towards my eye level. It’s not a big deal, because they stay in decently well when fixed this way, but it feels like it’s not supposed to be that way, at least compared to any other Bluetooth sport headphones I’ve used. These buds won’t fall out of ear, but if I’m vigorously moving or talking, they can sometimes lose that tight in ear seal that gives the best sound quality and blocks outside noise. For my uses they do a good enough job though, and at least they don’t straight up fall out.

    Overall I’m pleased with my purchase. I got them on sale (at time of posting) for around $26, which I feel these headphones are worth that much and a bit more. I’d probably pay up to $30 (maybe $35 if this specific style or brand had something others didn’t and I wanted) but not more than that. These are decent budget headphones. I feel it’s a good buy for money asked and would buy again. I hope this review can help some people decide on what to buy. In a sea of choices and reviews it can feel daunting.

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  4. Sergio Heredia Flores

    Cambio mi comentario, las primeras semanas funcionaron super bien, pero desde hace 2 días, el auricular izquierdo dejo de funcionar, al colocarlo en el estuche de carga se consume la batería, éste no carga y no ha vuelto a encender.

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  5. shortstuff

    I have had 4 different sets of these over the last few years. I didn’t know about the lifetime warranty (plus I normally don’t mess with that kind of thing) it’s well worth the cost and I swear by these earbuds. Looking forward to setting up these and getting back to use them. These are one of the few pair of earbuds I can put on and forget I’m wearing themsince I don’t have to keep checking them to make sure they haven’t fallen out (part of the reason the old pairs got ruined, I’d doze off wearing them and my dog would steal them and chew them up) Now with the lifetime warranty I’m all set in case I screw up again.

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  6. Lettesha Haley

    No he podido emparejar auriculares, requiero ayuda por favor.

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